Daddy Walked In

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Sammi sat there watching the video getting turned on. And it surprised her because she was watching her parents having sex. She found the tape last night in her dad closet next to all his other tapes that she’s already seen. Wanting some release of all her pent of stress from this week.She’s had so much homework from college she was going nuts. She wished she could go get a drink at the local bar but she was only 19. She put it in after her parents went to work for some reason she only could masturbate and get a powerful orgasm when her parents where out because she could scream and moan all she wanted. Don’t get her wrong she can do it with her parents their but its not always great.

She started rubbing and pinching her nipples to make them more aroused. She looked towards the video to see what they were doing here dad, her sweet daddy who kissed her goodbye this morning was spanking her mom and seemed liked her mom enjoyed it because she was begging for more. Sammi moved her hand towards her wet and waiting pussy and started rubbing her clit that’s what makes her cum more powerful then any thing else.

While she was busy rubbing her self Mersin Escort she didn’t hear the door open and close and someone stepping into the room. That someone was her dad at first he was stunned that he left his video playing but then he noticed his daughter on the couch completely naked at first he noticed her lovely rack of DD breast then her completely shaven pussy he has always loved shaved women but his wife wouldn’t shave hers. Ray noticed that he was getting hard watching his daughter please her self and that he wanted some too. He started taking of his clothes when he was completely naked he stepped in the room and walked over to his daughter where she finally noticed him she tried to cover her self up but he beat her to the punch.

“Don’t I like the way you look.”

“Daddy what are you doing here your supposed to be at work.”

“I left some papers here so I had to come back. And I come home to you getting off on watching your mother and me fuck. Do you like to watch? Would you like to partake in it too?”

“Daddy I’m sorry I found it with the others I thought it was just another porno movie.”

“Ok Mersin Escort Bayan then I thought you were the one watching them because your brother always put them back before I got home and you would keep them for a while. But you didn’t answer all my questions would you like me to fuck you like I do your mom?”

“What no I’m a virgin daddy and its wrong.”

“Well it’s also wrong for you to watch.” While they were talking Ray started moving his hand up his daughter’s leg she didn’t seem to notice until he was at her pussy and slightly rubbing it.

“Oh daddy what are you doing?”

“I’m pleasing you I interrupted you so I have to help you finish.”

“No daddy it’s wrong but it feels so good.”

Ray started to rub her pussy a little bit harder making her wet then she was already. Ray started to move a little bit over her until his cock head was just at her virgin entrance. His daughter didn’t seem to notice because he was still rubbing her clit. He started to push a little into her pussy.

“Daddy what are you doing I’m a virgin.”

“I know sweet heart I’ll be gentle know get ready.” Escort Mersin Ray started to gentle move his cock in until he felt some resistance then he pulled out with only his cock head in and then “Sammi this is going to hurt so are you ready?”

“Yes just slam it in there I want it in there so bad.” Ray pushed his cock all the way in until his balls were pushing against her ass.

“Oh my god that hurt.”

“Are you ok sweet heart?”

“Yes daddy it feels great know please fuck me.” And Ray started to do just that first slow so she could get used to his immense size then started going faster and harder with her moaning under him.

“Oh daddy that feels great fuck me like you fuck mom hard and fast make my first time a great time and make it to last.”

“Oh I don’t know about lasting because I’m fucking you oh god.” Sammi started meeting her dad thrust for thrust.

“Oh dad I feel something coming.”

“OH my your all ready cuming hold on I’m almost there.” And with that said ray shot his load all the way into her womb.

“Oh daddy I’m cuuuuuuuuuuuuming yeah fuck me make me pregnant harder, harder oh yeah.” When she was done cuming she pasted out Ray pulled out and sat there amazed that he fucked his own daughter he couldn’t wait to do it again but he had to go to work so he cleaned her up and then covered her up hoping she wakes up before her brother gets home.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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