Daddy’s Boy Ch. 06: Punishment

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*Again- I do not condone non-consent or reluctance in real life, no exceptions. This is strictly fantasy! Don’t like, don’t read please. Thank you all.*

*Content Warning: Themes of Non-consent/Reluctance*

*Content Warning: Themes of Incest*

I struggled to keep up with Daddy’s aggressive handling of the collars around my neck. He had dug his fingers between the leather and my throat, his arms flexing with each tug he exerted on my restraint. I scrambled over the ground, trying to find air as he angrily dragged me through the front door of the house.

I whined and kicked my legs out in protest, desperately clawing the leather around my neck in attempts to lighten its choking hold. Daddy ignored my complaints, dragging me through the kitchen and throwing me to the ground in the living room. I went to jump back up, my mind racing and my fight instincts kicking in. Hands on my biceps stopped me, tugging me back to the ground and pinning me there: Master John. He was the one who caught me fleeing my backyard. He grabbed me by the harness and called Daddy over to come get me.

Honestly, the only reason he caught me was because I hesitated and started thinking of going back before Daddy realized I was gone. In fact, I was 100% planning on doing that. I was shocked that I even got as far as the sidewalk outside. I shouldn’t be running just because I was a little afraid of a challenge. I WANTED to be Daddy’s, even if I didn’t yet fully understand why he was doing these things to me.

I wanted to understand though.

And so, I slowed and went to turn back but that’s when I saw him- our neighbor.

This all never would’ve happened if Mr. John hadn’t seen me while he was doing some landscaping outside. Now, I was just more freaked out and fighting against the prospect of punishment. If Daddy forced me to cum over and over again today just for coming without his permission, what would he do to me for trying to run?

“Daddy-” I whined and thrashed on the ground as Mr. John held me down. I could tell by the way he hungrily gazed down at me that he was enjoying being able to pin down my writhing body and be a part of whatever punishment Daddy was planning up.

“Not a word.” Daddy grunted, lowering himself to the floor, sitting with one knee bent underneath him and one leg stretched outwards. “I’ll take him.” Daddy told Master John, holding out his hand for our neighbor to transfer me over. I tried to push myself back over the carpet, away from Daddy’s waiting grasp. Mr. John squeezed me hard and shook me, getting me to still for a moment as he lifted me off the ground and literally handed me to my master.

I thrashed and kicked but Daddy’s strong hands took hold of me, one enclosing around my thin arm painfully and the other reaching up underneath my shirt and gripping the back of my harness. He manhandled my body until he forced me to lay down across his bent knee, my body still writhing in defense as if anything I did would save me now.

“Stay… Still…” Daddy grunted angrily, pushing the side of my head into the carpet and gripping my harness’s waistband with his other hand. I wiggled desperately over his knee, trying everything to get up and get away. Daddy’s other leg forced itself over the back of my kicking legs, pinning them down to the floor and holding me firmly in place over his knee. My ass was raised no matter how hard I flailed, the only movement I could manage anymore gaziantep escort in this position was the slight hopeless squirm of my ass in the air. Daddy grabbed the shorts I wore over my harness and tugged them down until they were pooled around my thighs, making it even harder to move.

I thought for sure Daddy would spank me senseless, but instead, he wasted no time to cruelly thrust his thumb into my hole, using his other fingers to reach underneath me and grip my balls tightly as he probed me with his digit.

“UGHH.” I groaned in pain, feeling Daddy’s thumb assault my ass. He shoved it in as deep as he could, his hand pressed firmly against my balls. I panted and struggled the best I could, but the leg over the back of my legs and the hand pushing into my face was keeping me tightly locked down over his knee, completely trapped.

I felt my cock twitch.

‘No. Not again!’ I thought, amazed at my own sluttiness and appalled at the fact that something so terrifying was stirring the desire in my belly.

“You fucking dare to disregard everything I do for you? Ungrateful little fucktoy.” My master berated through gritted teeth as he removed his thumb from my hole and deliberately shoved his index and middle finger inside instead. He used all of his strength to stuff me deep with his fingers, his hand burying in between my ass cheeks and forcing my body down onto his knee hard.

“AHHHHH.” I writhed and screamed, my back trying to arch off the ground. Daddy let go of my head so that I could, my body curling and jolting from being finger fucked harder than I ever knew possible. Daddy pulled his digits out just to shove them back in. Again, I screamed and arched my back, my head raising off the floor in desperation. I felt Daddy’s leg tighten over the back of my own, pushing me down further against him. My cock rubbed against his thigh, sore as ever from everything that had already happened today.


Daddy bellowed, taking out his two fingers and shoving himself back in with four.

“AAAAAGH. I’M SORRY, MASTER.” I shrieked, feeling his fingertips push deep inside of me. Daddy thrust a couple more times for good measure, making sure he was as far in as he could go. I panted and groaned from the pain of being forcibly fisted in the living room bent over Daddy’s lap while our neighbor watched with a growing bulge. My eyes flickered to Master John which was a mistake. He noticed and reached out to shove his thumb past my lips, gripping my chin and pressing down on my tongue from inside my mouth. I choked and instinctively jolted my hips against Daddy’s leg. Mr. John smiled and let me go, moving his hand down to his bulge.

“Not good enough. Show me how sorry you are.” Daddy grunted, removing his fingers with a fast motion and jamming them back in.

“AAAAGH. DADDY. DADDY, I’M SORRY I WAS BAD. I’M YOURS, DADDY. I BELONG TO YOU. I’M SORRY I DISOBEYED YOU, MASTER. I’M YOUR LITTLE SLUT BOY. I WANT TO PLEASE YOU, DADDY!” I mindlessly rambled helplessly, my throat sore from screaming. Admittedly, the pain was starting to subside in my anus and slowly, I found myself fighting the urge to push back into Daddy’s hand as he cruelly fisted me. I had just missed my hole being filled. Daddy leaned over me and bent his arm to get a deeper angle. I gasped and whined, pushing myself off the floor with my arms but immediately feeling Daddy’s arm shove into my shoulders and push me back down.

Then, Daddy slid himself out from underneath me so that I crumpled to the floor on my stomach, ass still pushed into the air with his fingers deep inside.

“You test my goddamn patience, Max.” Daddy breathed hotly through gritted teeth. Master raised himself to his knees, towering above me as I lay face down and vulnerable on the floor. I felt Daddy’s knee press hard into my back, keeping me pinned painfully. He leaned over me again, repositioning his hand and shoving deeper into me still, impaling my insides with his hand.

“OOOOW. AHHHHGH. NNNNNNGH. AAAAAAH.” I wailed in pain and pleasure, completely at his mercy.

“Ohhhhh… Yes… You forced my hand, Maxie. I was going to take it easy on you, but I have no choice now.” Daddy was muttering heavily under his breath as he got off on finger-fucking me senseless. I was able to calm myself to repressed grunts now, my dick twitching with each thrust. Just when I was sinking into deep pleasure though, Daddy pulled his fingers out and left me empty. I groaned under my breath and shifted, feeling the soreness of my asshole. While I was busy wiggling around against the floor to gage the pain in my muscles, I didn’t bother to pay attention to the sound of Daddy’s belt buckle behind me. In no time, I felt his hand grip the back of my harness aggressively. Right as my heart skipped a beat in fear of what was to come next, Daddy’s cock pushed into my hole.

“AAAAUHGHH.” I shrieked and groaned hysterically, my body writhing away but being shoved down by Daddy’s hand on my back. I helplessly wiggled my butt, trying to dislodge the inch of dick that breeched me.

“NNNNGH.” I heard my master grunt in deranged pleasure behind me. Due to my movement, his cock came out for a moment, but Daddy shoved me down harder into the floor and shoved it back in, this time four inches. I gasped and arched my spine the best I could under Daddy’s grasp, my asshole clenching and unclenching around Daddy’s giant shaft. Pain drilled into my sphincter and my insides as my body struggled to adjust to the intrusion. I felt rough cloth being shoved into my mouth as a gag to muffle my screams.

“AAAUGH. Good. Gooooooooood.” Daddy grunted from behind me. His other hand gripped my harness right next to his first, and with one giant thrust, he buried himself deep inside of me until I could feel his pelvis against my ass.

The gag quieted my wails but not by much. Daddy flexed and pushed ever further into me if that was possible. I felt his balls against my skin as he tugged back on my harness strap, jerking me up against him. –

“You’re mine, Maxie. Say it.” Master grunted and bounced me up and down on his dick by the leather strap around my waist.

“Ah-Ah-I’m yours… D- Daddy.” I mumbled into my gag, my eyes rolling back into my head from the never ending rush of stimulation. Daddy’s cock slid back out of my ass until only the tip was left. He strengthened his grip on my harness and yanked me back onto his dick, the shaft penetrating my entrance once again. I screamed and arched to try to better accommodate the giant boner up my butt. Daddy kept repeating that motion- pulling out to push back in. Out. In. Out. In. He steadily pumped into me until I started to get more and more used to the feeling. Soon, as he picked up his pace and grunted through gritted teeth, Daddy picked up the pact. My toes curled and my eyes slid closed as Master’s penis began to probe a spot inside of me that felt overwhelmingly good. There was still a lot of pain in my ass but I was starting to feel a burning flame of satisfaction in the pit of my stomach. My screams dulled into moans punctuated with Daddy’s rough thrusts. I heard the slap, slap, slap of Daddy’s hips slamming against my ass cheeks.

“Oh… Daddy… Daddy… Daddy…” I subconsciously moaned through my gag, pleasure wracking my body and quaking my bones with mind-numbing bliss. I wanted to fight the urge to enjoy the feeling of my ass being fucked but my body had a mind of its own. My dick started to strain against the floor below me, sore but needing to cum all over again.

“Don’t. You. Ever. Disrespect. Me. Again.” Daddy barked as he gripped my harness so tightly that my waist rose off the ground, my ass jolting back onto his cock in a newly fast, animalistic pace. I rose my ass up even more to get fucked at a better angle.

“Yes. Master.” I gasped with each thrust. If I wasn’t completely Daddy’s property before, I certainly was now. I couldn’t see much with how strongly my eyes were rolling back into my head so Master John’s fingers in my mouth surprised me. They pushed down against my tongue and probed down towards my throat. I gagged and jolted, accidentally fucking myself onto my Dad’s dick harder.

“Goooood boy. Good slut.” Master John grunted into my ear. I peaked over to see that he was feverishly masturbating himself while watching my father fuck me senseless.

“I’m gonna- ugh- breed you so hard from now on.” Daddy leaned over and fucked me faster and harder like he was reigning in an animal. His cock twitched inside my hole and knew he was going to cum inside of me. The thought made my boner even bigger underneath me. Daddy fucked me so hard and grasped my waist up so high that my legs dangled around his waist. With one final thrust deep inside of me, I felt his cock explode and shoved cum into my ass. Warmth spread inside of me and pleasure shook my frame.

“OOOOHHH. UHHHHHHH.” Master held me tightly on his cock, his balls pulsing against my skin. I felt my ass fill up as Daddy took full ownership of my entrance. Before I could even process the pleasure and pain of being filled up with cum, another dick was pushed past my lips and cum filled my mouth.

“Good boy, Maxie. NNgh. Good slave.” Master John secured a firm hand at the back of my head, holding my mouth around his dick as he shot himself down my throat. Daddy was still lodged deep inside me from behind, his dick still spasming near the end of his orgasm. Daddy reached underneath me and just grazed my shaft. The mere slight contact was enough to send my dick spurting in a painfully intense orgasm. I felt guilt overcome my body as I came to the feeling of my father seeding my ass and our neighbor dumping down my throat.

When all was said and done, Daddy dropped me into a heap on my stomach in my own cum. I was so tired that I remained lifeless and still on the ground, my ass and cock throbbing. Wordlessly, Daddy hooked his fingers around my collar and tugged me to my hands and knees. I quietly let him drag me down to the basement to my cage. My empty mattress never looked so good. Daddy tossed me in and left without a word, letting me sprawl out and think about my new life. Daddy took me completely today and from now on, I had no doubt that this was what I accepted as my life. I was the slut everyone kept calling me. I was both terrified and admittedly aroused by the thought of all that was going to come next for me.

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