Daddy’s Girl Ch. 02

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All parties involved are 18 or older.


I woke up to my room filled with soft sun light. My body aching from the night before, I couldn’t wait to see what Daddy had in store for me. The blankets landed on the floor as I sprang from my bed and headed to my closet. I tug the door open and grab the first outfit, a long white t-shirt and black leggings. I quickly pull them on and finger comb my long brown hair.

I rush out of the door to my room and toward the living room, Daddy’s in his favorite chair reading the paper. I stay in the doorway, silently admiring him as my body starts to react. He folds the paper in half and looks up to meet my gaze. “Good morning Princess,” he says in a low voice.

“Good morning Daddy.” I smile and walk towards him. Daddy’s eyes devour my body as I step in front of him, his hands grip tightly into the arms of his chair. I lean forward and slip my fingers into his hair, “A very good morning, Daddy,” I whisper before I press my lips against his. His tongue slips between my lips as I move to straddle his legs. Daddy’s hands release the chair and he grasps my hips, pulling me closer to him. He breaks our keçiören escort kiss to moan softly. I tug on his hair, moving his head back so I can press my lips against his neck. I inhale Daddy’s familiar scent as he presses me firmly against the bulge that’s forming in his pants.

A moan escapes my lips as he rubs against my pulsating center. I dig my teeth into his warm inviting neck, tasting his sweat as he grinds my hips against himself. Daddy slips one of his hands from my hips and tangles it in my hair, pulling me back he crushes his mouth to mine. I let my hands slide from his hair and grab the bottom of my shirt, tugging it up and breaking his kiss for only a moment to toss it onto the floor. I moan into his mouth as he releases my hip and tugs at my leggings.

Daddy pulls his lips from mine, “Princess, get those damn pants off.”

“Yes Daddy” I say breathlessly. Shakily moving from his lap to slip them off. I step free of the fabric and reach for his shirt.

“Not this time baby.” Daddy pushes quickly out of his chair and wraps his arms around me and lifting. He carries me over to the couch and lets etlik escort my feet touch the floor. I feel his arms loosen as one hand travels up my spine to wrap in my hair, his other hand moves from my back around to his belt buckle. Daddy tugs my hair and spins me around so I’m facing the couch, I feel him press against the back of my head, forcing me to bend over the arm. My body is trembling with desire as I hear the sound of him removing his leather belt.

“You’re going to be Daddy’s good girl from now on, aren’t you Princess?” I open my mouth to answer him as I hear a faint whistle, I gasp as his belt slaps against my bare bottom. “You have a beautiful ass baby,” Daddy says as he moves to swing again. I feel the sharp sting of the leather on my flesh and I moan, letting the pain fuel the fire burning inside of my body. My back arches and I spread my legs wide, waiting for the next slap. The leather smacks down, harder than before and I cry out, my body tenses as wetness starts to drip from between my thighs.

I hear Daddy drop his belt to the floor, followed by the soft rustle of his jeans dropping. “You’re going to learn rus escort who owns you,” he growls as I feel him move behind me. I press my abused bottom higher into the air.

“I’m yours Daddy. I’m your good little girl,” I say, panting. Daddy’s hand slaps down and starts to squeeze my cheeks. He presses his hard head against my opening and I moan, waiting for him to fill me. Suddenly he moves, pulling my hair and slamming his rigid cock deep inside of my drenched slit. A loud moan escapes my lips as he shoves deeper, my knees start to buckle as his grip tightens on my butt.

Daddy starts to viciously fuck me as I dig my fingers into the worn material. My moans become louder as my body begins to shake, the pleasure almost unbearable as Daddy keeps pressing deeper. “Daddy! Fuck your dirty little girl, make me cum Daddy.” I shout as he pulls harder on my hair. My eyes close as my body explodes, wave after wave of ecstasy crashing over me.

I feel Daddy press hard into my drenched pussy with a low growl, his body tenses as he fills me with his hot cum. He leans forward to rest his forehead against my back, both of us gasping for air. Outside a car door slams. Daddy pulls quickly away from my naked bottom. He slaps my ass, “Grab your things and head to your room.” With a smile and a quick wink he grabs his pants and walks to the bathroom. I quickly snatch my clothes and dash toward my room as the front door swings open.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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