Daddy’s Little Stripper Ch. 03

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I’ve never had a better piece of ass than my 18 year old daughter Becca. Firm body, a set of d-cups to die for, a nice tight pussy and an oh so delicious ass. Just thinking about her makes my cock jump. I knew that if I could get her to agree to let my friends in on a little action that we could make a nice buck. It didn’t take much to get her to agree. She’s like a cat in perpetual heat. If my cock isn’t in her pussy either her fingers or her toys are.

After I got her to agree to ‘service’ some of my friend’s, I took two weeks to fuck the shit out of her and teach her everything that she needed to know about pleasing a real man. I’ve never enjoyed teaching as much. I finally felt she was ready to go into business. My pal, Steve had drooled over my baby girl on more than one occasion when he’d stop by the house to drop off papers or when she would turn up in my office so I figured I’d start there. When I first approached him on it he was flabbergasted, especially when I told him that I could vouch for her ‘expertise’. I think that kind of turned him on, I swear his pants bulged, he swallowed hard and agreed right then and there, and for a mighty nice price too.

The night had finally came and I met Steve at the door. He looked a little nervous as he entered the house so I offered him a beer. “Becca will be ready in a minute, relax, I think you’re really going to enjoy yourself. She’s quite the little pleaser.” I winked.

“OK, I’m dying to know how you ended bedding your own daughter.” The beer was relaxing him.

I told him of how I caught her working at the strip club and decided if she was going to be anyone’s slut, she was going to be mine. He nodded and smiled as he envisioned it in his head.

“And she’s really that good?”

“Oh, hell yes, and don’t think I haven’t been riding that pussy hard teaching her what she didn’t know. Amazing thing is, even though I’ve been fucking that cunt every night for three weeks now, she’s still as tight as a virgin. The girl must exercise those pussy muscles a lot!” I laughed.

“Daddy?” The young feminine voice glided down the stairs.

“Yes darlin’?”

“I’m all set. Is Steve here?”

“Yes, baby.”

“Bring him up.”

I led Steve up the stairs and to my bedroom where we agreed all the action would take place. There was plenty of space and a king size bed. I stopped him outside the door. “Now, remember, all things are kept between us. I don’t want to hear any ‘locker room talk’. There are plenty of toys and accessories you can use. As long as Becca is okay with whatever you are doing it’s fair game, but if she doesn’t like something, though I can’t image that, you back off. You’ll get your money’s worth, just remember, though she may be a little slut, she’s my little slut. Agreed?”

“Oh yeah.” He was ready. Just the anticipation of what was behind that door had him getting hard.

Turning the Bakırköy Escort knob I pushed the door open for him and stood back. Becca was laying on the bed, propped against the headboard in a very clichéd schoolgirl uniform, minus the bra and panties. Her hair was pulled into two very childish looking pigtails. Long white socks came up almost to her knees and black shoes shined from her feet. She chewed a nail and looked just like a nervous schoolgirl. My baby should win an Oscar. Even though I’d been fucking her at will for weeks, it still made me hard seeing her posed like that. Her knees opened and closed to allow peeks of her smoothly shaved pussy.

As we walked farther into the room she pushed herself up onto her knees in a very slow choreographed move and almost purred as she spoke to Steve. “Principle Steve, my teacher said I was a bad girl and sent me to see you.” One of Steve’s fantasies was a schoolgirl/teacher thing. We had discussed three or four and let Becca pick the one she was most comfortable with.

I watched as Steve mentally relaxed into the role. “Oh really, little Becca? And just what were you doing that made your teacher send you to me?”

Becca sat back on the bed, her legs stretched in front of her. Her skirt pulled up revealing nicely her young slit. “I dunno.” She shrugged.

“Becca!” Steve took a stern voice. “You’d better tell me or you’ll be punished more severely. Now what made your teacher send you?”

“Well…class was really boring.”


“So, I started thinking about my daddy’s hard cock, and one thing led to another and well, I just started playing with myself.”

“Playing with yourself? Maybe you’d better show me what you mean.”

We both watched as my daughter leaned back on the bed spread her legs and started running her hand down her slit to her pussy. She circled the tight hole making herself wet before sliding two fingers in her cunt and moaning. After a moment she added another finger. I loved watching my little girl finger her twat. I felt my cock straining against my pants and had to remind myself this moment wasn’t for me.

“Does your daddy know you like to finger your pussy?” Steve asked.

“Oh yes, sometimes I finger my pussy just for him, and sometimes I let him finger my pussy.”

“You let your own father fuck you with his fingers?” She nodded. “Well then I guess you won’t mind if I do it then.”

“I don’t know principle Steve…”

“How would your father feel if you got suspended for a few days?”

“He wouldn’t like that.” She admitted.

“Then I guess you’d better do what I say. Now spread those hot little legs so I can get a better look at that pussy.” Becca spread her legs and removed her fingers. “Oh, damn you have a fuckin’ sweet pussy, little girl.” He ran his finger down her slit and slid a finger deep in her cunt. “A fuckin’ wet one.” Bakırköy Escort Bayan He slid in two more fingers and started pumping her cunt. “Fuck, yeah. Unbutton that shirt little slut so I can see those beautiful tits.” He watched as she did what she was told. “Does your daddy like those perky tits?”

“Oh yes, Daddy loves playing with my tits.” Yes I did.

Steve reached out and pinched the pink nipple causing her to squirm on his fingers. “What else does your Daddy like doing with you?”

“He really likes it when I suck his big hard cock. Do you want me to show you?”

“Fuck yes. While you are doing that I’m going to eat that sweet little pussy out. Would you like that?”

“Oh yes, I love to get eaten out.” While Steve shed his pants, my daughter shed her skirt and blouse and my hand found that big hard cock she was talking about as I sat in a chair in the corner ready to watch and whack off at the live porn in my bedroom.

“Straddle my face.” Steve instructed. Becca did so and lowered her cunt to his face as she took his hard cock in her mouth. He let at a moan as he went to sucking my little girl’s pussy. I watched my daughter as she expertly took this man’s cock deep in her throat, not a single gag and gave him the best blow job he’d ever had. My hand stroked my own fat cock. Becca started grinding her cunt against Steve’s face and I could hear him slurping for all he was worth.

“Oh Principle Dave. Your tongue feels so good in my pussy. You’re gonna make me cum on your face.” He moaned against her cunt. His hands splayed across my daughters ass as he ate her pussy bringing her to orgasm. “Oh, fuck I’m cumming!!!” She filled her mouth with his cock going crazy on it bringing him to climax with her swallowing his load quickly down and licking his shaft making sure she missed none.

Once Steve was done cumming in my baby’s mouth he moved her aside so he could sit up and glanced at me as I stroked my cock and watched. I saw as the idea came into his head and he turned back to Becca. “I think what you did today was so bad we should call your father in. Maybe he’d like a blow job while I finish punishing you.”

“Whatever you say Principle Steve.” She smiled over at me liking the idea. I sure as hell loved the idea. I got up and walked over to the bed.

“Becca, ” I said getting into the role, “Principle Steve says you’ve been very bad and he wants my help to punish you. Have you been bad Becca?”

“Oh yes Daddy. I was playing with my pussy during school.”

“Then I guess you’d better let Principle Steve stick his cock in that tight pussy and you’re gonna suck Daddy off while he does. Do you understand?”

I could see the idea of watching a daughter sucking off her father made Steve immediately hard again. “Yes Daddy.”

“I’m going to lay down, you come to me and keep that nice little ass and pussy up Escort Bakırköy in the air for Steve.” And that’s just what happened. As my daughter took my cock in her mouth my friend slid his cock deep into her pussy. Suddenly the pretense of role playing dissapeared.

“Oh fuck, you’re daughter’s cunt is tight, John.” He started pounding away at it. “And watching her give you head is fucking incredible.”

I moaned at how right he was. “She’s something else, isn’t she?”

“She’s a fucking hot little whore. That’s it little girl, squeeze those pussy muscles around my cock, fuck you’re good.”

Becca pulled her mouth back off my dick and looked questioning up at me. “I want you both fucking me.” She said.

Steve slowed down and just looked at me. “Both?” I asked.

“Yes, just like in your porns. I want one in my cunt and the other in my ass….please??”

We looked at each other and shrugged. “Fine with us.” I decided to let Steve take her ass since he hadn’t had that yet. I laid down on the bed and Becca stradled me sliding her soaking pussy on my shaft taking every inch into her deep cunt.

“That is so fucking hot.” Steve said. “You like fucking your daddy, Becca?” He asked as he stroked his cock.

“I love fucking my daddy. I’m daddy’s little slut and proud of it.” She smiled at me as she started riding my cock. “You like fucking me too don’t you Daddy?”

“I love fucking my little girl. Tell me what you want baby.” I knew the dirty talk would drive Steve over the edge.

“I want my Daddy to fuck me. Fuck me hard Daddy. Fuck your little girl’s pussy and make me cum on your fat cock.” Apparently Becca knew too, and she gave all she was worth. “Make me your little whore daddy. Give me your cum! Make your little girl cum, Daddy!!”

Before I knew it Steve was at her back door pushing his own cock deep in my daughters ass. She screamed in the pleasure of the pain. “Oh fuck Daddy!! I’ve got two cocks in me. One in my pussy and another in my ass!! This feels fucking great. Fuck my pussy Daddy!!! Fuck my ass Steve. I want you both to cum in me!!!!”

My little girl was taking both our cocks deep in her. I’d ram her pussy and Steve would ram her ass. She moaned in ecstasy as both holes were filled and pounding at her. “Cum for us baby girl.” I said as I squeezed her nipples. “Daddy wants you to cum on his nice meaty cock.”

“Oh fuck Daddy!!! Your little girl’s gonna cum!!! Oh you guys fuck so good you’re making me cum…oh fuck yeah….harder daddy!! Harder Steve!!” With that we both thrust at the same time deep inside her and as she came on my cock I could tell Steve was cumming in her ass. The visual of that had me exploding deep inside her pussy with a load of cum of my own.

After we all caught our breath I looked at Steve. “Was it worth the money?” I asked.

He nodded. “And fucking more. You are one lucky son of a bitch. That little whore can become addicting.” He nodded toward my daughter who was spent and half asleep on my bed.

I smiled. “I know.” I was counting on it. “Would you like to set another date up in the near future?”

“You bet your ass…or hers.” He laughed and pulled on his pants.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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