Dahska Beginnings

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Big Tits

“Ashley we’re finely eighteen, ” Dahska hugged her best friend.

“Dahska we can do anything now, ” Ashley’s hands rubbed her lower back.

“Oh Ashley you dirty little elf-girl, ” Dahska moaned in her ear.

“You are beautiful, So sexy, ” Ashley kissed her friend full on the lips pushing her tongue in her mouth. Their tongues licking each others lips, Moving over each other, Tasting the burning lust they held for each other.

“Lay down, baby, ” Dahska helped her friend to the bed. It was a grand bed one fit for a princess. The bed was covered in layers of purple and light pink silk. As Ashley lay back on the bed Dahska was pulling her garments off.

Dahska slipped Ashley’s skirt and thong off, ” Oh Dahska that is cold, ” Ashley’s bare ass gyrated on the cool fabric.

“How about I warm you up then, ” Dahska’s mouth was inches from Ashley’s pussy, Her hot breath blowing on her clit.

“Shit, Oh shit, ” Ashley was so worked up she farted. The look on Dahska’s face let her know that the mood was killed.

“Why the fuck you do that? ” Dahska was holding her nose so her voice sounded very funny.

“Ha ha. ” The two girls laughed even though they would not be finishing their playing.

“Sorry Dahska, It just felt so good, ” Ashley was getting dressed as she tried to explain herself.

“OK, It wasn’t that bad anyway, Just a fart, ” Dahska grabbed Ashley a kissed her.

“Your so nasty, ” Ashley smiled at her and kissed her back.

“I’m nasty you farted in my face, ” Dahska said in mock anger.

“Hey you said it wasn’t all bad, ” Ashley grabbed Dahska’s hand. ” lets go find some guys and have some fun.” Ashley pulled her out the door and down the hall out into the vast great room.

The two girls ran past Ashley’s father, ” Bye Daddy” Ashley used her baby doll voice.

“Good-bye sir, ” Dahska waved at him.

His eyes stared at them a little longer than normal. Damn Ashley is all grown up, But Dahska’s body is so womanly now I almost could forget that they’ve been friends so long or that her tribe has oppressed mine for longer.

In the marketplace the two girls found who they were looking for. ” Groanen, Oxard what you up to? ” The girls were teasing their hair and holding hands.

“Hi Ashley, Hi Dahska, We were just getting some food. Why What’s going on. ” The two brothers were very handsome and many girls had lost their virginity to them.

“Well, we were just wondering if you all would like to um you know go to the falls with us, ” The two girl rubbed each others body.

“You want to get us in trouble or what? ” Though the guys were hot they were dumb.

“No never. It’s our birthday and we wanted to have fun is all but if you guys don’t want to that’s fine. ” The girls turned to walk away.

“Hey wait up, ” The guys run to meet them. Putting an arm around Dahska’s waist Groanen pulled her tight to him. As his brother slid his hand up Ashley’s side to cup the underside of her breast.

“To the falls, ” All four shouted.

Splash. ” Oh its so warm, ” Dahska had stripped and was the first of the four in to the golden waters below the falls. The lake was big and had high cliffs on three sides. Each of the three cliff had a waterfall.

As two girls played in the golden water the guys laid out skins for their later plans. After they had everything set Oxard stripped off his cloak and dove in the water. Swimming under water up to Ashley he got a great view of her ass and pussy, Her puckered anus and puffy pussy lips looked dark green as her blue skin mixed with the gold water. He reached a hand up and ran a finger along her slit.

“Oh, Shit something touched me, ” Ashley had not seen Oxard get in the water.

“Hi sexy, um, You taste great, ” Oxard came out of the water behind Ashley wrapping his arm around her body as he licked his finger.

“You dick you scared me, Thought something was attacking me. Ass. ” Ashley turned to face him and punched Bayan Escort his arm.

“Ashley you were attacked by something, He is a pig, ” Dahska splashed them as she swam off.

“Fucking cunt, ” Oxard threw up his middle finger at Dahska as she swam away to shore.

“She is my best friend, You know, ” Ashley pried his arm from her body, His hard cock rubbing against her crotch.

“Sorry babe, She just thinks she is so that but your way more, ” Ashley eyes tear up everyone thought Dahska was cuter than her. She was always second to Dahska but was still friends with her. But he liked her more.

“Oxard you mean it really? ” Ashley looked deep into his eyes.

“Of course honey, Your so sexy and smart she don’t even come close to you.” Oxard was fishing for sex, He had hooked her and was now pulling her in.

“Oxard, Fuck me. Please no one man ever looked at me like you have. ” Ashley was rubbing her pussy.

“Here in the water? ” Oxard held his cock rubbing it on Ashley’s hand.

“Yes, here now, ” Ashley moved her hand letting his cock rub her hot pussy.

“Ooh oh ah. ” Oxard pushed his hard cock into Ashley’s moist pussy.

“Oh fuck I never,,, ” Ashley eyes shut tight, Biting her lower lip, She dug her nails into his shoulders.

“Ouch, ” Oxard slammed his cock all the way in her pussy past her maidenhead.

Ashley started to cry, “Please don’t stop. “

“I won’t, ” Oxard was pounding her pussy fast and hard splashing water up between her breasts.

“Please cum in me. “

“Ah I’m cumming, Oh you want it baby. “

“Yes fill my cunt with your cum. “

“Fill your what? “

“My cunt, You’ve turned me into your slut with your huge cock. This is how the sluts on daddy’s tapes talk. “

“Say it again, ” Oxard slowed his thrusts pounding her hard and slow.

“Ugh I’m ah your oh slut ooh fill ah my yes cunt. “

“If your my slut you’ll do what ever I say. “

“Yes, master, ” Ashley let out a little giggle.

“Here it cums. “

Ashley felt the warm cum fill her and knew it was just the start of her sexual awakening with men.

“Suck my dick, ” Oxard pushed her head down under water.

“Grurble” Ashley swallowed some water as her mouth closed over the big cock head aimed at her face.

Oxard put his hands in her hair and pulled, Fucking her face.

Dahska sat on shore fingering herself as she watched her friend getting fucked and then giving head.

“Need a hand there? ” Groanen stood beside a tree lusting after her his cock in his hand as he stroked it.

“No thank you, Jerk, ” Dahska wanted Ashley’s mouth on her pussy licking her clit.

“You aren’t nothing but a cock tease, ” Groanen’s hard cock going limp.

“I just came with Ashley it was her idea, ” Dahska said not looking at him.

He had to piss now that he lost his hard-on, “How about something to drink then. “

“OK but no alcohol ” Dahska had two fingers in her working faster as she neared climax.

Groanen pissed in to his flask then handed it to her, “Here. “

Dahska came shaking her body. She held out her shaking arm took the flask. Held it to her lips and drank.

“Got any more, What was it, Got a bit of a kick to it, ” She licked her lips trying to place the taste.

“Sure I got more let me go get it, Be right back, ” Groanen ran into town. When he got to his friends hangout he told them all about the piss drinking girl at the falls.

Dahska finally placed the taste. Piss, That fucker tricked me into drinking his piss I’ll kill him, No, First I’ll cut his nuts off then I’ll kill him. She got dressed and left the beach heading home.

Ashley felt Oxard’s cock swell in her throat as it shot streams of cum down to her belly.

“Baby I would do anything for you, ” Ashley kissed him rubbing his cock.

As the two young lovers swam to shore Groanen was leading the rest of their gang to the falls. Ashley fell to the beach pulling Oxard with her.

“Fuck your slut’s cunt again, ” Ashley was groping at his cock.

“Hold on slut, I want a tighter hole, ” Oxard ran a finger along her slit and pushed it in to her dark blue puckered asshole.

“But I was a virgin how can oh wow, ” As his finger slid in to her ass she got hot, Flustered and started panting.

Oxard fingered her ass slipping one more finger in. Ashley rubbed her clit, Pinching it, Rolling it between her thumb and finger. He pushed a third finger in her ass. Deeper his fingers worked as he slipped the fourth finger in. He pulled back and we he slid his hand forward he had his whole hand in her ass.

“Oh shit it hurts, You got your hand up there or what? ” Ashley said between pants.

“Yes, baby it’s so fucking hot seeing you take it, You don’t want me to stop do you, ” Oxard was flexing his hand and relaxing it to his heart beat which was fast.

“No don’t stop, Give me more, ” Ashley grabbed his cock pulling it to her cunt.

“Fuck it, ” Oxard pushed his cock in her cunt and humped away. He was fucking her so fast he slipped out and when he pushed back in it slid in to her ass with his fist.

“Ow shit, ” Ashley face winced in pain. But soon she was humping her ass back to meet his thrusts.

He was on top of her, her breasts pressed in to the sand. He put his hand on the side of her head. He popped his fist out of her ass so he could really fuck her good. His hand was covered in her shit he put in down by her face to steady himself as he rammed her ass hard. His shit covered hand mesmerized her she stared at it smelling the foul odor as her ass was hammered.

“I’m cumming, ” Oxard emptied his nuts into her ass.

He pulled his cock free with a slurping pop. He laid on his back next to Ashley, Fell asleep. She looked down at his cock it was like his hand covered in her shit but it had his cum mixed in. She shifted around and took his cock in her mouth.

“Ashley what the fuck? ” Oxard was shocked his eye flew open. she looked up at him smiled shit clung to her teeth and she licked his cock with long loving strokes. When she had cleaned all the shit off his cock she was tired and asked if he wanted to do anything else to her.

“No baby go to sleep I’ll wake you if anything comes up, ” He said winking at her.

She woke hours later, It was dark. Looking around she saw about fourteen men in different stages of undress. All of the men where drinking.

“Morning my slut, ” Oxard rubbed her naked breasts.

“What’s going on Ox? ” Ashley wiped the sleep from her eyes.

“Well, you see Groanen got Dahska to drink his piss and he told the guys and um they want to piss in her mouth too, ” Oxard looked like he was scared.

“OK but why are they all here and where is Dahska? ” Ashley picked up on his panic.

“She’s gone don’t know where and they won’t believe me that you are not her, ” Oxard’s hand went down between her legs her cunt was wet.

“Oh no what do we do? ” She knew what was being asked of her but if she acted like they forced her and anyone talked she would be safe from being seen as a hoe.

“You told me you would do anything I asked of you. “

“Yes I did and still will. “

“Drink their piss and love it. “

“OK but only because I’m your slut. “

“She’s ready guys. “

All the men rushed to her. There was no line. Men yanked her hair to guide her mouth to their streams of piss as her mouth filled with piss it ran out and down her body. She drank mouthful after mouthful. They pissed in her eyes, She held them open for the guys. They pissed all over her body. One guy put his cock in her ass and pissed. She farted it out in a spray as tiny clumps of shit came out too.

“Make her eat it, ” The crowd shouted.

Oxard grabbed her shit and placed it in front of her.

“Eat it slut, ” His eyes begged for forgiveness.

“Yes, master, ” Ashley’s look said don’t worry about it. She bit into the shit and chewed it up, Gulping it down.

“Oh shit she is so nasty. “

The party lasted long into the next day. Ashley body was sore from the beatings they gave her. Her breath stank from all the shit they had her eat. Even the piss didn’t wash it all down she still could taste it on her tongue. They finally left her alone, Oxard left with them.

In her weakened state she felt betrayed by Dahska. It should have been her. She is the one who they wanted anyway. She was ruined her tribe name would be an even bigger joke than it was. Wait they thought I was Dahska so If I don’t tell maybe her name will be ruined.

Later that day, Ashley put a plan into action. A plan that not only would pay Dahska back but would restore her tribe to greatness once more.

“Oxard you owe me.” Ashley pleaded with him to help her with her plan.

“I feel bad about what happened to you sure but this is big, ” Oxard was pacing back and forth in the small room that he lived in.

“You will all get to fuck her I swear. Use her like you did me. ” Ashley made a strong case.

“OK we’ll do it when. “

“Right now, ” Ashley picked up her purse and pulled out her cell ball called out Dahska’s name and it rang.

“Hello? ” Dahska was still sleeping.

“Dahska I need your help Oxard and some others have taken me to the forbidden cave. They’ve done mean nasty things to me, Please help me Dahs… ” Ashley broke the cell ball on the ground.

“Hurry she’ll be there soon, ” Ashley rushed the men out of their hut with the promise of more piss drinking sex with her as well as Dahska.

Dahska woke up instantly and grabbed her sword and armor. As she exited her room she picked up a bag of spell dust. She mounted her chariot and made her way to the farthest edge of free lands. Once there she made her way on foot to the cave.

“This place gives my the creeps man”

“Shut the fuck up and get ready she’ll be here any second. “

As Dahska neared the mouth of the cave she pulled the spell dust out a sprinkled some on the ground in front of her. She stepped onto the dust and faded away. In her ghostly form she snuck into the cave.

Ashley was tied in the middle of the cave. Dahska made a bee line for her cutting her bonds.

“Don’t move until I give the sign.” Dahska whispered to her best friend.

Ashley nodded Dahska took that to be she understood, But really it was the sign to Ashley’s men to attack.

A powerful spell knocked Dahska down and she turned visible. As the men rushed her she lunged at them cleaving flesh and bone, She was a whirlwind of blades as she moved so fast in looked like she had many sword arms. As the last of the men lay dying Dahska was struck from behind in the head.

Darkness, Muffled sounds.

“You bastards thought you would get away using me like that, ” Ashley spat at the bodies of the dead and dying men.

“Ashley I’m sorry, ” Oxard was cut in two bleeding out.

“I know you are, ” Ashley pulled her dress up and pissed on him.

“Now for you, ” Ashley stripped her and took the sacred flower that grew in the cave and pushed it in Dahska’s cunt.

Ashley left Dahska in the cave and went home.

The lust lotus was working it’s way deeper in Dahska’s cunt. It gave off a powerful urge to fuck. As the urge wade it’s way to the men the ones still able to found Dahska’s nude body and using the last of their strength fucked her. They fucked until there was no longer life left in them.

Weeks past and Dahska is nowhere to be found. Her father sent search parties out but all they found was her cart. Ashley helped him look for her, Even she came up with nothing. Then one day someone found the bodies in the cave. Dahska was found fucking herself on a huge rock in the cave. When she was asked what happened in the cave and why she was there she had no answer but to try to suck the magistrates cock.

Dahska was arrested for murder and concealing a lust lotus in her cunt. She would stand trial and be judged by the ruling lords.

The End.

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