Dangerous Road Ahead

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She dragged me by the arm through a crowd of people, many of whom were smiling, as I kicked and tried to escape her. Two big men in the lobby looked at me with lust in their eyes, and one said, that’s a nice bitch you got there lady, how bout you let us play with him when your done?” She smiled at them and said, “Check back later.” After a few minutes of back and forth struggle, she pulled me into a hotel room.

She forced me to my knees, unzipped her pants, and pulled her big black strap on cock out of her fly, and said, “Suck it.”

I didn’t respond. So she slapped me hard, “Suck it, or I’ll give you to those men from the lobby.”

A tear rolled down my face, but I opened my mouth, and slowly began taking the tip into it.

“Good girl.” She whispered, and pushed on the back of my head. I resisted for a moment, but ultimately, she overpowered me, forcing my head down onto her cock. I gagged as it hit the back of my throat, and She came right then.

With this she pulled her cock out of my mouth, and took a pair of scissors out of her bag.

“Guess what I’m going to use these for?” she asked, laughing.

“My clothes.” I said quietly, but made no attempt to escape.

“Very good!” She said, taking the scissors to the neckline of my shirt, and then cut straight down front and back, and pulled the two separate pieces apart.

“Arms behind your back.” She ordered. I obeyed.

She tied his arms together with one of the sleeves, and then she looked him over from head to toe. His brown eyes shown with innocence… innocence he was going to lose today. His tight ass looked ripe for fucking.

She then pulled off his shoes and socks, throwing them into her bag and pulled his pants down and off of him, then took the scissors cutting the pants in half and throwing them to the floor.

She left on the thong and bra that she made him wear at all times, thus leaving her bitch naked enough for her tastes. She had shaved his entire body and softened it with lotion, he was really starting to look and feel like a woman, she laughed at this.

“Bend over that table, and spread your legs as far apart as you can.” She ordered.

She took his pants legs from the floor, and tied his legs to the table at his ankles, one after another.

She was turned on by the complete control she had over this bitch. She spanked his exposed ass with a paddle she had brought for the occasion. He made a small noise expressing his discomfort, and She spanked him again much harder on the opposite butt cheek. His ass made a satisfying sound when it was slapped she thought.

Reaching for her bottle of lube she rudely stuffed a big glob of it up his ass hole, at the same time pushing his panties to the side to allow her cock easy access to it.

She placed her cock to his ass pussy, and thrust forward, feeling a little resistance as she did. He screamed and struggled as she ripped into him, and she laughed, as she began to fuck him as roughly and as painfully as she could.

“This is what your for.” she whispered as she continued fucking him. He made no response, and she smacked him, “Your body is for fucking.”

She continued plowing him, hard and fast. She was about to cum for the 20th time, rivers of her juice soaked her pussy and all around the prong that penetrated her, a lot of it was soaked up by the panties she made him wear and the rest glistened off his freshly shaven ass.

She felt herself tense up, and then, she let go, letting it spurt all over his bitch ass once again.

After catching her breath she detached her harness, making sure to leave her giant black dick up his cum covered ass, climbed upon the table, and moved in front of him so her pussy was in his face.

She smiled, as she pulled his face into her cum slicked snatch, her hot cum covered his face in no time.

She made him lick her for a long time, but stopped abruptly when she finally had enough.

She quickly climbed off the table and slipped a ball gag from her bag into his mouth, leaving him firmly bound bent over with the dildo still sticking out of his ass.

She packed up her toys, dressed and moved to the door. On her way out she pulled a small stack of post it note papers out of her bag, and wrote on one of them, “This bitch may be used by anyone.” she smiled, and without a word stepped into the hall, she stuck the post it note on the hallway side of the door carefully leaving it ajar.

She wanted to make sure he got broken in, and she wanted to make sure it happened quickly. She had only met him a few weeks before, it had only taken her a week to get him to wear ladies underwear and to agree to being fucked with her strapon.

He thought it was just a sexy role playing game she came up with, but in fact tonight would be the night he would be turned into a cock slut with the real thing, and if he made it back to her house alive later that night he would find out what she really expected of him.

Looking over casino oyna her shoulder as she left, she noticed the two big men that had checked him out in the lobby looking at the sign, “So it begins.” She said with a smile.

From my position still bent over and tied to the table I could see her writing something on a piece of paper, I figured it was a note for me. Then she hurriedly dressed and dashed out the door with the note. I heard a slight tap as if she stuck it to the door on her way out. I also heard the sound of her heels tapping down the hall away from me, in terror I realized she had left the door half open.

I struggled with my bonds to no avail, I was helpless, and to make matters worse the door was swinging in. I struggled even more as the two big men from earlier strolled in and locked the door behind them, one of them had the note in his hand. “Well look what we have here, this must be the bitch that can be used by anyone.” Said the one with the note as he held it in my field of view before dropping it to the floor.

The other one was running his rough hands down my back to my ass, “This is one smooth bitch.” He said.

I struggled more, and tried to scream, both were to no avail. The one grouping my ass noticed the dildo still sticking out of me and started fucking me with it, the one that had had the note said, “I can do better than that.” and dropped his pants revealing a huge erection, the other guy laughed and ripped the dildo out of my ass as his friend stepped up behind me, I was still struggling to get loose as I felt his huge dick slide into me. It was much larger than her strap on and it burned as he mercilessly shoved it in all the way and just started fucking me like an animal. The other one stripped and climbed onto the table and pulled the gag down around my throat and before I could say a word stuffed his raging hard-on down my throat with force, I gagged several times before he shot his first load into my mouth. The two men took turns raping me for hours, and when they were finished cum was oozing out of my mouth and ass, and running down my legs as the two left me just as I was, still bound to the table, with the ball gag back in my mouth still holding in some of the cum that had been deposited there.

About an hour later the building security guard walked in, he was an old man but still quite handsome. I don’t know if it was the open door or the sound of my sobbing that tipped him off, but he walked into a sight he wasn’t expecting, a fuck bitch tied to a table with a ball gag in his mouth, and rivers of cum dripping down his slutty shaven legs, he took it all in right down to the bra and cum stained panties. A look of disbelief filled his face as he approached me. After a moment he undid my make shift bonds that were my only clothes except for my bitch outfit, and removed the gag from my mouth. I crumpled to the floor in a puddle of the big men’s cum “Who did this to you son?” he asked. “I deserved it, I thought she was just playing a kinky game with me, but that cunt had other plans.” I replied.

“Can you help me sir, I have no clothes and no way to get out of here.” I said in a defeated voice.

“Well that depends son.” He said walking back to the door and locking it again. “I’ll do anything you want if you help me sir.” I pleaded.

“Well that’s good, what I want is a nice blow job, and I want you to deep throat me, and I want to cum in your mouth, and I expect you to swallow every last drop, can you handle that bitch, or do I have to call the cops and show them what I found here?” He said as he pulled his cock and balls out of his fly and sat down in a chair across the room from me.

“No sir, Ill do what you want. I crawled across the room and knelt before him. I began licking his big hairy balls, “MMMM, that’s nice bitch, those balls are filled with cum for you to eat.” He said with a snarl, I licked his dick from his balls to the tip and then took his growing hard-on into my mouth without another word. He immediately seized my head, and started brutally face fucking me for at least a half hour using my mouth as his pussy before stuffing his whole cock down my throat till my lips were buried in his pubic hair and holding it there, he started twitching and growling then filled my mouth and throat with his hot load, I swallowed hard, and then licked his cock clean. I nursed on his cock till he stood and put it back into his pants. Without a word he pulled me to my feet by my hair and then shoved me out into the hallway in nothing but my bra and panties I didn’t even have shoes! He pushed me down yet another hallway and then out an emergency exit into a dark dirty alley. The door slammed shut and there was no handle on the out side of the door.

I knew I was about five miles away from her apartment, on the bad side of town bare foot dressed only in woman’s underwear, with cum running out of my ass and mouth. I started walking.

A few hundred feet down the dark alley a tall drugged out canlı casino looking guy with a knife stepped out of the shadows and into my path. He looked me over from head to toe and pointed the knife at me and said “Gimme your money bitch.”

“I don’t have any on me.” I answered, truthfully.”

“Well than I guess we’ll take it out in trade.” He said as he pulled his dick out of his pants. I fell to my knees in front of him and started blowing, he seemed to enjoy it, but I was nervous with the blade next to my throat the whole time. His dick grew huge in my mouth and he soon had a hand full of my hair as he pumped his cock in and out of my slut mouth.

I figured he would blow his load in my mouth, but he stopped and pulled it out at the last minute and came all over my face and hair. I was still on my knees in front of him as his dick softened, then he began to piss on me, He washed off some of the jizz he had just shot over me, then he simply walked away. I stayed on my knees until I was sure he was gone. Finally I resumed my walk back to her house to give her a piece of my mind. Soon I was almost out of the really scary part of town, It was even darker here and I found myself walking thru a bunch of sleeping homeless people, I could make out at least twenty distinct shapes laying on the ground on cardboard, and old mattresses. I tried to be careful but I ended up tripping over something in the dark, and fell onto one of the old discarded mattresses, but unfortunately it was occupied. At first the inhabitant seemed upset that I had disturbed him, but the next thing I knew he was pinning me to the dirty mattress, and screaming “I caught me a bitch.” With no warning he forced his cock up my ass. I tried to get out from under him, but the next thing I knew he was shooting off in me, apparently all the commotion woke up the rest of the homeless guys and as soon as he pulled out of me someone else shoved theirs in, I started to scream but was silenced immediately as someone shoved their cock in my mouth, and before I knew it I had a cock in my mouth and ass at the same time. Soon their was a line at my mouth and ass, and I gave up struggling, I gave up and just fucked and sucked as best as I could. After they were done taking turns with me, they let me leave.

After I escaped the gang bang I found my way out of the slum and onto a street luckily there wasn’t a lot of traffic out at this time of night, and the headlights I saw I easily avoided, their was however this one long stretch of road with nowhere to hide, I tried to go as fast as my bare feet would take me but halfway along I heard a vehicle approaching and had no where to go, a big tractor trailer truck pulled up next to me and the big black man who was driving it leered down at me. After wolf whistling he called out “Hey bitch you ever had a big black dick fuck that pretty white ass of yours?” I didn’t know what to say so I said the only thing that came to mind under the current conditions. “Not that I’m aware of so far.. But I guess I’m about to.”

He immediately set the brakes and climbed out of the cab, he stepped over to me, and grabbed my ass and pulling me close to him I could feel his huge dick against my leg. He then picked me up like a toy and threw me into the passenger seat, still on the ground he stripped out of his dirty clothes, threw them into the cab and climbed in, without a word once he was seated he fiercely grabbed my head and shoved his dick in my mouth, I didn’t care, I was a cock slut now, and this was a cock, it grew to enormous proportions while I sucked on it the best I could. He drove while I sucked and soon I had him to his full size. He parked the truck then grabbed me by the hair and pulled his dick out of my mouth, he looked me straight in the eye and said “Bitch you goanna get raped.”

That being said he grabbed me and pushed me into his sleeper cab and shoved me face down into his dirty cum stained mattress, slid my panties to my knees, grabbed my hips in an iron grip and snaked his giant cock into me, luckily my ass was well lubed from my previous fuckers cum, but his cock was much larger than anything I had felt previously, and started screaming in pain, he simply shoved my face into the mattress to silence me.

I couldn’t escape him if I had wanted to, he was brutal. He fucked me wildly for hours. Finally he started grunting and shoving it in even deeper and harder, I pushed back to meet him and he was soon filling my slut ass with what felt like gallons of his cum, he shoved me further into the nasty sleeper holding me in a bear hug with his huge dick still buried in my well fucked hole, I could still feel it pulsing in me as some of his cum leaked out around his now softening dick. He reached over and pulled out a Polaroid from under the mattress and pointed it at us still in his bear hug. I smiled not knowing what else to do. He took the shot then threw the camera further up into the sleeper and flicked on a light which illuminated the cabin enough to see that kaçak casino there were what looked like hundreds of these photos of men and women, all taken in the same position, but most of them were covered in blood, had black eyes, were missing teeth, or unconscious.

After a while he pulled his cock out of me with an audible pop. And flipped off the light. I figured he was going to throw me out of the truck and into the parking lot but instead he got into the drivers seat and started the truck, “Where you going bitch?” he asked with a smile. I told him the address of the woman who started all of this and returned to the passenger seat. When he started driving I returned to sucking his cock. This time his dick tasted like my ass and his cum, and I figured he’d be giving me more cum soon since he was already stiffening. It didn’t take long to get to her house so we sat in front of it for a good half hour before he was done with my mouth. Shortly after he parked the truck he grabbed his cock with his left hand and my head with his right and started jerking himself off into my mouth, I kept suction on the tip of his dick while he jerked. Finally his balls started to tighten and he shoved it deeper into my mouth and held onto me like a steel vice while he pumped his cum into my mouth. He didn’t release me till I swallowed every drop and had licked him clean.

Finished with me. He opened his door stepped out grabbed me and stood me up in front of him and said “MMM MMM, I wish I had had a bitch like you when I was in prison, I would have been fucking all the time.” He smacked me on the ass as I walked away, I could feel a big glop of his cum leak out and run down my leg from the smack. I tried to swish my ass like a girl for him as I walked.

I probably shouldn’t have teased him in this manner since just as I was passing her car, which was parked directly in front of her house, I felt his hot breath on the back of my neck. Before I could do anything he grabbed me by the waist, bent me over the hood of the car, and simply shoved his cock past my cum covered panties and up my cum filled hole and began violently fucking me once more. “I ain’t letting you go, I’ll be fucking, and you’ll be sucking cross country bitch, mmm hmm, fine bitch.” He rasped.

After a few minutes of this the porch light snapped on and there stood Rachel the cunt who had started all of this standing in the doorway wearing a nightie.

After watching for a bit she called out, “Morris, what the fuck at least fuck him in the house, we do have neighbors for fucks sake.” She said loudly. I was in shock. “Yes dear.” Said the big black dude as he pulled his cock out of me and pushed me into the house. He shoved me into her bedroom and she pushed me into a chair next to the bed. As I sat down, she cuffed my wrists to the back of the chair, tied my ankles to the legs of it, and shoved another ball gag into my mouth .

She lay down on the bed and started to finger her cunt. As she spread her legs, I about blew my load as the big black man who had just brutally raped me, who I now knew as Morris stepped up to the bed. Neither of them spoke a word, she just pulled him close to her, and started to kiss the tip of his huge cock.

I did not know what to think, but I had an erection harder than I had ever had before.

She slowly started to suck his cock, and eventually started to deep throat all of him. She continued to finger fuck her snatch harder and harder as it dripped all over the bed. She got herself off in no time, while he started to moan louder. I was certain he was about to cum. Just as he arched his back; she yanked his cock out of her mouth, and beat his cock juice all over her tits. She finally made eye contact with me, and stood up.

Morris shot such a load, As she walked towards me, his cum dripped off her tits, down her stomach, all over her pussy, down her legs, and onto the floor.

As she leaned over to whisper something in my ear, his cum dripped all over me. Then she simply whispered, “Don’t say a fucking word you’ve been having sex all night too I bet.” She said with a laugh. Then she took the gag out of my mouth and started to kiss me. I was surprised to find that she had cum in her mouth, in addition to the huge load that was dripping off of her tits. Then she broke the kiss and said; “Now I really need to get fucked.” My cock was so hard, I couldn’t wait. Then she said “Too bad he doesn’t have an erection.” I was confused for a second, and then looked at his flaccid cock. Then she looked straight at me and said “You’re going to have to suck his cock ’til he gets hard again bitch.”

She slapped me across the face, and before I could even think about trying to say anything, his cock was pressed against my lips. I thought about the smack I just received from her, and slowly opened my mouth. He slid his cock in and out of my mouth, until he had a huge erection again. I could taste his cum, and it stiffened my erection even further. Just as he began to enjoy it, she pulled his cock out of my mouth and shoved the gag back in.

She lay back on the bed, with her legs spread towards me. Morris climbed on top of her and began to slowly slide his cock into her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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