Daniel and Sara Pt. 18

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After New Years, the next few weeks before school started again, were very busy for all the new family members. Joyce’s house went on the market. They all went together and hired a florist and a DJ team. Sara and Steph registered at Bloomingdales and Williams Sonoma. They still needed to hire a photographer-videographer. And they had to find gowns, and set a guestlist. And they had to pick bridesmaids as well as ushers. So much to do in a short amount of time.

A week before school started, Steph and Joyce were in a bridal shop. Steph was trying on her fourth gown of the afternoon, and her frustration was showing. Joyce helped her close the various hooks and clasps, then helped her with the veil. When Steph stood up straight, Joyce said “Oh, honey! You’re gorgeous!” Her eyes welled up looking at her beautiful daughter. “Baby, this is the gown! Come out and look in the mirrors!”

Steph stepped out of the dressing room, walked over to the alterations stand and looked at herself in the set of mirrors. One look, and she knew this was the gown for her. Sleeveless with shoulder caps. Lacy at the bust with a smooth mid section, and flowing softly past her feet. She’d need heels, obviously, and some alterations on the length and at the hips. But the fit was great overall. And she looked gorgeous, as her mother said.

“Mom, this is the one! It’s beautiful!”

“No honey. YOU’RE beautiful. The dress is lovely, but you make the dress, not the other way around. You’re stunning! Oh, I’m going to cry! You’re really getting married in a few months! But I’m not losing you, am I?”

“Mom, you’ll never lose me. We’re going to be so close, closer than we’ve been for a while. I love you so much.” They held each other in a warm, enveloping hug.

The saleswoman came to them, smiling, raving about how great Steph looked in the gown. Joyce informed her they were buying the gown and needed the alterations taken care of.

“Mom, we didn’t even look at the price.”

“Honey, I don’t care about the cost. It’s on me, and even if I couldn’t afford it, you can, and a gown that looks this good on you is worth whatever the price is. In any case, it’s my pleasure, baby.”

After putting on some heels to get the height right, the gown was pinned and marked for adjustments. The saleswoman went off to do some paperwork and check on another client, so Joyce and Steph went into the dressing room to get Steph out of her gown. As Steph was about to start, Joyce said “Wait a minute honey. Lets see you a little more….” She ran her fingers over the lacy bust and then over the bare shoulders.

“Mom…..we’re not exactly alone here.”

“If we’re quiet, no one will know. You just look so sexy. We may never get a chance with you in this gown again. Just let me take care of you. My beautiful daughter.”

Joyce kissed her with desire and love while her hands rubbed her large breasts over the gown. The lace of the bust felt so sexy to Joyce with the soft breasts so pliant under her touch. Steph was moaning on her mothers’ lips as her body reacted to the seduction. She reached to touch her mothers breasts but Joyce pushed her hand away. “This is about you, baby. I want to take care of my little girl.”

Steph wanted to argue, but this wasn’t the place, and they needed to be quick about it. Joyce said softly but urgently “Hike up your gown, honey.”

Steph lifted the dress up around her hips, exposing her legs and white tight panties. Joyce pushed her hand inside her daughters panties and her fingers found Stephs slit and clit, sliding her hand up and down the crease. Steph was moaning softly and Joyce whispered “Keep quiet, baby. Kiss me if you feel you’re going to let out too much noise.”

Steph closed her eyes and let herself float away on the waves of pleasure her mother was creating for her. Between Joyce’s expert touch and the risky situation, Steph’s body was on fire. She desperately wanted to cry out, but she knew that was too dangerous. So she enjoyed herself in silence, feeling her climax building and spreading. She bit her lip almost hard enough to break the skin as Joyce’s fingers moved faster over her slippery lips and throbbing clit.

“Mom….I’m so close…”

“Cum for me, baby, cum in your panties, on my fingers, while you wear this lovely gown. Kiss mommy, baby.”

They kissed hard as Steph’s body twitched, and she moaned as loud as she dared as she came for her mother. Her pussy spasmed as Joyce circled her daughters’ clit and moisture spread along her inner thighs. She finally settled down, kissing her mother gratefully, with love.

“Mom, that was fun, but why?”

“You just looked so beautiful, my love. I don’t know what’s with me lately, but it’s as if all my kinky desires that I kept buried for years have come roaring back to me since we’ve all become a group and family. I’m so grateful to you all. Especially, you, pumpkin.”

Instead of objecting to the nickname, Steph smiled at her mother and kissed her again. Joyce was a new woman, Nevşehir Escort and Steph loved her more than ever.

“Mom, we’ve got to get me out of this gown. This room kind of smells of pussy, your hand must smell like that too. I just hope the gown doesn’t. Kind of hard to explain, you know?”

“Sorry, sweetheart. Let me help you change. Then lets go home and share the good news.”


A couple of months later, and everything was coming together. Sara found a gown with Daniel, a little more of a modern design, no lace, sleek and satin, and it needed almost no alterations. They hired a videographer and photographer, ordered invitations, and were working on the guest list that was approaching 150 guests. Sara asked her cousin Karen to be her Maid of Honor, and Steph asked their friend Laura to be hers. They decided to not have bridesmaids and ushers to keep things simple.

School was also in full gear. Steph, Sara and Daniel all had a full load of classes, with the full load of homework and papers to keep them very busy. Joyce took care of the house and things like cooking and making sure the bills were paid. They hired a cleaning service to come in twice a week to keep things clean. And of course, they remained sexually involved with each other, as couples and as a group. Different days and nights, different combinations.

One Saturday night in March, after dinner, Joyce surprised Daniel by saying she and Steph had to run out to their old house for a bit to check out some things, but she was secretive about what things. He just sat on the couch when Sara came into the room, dressed in a long, sheer silvery nightgown, wearing her pearls and earrings. She had her makeup done perfectly, an unusual thing for her to do for a night at home.

“Sweetheart, you look lovely, but why? What’s the occasion.”

Sara looked a little disappointed. “You don’t know, daddy? Really?”

Daniel thought for a minute. He obviously was forgetting something, something very important to his daughter….. “Oh honey. I forgot, didn’t I. The anniversary of our first night together. Honey, I am so sorry.”

“It’s ok, daddy. Really, it is.”

“No, it’s not! Sit here with me, my love.” Sara sat next to him, as close as possible. “I could say with all the studying and wedding preparations and such it slipped my mind, but that’s no excuse. That was one of the greatest nights of my life, the night we found each other, so to speak. You made me a complete and happy man again. And I forgot our anniversary. Honey, can you forgive me?”

Sara cuddled close to her father, his arm sliding around her waist. “I can’t say I’m not disappointed, daddy. I am, a little. I asked Joyce and Steph to stay at their old house for the night, to give us the night alone. I know it’s not like a wedding anniversary, but I still thought you would remember.”

Daniel didn’t know what to say. He could tell she was more upset than she was letting on. He brought his other arm around and wrapped Sara in his loving embrace. His fingers traced up and down her bare arm, a touch that made Sara tingle inside. “Sara, honey, I don’t know how to make this up to you. I love you more than anything or anyone. You know that, right?”

“Of course, daddy. Did you really think there’s anything you could do that would make me think I wasn’t the most important person in your life? Just like you know you’re the most important person in my life.”

They sat there quietly, unsure what came next. Sara eventually spoke up. “Daddy, do you want to take me upstairs?”

Daniel looked at his daughter, so beautiful in the lush nightgown and her pearls. “Well, it would be a shame to waste your efforts to make this a special evening. Why don’t you go upstairs, and I’ll pour us a couple of glasses of wine. I will make this up to you, my love.”

“Oh, I know you will. Big time!” Sara teased. They stood up and kissed softly. “You’re definitely going to make this up to me. Maybe all night long.” Sara turned and walked away, her hips swaying under the flowing satin gown and her slippers tapping on the hard wood floor.

She’s the sexiest woman I know, Daniel thought. And she knows the effect she has on me.

Daniel opened a bottle of red wine and poured two glasses, thought about it, and grabbed the rest of the bottle as well. Might as well make a real night of it.

When he opened the door, Sara was lying on the bed on her side, facing him with her hand propping up her head. She oozed sexuality with her bright, dark eyes and pure white smile. “You brought the whole bottle for us? This is going to be a fun night.”

“I intend to make it the best night of your life. My beautiful daughter.”

“My handsome daddy. Take off your clothes. Slowly.”

Daniel put the wine down and, as asked, gradually stripped for her. Sara’s eyes were glistening and she almost unconsciously rubbed her arm across her breasts. When he was down to just his briefs, Sara said Nevşehir Escort Bayan “Stop there. Leave them on, daddy, and lie down next to me.”

He got on the bed, took the two glasses, and handed her one. He stretched out facing her and clinked their glasses. “To my perfect daughter. If I could marry you, my love, I would, and we would spend our lives together. But I think we’re going to be almost as happy in our other relationships. For now, I just want to love you, to share love with you.”

Sara mumbled something Daniel couldn’t make out. “What was that, my darling?”

“I said you’re forgiven, daddy. I love you too, Now take me in your arms and make love with me.”

They took long sips of their wine and Daniel put the glasses of ruby colored liquid on the night table. He rolled on top of Sara and pressed his body to her body, and his lips to her lips. They kissed and touched each other, greedily seeking each others lust. Daniel tugged down the top of Sara’s gown but he didn’t attack her breast, not immediately. Instead, he dipped his finger into his glass of wine and applied a large drop of the red liquid right to Sara’s left nipple. It clung to her, surrounding the thick, quarter-inch long nub, reflecting the candles that brightened the room with soft light. Sara cupped her breast in her hand and offered herself to her father, who suckled her nipple with almost ravenous hunger. Sara closed her eyes as he devoured her, then used her own finger to dip into the dark red wine and left a small dollop on her right nipple for him to sample, which he did with the same ardor he used on the left.

Sara was moaning deeply, and any thoughts of being upset with her father were gone from her mind and heart. The only feelings there were of lust and love, desire and empathy. Even if she wanted to be angry, she couldn’t, not with this wonderful man who was everything to her for so many years. She just kept applying droplets of wine to her breasts, which he kept sampling as if his thirst for Sara, for his daughter, was unquenchable.

“Daddy, you’re really getting my pussy flowing” Sara said breathlessly. “I’m tingling all over. But I want to play too. And I had an idea. Something to commemorate how we started.” She brought his face up to hers and they shared many kisses, some gentle and teasing, others hot and lustful.

Sara pushed Daniel on his back and held his arms above his head, as if to restrain him. It wasn’t much of a threat, really, as he could have easily overpowered her if he wanted to do so. But he loved seeing her like this, her bare chest with her small, brown breasts hovering over him as well as her dark thighs and hips straddling him with just a small patch of sheer silver gossamer covering her pussy and cheeks.

“Daddy, you remember how this all started, don’t you?”

“Of course, honey, how could I forget? You caught me jerking off with your panties.”

“That’s right, daddy, and I went in my room and jilled myself like you wouldn’t believe that night. But you didn’t get to cum in my panties that night.” Sara reached under a pillow just past their joined hands and pulled out the same satin blue panties he used that night a day past one year ago. “You remember these, don’t you?” Sara asked, flaunting the panties in his face.

“I don’t think I could ever forget them, honey.”

“You’re going to get to cum in them tonight, only I’m going to milk your cock with them until you fill my panties. Here, smell them, daddy” Sara said as she pushed her blue panties in his face. “I was really naughty, daddy; I wore them two days in a row for you” she giggled girlishly. “I bet they’re rich with my pussy juice. I even had Steph eat me in them the first night because I wanted them really strong for you. So, how do they smell daddy?”

“Heavenly” Daniel moaned. “They smell like the sweetest pussy in the world, yours, my love.”

“You’re so sweet, daddy. I love you too, baby. Come on, smell them some more. A little more….Ok, that’s enough. I’m going to turn around and stick my panty covered pussy and ass in your face, and you’re going to eat me through them while I take good care of your big cock.”

Daniel thought, as Sara swung around and hovered her cunt above his face, how lucky he was. His daughter wasn’t merely a loving and sweet woman, smart and confident, but she also tended to like to be in control sexually, even a little dominating, even when she wanted to be spanked, still keeping control, and he loved it. He loved when she took charge and let her kinky side come out.

“You’re a very dirty girl, Sara. Daddy might have to swat your tight little ass.”

Sara wiggled her hips in his face. “Then I’ll be a very lucky girl!” she giggled some more. “But taste me first, daddy. Eat my cunt and ass in my panties. I’ll take care of your cock. Then we’ll rest a little, and we’ll have a lot more fun. Just me and you. Just like it was at the beginning. My sexy daddy” she moaned as her father took a long lick Escort Nevşehir of her slit. Between his tongue doing its thing and the feeling of Daniels scruffy cheeks prickling her inner thighs, Sara was gushing already.

Daniel was dizzy with the powerful scents of Sara’s pussy and her ass, even through the thin panties covering her. The more he tasted her, the more of her scent, that powerful and yet soft feminine scent, emanated from under the thin silver cloth. Her panties were very wet, and it wasn’t from is mouth. At least, not completely.

Sara, meantime, carefully wrapped her blue panties around her daddy’s cock, tickling his balls. She softly blew her warm breath on the glans of his cock, causing his legs to shake in front of her and also making him moan right into her pussy. “Daddy, that’s delightful. My whole body is glowing. Please don’t stop.”

Daniel broke contact for a moment. “Whatever my favorite girl wants, honey. I want to make you happier than you’ve ever been, my love.”

“So good to me” Sara moaned as her slender fingers moved the satin panties slowly up and down her fathers dick. She kept the pressure light, and whenever her hand went down towards his balls, she gave a long wet lick to the purplish head, both for practical lubrication and for simple and joyous pleasure for him.

“You’re so good to me too, my darling. That feels heavenly” Daniel whispered before continuing his oral manipulation of her pussy. After lingering on her sweet pussy, he used his fingers to spread her ass and probed her tight little anus with the tip of his tongue. He then used his fingers on his right hand to rub her juicy cunt up and down as he dived into her delicious ass.

Sara was in heaven as her father kept rimming her ass and touching her lips and her clit. She stroked Daniels cock faster, the satin of her panties caressing him. She kept licking all around the head of his cock, keeping it nice and wet and slippery. With her free hand she used her middle finger to tease around his asshole, just poking in to her first knuckle.

“My god, honey” he moaned. “You really know how to push my buttons, better than even Steph or Joyce.”

“I know you longer, daddy” Sara giggled as she pumped his cock. “And you know how to take care of me, sooooo fucking good” she gasped. “I’m getting close, daddy. Do you want to cum with me? I really want to feel your hot cum fill my blue panties.”

“I’m almost there, honey. Don’t stop what you’re doing….”

Sara locked her lips on the head of her daddy’s cock as she jerked his shaft as fast as she could. Daniel was attacking her clit with his fingertips as his tongue pushed into her puckered hole, just working the tip in there, and Sara was bucking her hips and moaning on the head of her daddy’s dick. Both were shaking and grinding, and Sara came first as she flooded her sheer panties with warm girl cum, the scent of which filled Daniels nostrils with her lovely odor. That was the final step for Daniel. Just before he came, Sara took her mouth off his cock head and he shot his first spray about a foot in the air. It and all his subsequent shots gushed down his shaft and made a hot, sticky mess in her panties. Sara kept pumping her father, with his come adding slickness to soothe his dick. She stuck out her tongue and licked the back of her hand clean, enjoying the sweet-salty treat, something her fiancé couldn’t provide her.

Sara turned around and wrapped herself around her father, kissing his warm lips, the trace of his cum sticky in their mouths. “Did you enjoy that, daddy? I know I did. You make me feel so good, always.”

“You really think I might have faked my orgasm?” They both laughed at that. “Seriously, honey, you’re the best lover I’ve ever had. That’s between you and me, of course. I have zero complaints about Joyce and Steph, but there’s something very special about you, sweetheart. It must be the special bond we share.”

Sara sighed as she settled into her fathers loving embrace. Her legs twisted with his and her small, soft breasts were pressed into the side of his chest. They kissed, mostly small kisses, soft and tender. “I love you so much, daddy.”

“And I love you too, sweetheart. Mind if I get up and use the bathroom?”

“Of course not, silly. You don’t have to ask. Just put the seat down when you’re done for me.”

“Sara, sweetie, I’ve been living and sharing the bathroom with three women the last few months. Putting the seat down is programed into my lizard brain.”

He used the bathroom and washed, then Sara did the same. When she got back in bed they finished their glasses of wine, and Daniel poured a second glass for each of them. It wasn’t long before Daniels cock began to stir, inspired by the beautiful young woman in front of him, half naked and glowing with love and lust. “Daddy….I think you’re almost ready to make me happy again” she giggled. “Want me to help get you the rest of the way there?”

“I’d never say no to you, my love. Do you need a little warming up?”

“Nope, I’m nice and hot already. I could jump your bones right now.”

Sara reached into Daniels lap and gripped his semi-hard cock, just squeezing and easing off as the blood filled his shaft again. In two minutes he was ready to share his love with his lovely daughter again.

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