Dani’s Cumuppence Pt. 01

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The lights went out suddenly…the air chilled as it hit my arms and face, and I heard the strangest noises as someone grabbed my arm, and yanked! Cringing, I felt myself pulled mysteriously down a dark corridor; cobwebs seemed to cling to my face and human hands grabbed at my body! Man, I felt exasperated and the night hadn’t even begun yet!

“FUCK!” I couldn’t believe I’d let my friends talk me into taking me to this latest haunted house. The adult website called it “The House of All Houses.” and the tagline was “House of Haunts and Flaunts,” whatever that meant. It looked frick’in scary as we crept up the dark and narrow road with guys and gals in their ghoulish outfits, some in skimpy sexy clothing, and some appeared naked, some gothic, and some dark hairy looking creatures. There were even those scary looking clowns like out of the movie Saw. Some appeared to creep in from amongst the trees like “The Night of the Living Dead.” I didn’t know if it was planned, but I got the eerie feeling that this was definitely a full-blown production. I was sure I would be peeing my thong before the night was over!

I never really liked scary and haunted houses anyway. I think since I had grown up seeing The Night of the Living Dead, The Shining, and currently the Saw movies; I have always been spooked. I know now, if I saw some of those movies as an adult they would appear bogus, cheap and funny, but still. Damn! I wish I had not let them talk me into this!

“SAW.” was creepy! We had entered after paying our fees. We had to pay with eyeballs that we’d found on a scavenger hunt 10 days prior to the night. They were not REALLY eyeballs obviously, but they looked pretty, darn, close. I could have sworn they pulsed within my quivering palm as I handed mine to the dressed-in-black doorman with blood trickling down from the corners of his mouth.

You could hear music upon entering, but you couldn’t see a thing. I couldn’t, anyway. I didn’t see any of the people either that I saw on the roadside. I had to wonder where they were and were we the only ones arriving? My friends with me were my girlfriends, one with her boyfriend, and a friend of his called Tom. I’d never really met all of them before; but they were great and they were helping me celebrate my birthday. It was a birthday they told me that would come in two parts; tonight Monday and culminate tomorrow night on Halloween. My husband was out of town as were a couple of my friend’s husbands. It was supposed to be quite the celebration they informed me. I was curious about a few things in their kinky lifestyle and tonight I was supposed to be introduced to it.

Man, when I arrived in this room, everything was psychedelically glowing freaky white; the room was filled with black-lighting. There were outlines of bikini’s, bras, bussers, thongs, briefs, teddies, body shapes of all sizes, and long flowing robes. I could feel the body heat radiating mom porn around the room and there was a smell that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I have to say it was all very arousing to see them skimpily glad in such little clothing. One guy’s dick was so huge and bulging that you could see how it was painted white for the black lights and it seemed about ready to pop.

Then I felt it, a hand grasping the material between my thighs. It was seductive yet dominant at the same time. I felt it pull my whole being down to the floor as I felt a weight of hands on my shoulders. I felt something splash on me and I was covered in slimy goo. My fingers traced the slime and lifted it to my lips, I could taste lime gelatin. I licked my fingers on the way to the mattress and I became drenched in slimy goo.

There, lying on the middle of the mattress was another body. I thought it was a male body when I got over my shock of being there in the first place. I was lying prone on top of it and I could feel the large breasts giving away and realized it was a female under me. I felt hands all over me smearing the gelatin around my body then I felt her lips on mine!

“What?” I screamed. “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?”

“Dani, you are to be quiet NOW,” a voice said firmly behind me. My mouth snapped shut because it was said with authority. I felt hands on me again as my jeans slipped from my body. I felt my thong still in place but my shirt was slit up the back with a sharp object and removed. I felt my bra undone as someone lifted me above the body below me, my bra was removed too. My naked breasts fell upon the silent seductress beneath me.

“Fuck, I should not be here!” I complained, and I heard her say from beneath me “shush.” and she laid a finger against my lips to quiet me. Then she began kissing me. I’d told my girlfriends confidently my secret fantasy of having a woman’s body against mine; to be eaten out by not only a woman but a man as well; and not my husband. That was weeks or months ago and I told them in confidence!

I suddenly felt more slop poured on top of us and I felt her start to move under me. I felt her lips on mine and I felt hands all over me. Still, I could see positioned backlight clothing around me that had moved closer to me. These were the hands I was feeling. I felt her hands on my ass as she pulled me even closer to her while I tried to get up and off of her. “Shhhhhh.” was echoed around the room. “Shhhhhh Dani.” then I felt this positively wonderful feeling shudder through my body as I felt hands begin to delve between my legs and over my body that I assumed hers as well.

We were aglow in backlight and psychedelic lighting. What had happened to my friends??

“Kiss her back Dani.” I heard, and felt hands inch their digits up between my thighs and felt them slowly opening me. “Kiss her back…kiss her back…kiss her back…K I S S HER mobil porno Back!…was chanted more loudly and repetitively!!

I decided at that point to give over to this amazing thrill I felt coursing through my body, rather than fight against it. Life was short and even if I felt out of place the quickest way to get through this was to go with it. So I did and I moved my lips to hers. I felt fingers begin to enter into me. She pushed me to the side and we lay naked on our sides on the gooey, green-gelatin-covered mattress. Her body was writhing alongside mine, up and down, as her limbs entwined with mine. I felt the tips of her nipples against mine and we rubbed our massive breasts together. I was amazingly aroused and our bodies maintained the playful ‘slip and slide’. The eroticism of other people’s hands exploring while we played was more than I could handle. I began to writhe and my body responded as I bucked madly and felt an electric current shoot through my body.

I felt someone’s fingers being replaced by a set of new ones. The new fingers were bigger, thicker and longer, and I felt them pull my nether lips apart and begin to peruse my deep, dark, pink abyss! These were a man’s hands.

As I felt heat, I felt passion. As I felt erotica, I felt ecstasy. As I felt everything closing in on me, I felt arousal, heat and apprehension. Our bodies slipped in unison, our tummies, our hips and our hands began to slip and slide one on the other. I felt the hand inside me hold my leg upward.

I felt someone come in behind me and I felt a cock enter my flowing cunt while my leg remained high. He was huge!! He was pushing inward as her hands cupped my tits and began to suck and nibble them!

I felt the heat of him as he filled me to his root and then he shoved even harder! A sucked tit with huge cock inside me made me lightheaded and about to lose it. With the rhythm of our salacious sandwich of three, I was caught between two totally fantastic, totally aroused, human bodies. And he was helping himself to my psychedelic green cunt filled with green slime and soon to be mingling with his own slimy deliciousness.

His voice though, when he whispered to me, sounded familiar. I couldn’t imagine how I knew it. Without a chance to think about it, I felt the hardest thrust of all as he fucked my green hole with abandon! I wanted and needed it! There was no turning back for me as I felt every inch inside me and I had no idea who it was.

I threw caution to the wind and for the time let myself be caught in the eroticism of the moment. The electricity of that moment and the wanton woman that was rubbing herself all over me helped me easily toss away my caution.

Then I was told to turn on my side even more. I felt the cock replaced as something else moved into my womanly mons; his mouth latched on and his tongue began lashing me. He was gorging himself on xnxx porno my pussy and sucking out whatever the first guy had left! Or was this the first guy? I hadn’t a clue as I writhed in total ecstasy and I felt his tongue lash and whip my clitty in every direction he wanted. His tongue too pushed hard down on my growing nub as if it was forced into a hole and then he nibbled on it more. The best part was the slurping sounds he made as he guzzled down our mixed-cum cocktail. His cum and mine as I spasmed then juices came squirting out of me and into his mouth. All the while I felt hands, fingers and body parts of others touching and working me as it made me want more and more and more!

‘Man, DON’T stop,” I thought to myself. “DON’T stop!”

Then suddenly it did stop.

It stopped dead.

Not a sound could be heard.

I could still see the backlight clothing and hear the breathing; but everything stopped except my heart and throbbing pussy.

“Stand up Dani.” he directed me.

I felt a wet T-shirt going over my head and a pair of shorts was held as he told me to step into them. They were so short and tight. The t-shirt was like two sizes too small for a BBW and my breasts stood out like twin peaks with sag and the material clung to them. They pushed slime all over and covered the material. I felt my hard nipples pop through the thin shirting of the Tee.

“You are dismissed, Dani.” he said. “But YOU WILL BE BACK tomorrow night Dani…is that clear?” I didn’t answer.

“IS THAT CLEAR?” he demanded. “Yes,” I nodded…”I will be back.”

I was led into a darkened hallway and told to walk to the end and out the door.

As I exited the door, I hoped that my friends were somewhere around. I was nervous that they had left me or were worried about me. I didn’t know what to do, but they were not honestly on my mind while the orgy thing played out back there. “What would you call that?” I wondered.

Exiting, there were people standing around looking at me. I didn’t know if they were in the room previously with me or not, but they were staring. I looked down and saw my protruding nipples as pointing the way ahead. I wanted to die, I was humiliated and dripping in gooey gel in the clothing they made me wear.

Men were standing around ogling me, and women were probably making fun or envying me, I presumed.

However I couldn’t see faces exactly; perhaps they had masks on. I hadn’t an idea who they were, as I gained speed when I ran out, found my car and drove off.

Driving off, I was flooded with thoughts and feelings. I was stunned, horny, aroused, and shocked, to name only a few.

The next morning I was dumbfounded when I saw notes on my desk, voice mail and office email. “Where the hell were you guys”, I asked my girlfriend when she called? “You wouldn’t believe the time I had” I went on and interrupted without pausing. “I was lead into a room and my body… Well… never mind!”

I didn’t know if they were involved, where they’d been or if they’d gone through another part of the spook house and enjoyed their own adult fun. For those seconds, I was embarrassed and decided to keep it to myself.

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