Danny the Screwdriver

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Seeing Danny again was like how it feels when you drive a brand new car for the first time.

It had been Five years for God’s sake and we had a lot of loving to make up.

I don’t bother what other guys say to me. So okay he is older than me, by 20 years in fact -but I do prefer older guys, somehow they seem to be more considerate lovers and have a lot more lasting stamina.

That certainly goes for Danny and now I was looking forward to reinstating our relationship, and on just knocking on his door sent a certain quiver down my spine that’s for sure.

He greeted me with so much enthusiasm, hugging me and showing just how pleased he was to see me feeling that familiar lump in his blue cord gabardine trousers as he closed to me, his hand finding their usual place tucked behind my bum and spreading it apart like he really wanted me.

It was just like old times when he said he’d fix some refreshments and then we could depart into the lounge.

“You don’t know just how much I have missed and craved for you while I have been away”

“Didn’t you like it in Australia Danny?” I asked wondering why had returned to England.

“Too bloody hot.” he replied. “And anyway there is no place like home – and you, Pete.”

“You’ve missed my ass?” I teased.

He smiled the way I’d remembered and I knew immediately the lust was still there. And I was so thankful for that because right now a dose of what Danny could give was just what I needed, after a very trying break up was sacrament.

We got to talking about what had happened the last five years with both of us. He confessed he had a relationship with a brawny Australian about five years younger, but it made him really appreciate just how precious was his relationship with me and now he would never look back.

I looked at him feeling so happy. We didn’t have to say much – he beckoned me to join him on the leather clad sofa and down my blue brush jeans he said I still looked so good in and my tight ass looked just as fuckable as ever it was.

It was a pleasure and I felt so good, doing that with Danny again, there was something very special about our relationship and I could see on his side table, neatly placed implements which told me that he wanted it just how it was before and I would be as subservient as he wished me to be.

“Come down to me, Pete and let’s get dirty” he whispered and those eyes and the expression on his face

convinced me it was to be just like old times when he’d have me bent over his lap for the most divine pampering.

“I have showered before I come” I teased after what he’d said.

“Well gaziantep escort you will soon be needing another” he muttered as already his warm hands nudged my hind in a very wanting way.

“I have missed this so much” he breathed, squeezing and doing those things with his finger tips I loved so much.

“A little bit steeper, you remember how I like it, perched high and at the ready and it will be worth a fuck later.”

He always said that and kept his promise, and it was always divine to feel his cock plunging into me after a real good working out, but there was a lot more he’d want to be enjoying of me before that and I just closed my eyes, so intent to be just all ass for him and took his pleasure of me so absolutely wonderfully and complete.

For awhile he anointed my ass all over and in between with a palm full of coconut oil which he always preferred because he said it tasted okay. Now I was feeling him starting to pamper me it seemed like yesterday since last time, still the old craving was there wandering what he would do next.

He started to stretch me open and there were long periods of silence, except for a slight moaning sound as he help me open, asked me to part my knees some when I knew he was getting his close up of me down under.

I moved my ass very slowly, swaying from side to side, he loved this.

“It is as beautiful as ever, Pete” he said sniffing me there as I felt his finger start to gently rim my hole.

“I love to be dirty with you, your ass is just asking for it”

Then he slapped me, I knew it was coming and seeing what else he had on his side table I knew there would be other things he would be using to spank me. But that was alright, it was fine. I was all ready for it and knew just what to expect, knowing that if it became to rough he’d stop.

“Now I want you on all fours on the carpet, Pete. Really give that ass some zip and let me see it is asking for a good paddle spank.!”

I did as he asked, I just loved being all ass for him, as he administered some more gentle stroking – giving me that certain feeling of sheer togetherness , It was like we were as one, both enjoying the other in any way.

Yes I wanted that, the beating and the lovely pampering that would come afterwards and a lot more as well. One, two and three times came down the paddle with the complimentary words from Danny. Then a little pause as I felt him sooth away the hurt with his gently massaging hands, then a further three spanks and I yelped some more He paused again, another gentle massage and the delicious feel of his tongue licking the sore parts.

Then he chose the cane to beat me next, the swishing announced a sharp crack on both my cheeks together and I felt myself jerk forward with one of seven .

And then again the licking and the beautifully soothing massage rubbing the coconut oil into fresh caned ass.

“We will give it five” he said walking into the kitchen and leaving me there. Perched on all fours with the next implement placed neatly in the hollow of my lower spine,

As always I would have to stay strictly in position until he returned else the beating would be much worse, but I can’t explain just what that did for me, just being there ready for his perusal was something so special.

He could do anything he wanted and he knew that. I was all ass for him to enjoy and pleasure himself with whatever he wanted, and soon after the spanking, with hand, paddle cane and horsewhip, I would be nicely numbed and prepared for his so wonderful long and lovely ass fucking with three varying sized anal vibrators, a screwdriver with a bulbous handle ( that would be something new he would want to experiment with) and just looking for something different on his side table, before bending for him, was a curiosity, giving me an idea of just what to expect was going up my asshole.

I heard him doing something in the kitchen. Glancing around on his return I saw he had a large wooden spoon in his hand and just knew I was about to feel the sting of it across my backside. It reminded me of just how Dannay liked to try different things, some successful but others a failure. Like the egg whisk that he had some idea he could try something, I still don’t know what, but feeling it whisk around my balls was something. But generally Danny was more of an ass man yet he did like to play with my balls sometimes. And he’d always finish me off with a rousing stiff wank after he’d fucked me proper..

But for now, after the beating, my ass feeling very hot and flushed, he wanted me in a new position again, this time on all fours on his bed, my wrists tied neatly to the bedstead and, sitting aside me I felt him fingering me up with a lot of coconut oil.

“You never fail to arouse me, still the same old Pete with the remarkable ass I have fantasised about for nigh on five years, you really do have it Pete and I love you for it.

He bent over and knew what to expect next, the utter feeling of him stretching my ass cheeks so wide apart enabling his mouth to press into my hole, and then the gorgeous stimulating feel of his tongue and fingers probing and stretching me.

That was really something and now Danny was really getting dirty with me. But I didn’t care. I felt I was quality ass for his wanting and when after the prolonged sniffing and sucking, my asshole feeling very numb and wonderful, he lubricated the first vibrate into me and swivelled it around some, and then inserted it deeper with a gently thrusting.

It was so good to hear Danny enjoying himself again, hearing all those wonderful sexual throat sounds I’d missed so very much,

Now in turn he was using the three vibrators on me, each one a little different and a varying shape, but each giving a slightly different fuck and Danny continuing his dirty mode by letting me see him sucking each did after its good use in me

At this stage we did nit have to say much, I let him do what he wanted of me I loved it all so much, my ass still numbed for the gentle beatings and spanking made it all so very compelling and wonderful being fucked again and again – and that bulbous screwdriver was really something, when he pushed that very large handle into me, it felt when the bulbous bit was submerged my ass was sucking it in and he’d never get it out, but with a little bit of mutual working and pushing and pulling it popped out, and it was all Danny could do to get that into his mouth.

After that I called him Danny the screwdriver and he accepted it like the good guy he was.

They were the fun times with Danny, like the popping of his cheeks with that ass soiled screwdriver head in his mouth.

I was so ready for his fuck proper by then. He’d want my sucking I knew that, He had a rather enormous sized cock on him and It took some practice but I did it, and with a mouth full of primed cock

I was well away and to feel his firm balls in my cupped hands simultaneously was a real wonderful happening.

“Okay now Pete” Danny announced eagerly , “over the edge of the settee you fucker!”

Now came the dirty talk, a wonderful finale to our really gorgeous love- in. His warm pliable wonderful cock filled me with a thrill only Danny could achieve and it was a real privilege to feel his gorgeous fuck fill me up.

His fuck was always deep and prolonged, and after everything he’d been doing with my ass it was the perfect waterloo.

Then that so wonderful firm wank as he sucked me in his mouth until my cream came all over his face.

That memor6 of the past had become reality again and all was set with a great new future when I moved in with Danny.

Lots more times spent over the arm of the settee giving Danny the long and gorgeous thrill of my ass perched up for him, feeling those lovely prolonged feels, licks, and sucks and finally always the wonderful deep fucking making me bandy to walk, but always ready for the next time and seeing what next he would like to experiment with!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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