Darkest Dreams

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Chapter 1: The Search

I awoke one morning in an ecstasy of pleasure. One of those dreams that was so deep and vivid that the contrast of waking life seemed dull and unreal. My boxers were drenched and my straining cock twitched. I wouldn’t describe myself as sexually unhinged, but I had deep fantasies. Recently I’d been having these dreams and decided to act on them, lest I went insane. I found a website where I could post, locally, about myself and my desires in a discreet way, although so far I’d been unsuccessful. This latest dream was so intense it was still running through my mind, and my loins still throbbing. I decided to make a post relating to this, although without too much detail. I didn’t want to scare people off! I made the post and then got on with the day; perhaps this one would bring more success.

I’ve left out the details of the post so as not to spoil the story, but I did try to match it to my dream as best possible. Anyway after a few days of drudgery I did the routine email checks and found a lone reply. In a way it looked so pathetic, but it was the best I’d achieved so far, and I became excited. The reply was both vague and specific, and took me a few read-throughs to fully understand it. An older woman appeared to run a sort of ‘sex house’, in which many people were involved, and came and went as they wished, fulfilling each other in various ways.

This already sounded too much for me but I read on. She was apparently in excellent shape and had many people at her disposal; the house was pleasant and well equipped, and discretion was key and desired by all. I could tell it was a sort of stock response, but it was tailored for me at the end, double checking the experience I sought and what was expected of all the parties and so on. It seemed interesting, but somewhat beyond what I needed, so I waited for more replies.

Chapter 2: Captured

None came. I waited a good few days and in that time the dreams got darker and more intense. I needed the release and fast. I took the bait and replied to this woman, and she then emailed me with some more concrete details, which I will share as needed. She was aged fifty-two, and called Eve. Well Eve gave me the address of what she called the ‘West London Chamber’ and a check of what we expected of each other. Just reading through it made me tingle and brought me to attention. We organised a Friday afternoon to meet and I set forth with nothing on me but my keys and clothes.

It was a warm late-summer day and, upon reaching the ‘chamber’, was glad of the air conditioning, rare for an English private property. She greeted me and, was she right about being in shape. Big, pert, voluptuous breasts stretched out of a white top, and drew my eyes to the large nipples denting the fabric. The contours of her body took me to a thin waist and down shapely legs in tight exercise leggings, to remarkably attractive feet, with fresh blood red nail polish. I followed her in and was now treated to the large and juicy, heart shaped ass cheeks, which bounced and tensed alternately as she sauntered in. Her face and hair showed the real age, but it was immaterial at this point and I was already hardening.

The entrance was pretty standard, but the living room she led me to was luxurious and had peculiar green and blue lighting. The curtains were drawn and it smelt of incense. We seated on a large wine coloured sofa and talked over first the mundane, and then the sexual. She explained, somewhat lacking the details, the nature of the chamber, and where I fitted in. No one ever gave or paid anything, besides sexual favours, which is what everyone came for anyway. The property was deceptively large and I was led to a room which would be mine for the weekend. The room was nice and everything was very pleasant. Eve seemed sexually open minded, and just down right attractive and was very flirtatious with me. It was late, after I’d eaten and had the full tour, so I got to bed, very excited for what would start tomorrow.

I stirred, and felt very strange. It was completely black, and I felt an odd presence. I was so disorientated I felt drunk or like I was dreaming. The digital clock read ’03:20′. As my senses slowly returned I could hear murmuring, and creaking, and muffled sounds. It took me a while to remember where I was. I was tired and confused, and a smell of a different incense from before flitted to my nose. It smelt heavy and dangerous, and made my head swim. I was drifting off again. I heard a door creak. The same sounds were there, louder, but my head could make no sense of it.

Suddenly, silky hands were on me, as if gloved. Some merely draped across me and some were harder. The soft ones touched my belly, and neck and were making for my balls and penis, which I could not stop from twitching and beginning to ache. The harder hands were definitely grabbing at me and whilst I was enjoying a particularly smooth hand running up and down my growing erection, I could feel my body being contorted. It was bizarre; as the smoother hands become more sexual, the hard ones more forceful. I could feel my bahis siteleri balls being rolled and a mouth placed over my tip, when I suddenly realised the extent of the situation: my legs hand been put into a foetal-like position, and I had been turned on my side, with my arms behind me. ‘Click’, ‘click-clack’ and then a scraping sound, I felt something cold and horrible at my ankles, wrists, and I came to. I had been cuffed at the legs and hands, and upon attempting to move, I realised these must be joined in some way behind me, as I had very little ability to move!

I felt more awake and physically protested, but as if my mind had been read, the soft hands returned and touched me again. I could feel a finger running from my balls to my asshole and over that to the small of my back, and I shivered. Other fingers ran around and over my hard nipples and some were thrust, softly, in and out of my mouth and then before I knew it, some sort of gag was entered instead, and tied back hard! My scream resulted in a muffle and I could already feel the saliva teeming around the edges of what my tongue felt to be a ball shape.

Then I was lifted by all the hands into the air! I could, in the utter darkness feel wind drifting past me as the hands took me somewhere. I was helpless, and all the while fingers twisted here and rubbed there, now focusing mostly on my lips, ass, dick, and balls. I was in a sort of sexual fever which hid from me the reality of what was going on.

Finally, I felt an odd but strong pressure on my tied limbs, still bound and to each other, behind me. Very quickly, I felt something cold and wet meet my asshole. It felt horrible. But it also felt pleasurable and I started aching from deep inside. The thing proved to be quite soft and malleable, and was pushed against my hole! So unexpected was it, that I let out a ravaging moan and, so relaxed was I, the whole length slipped inside me in one go! Instantly I felt so very full and tightened the muscles inside me around the welcome invader. I felt a rush go to my head and I moaned (or muffled) aloud. It was quite thick and pushed hard from within. I felt light-headed and could feel my cock twitch. The object was long and it was far into me. It felt like the base had a peculiar shape, and latched to my hole in such a way that it couldn’t come out. And then the probing hands were gone. I was still gagged and could see nothing. I was floating in the air! I must be dreaming. I took it as such, and fell into an odd sleep, where there were only hands and darkness.

Chapter 3: Used

I awoke. Clearly I had not been dreaming as I looked around this new room from a peculiar angle. I’d never been in it, but it was styled much the same as the rest of the chamber. The curtains were pulled but light was sneaking in. I tried to move and realised I was still bound (and gagged). Though it was a difficult task, I managed to look upwards and realised the source of last night’s floating sensation. Where my hands and ankles were bound together behind me, a hook had been attached to a great chain hanging from the ceiling, which was obviously reinforced in some way. I remembered when Eve had the written the place was well equipped.

I then put my mind to what had actually happened, and became aware of my body as I awoke fully. The object was still in my ass (which I could not see) and at this point was not quite so pleasurable. I also noticed I was hard and I had dripped quite the puddle on the floor below me, as my prostate had been slowly milked all night long. And then an attractive young girl walked in. She was masked, but fully naked and had lovely bronze skin. Her pointed breasts swayed as she walked, and she approached me silently. She then removed from my behind, and showed me, a giant, lolloping, thick, black, and glistening dildo, which was hastily cleaned and taken away. She returned to mop the mess I had made and briefly wipe the offending organ clean. Then my gag was removed and water forced upon me. It was upon being re-gagged that I realised she had not come to save me, but to tend to me only. Perhaps she felt my fear for as her tight ass cheeks left me, the stopped and turned. She then only said: ‘Prepare. The white cocks are coming.’ Quickly my mind raced as to what this meant, but then I remembered the previous night, and I read her mind.

So she left and there I hung for a while; and then waited some more. It was beginning to get to me when I heard footsteps from where the masked girl had come before. The sounds came into my vision and I saw another woman, dressed all in black, equally attractive as the others but with every part of skin, including face obscured somehow. I began to stiffen because she had a very sensual figure, but then she reached down and put her mouth to my ear. In a very unusual voice I was told: ‘How dare you think of me like that. You don’t get pleasure. You don’t get to cum. You please us now. I’ll make sure you don’t cum.’ naturally I was internally shaken by this, but tried not to show anything outwardly. She stepped back, but I heard more footsteps. The steps halted behind canlı bahis siteleri me and the woman motioned. I felt warm hands on my sides, and then something warm and big on my ass. I now felt I’d been tied in such a way that my ass was always open. Slowly I felt this warm rod lightly beat my cheeks and slide around my ass crack before at once plunging into my accepting asshole and I let it all in. I looked back best I could and saw a tall, ripped, light skinned man grimacing with pleasure and slowly thrusting into me. His immense length seemed endless and I was treated to his exceptional girth as it massaged deep inside me. With each achingly slow thrust I could feel his shaped tip rub my tender little prostate and I moaned. Yes, I moaned and moaned, louder and more uncontrollably as this thick piece of meat gave me pleasures I had never felt. I was drooling from my gag and my rock hard erection was dribbling my pre-cum everywhere as I swung from my hook and chain in the hands of this muscled man.

I could feel my balls and insides aching closer and closer, as each time he filled me harder and more completely, and his panting grew to his own moans. He was going ever so fast now and his grip on my waist was astounding. He was pulling me onto his immense length with ferocity now and I was so unaware that another cock was introduced to my lips. It was another muscled white man and I could smell cock. The heady scent entered my nostrils and I thought I might pass out from the pleasure. Quickly my gag was removed, and replaced with this pulsating wonder, another long and wide thing for me to explore, this time with my mouth. I rolled my eyes back as I put my lips around the swollen tip and began to suck on this monster. This man also started to move his hips into me, and I accepted as much of his cock as I could. It tasted absolutely wonderful I could feel every quivering vein, every inch of his wonderful cock throbbing on my tongue and mouth. I relaxed my throat and let him even further in.

Just then, the first man grasped me and flung his length fully in and kept it there. Then I felt the warm, hot spurts as he lavished my internal walls with his thick seed. It felt so warm and lovely I just wanted him to stay there forever. He pulsated a little, and painfully slowly, released his cock from my ass, and then left. I was licking and sucking this other cock with such fervour that he was soon coming and I took all of him; indeed the end of his cock was in my very throat and I felt his sperm slip down. So warm and good, I remember feeling amazing. I was about to cum myself but then I was reminded by a spank to the ass from the woman that I was not to, and both men left with her. My pulsing cock was left alone, spilling forth pre-cum everywhere. I was on the very brink and slowly, against my will came down and I was worn out. My ass still tingled with satisfaction, and it craved big cock from that man again. I was left alone and helpless, high off the activities of the morning and slept most of the day.

But there was more in store for me that day. It must have been very late evening and I began to wake, although I had almost lost track of all time and space in that dark room, hanging and bound. I heard a door, and then a multitude of steps and shuffling. A gloomy light began to come through the room and I could make out dull shapes surrounding me. I was so groggy I did not understand, until they laid their hands on me. Big warm hands caressed me and I could hear them all panting. There seemed to be a commotion as there was some sort of contest, but then someone stepped in between my legs. I started salivating and I felt the thick warm pulsing of a fresh cock and it was, like before, beat upon my flesh. But then I felt more. Somewhere around me hips I could feel another warm piece of meat being wiped back and forth on me. Already pre-cum was dripping onto me from this cock, and then I felt another. It was in my hair and the back of my neck, this one especially hard. So over the next few minutes more and more cocks were introduced in the gloomy dark and just tapped and rubbed my naked flesh. To the current three dicks, one was placed in the crook of my knee, another under me on my nipple, one on my shoulder; and then the final one.

My gag was removed and the final cock placed under my nose and the scent rose straight to my brain and I was fully erect. As though a secret conductor had waved his baton, all the cocks started beating at my body hard and I could feel drips of cum flying everywhere all over me. And then the one hovering over my ass delved in and filled my passage with a thick sensation and pumped my little hole, hard. The front cock was forced down my throat and filled my mind with cock. I licked and slurped and sucked this wonderfully long and hard cock. I wanted cum from it so badly; I gave it everything I had, whilst it was thrusting itself.

The room now was a cacophony of moans and grunts as the other five cocks were humping my skin. I felt my ass-fucker blow his wonderfully hot load into me and a sort of switching of positions happened and another canlı bahis man entered his full length into my gaping asshole. This one was much wider and made me moan and he had his way with me, pulling my hair and spanking my ass. My ass had really pulled their attention. It was quite juicy for a man, and was a favourite place for them to bat and wipe their cocks on; no wonder they couldn’t wait to shoot their cum in it! This cycle of me being filled in the ass and sucking cocks went on for some time; a few chose to deliver their sperm into my ready throat and I swallowed all they had. When all seven had come, they re-gagged me and made their silent exit. I was raw everywhere and was unable to even think, let alone move. I could feel the large portion of semen dribbling out of my raw asshole and my belly full of it. On myself, I felt sticky and beaten from the way the cocks had used my very body. I had been their sex object and paid the price.

Chapter 4: Abused

As the morning came again I waited for the masked girl to tend to me. But she did not come. Semen was still dripping out of me and I’d made quite a mess myself from having my prostate rubbed all night. I waited in agony, hanging in this room. After eternity I heard steps. I’d lost all sense of what was real. The obscured woman appeared in front of me, and behind her kneeling, a large black gentleman on a leash. I could see his enormous cock. Flaccid it was longer than mine erect. Without a word she released him and disappeared. As I began a light struggle I saw him grow, very slowly. All the while he was prodding me and grabbing my ass. Twisting my nipples and sniffing me. And his cock was still growing; I thought it would never stop! And the thickness! It was easily like my arm, and I’m not skinny. After ten minutes of being checked like a piece of meat, his cock as big as his arm plunged into me.

My ass had been trained a little but I was not ready for this. The tip alone rubbed my ass like I’d never felt before. As he forced his glorious length in, I had trouble containing screams and indeed my orgasm; I was not allowed. The slippery black meat entered inch by inch and started to rub my prostate. I was being milked; luckily for me, I felt an especially large vein on his cock massaging the spot, and I was pouring so much pre-cum it was as if I was cumming anyway! The beast behind me grunted and shouted and shoved this great thing in all the way; I could feel it almost at my belly and I felt so full and content that I doubted I could ever feel any better. His hands grasped at me and I could feel each throb in me like I was being physically shaken and each thrust slipped through me like it was going into my very soul and everything vanished and all there was, was the cock in my ass, bigger than me it felt, and still my pleasure wound up and up until I felt his cum shoot out, warm and wet it filled me and even though he filled me so far in, it was forced down the sides and came bubbling out of my asshole. He was thrust so deep in that I passed out from the pleasure; I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

I don’t remember too much of the next part of my experience, but I know that in total, eleven of these black beasts were shown to me and allowed to ravage me. Some came in my mouth, others inside me and I was never cleaned or let down. By the end of the day I was a living cum bucket and absolutely and utterly spent. I sucked them off to the best of my ability but I was still not given a chance to come. Eve would often return with a whip and assure me of that! These cocks pushed my ass and pleasure boundaries to the living limit and my poor pulsing prostate could do nothing. I hung there like a piece of meat, dripped in sweat and cum, raw and bruised and stretched and broken. And I could not come.

Chapter 5: Release

I was left for some time and started to come back to the real world. The masked girl showed up and removed a plug that had been left in my ass, and cleared away the torrent of cum that followed it. She wiped me clean, ungagged me (permanently) and massaged my aching body. She told me I’d be released soon. So it was over.

After some more hanging, the sensual woman in black appeared; a sight for sore eyes, I began to grow, and she then threw off a shoal a revealed herself to be Eve! I guess I should have known but I was so out of sorts. I felt a little hurt but then remembered how exciting and pleasurable the experience had really been. She was so attractive.

Then completely out of nowhere, she bent down and engulfed my throbbing shaft into her wet and warm mouth. There is no way to describe how nice that felt and the devotion with which she sucked me off. Then the young masked girl put a big dildo in my ass and thrust that in and out for me. My prostate was at the absolute edge and feeling this big thing slide all over it, whilst being sucked off by this goddess was too much, and I blew my massive load into her throat. It had been built up so long that it took about thirty spurts to fully empty my balls and the cum dripped from Eve’s lips onto her breasts and legs and still she sucked and licked and moaned, as did I, from the best release I’ve ever felt, and still the relentless dildo-ing of my ass continued and my (much bigger) hole still craved the cock that I’d been given all weekend.

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