Date Day Ch. 01: The Mall

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Double Penetration

It was a Saturday morning like any other, waking up laying spooned up to my wife with my arm around her and my hand cupping one of her near perfect C cupped breasts and my morning wood nestled in between her plump but firm ass cheeks.

As I lay there gently caressing one of her super sensitive nipples and feeling it harden under my finger tips I began to think of how I could make this ordinary day one that she would never forget.

With a plan firmly planted in my mind I brushed the hair off the back of her neck and started to plant light kisses on her neck working my way to her ear all while continuing to squeeze her breasts and pull on her nipples.

She started lightly moaning and rubbing her ass back into me as she slowly woke up. Soon enough she was wide awake and looked back at me over her shoulder and said “Make love to me.”

I just grinned and kissed her lips running my tongue into her mouth finding hers coming out for mine, as I was doing this I slowly ran my hand down across her stomach to the top of her mound. I slowly ran my hand farther down to the inside of her thigh and barely brushed against her lips causing her to shudder. I kept this up just touching her ever so lightly but never where she really needed it causing her to let out more frustrated moans.

I could feel her wetness growing and when I thought she had been teased enough I parted her delicate lips and ran my finger up the whole length ending with a light pinch on her rock hard clit which elicited a deep moan from her.

I ran my finger back down to the entrance of her leaking hole and rubbed my finger tip all around it but never entering her. At this point she started begging me to please put something in her, I happily obliged slipping my finger in to the second knuckle feeling the furnace like heat that was building inside her. I slowly finger fucked her for another minute before I slid it out and up to circle her clit.

Her breathing started to pick up as I kept the tip of my finger ümraniye escort moving faster and faster over her little nub of love, her hips were moving up and down on their own looking for more stimulation as she neared orgasm. Just before she could cum I removed my finger, kissed her on the forehead and said “Come on lover lets go to the mall.”

With that I got out of bed and told her “Go take a shower and I will set out the clothes you will wear, and no using the shower head to relieve yourself.”

She just stared at me blubbering “But I was so close.”

I just looked at her and said “Don’t worry I will make it up to you later. With a pout on her lovely face she got out of bed and headed into the shower giving a little look to the substantial wet spot that had started to form on the bed.

When she got out of the shower, still obviously frustrated that I had not let her cum yet, I had her cloths laid out for her. I had chosen a white half cup bra that held up her gorgeous tits perfectly while leaving her nipples just above the top of the cup, a semi transparent white blouse, white garter belt and stockings and a black and white plaid skirt that came to mid thigh on her.

When she saw this she said “You forgot the panties.”

To which I replied “No I didn’t forget about them, I decided you didn’t need any until later today.”

With that she commenced to fix her hair and makeup and get dressed. When she was done she came out of the bedroom and told me “I feel almost naked, everyone will be able to see my boobs through this shirt and if I sit down or bend over they will see everything.”

“Good” I said “your ready.”

After a bit of protest and a short drive we arrived at the mall and parked. “Where would you like to go first?” I asked.

She replied with “Home, I feel naked.”

I got out of the car and walked around and opened her door taking her hand and replied “Good, I get to choose.”

We made our way in and went upstairs where pendik escort I led her to the middle where you could look down on the people below, or they could look up through the glass railing. As we stood there people watching and trying to have small talk I noticed that her legs were tight together.

“Relax” I said “spread your legs a little, the chances of anyone actually looking up and seeing your naked pussy is minimal.”

With that she blushed a little but did relax and stand more natural. As we continued talking I put my hand on her low back and started gently massaging and I noticed her legs had gotten even a little wider.

I glanced over at her and said “It looks like you have gained a couple of fans down below us.”

She looked at me with a flush look on her face and said “I know, I wonder if they can see how wet I am getting.”

I smiled as I said “I don’t know about that but I know Ray Charles could see how hard your nipples are.”

I took her hand and we walked through a couple of her favorite stores looking at different outfits letting her calm down a bit and forget about what she was wearing.

After a couple hours we ended up at the food court and got some food and went to look for a place to sit. When we came upon the high standing tables with stools I knew we had found our spot. She did not even hesitate to sit down facing the lower sitting tables and even made sure that her skirt rode up until the tops of her stockings were exposed.

As we sat and ate it didn’t take long for people to notice, and stare. Her nipples were so hard they could cut glass and there was no way she could hide them. There was one guy that walked by and “accidently” dropped the cup of off his tray. As he bent down to pick it up he had a perfect view of her glistening smooth pussy with just a neat little triangle above it. I was sure he could smell her arousal as could I.

When he stood up he had an obvious erection, I looked at him and smiled as I bostancı escort said “Nice view isn’t it.”

He blushed as he ran away trying to hide the tent in his pants.

As we got up to leave you could see disappointment on a lot of the men’s faces and relief on the women’s.

When we dumped our trash I looked at her and said “I think you need a new pair of shoes.”

As we walked into the shoe store we were greeted by a guy in his mid 20’s that obviously worked out asking if there was anything he could help us with. I let him know that we were looking for some heels that would go with her outfit and gave him her size and told him to get several pairs to try.

He came back with a stack of boxes and asked her to sit down. He got the first shoe on and as he went to look up he could not help but see what was staring him in the face barely 2 feet away.

After just a second he caught his composure and asked “How’s that feel” as he continued to look up only to see me kissing her neck and cupping her tits in my hand.

I replied “It feels like heaven, just keep putting different shoes on her and she will let you know which one she likes.”

She was openly moaning as I continued to kiss her and caress her tits.

The shoe guy didn’t even try to hide his looking up her skirt or his growing erection as he went through shoe after shoe taking plenty of time keeping his hands on her lower legs but still working ever higher. By the time he had enough courage to get his hands up to her knees she was just about to cum from it all.

At this point I said “She will take this pair” and abruptly stopped everything.

He quickly removed his hands and stammered “Ok.”

She looked at me with disbelief that I had let her get this close to orgasm and not let her cum. As she stood up I realized it was a good thing her skirt had not been under her when she sat down as the bench was soaked.

We went to pay and told him “Thank you.”

He said “No, thank you, I gave you my employee discount plus 10 percent.”

“Well thank you very much for that” I said as I firmly grabbed her ass.

As we walked out of the store I looked at her and said “I think its time we go home and get ready for dinner my love.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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