Daughter’s Best Friend and Her Mum Too Ch. 02

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Please read Part 1 for a background to how this story was set up. Thanks for reading…



Little Sister cums home.

Millie awoke to loud voices and screaming from her mom’s bedroom and had gone to investigate.

She realised as she approached that what she was hearing was the sounds of sex.

As she looked around the door she was shocked to see her very conservative mother lying naked on the bed with her legs impossibly wide open.

In between her mom’s legs was her skinny naked sister with half her arm in her moms cunt while one of Alannah’s friends dad was fucking Alannah like a maniac with what looked like the biggest cock she had ever seen.

She had retreated to her room, confused, fantastically turned on, frightened to get involved.

She put her hand in her panties and found that she was very wet, so she pulled off her panties and fingered herself to orgasm before falling asleep.

A week had passed since Adrian’s late night visit to Barbara’s house.

He was still shocked that he had fucked his daughters best friend (a long held stroke fantasy come true!), and her mom!

He had heard nothing from them and had passed Barbara in town, she was dressed in her usual very conservative baggy clothes, covering her stunning figure. He got an instant erection when he saw her.

In the girl’s house, the atmosphere had become very tense. Millie had become very quiet and didn’t seem to want to talk to her mom or sister and Alannah just wanted to talk about fucking all the time.

On Saturday morning Millie went out with friends so Barbara decided to sit down with Alannah to clear the air.

“So, let’s talk about what happened last weekend shall we?” she asked.

“OK,” Alannah tentatively replied.

“Look sweetheart, it was a huge mistake and we need to put it behind us and move on,” Barbara said as she reached for Alannah’s hand.

“I don’t agree mom, I had the best fuck of my life and experienced the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had… I want more, I really mean it. When I told Adrian he could fuck me any time any place I meant it.”

Barbara thought about this for a moment, as she thought back to last weekend she could picture Adrian holding on to Alannah’s skinny hips as he fucked her to orgasm.

She realised that she was getting damp between her legs and looked up to see Alannah scrolling through the pictures on her phone that she had taken of Adrian fucking her daughter doggie style.

Alannah pushed her hand into her panties.

“Christ Alannah, you can’t do that in front of me.”

“Why not?” Alannah asked as she moved closer to her mom and ran her other hand up her thigh.

“Don’t do that.” Barbara said.

“As I said, I don’t see why not,” Alannah replied as her hand met her mother’s damp panties.

“Christ mom, you’re just as fucking horny as I am!”

“Stop it,” Barbara tried to push Alannah’s hand away, but Alannah slid her fingers into her panties and played with her pussy lips.

Barbara let out a low moan, “We can’t do this,” she whispered giving into her body and spreading her legs “this was supposed to be a woman to woman Niğde Escort talk.”

“Well, I think it’s definitely going to be woman to woman mom!” Alannah smiled as she pushed three fingers into her mom’s now very wet cunt.

Barbara couldn’t believe what was happening, last week she had sucked a cock for the first time in 15 years, been fisted by her 20 year old daughter AND had licked cum off her daughters face.

Alannah leaned forward and kissed her mother.

Not a child’s kiss, but the kiss of lovers pleasuring each other.

Barbara broke the kiss and breathed “I’m going to cum baby” as she bucked her hips wildly as her orgasm tore through her.

Alannah withdrew her hand and sat licking her mother’s juice from her hand.

“You taste fantastic mom, I think we should have these woman to woman talks more often!”

She then leaned back, pushed her skirt and panties off and spread her legs wide.

She ran her left hand down her tummy over her bald cunt and slipped two fingers into herself.

“I need that cock again mom; I mean I really need someone to fuck me hard like last week.”

Barbara couldn’t believe what she was seeing; she stood and picked up her phone, again opening the camera.

“I’m going to make a video, baby,” she said in a husky voice, “tell the camera what you want.”

Alannah gasped, she started to plunge her fingers in and out of her wet hole.

She looked straight at the camera and said “Adrian, I need you to get over here and fuck me, and I mean FUCK ME HARD… in every hole… but in the mean time I’m gonna finger myself until you get here.”

“Christ Alannah, are you sure that’s what you want?” asked Barbara.

“Well actually mom, what I need right now is for you to get down here and do this for me, I mean I want you to finger and lick me till I cum,” Alannah purred.

Barbara couldn’t believe what she was hearing, but at the same time she could feel herself leaking down her thigh.

She put the camera down and knelt between her daughter’s legs…

“I haven’t done this since I was a teenager,” she muttered as she leaned forward and licked Alannah from just above her ass hole, all the way to her clit. She’d forgotten how sweet licking a pussy could be.

As she reached the clit she took it into her mouth and rasped her tongue over it, at the same time she pushed two fingers into Alannah’s cunt, ramming in and out as quickly as she could.

Alannah screamed “Christ mom, I’m Cumming!” and bucked wildly up and down off the sofa. A few moments later she fell back, completely spent.

Millie had finished her shopping trip with her friends early and decided to just head home. She opened the front door and heard voices from the lounge.

After last weekend’s revelations she was in no mood to talk to her mother or sister.

So, here she stood in the hall, listening to her mom and sister talking.

She peeked her head around the door to see her mom filming Alannah fingering herself on the sofa. Alannah looked at the camera and said “Adrian, I need you to get over here and fuck me, and I mean FUCK ME HARD… in every hole… but in the mean Niğde Escort Bayan time I’m gonna finger myself until you get here.”

She pulled back from the doorway, her heart beating like a hammer. Oh my god, she thought, what the hell is going on?

She realised she was breathing hard and that her nipples were stiffening. There was tingling in her tummy and the heat was rising in her panties.

She leaned back around the doorway again to see her mother descend between Alannah’s legs and start to eat her cunt. She ducked back again, but this time she pushed her hand into panties to stimulate her clit.

She heard Alannah scream “Christ mom, I’m Cumming!” and quickly pulled her hand out.

Barbara stood and said, “That’s definitely one for the scrapbook!” she laughed.

“What are you going to do with that video?” Alannah asked.

“I have every intention sending it to Adrian,” she answered…

“Do it,” Alannah instructed with a smile.

Millie heard her mom saying she was sending the video to Adrian and decided it was time to “come home”.

She opened the front door and slammed it shut.

“Hi” she shouted “I’m home” and she walked into the lounge.

Barbara didn’t know what to do. Alannah was laying back on the sofa, legs still wide open showing her red bald wet used cunt, while she was standing in the middle of the room with Alannah’s cum all over her face.

There was silence in the room, broken by Alannah’s tinny voice coming out of Barbara’s phone saying “Adrian, I need you to get over here and fuck me, and I mean FUCK ME HARD.”

There was a long pause while they all took in the view.

Barbara was terrified of what might happen next.

Alannah looked at her sister, seeing her in a new light.

Millie put down her bags. “What the hell are you two doing?” she asked.

“It’s complicated dear,” her mother answered.

“No it’s not,” Alannah interrupted, “We’ve discovered a new mother/daughter relationship and to be honest, so should you.”

Alannah got up, naked from the waist down and walked over to her sister.

Standing right in front of her she reached up and cupped her breast.

“Nice,” she said as she tweaked her sisters’ hard nipple.

“How much do you know?” she asked.

“I saw that man fucking you last week,” Millie admitted, “And I saw you fisting mom,” she added.

Barbara blushed deeply.

“And I just watched mom fingering you and licking your pussy.” she finished.

Barbara was horrified. “Oh baby, I’m so sorry” she cooed as she came forward to give Millie a hug.

As she did, Alannah put her hand over Milies pussy.

“Mom, don’t panic, she’s as turned on as we are,” she said, “her cunts on fire.”

Millie blushed deeply and felt a new rush of moisture flood her panties.

“Come and sit down,” Alannah said, leading Millie to the sofa.

As Millie sat down Alannah pushed her skirt up to reveal her wet panties.

“Told you mom, she’s as fucked up as we are,” Millie glowed red with embarrassment.

“Fuck off Alannah, at least I’m not fucking my friend’s dad,” she answered.

“No, Escort Niğde but you will be” Alannah responded.

Alannah moved her hand over Millie’s panties and started to rub.

Millie’s legs parted and she leaned back on the sofa.

“Oh Christ” she muttered, “I’ve been dreaming about this for months…”

Alannah thumbed Millie’s panties and pulled them off.

Much the same as her sister Millie was shaved bald.

Barbara felt herself moistening again at the sight of her two beautiful daughters being so intimate with each other; she couldn’t believe how horny looking at a shaved pussy was making her.

She watched as Alannah slipped a finger into her sister.

“When did you start to shave your pussy?” Alannah asked.

“A couple of weeks after you did,” Millie purred as Alannah slipped another finger in.

“What did you mean you’ve been waiting for this for month’s?” Alannah asked as she slowly fingered her sister.

“I started fooling around with my friends and some boys,” she breathed, “and when I watched you shaving your pussy I had a massive orgasm.”

“So, a couple of weeks later I shaved myself while you and mom were out,” she continued, starting to buck under Alannah’s fingers.

“Since then I think about sex all the time and I love watching you doing yourself in the bathroom,” she panted, “I’ve been fantasising about just barging in and doing it for you…”

“Please don’t put any more fingers in Alannah, I really want to fuck Adrian and if I’m going to take that big cock I want to be tight for it,” she asked, laying back fully and widening her legs further.

Barbara gently pulled Alannah out of the way and slipped between Millie’s spreadeagled legs and began to suck and finger her youngest daughter.

“OMG. I’m cumming,” screamed Millie bucking against her mom’s face.

Alannah stood back and started to laugh, her mom came up for air and joined her and within seconds they were all laughing very hard.

“So, are we lesbians or just sluts?” Alannah asked.

“I don’t think I’m either,” Barbara responded, thinking to herself that she had stopped herself from having any sexual relationships for years.

“I think I might be a slut,” Millie whispered.

“Why?” asked Alannah.

“Well, I’ve eaten pussy, had my pussy eaten by both boys and girls, sucked a cock and been fingered in my ass whilst it was happening.”

She looked at her mom and sister before continuing, “I haven’t fucked a boy yet though, but after watching you for months masturbating in the bathroom and fingering myself frantically to cum at the same time as you, I’m ready,” she trailed off not knowing what the reaction would be.

Barbara looked shocked, but Alannah smiled “Don’t panic Millie; I’m pretty sure I’m a slut too. For the last few months I just can’t stop thinking about cocks pussies and fucking, and when I realised that Jane’s dad was coming here to fuck mom, I almost orgasmed on the spot”.

“Alannah, how can you think so little of me to think that I’d let him do that on a first date!” Barbara cried as they all started laughing again.

“Well, some things are for sure,” Alannah announced picking up her panties, “I want to fuck my best friends dad again, and I want to watch my mom suck his cock until he cums all over her face again, but most importantly of all, I want to watch while he takes my little sisters virginity.”

To be continued…

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