Dave’s Awakening Ch. 03

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Dave and Paul drifted in out of a gentle slumber as the soft summer breeze played across their naked bodies. Dave finally awakened completely and thought about what had happened to him in the last two hours. It was an unbelievable journey, one he never dreamed he would make but here was, having just cum in a man’s mouth and also sucked that man off until he filled Dave’s mouth. As he lay there suddenly he felt Paul’s index finger circling his nipple.

He looked at the older man, smiled, and said, “Thank you. I never knew sex with a man could be so fulfilling, so uhhh satisfying.”

Paul smiled and said, “I’m glad I was your first.” The two men lay their chatting when Paul got up, left the room, and came back with two glasses of wine. They sipped the wind and continued chatting much the same way any two old friends would do except for the fact that they were naked, in bed together, and had just cum in each other’s mouths.

Finally, Paul steered the conversation back to sex and as the two men talked both men began to become aroused. Their wine done Paul leaned in and kissed Dave. As their tongues danced in each other’s mouths their arms went around each other and their legs were intertwined. They kissed, fondled, and made out like a couple of teen-agers. The more they kissed the more they caressed the harder their erections became.

Dave was fully enjoying himself. It had been a long time since he had had such an intense sexual experience. He thought about sex with his wife and how routine it had become. It gaziantep escort was kiss, suck, fuck, and get back to T.V. But with Paul it was different.

They were kissing and stroking each other’s cocks now and both men were moaning into each other’s mouths. Dave was getting ready to start to kiss his way down Paul’s body when the older man pushed Dave gently on his back. Dave thought, I don’t mind cuming again first as Paul licked and kissed Dave’s nipples.

There seemed to be almost a direct electrical current between Dave’s nipples and his cock. With each lick, with each stroke Dave became more and more aroused. His whole body was alive and sensitive to each lick and touch.

Dave was caressing Paul’s back as he felt Paul’s hand leave his cock and gently massage his balls. That felt so good and so relaxing. Dave was not feeling guilty at receiving all the pleasure as he knew Paul would get his turn.

Paul’s hand dropped and his finger tips were gently tickling behind Dave’s balls. Dave moaned louder at the next contact and Paul kept it up. Dave loved the feeling and gently pulled his right leg up and Paul’s hand dropped even farther with his fingertip now running around Dave’s anus. Dave gasped at the feel. He was sensitive down there, sensitive in a good way.

Dave had often hoped his wife would do that to his anus but she never did and he was never able to muster up the courage to tell her how much he would like her to caress his anus. Paul circled and circled the virgin anus and Dave spread his legs even farther apart.

As Paul ran his finger around and around Dave’s anus, Paul kissed him once again. Then he broke the kiss, After a few moment Dave opened his eyes and looked up at Paul. “Something wrong?” asked Dave

Paul was silent for a moment and then said, “No. I was just wondering if you would be interested in me taking your cherry?”

Dave looked at Paul for a moment and said, “You mean, uhh fuck my, uhhhh” “Ass?” finished Paul. Yes that’s what I meant. “You seem to be enjoying my fingering so I wondered if you’d like my cock in your ass.”

Dave looked at Paul and said, “I think I would like that very much. But please be gentle.”

As Paul rolled over to the nightstand he replied, “I’m all about being gentle.”

Paul rolled back over with tube of KY. He knelt between Dave’s legs and said, “OK, lift and spread.”

Dave raised his knees up to his chest and felt the cool dollop of KY on his anus. Paul worked and then gently slid a finger in. Dave gasped.

“You OK? Asked Paul.

“Very OK,” replied Dave.

Then Dave watched Paul apply a coat of the KY to his cock. Paul moved closer and took the head of his cock and gently pressed it up to Dave’s anus. Dave felt the head and he tried to relax.

“I am going to push very gently. What I want you to do is push out with your anus as I push in. Then let your breath out.”

As Paul pushed, Dave pushed back. Slowly he felt his anus being spread by the rounded invader. Gently, slowly, inch by inch Paul entered Dave. Half way in Paul said, “You’re doing fine.”

Dave smiled and said, “It feels nice.” Paul began again until in a short time he was all the way in.

“My god,” that feels good said, Dave.

Paul smiled and gently pulled out and then pushed back in. Then in and gently back out. Dave loved the feel and soon he was working right along with Paul. The two men had a nice steady rhythm going when Dave reached down and began to masturbate his cock. Paul only smiled and encouraged him to jack off as he fucked him.

Dave had never felt so good. It was something he dreamed of but believed he would never experience. Both men were moving faster now, both breathing hard and deep, and both men moving closer and closer to orgasm.

Dave’s hand was moving faster and faster as were his hips. He was getting so close and then he heard Paul moan and felt Paul’s cock expand and then he felt the first hot eruption. As Paul filled Dave’s ass, Dave felt his orgasm begin. He looked down to see a drop of cum appear at the eye of his cock and in a moment a jet squirted through the air and landed in the middle of his chest. He began to buck and heave as he emptied out onto his chest and stomach.

As he came he felt Paul’s cock expand and contract in his ass. It felt so good and made his own orgasm that much more intense. Finally the last few drops dribbled out of their cocks. Paul withdrew and flopped down next to Dave. Dave lay their exhausted and satisfied. No words were spoken, none needed to be spoken. As Dave lay there he only hoped that he would be able to spend more time with Paul in the future.

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