Dave’s Surprise Ch. 04

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5:00 AM Saturday morning I awoke as usual horny as ever. Seems even with all the extra activity I’ve enjoyed lately and the great sex Marie and I share I still love to start the day with a hot stroke session. Usually a story or 2 at Literotica and some mm porn online will do it. My favorite stories are always similar to what I write. My favorite porn sites feature regular guys in various combinations or mmf bi-sexual themes. Although I still love sex with women straight porn does nothing for me. After a particularly pleasing stroke session I showered, had breakfast and checked my financials online.

I was dreading going to work but Adam never comes in on Saturday and if he got most of the reports complete I could be finished in an hour or two and hopefully make peace with Marie. She usually sleeps in on the weekends and perhaps she won’t be too upset about last night.

When I arrived at the office at 8:00 or so Adam’s S600 Benz was the only car in the parking lot and the office interior lights were on. Our offices are on the 11th floor and very spacious and decorated perfectly. My office door was open and my computer was still running. When the screensaver closed I had a Word doc on my desktop from Marie from when she was here last night. Without going into detail she was extremely disappointed in my “choice” last night and even though she knew I tried to call her I could have taken the time to show up in person and surprise her rather than “fucking around” with my friends.

She did not appreciate Adam lying for me and felt like a fool bringing my dinner to me only to discover I was not even there. When I checked my e-mail there were the usual junk ones to delete and one with attachments forwarded from Rachel to Marie to me that someone had already viewed and then re-marked as unread. Had to be Adam. This was not good! Adam did not leave my reports on my desk so he must still have them.

I walked down the hall to Adam’s office and his door was ajar. I knocked and when he did not answer I took the liberty of letting myself in. His restroom door was closed and I could hear his shower running, I walked to his desk and was stunned! He has 3 large flat screen monitors and all were still on. The first screen had various nude babes that very much-resembled Marie; the middle had Dave’s Surprise Ch. 2! The larger screen on the right had at least 8 open windows all displaying gay porn! On the desk next to the keyboard was a bottle of lube and I could see a penis shaped toy in the partially open bottom drawer that he always keeps locked.

Adam is a decent looking man with a wonderful family and seemingly as straight as you can imagine. I have met his wife on many occasions while she is cordial Ankara escort and polite she seems so snobbish I really don’t care to be around her. His kids are great and they live in an exclusive gated neighborhood and they seem to want for nothing.

My reports were on his desk but I chose to retreat back to my office and pretend I did not see what I just saw! As I was exiting his office I heard him turn the shower off and knew he would be in my office shortly. When I sat down at my desk I decided to check my e-mail forwarded to me from Marie. The text did not say much but the pictures shouted for themselves! There were at least a dozen taken by Rachel last night at Dave’s. Most the faces were obscured except for mine!

She included some close up video of me obviously giving Dave’s swollen slippery cock a hell of a blowjob while I vigorously stroked him! She also focused a close up shot of the initial ring I wear on my left pinkie finger. Rachel left no details to question or shadow of a doubt, even included a couple shots of Kevin’s huge cock fucking my willing ass! I was not aware she took so many pictures last night! I must have been so preoccupied I was oblivious to it. And of course all the pictures and videos were date and time stamped.

I could not understand what possible motivation Rachel had to do this, and could not believe Marie was so careless she actually sent it to my office computer that could possibly be accessed by anyone. Then it hit me! I recalled Rachel wants Marie to be more than just a “good” friend and while Rachel seems bi-sexual truth be known she is probably more into babes than guys. Marie told me Rachel never misses a chance to take a shot at me when I’m not around but when I’m present she acts like we are the dearest of friends. Perhaps pictures added to the circumstances from the prior evening would be enough to drive Marie from me into the arms and bed of Rachel.

I was so lost in my thoughts and all the images on the screen I did not hear Adam enter my office. I looked to my right and he was standing inches from me…looking at all the evidence! Adam is about 6’6″ so with me seated and he standing his crotch was inches from my face. He was wearing a t-shirt and loose shorts and I could make out the outline of his cock beneath the thin fabric. I must have stared at it a minute before I caught myself. It looked as though he was not wearing underwear and his cock seemed to hang halfway down his thigh. Before I turned away I noticed a drop of pre-cum soaking through. I was so tempted to pull that awesome cock into my mouth!

I looked up and he tossed the reports on my desk, smiled and walked out. My mind was going in a hundred different directions! It was Ankara escort bayan now almost 10:00 and I had not even started my work. I made some coffee and composed myself still distracted about the last 24 hours. I finished my reports and signed off to legitimize the documents. Fed Ex picked them up and I was finished (or so I thought) for the day.

I called Marie and again it went straight to voice mail. I left her a text message with an apology and told her I was coming over.

A minute later she text me back and said, “I’d rather you did not. I need some time alone.”

As I was leaving Adam called me to his office, damn! I so wanted to get out of there and do something other than work and worry. His door was open and he was seated behind his desk.

Adam said, “Welcome Neal, have a seat.”

He smiled and handed me a drink, I know I looked puzzled but it was barely past 10:00 AM last thing I needed was a Bloody Mary. Oh well perhaps it would relax me. He turned on the huge HD TV on the wall and on the screen there it was; time stamp 8:03 AM today, surveillance camera with a panoramic view of his office, me at his desk, a crystal clear view of all 3 desk monitors and me just standing there staring at them.

Adam said, “Now we both know who wrote Dave’s Surprise Neal, you did. To be honest I liked all three and I know who is who (I changed some of the names but evidently not enough of them!). I would like to think you can keep a secret and I want you to demonstrate your loyalty and trust to me.”

I did not know what to do or say. I glanced at Adam on noticed his left arm was moving ever so slightly. He motioned me over, he moved his chair away from his desk and I could see that huge cock in his hand. I couldn’t help but stare at it!

Adam said, “Take another drink and I may let you do what I know you are dying to do.”

I finished my drink in 2 gulps!

Adam said, “Here is the arrangement: I love to have my cock sucked, I am not gay BUT watching you do Dave made me think why not let you service me? My wife and I have no sex life and I still have needs. I have no desire to suck you however you may suck me whenever I wish. You are not the first man to have this arrangement with me and may not be the last.”

The entire time he spoke his left hand was on his cock. He got up, locked the door and immediately brought his magnificent cock to my hot lips. Lately I have sucked a few cocks, just the guys in my group but none the size of this. He was almost uncircumcised and his foreskin covered half of the head. His pre-com flowed onto my tongue and I loved the taste of it. He stopped me and lay on his back. I knelt between his legs and resumed. The head Escort Ankara was so large I could barely wrap my lips around it; I could feel the pulsing veins on the shaft brushing my lips and tongue with every stroke. I wondered if I could deep throat him, he was moaning loudly and the head was deep in my mouth.

I looked up at the HD TV and saw us on the monitor and wondered if this was such a great idea, probably not! Adam was watching and recording me sucking him and that worried me. His cock swelled even more and I could tell he was very close, I was holding his balls and deeply sucking him hard when he came, and thanks to my experience with Kevin I had no trouble swallowing all of his super hot seed! When he finished it occurred to me my lips were all the way down at the base of his cock and I must have had it 3 or 4 inches into my throat! He extracted that long meat from my mouth and brushed it across my face to “clean” it. I looked at the clock and realized I had been at if for almost 30 minutes.

When Adam got up and walked to the restroom, his cock looked at least 11″ long, swaying back and forth while he walked. The fact I had swallowed that monster all the way and the entire scenario seemed un-real.

Adam looked back at me and said, “Thanks, and by the way I may have a friend or two I may refer to you. Have a nice weekend you can let your self out.”

He closed the door behind him and I stood up and composed myself. I was so exhausted and now all I wanted was to turn back the clock 24 hours ago and make different choices!

I left the office and all I could think about was Marie. Just then my phone rang.

Marie said, “If you are thinking of stopping by please don’t. I mean it Neal!”

She then hung up so I drove by anyway and since Marie’s car was gone I drove by Dave’s intending to find out why he can’t stand Adam. Rachel’s car was there and I had no desire to run into that little bitch!

I reflected on my encounter with Adam and realized how different he seemed after I “serviced” him and what he said about “a friend or two.” I really had a possible mess now all things considered. It also occurred to me Dave most likely had been one of Adam’s willing “cocksuckers” (for lack of a more appropriate word) and was too discrete or embarrassed to confide in me about it. I had no desire to meet any of Adam’s friends and it was foolish of me to jeopardize my career by what happened today. I didn’t think I had a choice in light of the circumstances but admittedly I was also a willing participant.

In retrospect I had considered stopping the “extra curricular activities” and had I done so things would not be so screwed up now! Not only was Marie hurt and upset but I may also have compromised my career by writing about it and by Adam discovering Dave’s Surprise’s on Literotica. What if some other “curious” acquaintance I know stumbles on it and puts 2 and 2 together?

…To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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