Day 01: Mike

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I got to class on time that day. I usually show up a little late, but Nicole Downy’s cheerleading practice was right before class, so if I show up on time, I get to have a nice little show when she enters the room. Nicole has always been a crush of mine, but on this day she must have skipped the locker room, because she was wearing her two piece cheerleading uniform consisting of a barely existent mini skirt and a top that was practically a bra with buttons. And good god, two of those buttons were undone exposing her giant sweaty cleavage to my blessed eyes.

In the back of my mind, I was a little saddened by such a sexual display. I’m not a jock by any stretch, and I have trouble even talking to girls. I’m not ugly per-say, but I don’t rake in girls by the dozens either. Because I usually mess it up, I’ve never spoken to Nicole before. So, while her bursting top and wavy skirt were a sight for sore eyes, I also felt the tinges of being so very alone when I looked at her. Don’t get me wrong. I still looked. Of course I still looked. I’m 19 years old and I hadn’t had sex in 6 months by this time.

I spent so long looking at Nicole even after she sat down that I didn’t notice my sister come in and sit down next to me until she hit me to get my attention.


“Dad said to give this to you.” she said, pushing a laptop toward me on my desk. I was happy that dad was giving me his old laptop because I’m a bit of a computer guy, but I was a little preoccupied at the moment, so I stuttered back a half-apology and continued watching Nicole. Time must have moved on without my knowledge because soon enough it was time to leave. I stayed seated for a minute to watch Nicole trot out of the room and then headed to my car.

The ride home was uneventful, so I spent it thinking about what to do with my dad’s computer. He had told me the screen wouldn’t turn on, so there was probably just a power issue or a broken connection. I figured I could just take out the RAM, hard-drive, and the disk drive and trash the rest. Laptops don’t have a lot of reusable components in them due to being so miniaturized. But I could at least be a little helpful and pull my dad’s personal files off of it so he didn’t lose all his stuff. He would probably want all the vacation photos and music, so I would just shove them onto a flashdrive for him later.

Arriving home, I didn’t see my mom in any of the windows, so I decided to check out back before going in. Sure enough, she was there in a lounge chair by the pool. She was tanning, like always. She looked to be sleeping, so I headed inside to my room, being a little quieter than usual. I didn’t want her to wake up, partly because she was trying to take a nap, and partly because she looked sexy in her tiny bathing suit. On either side of her bikini top, the swells of her breasts were exposed, giving my shorts a nice tent as I ran up the stairs.

I sat down at my desk, looking out the window to see my mother still tanning. She looked scrumptious. I took a moment to unscrew the hard-drive and plug it into my computer before returning to my show out the window. All of a sudden, she moved her hands Niğde Escort up to top and undid the knots, revealing her large breasts. My excitement was increasing, as evidenced by the tent’s extension another few inches. I imagined how it would feel to rub my hand down her chest, cupping those huge mounds, pinching her nipples. Then I realized I was being a bit of a pervert. I mean, my mom has got to be 40 years old. She’s not interested in this kind of thing anymore, I thought.

A noise came from my computer that broke my concentration. The hard-drive was opened. Sweet, I just gained a couple hundred gigabytes of storage, I thought. I was going through a few folders to gather my dad’s personal files when I ran into an archive that looked to be massive. It was at least a few gigs. It was labeled simply “Private”.

I didn’t even think twice about looking into it. And boy, am I glad I did. Splayed across my screen were rows and rows of photos of my mom. Some were tasteful, with her in a maid costume or a nun outfit. Others got pretty racy, including some that had her completely naked, sucking the cock of a man, who I assume was my father. There had to be thousands of these things. They must have been collecting them for years. I scrolled and scrolled, admiring my mother’s large breasts, long legs, and shaved cunt spread open and impaled in every position imaginable. I had apparently misjudged my old mom. She was still very into sex and being naughty with my father. Or at least she had been. The pictures were dated, some years ago, but the dates on the pictures had stopped about 8 months before.

I felt a little bad for my mom, going so long without sex. She was still very attractive, with little to no sagging in her breasts, and still very thin. I couldn’t imagine why my dad had gotten tired of her. I for one would cherish and fuck a body as nice as hers every day. And, now that I had years of her intimate pictures, I was going to. Looking out the window, I surveyed all the skin she had exposed that was now mine for the taking.

Within the picture folder there was also a folder full of videos, about 20 of them, all over 10 minutes long. Clicking on the first one, I watched as my mother talked to my dad in bed. He was insisting that they film themselves having sex and she was acting a little shy. After some length of convincing, she agreed to try it just this once. My dad can be very convincing at times. He usually gets what he wants, whether he asks for it or just takes it, so I understood when the image of my mom on my screen took the straps of her silk negligee and moved them down her arms.

Once again, I was staring at my mother’s beautiful globes, now being rubbed and touched all over by my father’s hands. She let him play around for a minute and then leaned forward and pulled down his underwear, where he now focused the camera.

She took his cock into her mouth instinctively and took him in all the way to his balls without gagging. I guess my mom is pretty good at sucking a cock. I’ll have to remember that, I thought. I paused the video and looked out at her again. She had replaced her top and sat up, Niğde Escort Bayan obviously expecting me to be home any minute.

Quickly, I typed up and printed some papers and started a password protected upload. Then, I ran down the stairs to the back door. After psyching myself up for a moment, I walked out the sliding glass door to meet my mother.

“Hey Mike,” she asked as I sat down next to her, “would you mind doing my back?”

“Sure mom.” I said, moving over to grab the sun tan lotion. She flipped over onto her back and I was greeted with her round ass. She reached up behind her and pulled her top so it would release and she could tan her back. This also had the effect of exposing the sides of her breasts to my hungry eyes. I was so horny that I just decided to go for it. I hopped up on her chair, straddling her waist in one fluid motion.

“Um, Mike. What are you doing, honey?”

“I’m just getting a better angle, mom, don’t worry about it.”

“Okay, I guess. Just be gentle.” she responded, obviously feeling a bit awkward with her son on top of her. I like to think she was also a little turned on by having someone straddle her like that. I squeezed out some of the lotion onto her back and started rubbing slowly. First I rubbed it into her shoulder blades, following their shape down to her spine, where I caressed her sides slowly and with increasing pressure. From her hips, I worked my way up her sides, rubbing in small circles. I was gradually moving up to her breasts, on either side of her body. Then suddenly my fingers met her side boob, massaging lightly.

She didn’t seem to notice or mind, so I started to rub harder. She let out a little moan that let me know she was enjoying herself, so I scooted my legs back bit by bit until I was seated down below her hips, leaning into her ample butt cheeks. My cock was almost bursting from my shorts to meet her barely covered ass cheeks. I continued my assault on her breasts, getting more bold with each rub and reaching further under her chest until I found her nipples.

I grabbed her hard nipples, pinching, pulling them while I ground my cock in between her cheeks. She moaned another time, but then sat up and shoved me back a little.

Covering her breasts with her hands, she blurted out, “What are you doing!? I’m your mother. You don’t do those things with your mom, Michael.”

I was disappointed, but not discouraged. “But mom, I know you want my cock. I know you’d take any cock that came your way. You’re being neglected sexually, I can tell.”

She looked shocked, but I could also tell she agreed with me. “Mike, do not touch me ever again, understand? I do not want you to touch me and you WILL not speak to me like that.”

Despite her insistence, she glanced several times at the tent in my shorts while talking. “I think I will. In fact, I think you’re going to take off your top and suck my cock right now. I think you want to, even need to. I think you’re barely holding yourself back from fucking me right now. But most of all, I know that if you don’t do exactly what I say, in 2 hours, every sexy photo and video you’ve Escort Niğde made in the last 6 years will be automatically uploaded to the internet. Everyone will see them. Your parents, your friends, the mailman. And all you have to do to avoid that is give in. Come here and show me your pretty tits, mom.”

At this, my mother was speechless. I could see her face deliberating, trying to decide whether I was lying or not. And then suddenly a look of realization was on her face.

“That’s right, mom. The laptop.” I said, handing her a full page print of her sucking my father’s cock. The moment of truth.

For another second, she did nothing, but then she stood up slowly and sat down on my lounge chair. Her hands had dropped to her sides, leaving her breasts out in the open. Her head was sunk low with shame. Then, her eyes came up to meet mine.

“You can never tell your father about this. I told him that I deleted all of those videos and photos. I didn’t want him to know how much I enjoyed them. I didn’t want him to think…”

I didn’t let her finish her sentence, instead standing up to pull down my shorts. Sitting there with a huge bulge in her face, my mother’s eyes grew wide and she started breathing heavily. Even as she reached up to remove my boxers, she continued to feign protest.

“We can’t do this, Mike.”

“Yes we can, mom.” I responded when my cock bounced out of my underwear, hitting her lightly on the cheek. She caressed it lightly before taking the whole shaft in her hand.

She broke her death stare on my member to plead to me with her eyes.

“Mike, this is wrong. It’s incest.” she said, all the while stroking my hard cock up and down. Her pace increased without any further insistence from me. It felt amazing having her hand slide over my dick. I was determined to make this happen over and over.

I didn’t even have to tell her to put it in her mouth. She started licking and sucking all by herself, swallowing it down to the base while tickling my balls with her tongue. Every third stroke or so, she’d stick my member into her cheek sideways and suck it that way, making a popping noise when she removed it. She was getting really into sucking me off.

I moaned and nearly came right there when she took my down her throat. I was overwhelmed with sensation. Without thinking, I grabbed hold of her head and forced myself deeper into her, face fucking her with abandon. My cock was buried in her throat as far as it would go and I was thrusting it with such ferocity and lust that she was gagging over and over.

I couldn’t hold out any longer. I needed to nut. Shoving my dick deep into her mouth, I came bullets. It felt like my life was draining out through my crotch. I very nearly fainted from pleasure. My cum just kept coming, filling her throat multiple times, but no matter how much baby juice I pumped into her, she managed to swallow it all down.

When I let her off of my dick, she collapsed back onto the chair, exhausted. I watched her disheveled breathing for a moment, glancing over her sweaty frame, her exposed breasts, with her top still hanging from her neck. Her hair was a mess and her mouth was still open as she panted trying to catch her breath.

I leaned in and gave her a kiss on the head and set down another piece of paper.

She sat up just enough to read it.

“CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve earned another 12 hours!”

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