Day of Firsts

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THIS STORY CONTAINS GAY SEX…IF THIS ISN’T YOUR THING, JUST MOVE ON. All comments and suggestions are excepted. This is a TRUE story, but my first time submitting. And big thanks to my editor, stormysue.

Tiff and Doug (obviously not their real names) were old friends. Tiff and I have fucked on numerous occasions over the last several years. Doug has been in the room and participated in various capacities a few times; however, his experiences with a guy were limited. Well, that was the case until last night.

Honestly, my male on male experiences weren’t much more than his…. A few hand jobs, on the receiving end of a few blow jobs, but that was the extent of it.

After our last time together, Doug confided that he would like to actually have more sexual interaction with me. This conversation continued until we would all eventually be in the same city once again. We planned an afternoon at their hotel and unanimously agreed, this encounter there would be no boundaries. That being said, anyone was free to stop the action at any point requiring no explanation.

We met up at the bar and enjoyed a few drinks. Eventually, but not too long later, we made our way to their room.

Like I said, Tiff and I have had numerous sexual encounters, so she and I didn’t waste any time getting started. Doug prefers to be in charge in the bedroom, which Tiff loves and I’m not at all averse to.

Doug instructs Tiff and I to get naked and for her to lay down. Doug and I kneel on either side of Tiff’s head. Tiff holds my cock in her hand and begins to stroke me, while putting Dougs cock in her mouth and begins to suck. Tiff takes turns between sucking me and stroking casino siteleri Doug. If you’ve never shared a mouth with another cock….I highly suggest it. Amazing.

Not long into our threesome foreplay, Doug announced he needed to suck my cock. He laid across her belly and grabbed hold putting my hard cock in his mouth. Within about 15 seconds of his first taste of cock….he was deep-throating my, large end of average, cock.

Little side-note….Tiff and Doug love to talk during sex. As Doug was sucking my cock, Tiff was talking the whole time about him being a dirty cocksucker and so on.

As I realize I’m gonna need a break SOON, I stand him up on his knees and take his spot over her belly. My first blow job commences.

Doug’s cock is smaller than mine, about an inch shorter, and smaller around; however, a very large, well defined head. If the head was smaller, I’m pretty sure I could have taken it all. Just couldn’t get it down my throat.

Fairly quickly he is writhing and bucking his hips against me, and she is guiding my head onto him. In essence, helping him face fuck me.

We rearranged, with Tiff sucking me and Doug eating her pussy and sticking 3 fingers inside her pussy….finger fucking her hard. No sooner had she cum, Doug began sucking my cock again.

Between watching Tiff lick her own cum off her fingers, and Doug deep-throating my engorged cock….I knew I couldn’t hold back for long. The 1st rope when straight down his throat, the 2nd filled his mouth, and all the rest went over Tiff’s big beautiful tits. He sat up, cum dripping off his chin, and told me to clean up my mess. Which i GLADLY did.

She climbed on top of him in a reverse canlı casino cowgirl, while I laid back to watch. I moved around to watch the penetration, and sat stroking myself for her to see.

It wasn’t long before I was hard again and Doug said, “someone needs to get the lube and fuck me, I don’t care who”. The guy who JUST sucked his first cock decides it’s time to lose his ass cherry!

You can see the eroticism rush all over Tiff’s face, and she says, “I get to fuck him whenever I want.”….suggesting that I should do it. Before I could even process what just took place….he is on all fours and lubing his ass for my cock. The whole time she is talking “I can’t wait to see him get fucked. His ass can take it….”.

Thankfully for us both, her strap on is fairly close in size to my dick. So he didn’t have to struggle much for his ass to open up for me. Within just a few seconds I was all the way in and he was pushing and grinding back into me. Leaning into his ear, Tiff whispered all kinds of dirty things about getting his ass pussy fucked. And now I had fucked both their asses.

I was taking pretty short strokes, but all the way in. After only a minute or so I could feel Doug begin to tense up. Tiff noticed too, and reached under to stroke him and catch his huge load.

I can’t believe I’m actually feeling him cum from the inside. I thought he would squeeze my dick clean off. While I’m still slowly pumping with an inch or so in and out, Tiff’s rubbing his cum all over her pussy for him to lick off.

I ease my cock out of his ass, and lay next to her while he finishes cleaning her up. By then….he’s ready to go again. Tiff tells us, “it’s my turn.” She kaçak casino wants both cocks inside her pussy again, like we did last time. No argument out of me!

I roll to my back, and she climbs on and slides me all the way inside her VERY wet and sloppy pussy. Then leans over to open for him. As he works his cock inside, her pussy gets so tight, but she just keeps getting more and more wet.

Without much work we get into a good rhythm which is just making her pussy juices flow and run down my cock and onto my balls…..and the sounds are amazing. You can actually hear our movements in and out of Tiff’s pussy. We kept at it for several minutes. Them talking quite a bit.

Him talking about what a slut she was for taking in two cocks . Tiff talking about how she loved having two cocks at her disposal.

She came first…hard. Which set me off. Doug eased out of her pussy and slid effortlessly into her ass. With my still somewhat hard cock in her pussy he began to mercilessly fuck her ass. Within just a few seconds Doug was exploding again and filling her ass with his cum.

When everyone had relaxed some….Tiff slid up my chest and told me to clean her up good. She squatted over my face so I could see her well fucked pussy and ass. Both of which were full of cum. One of her favorite things is face sitting/smothering…so I knew what was coming.

I took a deep breath, knowing I wouldn’t get another breath until she was clean. And I was right. My tongue worked furiously to get all that I could out until she raised off my mouth. As she did….I looked down as Doug began to clean off my cock.

As I drift into that “after great sex” euphoria, I feel my feet and knees lifted, and something cold and slick on my ass. When I look down I see Doug, cock in hand, and Tiff holding my knees up. What comes next……is for another story on another day. Hope you enjoyed it. I sure as hell did!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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