Day of My Son’s Wedding

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It was the day of my son Hamish’s wedding and I arrived early to drive him and his best man Sam to the church. I let myself in and quietly entered the living room.

First a little background. Hamish is now 26 years old, since the seventh grade he has been a competitive swimmer. He finished the competitive aspect of swimming more than two years ago when he entered grad school but he still swims daily. As a result, my 5’10” son is in remarkably fit condition. His gorgeous body is topped with light brown hair, green eyes and a light dusting of freckles across the bridge of his nose — just like his mother.

Sam is not only Hamish’s best man but also his best friend since the fourth grade. Like Hamish, Sam is now 26 and has been a competitive swimmer most of his life. He is 5’9″ with a taut body, dark brown hair and cobalt blue eyes and the sexiest crooked smile. Sam had an unhappy childhood marked particularly by the bitter divorce his parents went through when Sam was in the fifth grade. That is when Sam began spending a great of deal of time with our family — a place he could feel safe from the battles of his parents — and he became an unofficial part of our family even though he continued to live with his mother.

The morning of the wedding it was evident Hamish was extremely nervous. He was pacing furiously about his small apartment while muttering to Sam. I stood for a moment admiring the sight. Hamish was wearing nothing but tighty-whiteys that contrasted nicely with his tanned swimmer’s torso.

Sam looked up at me and shrugged his shoulders and mouthed “Help” at me. Sam was wearing boxer-briefs which clung closely to his swimmer’s physique.

“What seems to be the problem?” I asked needlessly.

“Oh, Dad, When did you get here? … Oh, God, I am so nervous.” He sounded very much like my little boy 20 years before. I had a quick flashback to when he was six and uncertain about which two-wheeler to buy with his birthday money.

“Breathe, breathe. Deep breaths.” I commanded. Hamish complied and his chest expanded and his waistline contracted as he drew in air. I chuckled to myself when I noticed Sam doing the exact same thing.

“So what is the problem?”

“Oh, Dad, I … I … I am just having second thoughts about the wedding thing.”

“Ok, so you have decided you don’t love Jillian.” I teased. I love playing devil’s advocate.

Hamish looked horrified, “I didn’t say that. I do love her… I do… I just… I am so …scared.”

Sam piped up, “He has been doing this since about 5 this morning, Mr M. I can’t get him to calm down.”

I winked at Sam. “So it is a hopeless case. I guess I had best phone Jillian’s father and let him know before they dress and head for the church that there won’t be a wedding.”

Hamish started up, “Don’t you dare! Don’t you …” He realized what I was doing and began to laugh. “I guess I deserved that.”

“So if it isn’t Jillian and you don’t want to call off the wedding, what’s all the fuss?”

“He is just being Ham. That’s all, Mr M. Wishy-washy. Mr Worst-Case-Scenario.”

Hamish threw a sofa cushion in Sam’s direction. “Scared of the unknown, I guess.”

“The unknown?” Sam laughed. “You and Jill have lived together for three years. You dated for two years before that. How much longer are you going to take to get to know her? A decade? Two?”

“Sam. Be fair.” I admonished gently, “We all know this is just pre-wedding jitters. I got them before your mother and I got hitched,” I reminded Hamish.

“What did you do to get over them, Dad?”

“Well, your mother’s father was pointing that gun at me and being a coward…” Sam at least bursa suriyeli escort escort appreciated my effort at humour and he laughed heartily.

“No, really, what did you do? I need some help here, Dad.”

“What did you do before a big swim meet? What did Coach Lambert teach you about relaxing and focusing?”

“He taught us to breathe deeply. He taught us to block out extraneous noises and our competition. He taught us to remember we were championship quality swimmers. But none of that seems to be working right now. I think I am going to throw up.”

“Alright, well, obviously we need to try a different tactic. Come into the bedroom, both of you.” I shooed both boys into the bedroom. I took Hamish by the shoulders, turned him so his back was against the foot of the bed, and pushed him back onto the bed.

“Dad! What…”

Before he could finish, I grabbed his ankles with one hand, lifted his legs into the air and with the other hand pulled his tighty-whiteys off his body.

His protests increased but I ignored them. I turned to Sam and said, “As best man it is your job to help the groom on his wedding day. So, kiddo, get to work.”

“Say what? What do you …? I don’t understand,” stammered Sam.

I looked at both boys. “I know you two have been sexual with each other ever since you started puberty.” There were insincere protests from both. “Sam, we need to help Ham relax and what better way than for you to give him a blow-job, right?”

“Dad, what are you saying? I… we… you… we…”

“Guys, there is nothing wrong with two best friends helping each other in times of stress. Sam, when was the last time you blew Ham?”

Sam looked sheepishly at his bare feet. He then looked to me with half raised eyes and that ever so sexy crooked smile. His boxer-briefs showed a definite tenting. “Wednesday.”

“Ok, three days ago, so it is time. You blow him. He blows a load, or two. Nothing is as relaxing as a good orgasm. Get to it, man.”

“Dad, you can’t do this. I am getting married today, I can’t…”

“Hamish Andrew McGregor,” I said sternly, “you have been stressing about the wedding since early this morning and probably all last night. Unless you relax you are going to work yourself into a panic attack if not a heart attack. You and Sam have been fuck buddies for quite a while, why should that change today just because you are getting married?”

“Mr M, how do you know we have been fuck bud…, I mean sexually… I mean, how did you know.”

“My dear Sam,” I dropped Ham’s legs and moved over to hug Sam, “ever since you started staying at our house way back when, you have been part of the family. As part of my family I kept tabs on you, both of you, just a good father should. I overheard your first sex encounter. It was a night when you were really upset, the two of you had gone to bed and I came by the bedroom to make sure you were alright. I heard Ham say he was going to give you a blow job to take your mind off your parent’s fight.”

“You heard that?” queried Hamish.

“Oh, yes, and many other times. I never saw anything but I knew my two boys were growing up and were taking care of each other.”

“Now, Hamish Andrew, you asked me what I did to get over my pre-wedding jitters. Well, this is it. My best man gave me a blowjob. Actually, he drained my balls three times that morning. As a result I was so relaxed during the wedding the whole thing was a breeze.”

“You and Mr Winters were fuck buddies?!?!” Hamish whispered.

“Well, no, not the way you and Sam are. We jerked each other off a few times in high school bursa ucuz escort and university. But my wedding day was the first time he blew me. He said it was his gift to me. Best gift I got.”

“Do you and he still…?”

“Once in a while for old times sake and when one of us needs it. Like when he was getting divorced from his first and second wives.”

“Wow, I never would have guessed. Mr Winters…”

“Yes, now you know. But focus… now it is time for Sam here to continue the tradition by draining these for you.” I reached out to fondle Hamish’s good-sized balls as I pulled Sam into position between Ham’s legs. “Make like a Hoover, Sam the Man.”

Sam smiled up at me and dutifully took Ham’s hardening cock into his mouth. Kissing the head gently before sliding down the shaft an inch or so. He pulled back until only the head remained in his mouth and sank down a little further on the shaft. The boy was no novice. He continued to move up and down Ham’s 6″ while playing with my son’s balls — tugging and rolling them softly.

Hamish moaned softly with each stroke of Sam’s mouth and movement of Sam’s fingers.

This was so exciting. I removed my suit so I was a naked as Hamish. I then pulled Sam’s boxer-briefs off taking the time to stroke his tight, smooth ass as I did so. It was Sam’s turn to moan. Taking the hint I moved my hand more purposefully along the ass crack until I found Sam’s ass hole. I circled the tight opening a few times. I brought my finger to Hamish’s mouth and he sucked on it. When sufficiently wet, I returned my attention to the lovely ass opening and slowly pushed my finger in.

Sam’s growled as I sank my finger in its full extent. I pulled out and pushed in, increasing in speed each time.

“Finger his ass, Dad. Fuck him.” Hamish spewed, “Make him feel good, ’cause he sucks better when you do that. Finger fuck that ass. Finger him real good.”

Sam was now deep throating Hamish’s cock and was obviously doing things to heighten my son’s pleasure because Ham was moaning, groaning and continuing his verbal spewing.

“Fuck him. Dad. Ram your cock into his tight ass. He loves getting fucked. Don’t you, Sam?” The question was obviously rhetorical.

Sam nodded and pushed back against my finger, and, being a normal man, turned on by the sight of my son getting a pre-wedding blowjob, I moved behind Sam, raised him a little until he was squatting and without further ado rammed all 6.5″ into Sam’s incredibly tight ass.

“Ahhhh,” cried Sam.

“Sorry, kiddo,” I whispered into his ear, “But I had to do it. Your ass is so inviting.”

“Its ok, Mr M., fuck me as hard as you want. I have wanted your cock in me forever.”

“Really? Then, kid, you are going to get it as much as you want.” With that I pulled all the way out and plunged back in over and over and over.

Meanwhile, Sam’s mouth was driving Hamish crazy and my son was voicing profanity with increasing volume. Suddenly, Hamish’s whole body tightened and he arched his back as he blasted his first load. Sam gamefully tried to swallow it all but the volume was too much and some dribbled down Ham’s cock.

I leaned over Sam and licked at the dribbles. Sam and I entwined our tongues and then kissed deeply sharing Hamish’s cum between us.

Hamish was huffing and puffing as he came down from his orgasm. As Sam and I mouthed his cock, he attempted to push us away, saying it was too sensitive.

I turned to Sam and said, “That’s one. Now for 2.”

‘No, Dad, I can’t take it. One is enough. Stop, Sam, stop.”

“Balderdash! Sam and I are going to get at least bursa üniversiteli escort two more loads out of that cock of yours.”

“No, don’t, no…”

Sam and I ignored his pleas. I pulled out of Sam’s wonderful ass. Whispering instructions into Sam’s ear, we acted in unison to turn Hamish onto his side his cock still in Sam’s mouth. Slipping onto the bed next to my son, I began caressing his tight, almost hairless torso, taking time to pinch his nipples and stick my finger in his naval. Sam continued his ministrations to Hamish’s wilting cock distracting his best friend from what was happening behind.

With no warning, i.e. a finger to loosen him up, I rammed my cock into my son’s ass. He shrieked at the invasion but I continued until my balls slapped against his butt cheeks.

“Take his cock, Ham! Take your Dad’s cock up your ass! Feel every inch of it!” Sam was enjoying the fuck as much as I was.

I reached for Hamish’s cock and was not too surprised to feel it hardening, even after the orgasm he just had. “My little boy is enjoying his daddy’s cock in his ass, isn’t he? You want daddy to fuck you more?”

Hamish groaned. “God, yeah, fuck me, daddy, fuck me really hard. Make me feel it. Make me feel good.”

“Tell me what you want me to do to you, son. Tell me what daddy should do to his little boy.”

“Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me until I can’t walk up the aisle! Make my ass hurt so much! God, Dad, I have wanted to feel your cock in my ass forever. Don’t stop! Make me your bitch! Fuck me. Fuck me!”

And I did. I pulled all the way out and rammed back in. Slamming in as hard as I could.

Sam leaned in and licked Hamish’s balls and flicking his tongue on my balls as I continued my assault on my son’s tight ass.

Hamish continued to beg me to fuck him and to fuck him hard. He continued to call me “daddy” which made me hornier than I have been for years. I could not long hold out and within five minutes I was blasting load after load after load into my son’s pretty ass.

I was still blowing my wad in his ass when Hamish erupted yet another load of cum into the air.

I slowly pulled out, drained and satisfied. As soon as my cock was all the way out Sam sucked it into his mouth, cleaning me up beautifully, gently and thoroughly. Once he had completed that task he turned his attention to Hamish. Pushing my son’s legs into the air, Sam clamped down on Hamish’s ass and proceeded to vacuum all my cum from his tight love chute.

I moved in between Hamish’s upraised legs and began to nibble on his nipples, and lick the cum from his abdomen and chest. I followed the trail of liquid treasure down into his pubic hair and suckled his cock. He groaned from the sensitivity of having cum twice but, despite his feeble protests, I was determined to bring him off a third time.

Finished with removing my load from my son’s ass, Sam joined me orally playing with Hamish’s cock and balls. My poor son was delirious with pleasure as the two of us did various things to his cock and balls. Despite himself he hardened which drove the two of us to take turns deep throating his cock, tugging at his balls, fondling his ass.

Fifteen minutes of effort drew out our reward, as Hamish experienced his third orgasm in less than 30 minutes. The cum didn’t squirt out as far as the first or even second effort but it was just as delicious as Sam and I licked up every drop. We shared our bounty with Ham through deep, meaningful kisses.

We rested for a while each playfully caressing the others without intending to arouse.

Eventually, time called us out of reverie and we dressed hurriedly for the wedding, arriving at the church just moments before we were due.

The service went smoothly and my wife commented on how relaxed Hamish was — she was expecting a bundle of nerves. I told her I taught him the same relaxation activities I had used on our wedding day. I did not tell her what those were. There are some secrets which are best not told.

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