Daydreams Ch. 01

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Sam sits next to Dylan on the bus trying to act normal and ignor his true feelings. Sam leans over to look at the note book in Dylan’s lap when Sam starts to look at Dylan’s groin and thoughts of sucking Dylan’s dick flew threw his mind. He shakes his head trying to get the thoughts to go away but the just progressed to watching Dylan in his mind push him down on a bed and push his dick into his ass making Sam’s dick twitch. Worried he might get a hard-on he looks away and he says something about the notebook.

“You ok, man?” Dylan looks confused as he talks “You aren’t acting normal.” He leans in towards Sam and Sam can smell him and Sam thinks of how he wants to kiss him but just pushes Dylan away.

“Yeah I’m fine” Sam says flustered “I just thought about some homework I have to do”

Sam keeps having daydreams throughout the day about Dylan taking him in many ways and multiple times.

Sam stares out the window of his math class daydreaming.


Sam and Dylan are sitting in Dylan’s room playing a video game when Dylan stops the game and looks at Sam.

“What? Is the something on my face?”

“No. I just notice that you have a good mouth for sucking dick.”

“What the hell?! I’m not gay!”

“Never said you that you’re gay. Just said you have a good mouth for sucking dick.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?!”

“I want to know if you’ll suck me off. I’m starting to get a boner and there are no girls around to fuck.”

“You want to me to suck your dick??”

“Yeah and to be Ankara escort fair I’d suck yours too”

“Ok I’ll suck you off” says trying to sound reluctant but was eagar to do it.

Sam gets on his knees in front of Dylan while he pulls out his semi-hard dick. Sam slowly takes it in his hand making Dylan moan and get harder. Sam looks up at Dylan and Dylan pushes his dick towards his mouth and Sam lets it pass his lips and he feels his dick stir in his pants as he awkwardly wraps his tongue around the growing dick in his mouth. Dylan moans and starts to face fuck Sam, until Sam gags and Dylan lets up. Sam gasps for breath then he licks up and down the sides of the hard shaft in front of him.

“Damn man! You’re sure you’re not gay? You’re damn good and you look damn sexy doing this!” Dylan moans as Sam licks at his balls.

Sam blushes “I’ve never done this but I’ve dreamt of doing it for a while now.”

“You have wanted to suck my dick??”

“I’ve wanted to do more than that…I keep dreaming of you taking me up the ass.”

Dylan leans down and kisses Sam “We can do that. Get on my bed and strip. I’ll be back in a second.”

Dylan goes into the bathroom and Sam hastily strips to his boxers and gets on the bed not knowing how to be in a sexy pose. Dylan comes back with a condom and a bottle of lube.

“You’re nice and hard already?” Dylan says smiling at the tent Sam pitched as his own hard dick swings.

“Not like you’re any better”

“Come on you know you like it.” Dylan licks his lips and sits on the bed with Sam. “Would Ankara escort bayan you let me eat your ass out?”

“What? You can do that?”

“Yeah get on your hands and knees. I’ll show you.”

Sam stands up and Dylan stops him “Face me. I want to lick your dick a little.”

Sam faces him and Dylan slowly pulls Sam’s boxers off and when they finally let go of his dick it flies up and hits his lips and he starts to suck the head making Sam moan and shake.

“Dylan fuck me please! I need you to fuck my ass!”

“Let me eat your ass first.” Dylan runs a finger back to Sam’s asshole and pushes it in making Sam go weak. Sam hastily gets on his hands and knees and Dylan gets behind him.

“If anything is wrong or hurts say apple” Dylan then licks up Sam’s crack and sticks a finger into his tight virgin hole. Sam moans and pushes back onto the finger. Dylan pulls his finger out and licks Sam’s hole pushing his tongue in making Sam go weak. Dylan starts to play with Sam’s dick and eat his ass until Sam’s arms give out and he’s moaning into the bed.

Dylan gets up and Sam makes a disappointed noise when he turns around he sees Dylan starting with the condom.

“Don’t use the condom. I want to feel you in me, not a rubber.”

“What about STDs?”

“I’m a virgin both ways and you’ve only ever fucked girls with condoms so you’re clean,” Sam rolls onto his back and pulls Dylan onto making their dicks rub together, “please I need YOU in me.”

Dylan kisses Sam and they lay kissing for a while until Sam grabbed Dylan’s Escort Ankara dick and started to kiss his neck. Dylan rolls Sam on his back and lifts his legs over his own shoulders.

“I’m going to take you like this so I can see how much you enjoy my dick in you”

“Just get in me please!”

Dylan rubs his dick on Sam’s asshole making him moan. Dylan lines up and pushes in making Sam scream his name and dig his fingers into the bed.

Dylan’s dick head pushes past his ass ring with a small plop. Dylan waits until he feels Sam loosen up.

“Damn this is better than any girl I’ve been with!” Dylan starts to slowly push into Sam’s ass while Sam arches his back and moans. Dylan starts to slide in slowly trying not to hurt Sam. When about half of Dylan’s dick is in, Sam starts to moan and twitch when he cums on his chest.

“No fair. I’m not totally in yet and you already came,” Dylan says leaning down and licking the cum off Sam’s chest.

“I’m sorry but it feels so good,” Sam blushes “please keep going until you cum too.”

Dylan pushes deeper into Sam and leans down and kisses him. Dylan finally plants his dick all the way in Sam.

“God this feel good! Cum in my ass please!”

Dylan loses it and starts to pound Sam’s asshole until he’s screaming Sam’s name. He can’t hold back anymore and he takes one last thrust into Sam and lets go.

Sam can feel a warm sensation and realizes that there was cum in his ass. Dylan collapses on Sam and is panting heaving. Sam kisses Dylan as his dick slips out of his ass.


The bell rings and Sam lets out a sigh as he packs up his books and leaves when he sees Dylan and blushes as Dylan walks up.

“Hey do you want to come over today? No one will be home and I got a new game I want to show you.”

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