Dear Diary

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Thanks TH and S. Always good friends, critics and supporters. Also, thank you Desertmac for the wonderful and inspiring “Tutoring Jerry.”


Monday September 8th 1988 10:21pm

Paradise City.

The new guy started football practice today. Even though the season’s already started Coach brought him in as starting quarterback. Travis Boyd. From California and looks it – blonde hair and blue eyes that are kind of sleepy. He looks bored. Probably hates Ohio already and hates his parents for bringing him to this shit-ass town. I know I would.

Latham was supposed to move up to first string and some of the guys were really pissed that Coach put the new guy in instead. But when we saw him practicing we all knew he was good. His throwing arm is golden and he can even run. Way better than Latham. Even Latham has to admit it. We might be able to pull this season out of the crapper.

He came out after the rest of us were already out on the field. After practice was over and we went back to the locker room to change and shower, it turned out he had the locker right next to me. He was in my English class this porno indir morning and he recognized me and his face sort of lit up. God he has a nice smile. He probably doesn’t have a lot of friends yet. Said hi to me and told me his name.

All I said was, “Yeah I know.” Real smooth! He was giving me this funny look and I got all embarrassed and told him my name too. He started laughing. Nice job, Tyler, way to impress the new guy.

I couldn’t think because he was taking off his pads. I didn’t look. I swear I didn’t look. But I couldn’t help seeing. Has that lean, muscular quarterback body – not massive like the huge linemen who eat two or three BicMacs and a milkshake every day at lunch. About my height, six feet one, about 210 lbs. Not an ounce of fat. Tight pecs, rippling six-pack abs, a line of soft golden brown hair below his belly button. When he unbuttoned his football pants I saw the very top of his pubic hair over his jock. I almost couldn’t keep my eyes off his very impressive crotch bulge.

I wasn’t looking but I still jumped when he asked me if I had a girlfriend. I nodded rokettube like an idiot and told him yeah, Audrey.

He laughed and asked, “Does she have big hair?”

That made me laugh too and I told him they all do. But Audrey’s friend Missy is nice, maybe we could all go out this weekend. Show him what we do for fun in this shitty town.

He seemed to like that idea. By that time he was standing there naked and I turned around really quick and went to the showers. Everbody else was already there, I’ve seen them a hundred times, naked is no big deal, right? I’d seen their asses before, seen their hairy chests and legs and their cocks. Seth Brewer has the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. Even soft it’s like a fucking snake going down his leg.

I always take my showers in the corner. I don’t look around. I’ve known all the guys on the team since elementary school and I doubt any of them suspect anything. But this new guy. He’s from California and he seems pretty sharp. I need to stay away from him.

But next thing I knew he was right next to me, talking away while we showered. seks filmi I turned around and looked at the wall but out of the corner of my eye I saw that he’d turned his back, and for just a second I looked at his ass. God what a beautiful ass. Smooth and round and white, when all the rest of him is tanned from the California sun. Oh God. His back and his shoulders so wet and shiny with the shower pouring over him. My mouth got all watery.

All the sudden I saw he was looking over his shoulder at me staring at his ass. Shit! Oh fuck, does he know? Can he tell? While I was panicking, I saw the corners of his lips go up. For just a second, he looked straight into my eyes and he almost grinned. Then his slow, sleepy blue eyes traveled over my naked body from head to toe. Then like nothing happened, he turned back around and washed his armpits. I grabbed my towel and got my ass out of there as fast as I could.

Shit. Fuck. He knows. He fucking knows. I just know it. I was so stupid to look at his ass like that. Please, God, let him keep his mouth shut. I promise I’ll pray every night if he doesn’t tell anyone.

Does he know what I’d like to do to that white, muscular, perky ass of his.

Travis. I want to bury my face in your ass, I want to lick your cheeks like ice cream cones, I want to see what’s under those football pants.

Travis travis travis travis you make me so fucking hot…

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