Debbie Loses Her Virginity

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Debbie and I are in our last year of college. We have talked about getting married and we both agree to wait until after graduation in a couple months. Debbie is part of the cheerleading squad and looks unbelievably sexy in her short skirt and perfect legs. She sways and bounces just right and when she does the high leg kicks for an instant a hint of her pussy lips are visible.

Larry is a star basketball player and like most other guys, he likes to watch Debbie do her cheerleader moves. He is close to 6 feet tall and built solid. Debbie said that Larry wants to double date with his girlfriend Sally to a dance. I knew Larry and have talked with him on occasion. He is very cocky and is always bragging about his latest sexual conquest. Larry always talks about how great Sally is in bed because she is so wild.

The evening of the dance arrives and I pick up Debbie, then Larry and finally Sally. The dance isn’t very exciting so Larry, I and the girls drive to the park five miles out of town. As we head out of town I check out the action in the back seat a few times. Sally is naked from the waist up. She has small tits but her nipples are very pointy and upturned. Larry is caressing and licking her tits. I motion for Debbie to look in the backseat. Debbie looks back, watches for a minute then whispers in my ear “Larry is undoing her pants.”

By the time I park Larry have Sally’s pants down to her ankles and is rubbing her panties between her legs.

Debbie turns to me and we start to kiss. The action in the back seat really seems to catch Debbie’s attention. As she is kissing me her eyes are open and she is watching the back seat action. Larry has Sally’s panties off. He picks up the panties and drops them over the seat onto Debbie and me. While Debbie is looking back I is kissing her neck and bringing my hand under her short dress. She spreads her legs and I slip my hand between her legs and rub her pussy through her panties. Usually this is the highlight of a very hot encounter but tonight she easily spreads her legs for me. The view in the back is obviously having an effect on Debbie. I want to take advantage of the situation so I move her panties aside and my finger rubs her clit.

Debbie never let me move her panties to the side before. I look back to see what has Debbie’s attention. Larry’s shirt and his pants are already off and his long hard cock is sticking out. It almost seemed to be pointing at Debbie. Debbie is on her knees looking into the back seat, we both just watch as Larry aims his cock toward Sally’s pussy. This is the first time either of us have witnessed such a sight. We watch as Larry rubbed his huge cock against her clit a few times then pushes against her pussy lips. Neither Debbie nor I can breathe as we watch his huge cock head split Sally’s lips and disappear into her pussy. Larry continues to push his cock in deeper and deeper. When his cock is completely engulfed in her pussy, Sally wraps her legs around his ass and seems to hold him tight to her.

Debbie whispers to me “This is so hot.” We kiss. Debbie surprises me by reaching down, taking her dress and slipping it up and over her head. She is now naked except for her matching Escort Bayan bra and panties. Debbie’s tits are small but very firm and the hard dark nipples make a noticeable protrusion from the lace bra. We kiss and I undo her bra and expose her beautiful tits. I can hear moaning in the back seat but I am more interested in Debbie’s tits. Debbie keeps saying “Wow look at them fuck!” while I suck on her tits. My hands try to remove Debbie’s panties but she keeps stopping me. After rubbing her panty covered pussy for a few minutes my finger are getting soaked as she is very wet. I can feel her hard little clit against the smoothness of her soaked panties. I play with her clit and she spreads her legs further apart. I caress the soft flesh at the sides of her panties and slowly pull her panties to the center exposing her pussy lips to my fingers. After a minute or two of this her panties slipped into her slit and I caressing her bare pussy lips. Deb is wilder than I have ever seen her before. I gently pinch her bare clit between my fingers and Deb gasps.

She slides down on the seat toward the door. I again try to pull her panties down but Debbie refuses. As Debbie repositions herself I glance into the back seat. Larry is pounding Sally as hard as he can. Sally looks at me and smiles. She grabs my hand from the seat, brings it to her mouth and sucks the finger that has been in Debbie’s pussy. I pull off my shirt before bending down to kiss Debbie.

Sally cries that she is cuming. Debbie moves up on the door so she can see into the back seat. This puts my face level with her belly button. I kiss and caress this tender flesh. Mmm, she tastes good. I slide down further kissing and licking her panties. I have heard of people eating pussy so I put my tongue at the top of her mound and lick. It tastes a bit salty. She settles back against the door and spreads her legs. I slip between her legs and lick her panties right over her pussy. The fragrance is so erotic. I must have been doing something right because Debbie moves giving me more room to lick. Suddenly Debbie stiffens and lets out a low long moan. The taste turns sweeter and I lick her panties for a minute longer as she comes down from her first oral orgasm. I look up to Debbie’s face and is surprised to see Larry’s hand playing with one of Debbie’s bare tits. Deb knew Larry was squeezing her tits and she was alright with that. I push Larry’s hand away and I look into the back seat almost straight into Sally’s ass. Sally is giving Larry a blowjob. I see lust in Larry’s eyes as he takes in Debbie’s beauty.

I fumble with my pants to release my cock then bend down to kiss Debbie. I cover her up with my body and I press my cock against her panty covered mound.

As I rub my cock against her, she whispers “We can’t go all the way.”

I am so frustrated. I sit up, my cock is aching for the kind of action I see Larry getting in the back seat.

“Please understand.” Debbie whispers as she sits up next to me.

I am angry and frustrated but I give Deb a hug. While hugging Deb I could see into the back seat at Sally’s ass. I could make out her pink pussy. Without any thought, my hand reaches into the back and I rub her ass. My fingers reach down further until I am rubbing only the second pussy in my life. This pussy is all wet and very slick with cum everywhere. I push my finger into Sally’s wet pussy. It feels so good and slick. My finger slipped right in.

Debbie notices what I am doing and yells “What are you doing!”

Larry sees my hand on Sally’s pussy and his eyes light up. He smiles and said “Let’s switch.”

“NO NO.” Debbie yells.

Without thinking, I quickly said “OK!”.

Sally sits up in the back seat, Larry opens his door and completely naked, he runs around the car and joins Debbie in the front seat as I jump over the seat into the back. As I get into place with Debbie looking at me, Sally quickly reaches down and puts my cock into her mouth. I see a tear coming down Debbie’s face. Larry hugs her saying it is OK.

It feels good having Sally’s lips around my cock. She pulls it out and licks the under side till she reaches my balls taking one then the other in her mouth. Sally then takes my whole cock in her mouth again. She is a master at cock sucking.

I look to the front seat and see Larry and Debbie kissing. She is not as upset as she was. After a minute they both slide down in the seat where I can’t see them any more.

As this is the first blow job I have ever received, I was in heaven and Sally has me cuming in no time. I fill her mouth with my hot cum.

“It’s my turn.” Sally says as she licks the last of my cum from her lips. We change position and Sally lays down on the seat spreading her legs to me. I look at my first bare pussy. She shaves completely and I want to put this soft flesh to my face. I move onto the floor of the car and begin to eat her pussy with a vengeance. I forget that Larry has just filled her pussy with his cum. It is a different taste but not bad. Sally is pushing her hips toward me to get more of my tongue into her pussy.

I had forgotten all about Debbie and Larry in the front seat until I felt something land on my head. I reach up only to find a pair of panties. I am lost in Sally’s pussy and it takes me a couple minutes to realize that the panties are Debbie’s. I turn my head to see Debbie’s leg on top of the front seat.

As I rise up I hear Debbie cry out sharply in pain. I look over the front seat to see Larry between Debbie’s spread open legs. Larry is trying to push his big cock into Debbie’s tight virgin pussy. Clearly Debbie’s virgin pussy has never had anything this big in it before so the stretching is painful. Slowly but steadily I watch his long cock work its way in and out between her pussy lips. It goes just a little deeper with each stroke. Debbie is gasping and holding her legs as spread as she can. Larry puts gentle but firm pressure with each stroke and I watch as his cock disappears into her pussy. Her pussy is so tight that Larry is about to cum again.

As Larry’s cock is completely engulfed in her pussy, I come to my senses and it is my turn to yell “NO!”

Debbie’s eyes pop open. She reaches out to my hand and squeezes it as Larry smiles “Another cherry is popped.”

Debbie moans and I sit there dumbfounded as Larry slides the full length of his long cock in and out of my Debbie. Debbie’s expression is a mixture of pain and pleasure. Larry lifts his body and now I could see their coupling. I can see Larry’s cock slide in and out of Debbie’s pussy. The sight is erotic and disturbing at the same time. Larry keeps say “this is one tight virgin pussy” as he pumps his big cock full length in and out of her pussy. I watch Larry built toward orgasm. A couple more strokes and he drives his cock full depth and grunts. He fills Debbie with his cum. I can’t believe that Debbie has allowed Larry to take her virginity, fuck her and cum inside her.

I open the back door and follow Larry’s previous route running around the car to get in the front seat. Larry jumps into the back seat. As I open the door allowing the light to turn on I can see Debbie still laying there with her legs wide open. As I get in the front seat, I can see into her pussy. There are traces of blood and massive amount of white cum flowing out of her glistening hole.

Debbie sits up, pulls her dress on and says “Let’s go home.”

I grab my pants, put them on, pull on my shirt and drive quietly into town. We drop off Larry and Sally at Larry’s house then drive to Debbie’s.

When I stop at her home I finally ask “Why did you let him do this?”

“Because you were with that bitch in the back.” Debbie angrily responses. “Turn on the light so I can find my panties.”

I turn the light on. She turns and leans over the seat looking for her panties in the back seat. Her short dress rides up and exposes her wet ass and pussy. I don’t know why but I grab her ass cheeks open them up as well as her pussy and I lick her pussy.

Debbie turns to me saying “If you are going to do that then do it right.” With that she lays down on the front seat lifts her dress to her hips and spreads her legs.

“If you want to lick my pussy, go ahead. You can lick Larry’s cum off me.”

I can’t stop myself as I lower my head between her legs. This is the second time tonight that I am eating a pussy shortly after Larry filled it with his cum.

Tears are filling her eyes as my tongue splits her pussy lips and I take in her smell of sex. She twitches as my tongue rakes over her clit. It isn’t long before her tears turned to heavy breathing. Debbie may be upset but her body got a taste of sex and wants more. Finally I can feel her body shake and tremble as she has an orgasm.

Debbie picks my head from her pussy “Well, did you like that?”

Telling her the truth I say “Your first fuck is supposed to be me but it was a turn-on to see you fuck Larry. I could tell you also enjoyed watching Larry and Sally fuck.”

Debbie gives me a kiss and said “Good night.”

“I really wish I have been first but since you are no longer a virgin, let’s fuck”

“Not tonight. It is really sore.” she says as she unzips my pants, frees my cock and strokes my cock until I cum in her hands. Without saying another word, she cleans her hands and gets out of the car. She looks back once as she skips up her walkway.

When I arrive at home I find her panties in the back seat. I take them with me. I lay her panties on my pillow and as I drift off to sleep the hypnotic fragrance of her sex fill my lungs. The dreams that night are unbelievable.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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