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“Dad, Tandie is a slut! Did you have to marry her?”

“Uh, Mark let me call you back.” Charles Gordon placed the phone on its receiver and walked around his desk to hug his daughter who had just stormed into his office. “Honey, slow down, take a deep breath and talk to me. What’s going on? What aren’t you at college?”

Patricia was furious. She had overheard her stepmother Tandie on the upstairs phone talking to some guy two nights ago. She hadn’t meant to eavesdrop but when she picked up the phone, she couldn’t believe her ears.

Patricia stepped back so she could look her father in the eyes, “Tandie is cheating on you Dad. I heard her talking to some guy on the phone the other night when I slept over. You should have heard the disgusting things coming out of her mouth. She called him Ben and described how she loved sucking his cock and why she couldn’t wait to go down on him again. If that’s not nasty enough for you she told him that she wanted him to come on her face and fuck her ass. I couldn’t bear to hear anymore so I hung up the phone. I waited until she left this morning and then I went over to the house and searched her things for proof.”

Charles could feel the blood rushing to his face. “You searched her… what do you mean Tandie is cheating? What kind of proof?”

Patricia shrugged her purse off her shoulder and fumbled a bit with the flap before she managed to extract some folded papers.

“Here is the proof I’m talking about. I found this journal buried under her lingerie with a page bookmarked.” She waved them about wildly in the air too upset to keep still any longer. “These pages talk about how she met this Ben and here’s the kicker. He used to be in Special Forces too so you probably know this asshole.” Charles grabbed the papers from Patricia and started to read like a man possessed.

Monday 9/14/98 The girls and I went down to Murphy’s for happy hour today. Those $2.00 martinis they make are amazing. This morning started out pretty rough. Day four of a hangover is never pretty and I’ve reached the conclusion that I have officially lost my mind. I decided to skip class this afternoon, because who can resist an Appletini? Not me.

I can’t believe we partied on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday; yet here we are again on Monday still hanging out. We sat at Gerard’s bar and I ordered two shots of vodka to take the edge off. I waited for Gerard to make my Appletini before I rushed off to the ladies room for the third time in twenty minutes.

Of Betturkey course, who did I run into on the way back to the table? None other than that guy I slept with last week whose name I can’t remember. What the hell was I thinking when I hooked up with him? Oh right, I was horny, drunk off my ass, and he had that frat boy look that I love.

The conversation went something like this, “Hey! Long time no see.”

And of course, I stayed true to form, “I’m sorry do I know you?”

“No, I guess you don’t.” He shook his head and hurried off. I know that was kind of cruel, but I had better things to do with my time than try to pretend I knew his name. Karen, Lauren and I giggled about what’s his name for the rest of the night.

I really need to stop with the random hookups. We flirted big time with Gerard and Tony my absolute favorite bartenders and stumbled to Red Lion to party some more. “Broke Dick” Mondays always has cute guys who you never see out the rest of the week. I had such a great time today or should I say yesterday cause it’s four o’clock in the morning. Hello week, goodbye sobriety.

Tuesday 9/15/98 Taco Tuesdays! I already got about ten text messages about “Dollar Drinks” at Pipeline tonight. I just got home from another boring day at school. What the hell am I doing in college? I mean really? I hate studying, I hate going to classes and the only thing good about this semester is my hot fucking Chemistry teacher Mark Blaine, but more on that later. I can’t wait to hang out tonight. I hear that today is a military pay day so the club is going to be packed. Hopefully I can get some dick soon cause it’s been four days, and that’s five days too many.

My therapist tells me that I need to get a boyfriend, but no thanks. You have to be nice to them so that you can keep getting some. I enjoy being a mean bitch too much sometimes. Speaking of gratification I think this evening might be a no panties night. I feel like getting into some trouble.

I saw Mike on campus today with his girlfriend. He told me that he would be at Pipeline tonight with his boys. Maybe I can convince him to get on knees again like he did last week. I wonder if his girlfriend knows that she is tasting my pussy every time she kisses him after he “hangs out with the boys” on Thursday nights. I can’t stop laughing every time I see them together. If he wasn’t such a dog, I would try to hook him up with one of my friends.

Well I’m off to the club.

1:30am Betturkey Giriş – Oh my god, I don’t even know where to start. I met this really hot thirty-three year old guy at the club tonight. Okay first his name is Ben, how cute is that. He’s got these slate gray eyes and a muscular build that looks like it could be put to good use. He told me that he’s Special Forces for the Army, whatever the hell that is. All I know is I wanted to have him fuck me immediately. I would have gone home with him tonight, but of course, there was a snag.

Yep, Mike! I was dancing with Karen when out of nowhere this guy comes up and grabs me. He didn’t even ask me to dance, but just started moving his hips against mine. I have a true weakness for forceful men so this was a turn on definitely. We danced for a couple of songs and then walked over to the bar to get something to drink. While we were standing in the crush waiting for a drink, I felt his hand slide up my leg underneath my dress and he says, “You’re not wearing panties.”

Now I have to pause the story here. My pussy was already wet, but when he started slipping his finger back and forth inside me right there in the middle of a crowd, I gushed serious liquid.

Then he whispers, “I could tell you didn’t have any on when you I saw you dancing out there with your friends. So what kind of girl are you? Are you a good one or the kind that will come home with me so I can give her some cock?”

I admit I had a shameless hussy moment and leaned back so I could feel his fingers in the just the right spot before I answered him. I turned my body into his and kissed him. Ben pulled his fingers out of me at some point and rubbed the juice over my lips and then kissed me again. I realized we were attracting attention when I heard someone tell us to get a room. It was getting a little graphic so he grabbed my hand and we went to find a corner to finish the “conversation” we were having.

We finally found a quiet spot over by the side doors and we exchanged phone numbers so I could call him when I was ready to leave. I told him front door, you, me, twenty and blew him a kiss.

I tracked down Karen to let her that I was getting some from Mr. Hot Body when Mike comes up and decides he wants face time. I totally blew him off with the period excuse so I could capitalize on the Ben situation. Unfortunately Mike decided he wanted to take me home because I stupidly told him I wasn’t feeling that well. I left Ben a message telling him something came up and I would call him later then left with Mike.

Now I’m home writing in my journal cause Mike just dropped me off. It’s probably him calling me now. Arrgh! Why me? I’m going to have to explain this Mike thing to my therapist. I mean I don’t owe him anything, but I’m catering to his whims. What the fuck. Maybe she can help me get rid of him…

Yes, there is a god. Mr. Hot Body just called he wants to come pick me up! Gotta go get laid. Please let him like anal sex, please…

Wednesday 9/16/98 Power Hour Wednesdays! I can barely walk and I’m so fucking sore. Mr. Hot Body knows how to keep a girl coming back for more. Gotta go to class, it’s Mark Blaine’s day to inspire more sexual fantasies, but will write down details as soon as I get some rest. All I can say is WOW!!

Chuck finished reading the first couple of copied pages. He stumbled over to the chair, slumped down, and placed his head in his hands. He needed to think. He had hoped this day would never come. It is every man’s worst nightmare. But agonizing over it would do no good; he just needed to figure out the best approach.

“See the kind of whore you married? She has been dealing with this guy for like 10 years how sick is that?” Patricia asked angrily.

She was sorry that her father would be heartbroken over this, but it was for the best. She hated Tandie. Now hate is a strong word, but Patricia had dreamed of ways to murder Tandie when she was younger. She just couldn’t figure out how to do it and not get caught. Her resentment stemmed from the fact that once Tandie entered their lives she was sent away to boarding school. When her father asked her if she wanted to stay in the house with Tandie while he was on deployment, she never thought that his solution would be boarding school. She knew that he had no control over how long his tour would be, but those two years seemed interminable. She was jubilant when he came home, but her resentment increased the day he decided that it would be better if she stayed away at boarding school rather than transfer home.

Chuck sat up and reached for Patricia’s hand. “Honey, Tandie has been with us for seven years. I think we should wait for her to get home this evening before we discuss this further. You owe her that much. Let’s go get something to eat and then you can tell me about how college life is going.”

“Oh Dad, I’m so sorry this is happening to you. I wish I could make it go away.” Patricia didn’t like the look on her father’s face and she knew he was trying to avoid talking about the crisis at hand. “I think food might be a good idea.”

“Alright, grab your coat and let’s go. What are you in the mood for?”

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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