Deep Thoughts Ch. 04

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The three couples had slept late into the morning following their three-way debut performance. Taking turns between the coffee pot and the shower, the six friends averted their eyes from each other as they made the most of the limited space of the condo. To each, their thoughts of the last evening’s indulgence were of embarrassed exuberance. All had enjoyed it, none spoke of it.

Al and Carla left soon after their showers. Candy and Sandy went to the beach, leaving Ben and Derek alone at the condo. Ben could sense that Derek was uncomfortable and did his best to relax his guest. Derek for his part was finally admiring Ben as a man. He was very attractive and any woman would be glad to be seen with him. He had the bearing and stature to be attractive to straight or gay men. He seemed to have it all. Derek began to soften his resolve about revenge somewhat; maybe he was wrong, he thought.

Ben invited Derek to shower first and as he finished he dressed in the bed room adjacent to the bath room. Ben disrobed and walked casually through the bed room to the bath room, all the while Derek was admiring his manliness. Ben was showering with the door open and Derek continued to watch as Ben soaped up and ran the wash cloth over his torso, admiring the rivulets of soap cascading over Ben’s chest. Derek felt the stirrings beginning in his loins, squeezing his thighs together involuntarily, and then purposefully reaching a hand to his stiffening prick, massaging it gently. Suddenly the shower stopped, and Derek leapt to his feet, moved to the living room and finished dressing. He could hear Ben rustling around in the bed room and secretly wished he was still in the shower.


Candy burst through the doorway animated, squealing about how absolutely beautiful the beach was. Sandy came along behind her smiling in appreciation of her friend’s excitement. As they lounged around the condo they debated plans for the evening, none mentioning what each wanted desperately to ask-what was the plan for the next sexual encounter and how do they top the sex they had last night?

They called Carla and Al to ask if they were game for another evening’s adventure. Carla reluctantly declined the offer, she was much too sore from the double penetration to be receptive. So they were reduced to two couples, no matter, they would see Al and Carla again, sometime.

The evening was tense with the expectation of what each knew was to come. Dinner and bar hopping was a tedious precondition to the real purpose of the four friends. During the evening Candy had asked innocently why Sandy lived with her brother.

“Well,” Sandy started to say, shooting a nervous glance toward Ben, then she continued, “I was married and Ben rescued me after the breakup. He bailed me out of a tight spot.”

This seemed to satisfy Candy and she responded, “He sure is a great guy, huh?”

Ben blushed. Derek smiled and gave him an elbow to the ribs in jest.

Sandy thought to herself, yeah a real great guy, and then said out loud, “Why don’t we go home?”

Every one was eager to go, and quickly made their way to the car. The ride to the condo was one of anxious tension. They spoke little, each lost to their own thoughts.


Sandy found herself dreaming again of her brother. He was so intoxicating-he overwhelmed her. She realized that they had to keep up appearances for their friends and she began to resent them for their intrusion. As they readied for the evening, Sandy had the opportunity to tell Ben that she desperately needed him tonight. Ben said he would make every attempt to accommodate her, he too felt the compelling need to be with his sister.

Candy was not to be denied however. She went to work on Ben as soon as he emerged from changing out of his dinner clothes. Derek moved less impetuously and realized the angst with which he performed last night was gone. Still, he was excited to be in such close proximity to so much sexual energy.

Ben was surprised but delighted by Candy’s reaction. He moaned, almost with relief and pulled her to him, his tongue entering her willing mouth. The kiss quickly turned passionate.

Ben wrapped his arms around Candy as their tongues dueled. With a moan his hand found her soft breast under her robe. A second later he was searching for the opening and slipped his hand inside.

Candy moaned as her excitement grew rapidly. She pushed Ben back until he was on the floor and she was lying on top of him. She stared down into his eyes as she reached down for his penis.

“Let’s get on the bed,” Ben protested weakly as Candy pulled his hard penis from the opening.

“Shh,” she whispered as she moved her head down. A second later she took his penis into her mouth.

“Oh!” Ben moaned as he looked down and watched her begin to suck him. He could see her eyes looking up at him as her tongue worked on the pulsing head. Suddenly, he imagined his sister’s lips wrapped around his penis. Another moan escaped him and he closed his eyes, mecidiyeköy eskort chastising himself for imagining her while Candy pleasured him. However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get the image from his mind.

Strangely, the same vision flashed into Sandy’s mind as she was with Derek.

Candy moaned and sucked harder, her hand pumping the shaft, she pulled away, bringing a moan from Ben. She stood up and looked down at her lover on the floor. With a smile filled with lust, she opened her robe and let it drop to the floor, standing naked above him. She moved until her feet were on either side of his legs. Then she slowly squatted and reached for his penis.

Ben’s face was wild with passion now. He watched as Candy held his penis to her wet sex lips. Another moan escaped him as she took just the head into her hole. When he tried to push upward, she moved away and giggled. It was her turn to tease him.

“Please!” he pleaded.

She did it again and again, letting only the head enter her. It wasn’t long before they were both mad with passion. Finally, she centered the head on her hole and pushed downward.

“Ahh!” they both moaned as his penis slipped all the way into her body.

A second later, Candy started to bounce up and down, groaning with pleasure.

Finally, Ben lost the image of his sister. Now all he saw was this gorgeous girl with her eyes closed in the throes of passion. He reached up and grasped her breasts.

Candy opened her eyes and smiled at Ben as she moved up and down with a regular tempo. Her heart was pounding with excitement at the love she saw in his eyes. Suddenly, without warning, she began to climax.

Below her, Ben could feel her trembling in pleasure as her vagina began to squeeze him. His excitement boiled over. “Oh God baby,” he moaned as he joined her.

When Candy felt him filling her with his sperm, her own climax intensified. She began to move up and down more rapidly. She grunted as waves of pleasure washed over her as she took all he had to offer. Her climax lingered for a long time.

Finally, Candy collapsed onto Ben’s body, gasping for breath. When she could breathe again, she looked down at his face and smiled. “Do you still want to get on the bed?” With that, she pulled away, letting his rapidly shrinking penis slip from her, followed by a gush of sperm. She smiled one last time at him before she picked up her robe and moved to the bed room with his sperm streaming down her thighs.

Ben lay exhausted on the floor for several minutes trying to muster his second wind. A smile was on his face as he pulled himself to his feet and shook his head.

Sandy was busy with Derek in a sixty-nine as Ben passed into the bed room. Candy was waiting as he entered and joined her on the bed.

Late into the morning they made love, Candy and Ben, Sandy and Derek. Reserving some energy for each other, Sandy and Ben hopefully waited their partners out.


Finally, Sandy and Ben met in the living room and began cuddling on the living room floor.

“I need you,” Sandy whispered. She moved back until she was lying on the pillows. Then she bent her knees and opened them. She held her hand out to Ben.

Sandy opened her arms and legs to him. She moaned as his chest pressed to her and their lips met. She could feel his pulsing penis dripping juice onto her stomach. Pulling her lips from his she gasped, “Fuck me Ben. Fuck your sister.” She reached down for his penis.

Ben moved up on his hands and watched as Sandy grasped his penis. He let her lead him to her. She directed the swollen head to her equally swollen sex lips. Slowly she moved it up and down between the lips before centering it on the hole.

Sandy let just the head slip inside and whispered, “Wait.” Then she looked up into Ben’s eyes. She didn’t have to say anything. Both of their eyes were swimming with lust and love.

Ben held himself over Sandy, the head of his penis throbbing just inside her clinching lips. He waited… waited for permission to enter her… waited for permission to fuck his sister. The seconds ticked by.

Slowly Sandy lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist, still keeping his penis at bay. Finally, she took a deep breath, her eyes still staring into his, and whispered, “Fuck me.” With a bellow Ben dropped his weight downward, forcing his penis all the way into her body.

“Ahhhhhh,” they both screamed as the long shaft slid to the bottom.

Sandy’s head was spinning and she was having difficulty catching her breath. She had waited so long for this moment. She had anticipated it for days and now it was happening; she was finally having sex with her brother. The part of her body she had given freely to other men was now open for her brother and he was inside her as deeply as he could go. It was so much sweeter because it was a man she now knew that she loved.

Ben was gasping for breath as well. The soft warmth of her vagina was almost more than zeytinburnu escort he could take. It had been days since he had been with his sister. He could feel her soft breasts on his chest and her legs pulling his hips downward. “Oh God,” he gasped and pulled his hips back until his penis was barely inside her. This time he was the one teasing… the one holding back. He looked down at her and smiled, then dropped his hips. Again they both screamed in pleasure. However, Ben didn’t stop at the bottom. He quickly pulled back and did it again. Soon his hips were moving at a steady pace, matching the movements under him. He worked in and out, slowly increasing his pace until he was pounding into her with abandon. Sandy’s copious juices began to coat his penis and drip down the cheeks of her ass. The room filled with the sound of two bodies slapping together.

Derek had heard the sounds of love from the living room. He assumed that it was Candy and Ben, but as he listened the distinct sounds that Sandy made were readily apparent. He moved to the door and watched in amazement as Ben pounded his huge meat into his sister’s vagina. “So that’s how it is.” Derek whispered to himself.

“Yes, yes, yes, fuckkkkkk meeeee!!!” Sandy screamed. She was rapidly nearing another climax when she heard Ben gasping at her hear.

“I’m… getting… close,” he gasped in warning.

“Come, come for me!” Sandy encouraged.

“Do you want me to come now?” He asked.

“Yes, yes, fill me with your come!” Sandy returned, her hips pushing up at him even more rapidly.

“Oh Jesus!” Ben moaned as his balls tightened. Suddenly he pushed in as deeply as he could go and his body convulsed. His sperm shot from the swollen head, splattering on the welcoming interior walls of Sandy’s vagina.

Sandy felt his penis throb and knew that he was filling her with his seed. Her legs tightened around his waist and she lifted her hips. She began to climax. The two lovers froze as their bodies merged into one.

Within a few seconds Ben collapsed onto Sandy, his breathing still ragged. He found her lips and kissed her tenderly. “That was amazing!” he whispered.

“For me too,” Sandy sighed. Her legs were still wrapped around his waist and she could feel his sperm leaking from around their still joined sex organs. Ben rolled over and both dozed for several moments before Ben felt tender lips envelope his penis. He felt movement over him and he adjusted to the touch.

Sandy found that he had lost little of his enthusiasm as his fingers felt their way between her legs into her sopping pussy. When she pushed her hips up she felt him respond. Her face turned from a smile to lustful again. Suddenly, to her surprise and delight, he began to press still more fingers into her.

Ben was just as amazed as Sandy was. In the past she had always needed a little recovery time. Then, as one, they both opened their eyes to see Derek gently stroking fingers into Sandy and sucking on Ben’s erect penis. Startled, the siblings tensed and recoiled slightly, then began laughing as the comedy of the act became abundantly clear.

“Damn, Derek, you scared the shit out of me.” Ben said still laughing.

Sandy reached over and placed a hand on the back of Derek’s head as he continued to suck Ben’s penis, then as if drawn to it, Sandy bent toward the erect cock and joined Derek as he suckled there. The two were as one, side by side sliding up and down in unison, like a precision machine. Derek took the hand he had been fondling Sandy with and placed it under Ben’s ass, between his cheeks and pressed the slimy fingers up into his anus. Ben tensed at this abrupt intrusion, and then relaxed as Derek gently pressed inward, past the sphincter, until his middle finger was buried inside his rectum.

Derek began to stroke Ben’s prostate with a firm pressure. In moments Ben was experiencing the most intense orgasm of his life. Sandy fell back as Derek took Ben in his mouth, running his tongue under the head, along the ridge of his penis, continuing as Ben pressed his heels into the floor, arching his back, and thrusting his pelvis upward into Derek’s mouth, erupting as he did so. Derek swallowed Ben’s come, as little there was left after the orgasms earlier had taken their toll. Derek felt a warm loving feeling wash over him, no shame, no rage, just a curious attraction to this man.

Sandy pulled Derek between her legs and coaxed his shaft into the soft folds between her thighs. Derek’s hips began to move slowly, forcing his shaft in and out of her willing hole. Sandy grabbed his ass and dug her fingernails into his buttocks. Suddenly he knew that she didn’t want any preliminaries. She wanted to be “fucked”. With a moan Derek began to pound into her.

Ben watched Derek and Sandy. He had to admit that Derek was working her over pretty well. The noise from their slapping sex organs seemed loud so early in the morning.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Sandy screamed.

Derek did his best, pounding sultangazi escort into her until it felt like his balls were going to explode. It took quite some time for him to reach his peak. “Sandy, Sandy,” he gasped, “I’m close.”

“Yes! Yes! Come in me!” Sandy screamed as another climax took her.

Derek groaned and his balls unleashed his pent up come. It filled her hole until it squeezed out the sides, splattering across her thighs.

Finally Derek collapsed onto Sandy’s still trembling body. Then he slid off and slowly got to his feet. For a moment, the movements on weak legs made him sway. He knelt down and kissed Sandy tenderly before going to the couch and almost falling into it. “Your turn,” he said to Ben with a tired smile. His tone was less of a challenge and more of “see if you can satisfy her-I’ve tried.”

Ben stared at Sandy lying spread out on the floor. There were beads of sweat all over her body. She smiled and opened her arms to him. A second later he was off the floor and kneeling between her legs.

“Please,” she whispered as she opened her legs and squirmed on her back.

An animal like moan escaped from Ben’s lips as he dropped between her legs and slipped inside her saturated hole in one quick movement. Her warmth and wetness surrounded him. “Oh God Sandy,” Ben gasped as his hips began to work into her. Fortunately, because he had climaxed so many times in the past couple of days, he had a little stamina. He felt like he could pump into her wet hole forever.

However, Sandy had other ideas. She pushed his hips away until his penis slipped out of her.

“What?” he asked looking down at her in surprise.

She looked up at him with her eyes filled with lust. There was almost a crazed look on her face. She whispered, “Fuck my ass!”

“Oh my God,” Ben gasped and closed his eyes, trying desperately not to climax right there and spoil it. “Are you sure?”

“Yes. I want your cock in my ass.” With that Sandy flipped over and got onto her hands and knees. She looked back over her shoulder and swayed her buttocks at him.

Ben stared at her unbelievingly. Not only couldn’t he believe what he was hearing, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“Please,” Sandy pleaded.

With trembling hands Ben opened the cheeks of Sandy’s sexy ass. Her tiny rose almost winked at him. He felt his penis throb as he moved forward. A groan escaped his lips as he slipped his penis into her sloppy hole again to get it wet. When he pulled out it was dripping with juice. He placed the head at her tiny rear hole and hesitated-worried that it was never going to fit.

“Fuck me!” Sandy hissed as she reached back and spread her cheeks as wide as possible.

With a deep breath he pushed his hips forward. The lubrication on the head of his penis helped the swollen crown to slip inside.

Sandy gasped but didn’t pull away. Instead she continued to hold her cheeks apart and pushed back at him. She grunted. Her face was turned to one side and pressed against the floor. Her eyes were closed tight in concentration.

Ben pushed forward hard again. “Oh!” he gasped as the head slipped deeper and the walls of her anal canal caressed his shaft. Ben had never felt anything so exciting. His penis felt like it was encased in silk. The muscles of her virgin ass caressed him, sucking him deeper, almost squeezing the come prematurely from his balls. When his balls finally touched her vagina he had to pause or risk coming. He was all the way inside her ass.

Now Sandy was gasping for breath. Her hips swayed back and forth, side to side, and her knees were spread open obscenely… she felt incredibly exposed and sluttish.

Ben pulled his penis half way out and plunged in again.

“Ah!” they both moaned.

Soon his hips began to work in and out, forcing grunts from Sandy’s lips. She pushed back with each plunge, taking him as deeply as possible. She could feel the swollen head rubbing against her anal walls as it moved in and out.

Suddenly Ben pulled all the way out. “Open your ass for me Sandy,” he ordered. “I want to see that little asshole stretched wide.”

Sandy sucked in her breath and she reached back again and pulled her cheeks apart. Amazingly her asshole opened to the size of a silver dollar. She held it like that.

Ben’s mouth opened in amazement. He had never seen anything like it. Sandy’s normally tiny hole was opened wide enough for him to see deep into her canal. He could see the walls pulsing.

“Fuck it! Fuck your sister’s asshole,” Sandy screamed.

With an animal like moan Ben plunged back in. The large head of his penis easily breached the opening and slid deep into her. The walls closed tight around his shaft. “God Sandy, I can’t take it,” Ben moaned.

“Come in me! Come in my ass!” Suddenly Sandy’s body tensed. The muscles in her ass squeezed the shaft tightly. “Ben!” she screamed as her body began to convulse.

Ben pushed in as deeply as he could go and froze. He threw his head back and screamed. His come rocketed down the shaft and blasted into her hole. It felt like his head was going to explode. The world around him began to spin out of control as he poured everything he had into his sister’s willing asshole.

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