Delivery Ch. 4

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Jim Burke

Two days after Ellen’s and my cockpit anal performance, I was alone on the afternoon watch. Having disengaged the autopilot, I was hand steering as C-Breeze romped over the waves. Steering for a long period of time is tiring, but the occasional hour or so can be exhilarating, especially with a fresh following breeze. The GPS showed we were making a solid eight knots direct to Tortola. Mike and I figured that we might make Tortola in about twelve more days at the rate we were moving if the winds held. Feet spread, I balanced myself against the motion of the boat as I held the wheel lightly with both hands, reveling in the power of the wind and water.

That sense of oneness with the sea was interrupted by the emergence of Janet up the companionway and into the cockpit. She was moving stiffly, and let out her breath suddenly as she sat down on the cockpit cushion near me.

“What’s the matter with you, Baby? You’re surely not sick again.”

She was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, our normal daytime wear. Shifting her bottom around as if looking for a comfortable position, she looked at me and said, “No, but I just did anal with Mike, and it wasn’t as much fun as it looked with Mom. I’m just looking for a comfortable place to sit down.”

“I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it Baby. Was he too rough?”

“No, he was very gentle, and Mom was helping too. I guess I just have to get used to it.”

I re-engaged the autopilot and sat down beside her with my arm around her shoulders. “Tell me all.”

Janet snuggled against me. “After Mike and I saw you and Mom, I wanted to see what it was like. So I asked Mike if he wanted to do it with me too. He said, ‘Sure.’ Just like a guy! So I said we’d ask Mom how to go about it. So this morning we asked Mom how you guys started. She said for us to wait until you were on watch so that we could do it the right way.”

She continued. “The first thing Mom did was to give me an enema. She says she always does that first so that she’s clean. She filled up that bag thing with soapy water and put the nozzle up me. That felt OK. I was lying on my stomach while she let the water flow into me. Then I felt like I was going to burst. Finally she said that was enough, and I should go sit on the toilet and let it out. I thought I might not make it to the head, but thankfully I did and let it all flow out. It was kind of gross listening to that.”

“Then she had me get on the bed. I was pretty excited, and she said it would be nice for Mike and I to fuck a little bit so that I would be able to cum too. Mike lay on his back and I mounted him, and I rode him for a little while. I could tell that Mom was getting excited watching us because she started playing with herself, and stripped down so that she was naked too. Feeling Mike’s cock in my pussy was really nice, and we started to get a nice rhythm going. I was holding myself with my hands on his legs, while he was playing with my tits. Then Mom’s fingers were around my asshole. She had some sort of cream or oil on them, and she was greasing me. She got one finger inside with a lot of it, and as I tried to relax back there she got a second finger too. She told me it was KY jelly.”

“Then she said to quick moving on Mike and to lean forward. When I did that she took my pointed vibrator, which was greased up too, and pushed it into me. It’s smaller than a man, but I could still feel it going in. That started to hurt, but when I groaned, Mom stopped. ‘Do you want to stop now?’ she asked. But after a bit, it quit hurting so much, so I told her to push it in a little bit more, slowly. Getting the whole thing in took a few minutes, and I felt like I had something really huge in me. When it was in, she turned on the vibration. That was really a strange feeling, but not bad at all. Mike said he could feel it against his cock. He had started to go soft while Mom was putting the vibe in, but then he got real hard again and started pumping me as best he could. I raised up a bit to give him some room, and when Mom started moving the vibe in and out of me as well, the feeling was indescribable.”

“Mike started to pump me really hard, and I thought he was going to cum. I didn’t want to have to wait for him to recharge, so I got off of him, and moved to the side on all fours with the vibe still buzzing and Mom pumping it into me. I also saw that she had her free hand buried in her pussy, and that she was as wet as I had ever seen her before.”

This narration had made me as hard as a rock, and I unzipped to free my cock. Janet put her hand around it and said, “Is my story making my Daddy horny? Poor Daddy! Let me rub the swelling for you.” She stroked me very gently saying, “I don’t want you to cum before I finish the story, or you might lose interest. To continue, Mom took the vibe out of my butt and told Mike he should get behind me. I felt him put the knob against my hole and push in. Mom reached under me to stroke my clit while telling me to relax and Mike to push it in. I did my best to open to him, and felt the head Ordu Escort pop past my ring. Mike’s cock is bigger than the vibe, and I felt like I was really stretched and my ass was going to split. But when he started to push the rest in, it didn’t hurt. I guess feeling the vibe had gotten me used to having something big back there. Anyway, before I knew it I felt his belly pressed against my butt, and I knew he was in all the way.”

“I told him to stay there for a few minutes while I got used to it, and Mom continued to stroke my clit and run her fingers along my slit. Then he pulled out an inch or so and slowly pushed back in. That wasn’t so bad, and he began to pull out a little further each time. After quite a few minutes of doing that, he was pulling out everything but the head before pushing all the way back in.”

“Mom was watching this while playing with me and herself at the same time. She told me, ‘you’re getting fucked in the ass, Janet. How do you like it?’ I couldn’t say anything at all as the feelings were so intense. All I did inhale as he pulled out, and grunt loudly when he pushed back in. Mike was getting so hot by then he couldn’t restrain himself any longer, and sped up, making long steady strokes into me. I started to feel the beginnings of an orgasm building somewhere inside. With each stroke into my ass, the pressure built. Finally, after what seemed like hours, I could only let it go as I screamed and clamped my ass around his shaft as hard as I could.”

“Mike had been trying to hold back waiting for me, and when he heard me cum, I’m sure he felt me squeeze his cock too. He pulled out hard and then slammed once more into me before shooting his cum deep into my bowels. I don’t know for sure, but I think Mom came then too. I let myself down onto the bed, but with my ass still in the air and Mike still inside me, leaning over my back and breathing hard. Mom went to the head and brought back a towel. As Mike went soft, his cock oozed out of me. Mom wiped him off, and then put the towel around my butt. She told me to roll over so that I was sitting on the towel, and Mike’s cum ran out of me. I had never seen him cum so much. It looked like several spoonfuls. I gingerly felt my poor asshole to see if it was damaged. Luckily it seemed to be OK, although still stretched open slightly, so that my finger went in easily and came out covered with cum and lube.”

By then, my cock was even harder and Janet’s hand was stroking me insistently. My own cum rushed to the bottom of my shaft and then spewed out of my cock in four or five white ropes, landing on my thighs. Janet laughed and cupped the head, gathering the last few drops that seeped out of me, and then licking her hand. “I guess you liked my story a lot, Daddy. So my having a sore ass was worth it for all of us.”

We cuddled for a while, then she said, “I like the regular way better, but judging from Mike’s reaction I think he really liked my ass too. I guess I’ll have to get used to it from time to time.”

I couldn’t resist my reply, “I think so. Now that you are broken in, you’ll have to let your old Dad have a go too.”

She stood up and kissed me on the forehead. “If you’re a good Daddy I’ll think about it. Now, put your cock away and go back to steering the boat. I think I made your watch go by a little faster, right?”

Our next event of note occurred two days later. It was lunchtime and all of us were in the cockpit. By now it was very warm during the day, and we spent most of the daylight hours on deck. We had the bimini, the canvas cockpit shade, raised so that we were not exposed to the direct sunlight. Because of the heat below decks, meals were usually not cooked, and this day we were just munching on ham sandwiches Janet had prepared, along with potato salad.

My ever-ready spouse was just finishing the last of her ham when she suddenly came out with, “Do you guys realize that we have been eating sandwiches for a week, but haven’t had a sandwich the entire trip?”

“What are you talking about Mom? You don’t like my sandwiches now?” Janet paused, and then flushed. “Oh! Are you talking about the Swedish kind of sandwich you told me about?”

Mike was totally at sea on this exchange. “What kind of sandwich did you have in Sweden? Herring or something like that?”

Ellen nearly burst a gut laughing at that one. “No Mikey. Not that kind of sandwich. My kind of sandwich has the bread in the middle and two pieces of meat on either side. Doesn’t that sound kind of yummy to you?”

Mike finally caught on, and chuckled. “You never cease to amaze me. I guess an Ellen sandwich might be appetizing for desert.”

Now it was Janet’s turn to ‘butt’ in. “Not so fast Mom. Now that I’m no longer an anal virgin, I ought to be the bread first, before the men are too worn out.” She paused, and then said in a little girl voice, “Is that OK with you Mommy?”

Ellen grinned and played along with her. “No problem, darling. If my baby wants to be a little slice of bread between these two big Ordu Escort Bayan sausages, I couldn’t possibly object. Is your little butt hole all better now, Baby?”

“My butt hole feels 100 percent better, thank you very much. You told me I needed to have it reopened every so often or it would close up on me.”

Now we were all laughing. Ellen led Janet below, saying, “We need to get Janet ‘clean and lubed’ you know. Think about that for the next few minutes, and be ready to give satisfaction when we get back.”

I know I was ready to give satisfaction right then, as the conversation had made me stiff. I looked over at Mike, who seemed to be in the same condition. “Is this scene OK with you, Mike?”

“Sure. For you too?”

“Hell yes. But I’ll tell you what. I take the rear door since I haven’t sampled that yet, and you can have the front. I have the feeling Janet has wanted to reserve her pussy for you since we left.”

“I don’t know about that. I want you to know that I really like her a lot. We have been talking about staying together once we get to the BVIs. Would you and Ellen mind if she did?”

“We’ve had a feeling she was thinking about it too, although she hasn’t said anything to us directly. As you’ve seen, she is eighteen going on about thirty. I don’t think I could talk her out of it if I wanted to, and compared to the other guys she’s dated you are heads and shoulders better. Do you think you can handle her?”

“That’s a tough question. You know, when I first saw you all with this incest thing, I though it was too weird, and I would just have fun with it this trip. But now, I think she just looked to you guys for sex because there wasn’t anyone else for her. Now that I know her a little better, I don’t think she’s a ‘slut.’ She just has a high sex drive and is independent-minded. Whether I’m the guy she needs long-term is another question, and we won’t know that until the time comes.”

“No, she’s not a slut. I don’t know what that word really means, but you are the first man she ever had sex with without telling us first. That says something to me about you, and her too. Remember one thing: she’s my daughter and I love her no matter what she does. So don’t screw her over.”

Mike looked at me. “I can promise you that I’ll always treat her right. And in any case, she won’t stay with me a minute longer if she feels mistreated. I’m 100 percent sure of that.”

That was good enough for me, and we shook hands right then. In retrospect that sounds weird given that both of us were planning to fuck her in the next few minutes.

Some time later, we heard the head being flushed, so we knew the enema was going overboard. Sure enough, a few minutes later Ellen and Janet came on deck, both naked as the day they were born. Ellen was holding a tube of KY. She had red flush marks on her chest, so I knew she had cum down below. The hair on Janet’s mound looked damp too, so it was clear that the two of them had done some warm-up first.

Ellen confirmed that immediately, saying, “She is really hot right now. You guys need to get to work before she cools down.” She laughed at her own humor. “Ok, did you guys flip a coin for who goes where?”

Mike spoke up. “I’m going to let Jim have his chance are the rear door. Share and share alike is our new motto. Where should we go?”

Ellen picked up one of the long cockpit cushions and stepped up onto the afterdeck, laying it fore and aft. “Ok, Mike, lay down on this with your head aft so I can see everything. Mike stripped and did as she said, keeping only his sunglasses on. He held his cock at the base and stroked it idly, bringing himself to a hard erection.

Ellen couldn’t resist this. “Mmmm, let me get that wet for you.” She leaned over and took him in her mouth for several moments, stroking up and down hard over the head and shaft as he stroked her hair and spread his legs.

“Muuther!” Ellen chided. “Wait your own turn. Don’t be so greedy.” She stepped over his legs and straddling his hips let herself down onto her knees. Ellen guided his cock into Janet’s tunnel, and Janet let herself down until he was completely embedded in her. Our view from the back was beautiful, Janet’s pussy lips wrapped around the base of this shaft with his balls tight against them, and traces of lubrication shining around her pink anus.

I quickly shed my own shorts. Ellen stepped over with the KY and applied a generous portion to my erection, cupping my shaft and sliding her hand over the full length. I asked Janet, “Do you want to fuck for a while like that before I get in?”

“No Daddy, I want to feel you in me now. I’m so damn excited I can’t wait.”

I moved over behind her on my knees, straddling both her legs and his. Since I am tall, I had no trouble positioning the knob of my cock against her rosette. “Ok, Baby, open up for me!” I pushed gently and found slight resistance as the head entered her. I pushed forward very slowly, and when the next inch was in I asked her how it felt.

“I Escort Ordu can really feel it,” she grunted. “So full of both of you. Keep going!”

I pushed in smoothly as far as possible , until my thighs were against hers. Looking down, I could see that I was all in except for about an inch that the curve of her buttocks prevented from entering. “It’s all in Baby! Now, lift up off of Mike so that he can move! Mike, when you can, try to pump her.” I felt her pull her knees in, and I raised myself has she did, unpinning him. As Mike started to move in and out of her, I could feel his cock through the membrane that separated her cunt from her rectum. “I can feel your cock, Mike!”

“Yeah. I feel you too, Jim. God, this is so great. How is it for you Janet?”

Janet couldn’t say anything, just gasped and nodded.

All the while, Ellen was behind us. “I love seeing your two sets of balls tight against her rear. That’s so hot!” I felt her fingers gliding over my scrotum and around my ass.

“Don’t do that too much. Darling. We’ll cum before Janet does.”

Now that Mike was in a good steady rhythm, I started to thrust too, so that when he pushed in I pulled out, sawing her holes. Janet seemed to be in a trance, gasping continuously with each thrust of our cocks in and out. The feel of his cock sliding against mine was incredible, and with the heat and tightness of my daughter’s ass, I was near to cumming in only a few minutes. I stopped pumping and held myself still for a few minutes until the feeling receded. Then I started up again, but this time thrusting in at the same time Mike did, so that she was alternately very full and empty. This set Janet off seriously, so that she pushed back against me strongly on every thrust.

This time I couldn’t stop as I felt the cum mount to the base of my shaft. “I’m going to cum Baby, here it is!” I pushed fully into her as the first gush spurted deep into her. “Ahhhggg” was all I could say as three more strong contractions pumped my semen into her ass. This was one of the stronger orgasms I’d felt in some time. After my spasms had subsided, I pulled out and pushed back in gently several times, trying to pump all of the remaining sperm from my shaft into her.

As I softened within her, I could feel Mike still pumping strongly, and Janet meeting his thrusts with her own. I let these movements gradually pull my cock out of her as I went soft, until finally the head fell out with a nearly silent pop. Her ass remained open, a dark tunnel rimmed with the pink edges of her ring. Then as they continued to fuck hard, a stream of my cum trickled out of her and down over Mike’s shaft, congealing on his balls. Ellen moved forward to spread my cum over his balls and onto his shaft each time it pulled out of Janet’s cunt.

The sight of this was so stimulating that I began to stroke my greasy cock again, spreading a few remnants of cum over the head and shaft. I started to get stiff, but knew I would not be able to shoot again for quite a while. However, I moved forward and brought my semi-hard cock back to Janet’s ass and fed it into her again. Resting against her, fully embedded, the feel of Mike’s shaft in her pussy brought me back hard, and I started to move in and out of her once again quite slowly.

This was too much for Janet, and she screamed out as she came. She clamped her ass hard on my cock as the orgasm hit her. I was surprised Mike had still not cum himself. Janet had collapsed onto him, making it impossible for him to continue to move into her. Still inside of her ass, I lifted up her hips and held her.

“Ok, Mike, better fuck her hard if you want to cum. I don’t know how long I can hold her like this.”

Mike grunted, and said, “Almost there! Yes! Now!” I felt his cock bury in her, and I knew he was cumming deep in her tunnel. As his motion subsided, I let her hips down slowly and pulled out of her. I knew that fucking her ass until I could cum a second time would leave her sore, and I was sure that Ellen would be more than happy to help me.

“Ellen, let’s go down below. I have this problem you can help with as you can see. We’ll leave these two lovebirds alone until they can recover. I hope you two can keep watch and not run the boat into anything.” I don’t know if they decided to have another fuck that afternoon, but Ellen was so turned on that she wanted my somewhat dirty cock in her ass too, so that I had the pleasure of fucking both my ladies’ assholes within the space of half an hour.


All good things come to an end eventually, and so did our voyage. The last night at sea, Janet came to our cabin while Mike and Ellen were on deck, and we had a final tender fuck as she rode me. She and Mike were planning to move onto his boat in Tortola, and she wanted to give me a going-away present.

Ellen and I had been discussing their plan, and we decided to give Janet and Mike the use of C-Breeze instead. When we told them, both were ecstatic, as Mike said that with such a boat they could start a nice charter business during the season, with Mike as captain and Janet as cook/mate. I suggested that our swinging friends from Seattle might be a good source of business, especially if the two of them were inclined to offer the same sort of entertainment they had given us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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