Delivery Girl

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I’m a 22-year-old college student, and I work part time at a pizza restaurant. It was Saturday night, and the manager of the pizza shop where I work asked me to come in early to help with the inventory. In return, he let me go home at nine, even though the shop usually stays open until midnight. I was getting ready to go home when one of the other girls took a telephone order for a delivery not far from my house. Since the shop was really busy, I volunteered to make the delivery on my way home and bring the money in the next day. When I got to that address, it was a very large house near the park. There were several cars in the driveway and the lights were on. I rang the bell and knocked, but no one came to the door. I heard faint music and laughter coming from out back, so I walked around and opened a gate in the tall fence. The back yard was huge, and there was a wooden gazebo containing a hot tub by the back of the house. The only light came from the candles around the tub. I was able to make out 5 or six people in the water.

Walking up slowly, I called out, ” hello? Pizza’s here.” Everyone turned around and began to apologize for not hearing me at the front door. That’s when I realized that the six people in the tub were all women.

I put the pizza boxes down on a small table by the tub, and one of the women said, ” let me get your money, would u like a glass of wine?”

As she stood up to get out of the water, I saw her body in the candlelight, and she was very beautiful. I was instantly jealous because she had the kind of body I’ve always wanted. Don’t get me wrong- I think I have a nice body. I work out and swim a lot, but sometimes I think I look like a boy I’m slim and I have small breasts. My friends tell me I’m lucky to be built this way, but I wouldn’t mind having a few more curves.

Now I admired this woman as she pulled the money out of her bag and handed it to me. She was a few inches taller than me and had thick brown hair that fell down to the middle of her back. She had full breasts that almost spilled out over the top of her swimsuit, a narrow waist, round hips and long shapely leg.

She introduced herself as Janine, and handed me a small glass of wine. I tried to decline saying I worked all day and was on my way home, but she insisted. Why not, I thought, I don’t have to go back to work. I might as well have a drink and relax.

All the other women introduced themselves, then asked my name. “I’m Angel,” I said. “Is this some kind of meeting?”

They all laughed, and one woman, a petite blonde, said “this is the our husbands all went on a fishing trip club.” Every few months their husbands escort bayan go on weekend trips, the wives all get together at one of their houses. All their kids were at another house with a babysitter.

Janine invited me to sit at the edge of the hot tub and get my feet wet. It sounded like a good idea, so I kicked off my sneakers and eased my sore feet in the water. The temperature was just right. I scooted forward trying to get as much of my calves into the water as I could. It felt so good to unwind. One of the women said ” it’s too bad we don’t have an extra swimsuit. The water is so relaxing.”

I smiled. Janine grinned and said,” I have a couple of suits upstairs but I don’t think they will fit you.” I looked at her and could feel myself blush. I was glad it was dark so noone noticed.

Then the blonde said, ” why don’t you just come in? Your underwear can be your swimsuit.” I thought about that for a second. I was wearing a gray sports bra and matching panties. The panties were cut very high on the sides with a thin waistband, and I was a little embarrassed. ” Oh come on.” Janine said, ” just put your clothes on the chair.”

It might be fun, I thought. I pulled off my red t-shirt with the pizza logo on it, dropped it on the patio, and stepped out of my shorts. Feeling a little shy, I quickly slipped into the hot water. I settled down deep into the water, and one by one the other started to get out to eat. Janine and I were the only ones left in the hot tub. I had another glass of wine and we made small talk for awhile. All the women were attractive, but Janine was the most beautiful.

I told them a little about school and doing the part time deliveries to help out with the tuition. I mentioned that I’d been in the shop since very early that morning, and said how good it felt to relax in the hot tub. Then I thanked them for there hospitality.

Suddenly I felt Janine’s hand on the small of my back. She rubbed gently and whispered, ” tough day at the office, huh?”

I was startled and didn’t know quite what to do. My face felt flush. I slowly turned to look at Janine. She had a sly grin on her face. As her left hand continued to massage my back, I felt her hand creeping up my thigh. The tip of one finger brushed against the crotch of my panties and I jumped. That made her giggle softly.

The other women couldn’t see what was going on; they kept on talking, laughing, and eating. Janine’s hand drifted up from my crotch to my right breast. With her finger and thumb she gently pinched the nipple, and I let out a little gasp. Afraid the others might have hears, I turned to look, but they altıparmak escort bayan hadn’t noticed. Janine continued to play with my tits under the bubbling water, smiling the whole time. I started to get really nervous and said that I should be getting home. Janine stood up to get me a towel, and I could see that her nipples were really hard. As she wrapped the towel around me, I could tell that mine were too.” Come on,” Janine whispered. “I’ll show you where you can change.”

Carrying my clothes and sneakers in one hand, she led me into the house and up to her bedroom. Janine closed the door behind her. We were both dripping wet. I turned and stood still, not sure what to do next. Was she just going to stand there and watch me dry off? She walked over to me and whispered,” here, let me help you.” She put her arms around me and unsnapped my bra. I was filled with excitement and anticipation.

She pulled the bra straps down over m arms and started to kiss my neck. She worked her way down to my tits and slowly licked each nipple. A shudder went through me as she popped the left nipple into her mouth and sucked on it. Her warm, wet skin was against mine, and I leaned back against the wall. She reached behind her, unsnapping her own top, and her beautiful breasts came free.

Janine took her mouth from my nipple. She stood up and smiled. Her smooth, round breasts looked wonderful, and the nipples were like pencil erasers. A drop of water hung form the tip of one only inches from my face. I’m not sure where I got the courage, but I stuck out my tongue and licked it off, making Janine giggle. I closed my lips around the dark red flesh, and for the first time in my life sucked on a woman’s tit.

It felt so fantastic, I couldn’t believe it. The nipple was firm and warm. I grabbed Janine’s breast with both hands and tried to suck it all into my mouth. I couldn’t get enough of her. I switched to the other one, doing the same thing, licking and sucking and nibbling on her swollen nipple. She wrapped her arms around my head and moaned softly.

After a few minutes Janine gently pulled away, and her nipple popped out of my mouth. She stepped back and untied the strings that held her bikini bottoms to her hips, and the tiny panties fell to the floor. Then she slowly got down on her knees and put her hands on my hips. She began kissing my tits again and slowly worked her way down my tummy. She hooked her thumbs under the waistband of my panties and pulled them down, running her fingers along my thighs.

She grabbed my hips and gently pulled me down to the carpet on my back. She hovered nilüfer eskort above me for a second and then she kissed me long and hard on the mouth, holding my face in her hands. I could feel her warm nipples poking at my tummy while we kissed. She pushed her tongue deep into my mouth, and I sucked on it just as I’ve done with my boyfriends in the past. Her hands played with my nipples and I could feel her knee gently trying to push its way between my thighs. I opened my legs and her warm thigh pressed against my pussy.

We began to grind our hips together, and I could feel my wetness smearing on the smooth skin of her thigh. Her short pubic hair scratched lightly on my hip as she rubbed against me. Her mouth was on my nipples again, and her fingers squeezed and pinched my breasts. I reached around her, grabbed her smooth, round buttocks with both hands, and pulled hard. My hips started to buck, and I shamelessly humped myself against her leg. I couldn’t have stopped if I wanted to. I could feel that I was going to come soon. She pinched my nipples hard and whispered,” go on baby.” She wrapped her arms around me and held me tight as my hips went wild. I could hear myself grunting as the firm muscles in her thigh worked against my wet pussy lips. As I bucked harder and started to come, Janine gently bit my nipples. We were both moaning as the waves of my orgasms started to slow down and I collapsed. As I panted to catch my breath. Janine looked up and smiled at me. I watched through half-closed eyes as she continued to lick my nipples.

Somewhere off in the distance I thought I heard a phone ring, but my mind was in a fog and I could have been dreaming it. then there was a knock on the bedroom door and a woman’s voice whispering.” Janine? Janine. Mikes on the phone.”

Janine quickly sat up and muttered, “: damn! My husband. He always did have lousy timing.” She wrapped herself in a robe and hurried out.

I was totally embarrassed. I was sure the other women knew exactly what we were doing. My legs were shaking as I stood up and put my shorts and t-shirt on. I picked up my wet bra and panties, and tried to tiptoe down the stairs, hoping to get out of the house without being seen, but the other five women were standing together in the living room whispering. They stopped talking and looked at me as I walked by. I saw Janine on the phone as I hurried toward the door. She looked up and caught my eye, smiled, and blew me a kiss. I didn’t think I could get any redder, but I blushed again.

I drove the rest of the way home with one hand in my shorts until I had to pull over to have another orgasm. I got Janine’s phone number off the delivery ticket, but I haven’t had the courage to call her. I’d love to get together with her again and finish what we started, but I guess I’ll just have to wait. I have this fantasy that one night soon, when her husband is away; she’ll call for pizza. I hope I’ll be able to deliver.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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