Demons Whispers

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Sooner or later there comes a time in some young men’s lives when their perception of their Mother will change. She will go from being just Mom to something more primal, something more sexual. It’s impossible to say what will trigger this change, a fleeting glimpse of an exposed breast, a Mother’s sweet embrace that lasted just a little bit too long, or perhaps by nothing at all. Hormones will rage and imaginations will take flight when the demons whisper that anything is possible. When this transition will occur is anybody’s guess. For Timothy Green it was just about to happen.

Sarah Green was stretched out on the couch still dressed in her work clothes, a pale blue silk blouse and knee length black skirt. On her legs she wore tan stockings held up by an old-fashioned white garter belt. She loved the way the garter belt made her feel sexy. She’d gotten home from the office where she was a legal secretary around five-thirty and went about her normal routine. After placing her purse on the stand near the front door and hanging up her blazer, she’d gone into the kitchen and made dinner. She’d decided since it was Friday she’d treat herself to a few glasses of wine. A few had turned into several. Frustrated with trying to find something to watch she had switched off the TV and just enjoyed the quiet time and the wine. Without realizing it she had slowly slid down on the couch and drifted off with her head propped on the arm of it. The darker the room got, the deeper she slept.

He felt cursed. First his girlfriend that he had been living with decided she no longer liked their arrangement. Since the place was in her name he had been forced to ask his Mom if he could stay at her house until he could find a place of his own. The thought of being twenty-one and living with his Mother didn’t sit too well with him. Then, to make matters worse his boss at the lumber mill informed him that he was going to be working the swing shift for a couple months. That was two weeks ago. So instead of getting home at a decent hour he was trudging into the house closer to midnight. His Mom had taken it upon herself to make sure he had a meal waiting for him when he got home. All he had to do was throw it into the microwave.

As was his routine he entered the house through the back door and went straight to the kitchen after getting home. He placed the plate of food in the microwave, took a beer out of the fridge and drank several swallows. It wasn’t long before the dinger on the microwave chimed. After devouring the food and putting his dish in the dishwasher he downed the beer and took another to sip in the front room. Like most nights he was bone tired. He figured he’d drink the beer, watch a little TV then jump in the shower before turning in. He was grateful that he had the next two days off.

Timothy made his way to the front room, the light from the kitchen barely illuminating the end of the couch. He sat down and reached up to the lamp on the end table and turned it on. The light from the 40-watt bulb lit up the couch and some of the surrounding area. He turned and started to reach for the remote that was always kept on the coffee table when he saw his Mother lying there. His breath caught in his throat. His Mother was on her back with one arm draped over her eyes and the other one was dangling off the side of the couch. She had spread her outside leg over enough that her foot had fallen to the floor while her other leg was bent at the knee and leaning against the back of the couch. Her skirt was hiked up to the point that Timothy could clearly see her crotch. She had on a pair of pale blue satin panties that almost matched the color of her blouse. Somehow the panties had worked their way into her cleft leaving her puffy outer lips exposed. The sight of her lightly furred lips combined with the garter belt had an immediate impact on him. He felt his penis begin to swell. Shame washed over him instantly. This was his Mother he was looking at. Never in his life had he thought of her in any way other than as the woman who gave him life and unconditional love. But now his thoughts were taking a disturbing turn. Try as he might he couldn’t tear his eyes away from her exposed crotch, nor could he stop the blood from rushing to his cock. Disgusted with himself he stood, gazed one more time at his Mother’s partially exposed womanhood, and then fled back to the safety of the kitchen. He leaned against the counter near the sink and gulped down the beer. His emotions were torn between the love he felt for his Mom and the pure unadulterated lust that swelled in his pants. He got another beer from the fridge then leaned back against the counter sipping it slowly, praying his penis would deflate quickly.

Sarah heard her son come into the room and sit down. She opened her eyes just enough to peek under the arm she had over her face. As soon as the light came on she realized how obscenely she was laying, but for some reason chose not to do anything about it. She watched her boy turn his head and spy her wanton display. His eyes grew wide and the hand holding his beer began to tremble, but he didn’t look away. She noticed the look of hunger on his face; escort bursa the same look of hunger his Dad used to get before they made love. She felt a tiny spark seep into her pussy, she was sure she was getting wet. When her son stood up the spark almost turned into a flame. His pants were bulged way out in front. She felt the increase in her vaginal secretions. This was so wrong she told herself. How could her own son be arousing her? Granted, it had been some time since she’d felt a man, any man, inside her. Five years to be exact. That’s how long it has been since Mike, her husband of more than twenty years, had died in an auto accident. As soon as Tim was out of the room she jumped up and raced to her bedroom.

Timothy struggled with his emotions for a bit before deciding to return to the front room. His mind fought with the idea of gazing at his Mother’s charms some more, or being a good son and covering her up. He wasn’t about to wake her. If he did he was sure she would know that he’d been looking at things he shouldn’t be looking at. Relief washed over him when he saw that she was no longer on the couch. He sat down and sipped at his beer, the image of her nearly naked crotch burned into his brain.

Sarah quietly shut the door to her darkened bedroom then leaned back against it. Her hands were clasped together at her chest and her heart was racing. She couldn’t get the image of her sons bulge out of her head. Nor could she quell the tingling in her vagina. What’s wrong with you, that is your son you’re lusting over she reminded herself. Shaking her head to clear away the whispering demons of lust, she flipped on the light and walked over in front of her dresser mirror. Slowly she began to undress. When everything was at a heap around her feet she glanced in the mirror and studied her figure. Her eyes lingered over her breasts capped with large dark brown areolas. She was proud of them. Even at forty-three they still hung firm and full on her chest. She wasn’t surprised to see that her eraser-sized nipples were stiff. Her eyes traveled over the smooth flat stomach and down to the modest, trimmed brown bush on her mound. One hand came up and lightly touched a nipple. It was super sensitive. She shuddered. She shuddered once more when the same hand went down over her tummy and found her mound, the middle fingertip making contact with her aroused clitoris. She pressed the finger tighter against the bud. The small orgasm that followed caught her completely by surprise. The demons in her head whispered their approval.

Timothy Green was fighting his own whispering demons. You want what you saw, don’t you, they whispered over and over. Disgust, shame and lust ripped through him at the same time. Frustrated he finished his beer and went to the bathroom next to his Mother’s bedroom. Not thinking he forgot to shut the door all the way before he stripped and climbed under the water in the shower. As he lathered himself up the picture of his Mom’s pussy pushed to the front of his brain. By the time he started to lather up his genitalia his cock was almost completely hard. The slickness of the soap combined with the warmth of his hand felt too good. Closing his eyes he let his fingers wrap around the thick shaft of his penis and he started slowly stroking it.

Sarah threw on her fluffy floor length robe and stepped out of her bedroom. She was going to see if Tim was still up. Maybe if she talked with him then the unhealthy urge would purge itself from her being. As she neared the bathroom she noticed the door was ajar and the water was running. The demons whispered loudly. Slowly she inched the door further open until she was able to see the shower stall. The droplets of water on the clear glass door did nothing to mask the sight of her son. Her breath caught in her throat as her eyes fell upon Tim’s hand stroking what appeared to be a seven-inch penis that was hard and thick. She couldn’t take her eyes off it. As if her hand had a mind of its own she reached into the opening at the top of her robe and touched her fingertips to the stiff ripe nipple of her right breast. An involuntary gasp escaped her lips.

Timothy heard the gasp and opened his eyes to slits. His hand worked his cock as his head tilted just enough to see the bathroom door. The sight of his Mother standing in the doorway with one hand over her mouth and the other one hidden inside the folds of her robe caused him to swell even more. He knew he should stop what he was doing, but knowing that his Mom was watching him masturbate only heightened the pleasure he was feeling. He closed his eyes again and started stroking his cock faster and faster. The mental image of his Mother’s nakedness danced in his head while the demons whispered their encouragement. Turning to face the shower door he opened his eyes and stared directly at her, just as the largest load of semen he’d ever shot blasted against the clear glass door and ran down the front of it. The demons in his head whispered their delight as his knees buckled and he slumped back against the shower wall, his hand pumping the last vestiges of cum from his balls.

The flame in Sarah Green’s pussy ignited bursa merkez eskort as she watched her son’s sperm run down the front of the shower door. Her pussy quivered and fluid seeped out to dribble down the inside of her thighs. She choked back a moan as she ran to her bedroom. As soon as she had her door shut she flung off her robe, flipped off the light and jumped onto the bed. She bit down on the knuckles of one hand as she shoved two fingers from the other deep into her soaked slit. The demons whispered merrily as her back arched off the bed and her body stiffened, caught in the throes of the most exquisite orgasm that she’d ever experienced.

Timothy felt guilt ridden as he made his way to the kitchen the next morning in just his robe. How was he going to explain his actions to his Mother? What had possessed him to continue whacking off when he knew his Mother was watching? And what about the dreams that had caused him to toss and turn all night? Vile dreams of ravaging his Mother in every possible position. He almost fled when he saw her sitting at the table sipping a cup of coffee.

“Good morning sleepyhead,” Sarah greeted her son.

“Morning Mom,” he replied sheepishly.

“Something wrong Tim?”

“Nah, just didn’t sleep too well. How bout you?”

“I slept like a rock,” she answered, tipping her cup up to hide the tiny smile playing on her lips.

It was true; she had slept like a rock. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d slept so well. Now all she had to do was get through the day without acknowledging what took place in the bathroom. She was pretty sure that Tim wouldn’t bring it up. Judging by the way he avoided looking her in the eyes, she was sure he was feeling rather embarrassed. If he did mention her standing there she’d just tell him she didn’t see anything. Plus she could chastise him for leaving the bathroom door open while he was showering. Problem solved. She rose and fetched the coffee carafe.

Timothy watched her walk over and pick up the carafe then turn and head toward the table. She poured herself another cup then leaned across the table to fill his cup. As she poured the top of her fluffy robe opened enough that Tim could see the swell of each breasts. He tried to avert his eyes before she caught him looking but didn’t quite make it. His face reddened when he noticed her staring at him. After sitting back down she asked if he had any plans for the day. When he told her he didn’t she asked if he wanted to hang out with her by the pool. He started to say no, but the demons whispered yes.

“Sure, that sounds like fun Mom,” poured out.

“Good. I’ve got some shopping to do first, but I should be done by two.”

Sarah finished her coffee and went to change. She could feel her sensitive nipples scrapping against the fabric of her robe as she headed to her bedroom. She knew her son had seen her breasts when she’d bent over. She also knew that she’d done it deliberately. What she was having trouble with was figuring out why she’d done it. Just like she couldn’t figure out why she had this overpowering urge to buy a new swimsuit, perhaps something a little more provocative than her standard two-piece. A chill crept down her spine as she brushed her short brown hair. Tim was still sitting at the table when she left.

The inflatable raft bobbed lazily as Timothy lay on his back staring up at the clear blue sky. His Mom had returned a short time ago and went straight to her room. He had set up a pitcher of iced tea on the patio table then grabbed the raft and lowered himself into the cool water. Getting on the raft was a lot harder than it had been when he was a kid. Hearing the sliding glass door to the patio open he turned his head and saw his Mother walking toward the pool. Normally she wore a two-piece outfit that left a lot to the imagination. What she was wearing now had his mouth drooping open and his eyes as big around as saucers. The slinky black suit’s top was two small triangles of fabric that barely covered her nipples, the white soft swell of her breasts spilling out on either side. When she turned to place her towel on one of the chaise lounges he could see her round firm ass cheeks. He couldn’t believe that she was wearing a thong. His trunks were suddenly getting uncomfortable in the groin area.

She turned and smiled at him, her soft brown eyes hidden behind the lenses of her large sunglasses. The look on his face and the growing bulge in his pants told her all she needed to know. The demons in the back of her mind giggled. She slipped out of her sandals and went to the corner of the pool to use the stairs. Her son’s eyes never left her as she wadded into the pool, going in only far enough for the water to crest over her chest. Once wet she stepped back out and laid down on the lounge with her towel under her. She couldn’t help but laugh when he tried to shift position and tipped the raft over.

Timothy swallowed a mouthful of water as he went under. When he surfaced he heard her laughter over his coughing. Making his way to the side of the pool he propped his arms on the edge and said very bursa sınırsız escort funny. This brought a new round of laughter from her so contagious that he couldn’t help but join in. His eyes lingered over her as he waited for the swelling in his pants to go down enough to safely get out of the pool. It took a while. Instead of hauling himself out over the side he used the stairs like she had done.

Sarah couldn’t help but admire his muscular body as he climbed out of the pool. He was so much like his Father when he’d been that age. He was tall, almost six-foot, with a lean and chiseled physique. His curly brown hair was plastered to his head and his bright green eyes, another gift from his Dad, sparkled with life. Her heart skipped a beat as he climbed out of the pool and headed her way. The closer he got, the more pronounced the tingling in her pussy became. She watched him stop and fill two glasses with tea then walk over to stand above her. He handed one to her but made no move to leave or sit down. She took the glass and sipped the tea. She could see his eyes roaming over her nearly naked body.

“Like my new suit?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“Yeah…it’s uh…it’s uh,” he stammered.

“It’s what?” she asked, feigning concern. “You don’t think I’m too old for it, do you?”

“God no! You look good in it. I mean like…Wow!” he managed to reply, the bulge in his pants returning.

“Thanks,” she whispered huskily, closing her eyes to block the sight of his bulging manhood.

The rest of the day went by too swiftly for both of them. Each had spent most of their time at the pool secretly admiring the other. Afterwards they’d changed, him in worn sweats and a t-shirt and her in cut-off jeans with an oversized man’s button down shirt. Dinner was ordered through the local pizza place, followed by an evening of watching television snuggled up against each other. Talk was kept to a minimum, each caught up in their own thoughts. Sleep was a long time coming for each of them as they lay in their beds trying to ignore the demons whispers.

Timothy slept well past noon. When he finally stumbled into the kitchen he found a note from his Mom. Some kind of mix-up at the office needed fixing. She wrote that she should be home in time for dinner, but wasn’t positive. A wave of relief washed over him. He knew he couldn’t see her in that swim suit again and not do something stupid. His thoughts about his Mother were spiraling out of control. The demons in his mind were constantly whispering suggestions to him. Suggestions so lewd and outrageous that he was sure he would lose his mind for even considering any of them. Instead of hanging around the house he went over to a friends. They ended up going clubbing later in hopes of getting lucky with the girls. By eleven Timothy was passed out on his friends couch while his friend snored on the floor in front of the TV.

Timothy started his workweek off with a hangover. He didn’t mind; he was just grateful that his schedule allowed him to avoid running into his Mother. It wasn’t that he didn’t love her. Quite the opposite, he loved her too much. He just didn’t trust himself around her. He would never be able to forgive himself if he did something to jeopardize their relationship. By mid-week the whispers died down in his head. When Friday rolled around they were silent.

Sarah lay in her bed with the door open listening to her son going about his normal routine. Since her husband’s death she’d been unable to sleep with the door closed. The only drawback to leaving it open was she had to be conservative in what she wore to bed. Even though he didn’t know it, she was aware that Tim always checked on her before he turned in for the night. She’d gotten used to sleeping with a nightlight on so he could see that she was okay. Most times he’d just stand in the doorway looking in, but occasionally he would come to the side of the bed, pull her covers around her shoulders and plant a dainty kiss on her forehead before leaving. This week had been no exception; only this week she’d been awake each time he’d done it. Tonight she’d do what she’d done all week; she would lie there pretending to be asleep. Only this time she would be almost naked under the covers. Her nipples grew stiff from anticipation as the demons whispered their excitement.

He finished his meal, put away his mess and retired to the front room. Tonight he drank a glass of wine instead of a beer. He didn’t bother turning the television on, he sat quietly sipping the wine and enjoying the silence around him. It felt good not having the demons whispering inside his head. For thirty minutes he slumped back on the couch sipping the wine and letting his tired muscles relax. Placing the empty glass on the coffee table he headed down the hall, but instead of checking on his Mother he decided to shower first. He let the hot water cascade over his body loosening his muscles even more than the wine had. Finished he dried off and wrapped the damp towel around his waist. He stepped out of the bathroom and started heading to his room for something to wear. For reason he couldn’t explain, he decided to check on his Mom first. The small glow of her nightlight grew brighter as he approached her door. When he reached the threshold he saw her lying on her side facing the door, the covers up around her shoulders. He smiled to himself, his heart filling with love. She looked so beautiful lying there.

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