Different Perspectives Ch. 10

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Returning readers know the score, go straight to the story, don’t pass Go and certainly don’t collect any money! We’re getting there.

For my new readers, and I hope there are some, please read this intro.

This is a series of exchanges written by an aunt and her eighteen year old nephew following them having sex. It looks at that incestuous relationship from both party’s perspectives, examining their doubts and concerns and their pleasure and thrills.

It is a complicated story and will be told in numerous parts. It is obviously advisable to start at Part 1 and read through each part savouring how their relationship develops and changes. However, for those unwilling to go back, each part does stand alone.

Thanks and enjoy



Even to my untrained youthful eyes I could see you’d become aroused. Your words belied your voice and body; whilst you complained and protested so the movement of your hips and the lack of conviction in your voice told me more than you could have realised.

I wasn’t into rape, I didn’t want to hurt you, well not badly but I did want to be forceful, I did want to be in control. I wanted to fuck you and fuck you hard, I wanted to degrade you, see you as a slut, a whore that was totally absorbed with cock. I wanted to see my aunt turn from being a moral icon to a cock loving bitch. I wanted to hold you down whilst your body spasmed in orgasm on my cock.

I was too lost in the moment to slow down, to become gentle. Besides, this wasn’t about gentle, this was about your sopping, dripping cunt taking every inch of my iron hard cock and about you doing anything I wanted.

“Please Matt, please fuck me, please fuck your aunty. Please Matt make me, your slut aunt cum. Please fuck me Matt.”

I smiled, I had you where I wanted you. I was in control, I was controlling you, the nephew was controlling the aunty the pupil the teacher!

“And you’re going to do anything I want aren’t you?……… “Aren’t you!!!!!!” I shouted to your silence.

“Fuck me, please fuck me” your reply was not what I wanted to hear.

“I said, you slut, you’re going to do anything I want aren’t you?” I pulled harder on your hair making your body push against me, my cock wedged snugly against the wet lips of your cunt and the sensitive nub of your clitoris. I sensed it was pleasure and pain mixed that you felt. “Interesting” I thought. But I had other plans, I was in charge and I wanted it to stay that way.

“Yes, yes Matt. Do whatever you want” your breath was rasping, “Make me your slut”.

“You are and I will” I grunted. With my face inches from yours I moved my lips and kissed you hard, without tenderness, just with a raw passion that I wanted to satiate. The force of the kiss and the strength of my tongue against yours took you by surprise and made you gasp, especially as my fingers pinched your left nipple hard at the same time.

I broke the kiss leaving our lips almost touching and looked you straight in the eyes. I could see in them your need and desire to be fucked.

“You’re going to do at anytime anything I want, firstly you are going to suck my cock you whore” I kept my voice even and calm, you couldn’t move with me on top of you but my slow grinding of my hips ensured my almost painfully hard cock continued to agitate your sensitive cunt.

“No Matt, please don’t do that, fuck me but not that please” your eyes were imploring but I was getting far too much pleasure out of dominating you.

Taking a firmer grip of your hair I snarled, “No you dirty bitch, I know you love this, you love being a dirty slut and you are going to suck my cock AREN’T you?” Another pinch of your nipple, combined with your head pulled firmly against the floor by your hair and a thrust of my hips against your cunt seemed to get the message through.

I wanted to make you totally submissive to me and with a defeated “Yes” from you I knew I had achieved it.

In a swift movement I moved from between your thighs to straddling your chest with my knees under your armpits. My cock hard and glistening along the underside, the wetness from your aroused cunt, the bulbous helmet smooth and an “angry” purple colour in a stark contrast from the paler skin of my shaft. All in all it was an imposing site as it bobbed a couple of inches above your lips.

My left hand was still entwined in your hair, gripping it on the crown of your head.

“Aunty is going to suck my cock, now open your mouth and take it!” I was trembling with excitement as I said those words and looked down at you. I could hardly believe I was saying them. I had no idea where they came from; I hadn’t really thought about them and I certainly hadn’t planned them, but as I said them, they made me feel good, in fact they made me feel fucking great.

Your eyes switched from looking at my cock to my eyes and then back again before hesitatingly your lips parted and with your tongue protruding you tentatively touched the end of my cock with the tip of your tongue.


I didn’t really want to görükle escort suck your cock. I was far too disorientated and aroused for performing fellatio. Truly good oral need calmness, patience, gentleness and tenderness. I didn’t have any of those attributes lying there, on the floor, still partially dressed having been totally and utterly demeaned and abused both physically and emotionally. On top of that I had nearly been raped.

The terrifying truth of the situation was that I was enjoying it. Every aspect of it. I had enjoyed you being forceful, enjoyed you hurting me by pinching me too hard and pulling my hair. Enjoyed you forcing me into the most degrading positions, lying on my front, my shorts round my knees, my vest pulled down my chest, my pussy and tits on display. Enjoyed you calling me your slut and treating me like that, for that was what I was, I realised.

Lying there totally under your control, I suddenly had some clarity of thought.

I was a slut. I was a dirty bitch, a filthy, wanton cow. Alright, I complied with social conventions most of the time, but directly circumstances allowed, my true morals prevailed. That’s why I had been masturbating in my shower, that’s why I had led you on, that’s why I had been thrilled by seeing your erection and that is why I had fucked you in the first place. It was also why my heart pounded when you called me names and took control and that was why I had and would again now, commit incest with my nephew. I was being punished for what I was.

Yes, deep down and when the situation was appropriate, I reverted to my real self. A slut, a dirty, no moraled, filthy bitch. Lying there dominated by you, I realised that in some ways I always had been. From losing my virginity, to being promiscuous at uni. From when I was attracted to women, which started in my own bedroom at home with my sister, your mother. From the times I had cheated on lovers and the ways that when ‘in love’ I was up for anything. And it was due to this spasmodic history of sluttiness that made me know I was going to suck your young cock until I made it cum then let you shoot your spunk wherever you wanted.

It was also why when you had said, ‘You are going to suck my cock aren’t you?” I had said, “Yes.” And I meant it. I wanted to suck your youthfully virile cock, to give you pleasure, to obey you and be under your control. More of the slut came out in me by saying that ‘yes,’ for I revelled in the additional thought of being a mature, experienced MILF or was I a cougar, I wondered quite forgetting the difference. I thrilled at the idea of being willing to do anything you wanted. God what a total slut I thought.

As I licked your entire length I wondered where you would want to cum; on my face, my bum, my tits, my hair or in my mouth. I didn’t mind, all were available to you, but then they should be with a slut like your aunty shouldn’t they?

With you straddling my chest, the cheeks of your tight arse squashing my tits, your erection was vertical. From the position I was in, that meant I could lick up and down its length, but little else, so I grabbed it. God it felt wonderful.

“Oh Matt, you are so hard, so quickly,” I groaned pulling it almost horizontal and lifting my head.

“You like it, you like young cock do you?”

“Yes,” I breathed licking its slightly wet tip.

“Old sluts always want young cock and you are no exception, are you aunty?”

“No,” I whimpered, half excited, but half ashamed at the realisation and at your words.

I put my lips round the big bulge at the end of your cock. It was hot and smooth, it was also damp. I took it further in and then started rhythmically sucking it in as far as it would go and almost taking it out. I was providing you with a surrogate cunt and you responded by meeting my rhythm with your hips. You started to fuck my face and I revelled in the sheer decadence of the situation. I had read about deep throating, but couldn’t really work out what it involved so I could only take about half your glorious length into my mouth.

As you fucked my face, so you talked to me. I couldn’t of course reply, but that didn’t matter. The combination of: the sheer sordidness of our position on the floor of my lounge, me as good as naked, you completely nude, you dominating and demeaning me, me sucking your cock, you fucking my face and the commentary you were making was awesome.

“Suck my cock, bitch.”

“I am going to cum all over you.”

“You are such a dirty bitch, a fucking whore really.”

“Old sluts like you want young cock, you’re like a bitch in heat for my cock aren’t you?”

“You like fucking kids don’t you? I’m too old really, I bet you’d like a younger one wouldn’t you?”

“Only dirty bitches like you commit incest.”

“I bet you fuck women as well don’t you?”

I didn’t answer.

“Don’t you? Answer me cow.”

I looked up.

“You like sex with women don’t you?”

I didn’t reply,

“Don’t you,” you went on tugging my hair. I continued sucking, hoping you eskort bayan would change tack. That was a forlorn hope. As with most men when they get a hint of girl on girl action their interest hits fever pitch. You shook my head and pinched and turned my nipple, very hard.

I took your, now pulsating cock nearly out of my mouth to murmur.


“I knew it. Filthy old cows like you like women, you fucking lesbian,” you snarled ramming your cock deep into my mouth making me gag.

We restarted the rhythm of you fucking my face and talking.

“You must have fucked loads of women, haven’t you? Nod or shake your head.”

I shook it.

“Four or more?”

I lied, by shaking my head.


I nodded, now stopping taking your cock right in and instead focusing on the bulge on the end and using the tip of my tongue on the hole.

“Oh fuck that’s good, that’s really good,” you moaned. “So you’ve fucked three women have you?”

I nodded.

“Liking women and incest, I bet you’ve fucked your precious daughter, haven’t you?”

That was too far, I went to take you out and started protesting, but you grabbed my hair and shoved yourself right back in me.

“And I bet you and mum have fucked haven’t you?”

I managed to shake my head, but it was a shake without conviction.

“I bet you would like to, though, she’s got big tits like you, I’ve seen them.”

We were now well back into the rhythm and I could feel you were getting near.

“Where do you want to cum Matt? On my tits, my face or in my mouth?”


I didn’t know where I wanted to cum, I just knew I was on that wonderful journey that ends with my balls contracting and a myriad of explosions rocking from my groin through my hips and then deep on into my torso. Somewhere in the distance my mind was evaluating what was happening and what had happened.

“Fuck!” It was a far away thought but nevertheless it was there “Fuck! This is my aunty, this is aunt Catherine, she loves it! She’s a slut a total slut for sex!” I didn’t really understand how a woman could seem to be respectable, yet have so few morals as far as sex was concerned. I hadn’t really got into the concept of ‘A lady in the drawing room, a whore in the bedroom.’

My next words were just an echo of my thoughts.

“You love this.” It wasn’t a question but a statement of fact. “You really love this!” These weren’t sexual words like I’d fired at you before, they were, I guess, more of a “Boom” realisation. That moment of pure clarity when you see things as they really are.

“You are actually a slut, a sexual whore who loves cock! Aren’t you? Tell me!”

“Yes,” you gulped. Your eyes didn’t leave my cock for a second as you continued to lick along its underside whilst your right hand rhythmically worked up and down the smooth blood filled shaft. The tingling sensations, as your tongue slid along my young cock, were like small electric shocks. My cock glistened in the soft light from the wet coating of your saliva.

“Yes, you’re a slut, a slut for cock. My slut aunt.” As I said those words, your eyes at last raised to meet mine.

You managed to mumble something, I made you repeat it.

“You don’t understand Matt.”

“What don’t I understand?”

“How people can be different when aroused and in a sexual situation to how they normally are,” you said pausing, but still holding my cock prfessed against your lower lip. You went on. “Look at yourself and see how you have changed.”

With so little experience I couldn’t get my head round the fact that ‘grown ups’ could be so proper and self-righteous in normal, non-sexual situations, yet be so squalid in the bedroom. How they could have standards and morals when dressed and be so base when naked and having sex. I didn’t understand the ‘whys and wherefores,’ but I was beginning to see that it was the case and that made me think ‘Fuck she’s right, I’m not like this normally, it’s just ‘cos I’m aroused.’ Bloddy hell this growing up lark is fucking complicated isn’t it?

By leaning back and slightly to my left, I found I could keep my cock hovering and bobbing over your lips whilst my right hand stroked effortlessly over your bristled pubic mound. Your pussy lips parted easily as my fingers moved towards your most private of places. The heat and wetness of your cunt was testimony to how much you loved being subjugated, dominated and the truth of the slut you were revealed so graphically.

As my second and third fingers found your sopping wetness, so I curled them in, and with one flowing movement sunk them into you right up to my knuckles. Immediately I felt your hips rise to meet me. I pushed them further and the heel of my palm pressed against your clit bringing an instant groan from you. I pressed harder, you pushed back more firmly and groaned more deeply.

“You like that Cat?” I asked forgetting the slut thing and instead feeling a surge of tenderness towards you.

Your answer was to take the bulbous altıparmak escort head of my cock deep into your inviting mouth. I could feel your tongue rap itself around my shaft as your hand pumped harder and faster. It was fucking awesom

“Oh fuck yes. Don’t stop, please, please don’t stop!”

All thoughts of the ‘game’ of domination had gone, all pretence that I was controlling you had vanished. There was now only one thing directing and controlling you and that was the same thing which was doing that to me, lust and sexual desire. I certainly wanted more of that as I strongly suspected you did as well.

I was getting the message, understanding the rules, actually realising there are no rules. Well not between a couple when they are fucking. It was anything goes, the wild west comes to the bedroom. Oh my fucking lord was I enjoying becoming an adult.

The tips of my fingers stroked the spongelike, soft front wall of your wet cunt, the movement of your hips causing my fingers to slide in and out in a fucking motion. I probed and delved as your pubic bone gyrated against my palm, teasing and working against your clit.

More moans came from you, which, together with the flow of warm wetness coming from your cunt, told me you were very close! That really pleased and thrilled me. That I, a mere kid, could force myself on you with such a strong effect that not only had I managed to get you to accept me near raping you, but also I was near to making you cum for the umpteenth time. We were so in this together, that at that moment I fell in love with you.

“Oh Cat, I love this, I love you,” I moaned softly stroking your face.

It was with a slight slurp and a throaty voice that you quietly said

“You haven’t told me where!”

“Huh?” I was slightly lost in the sensations that were roaring through me. Also the way my mind had changed direction and how I was focused on ‘being in love’ confused me.

“Where do you want to cum?” You reminded me, bringing me back to earth as you continued. ” Shall I make you cum on my tits? Over my face? Or in my mouth?” There was a mischievous sparkle in your eyes as you asked the question. A sparkle that said you were now in control, but that no longer mattered for it was our bodily needs that were the real controller.

The tightness in my balls increased a notch at hearing you talk about where I should cum, my breathing was ragged and I was so close and god it felt good what you were doing to me.

“Your tits, I want to cum on your tits


As I wanked you, as you plundered my cunt, as I sucked you and as you mentally and physically abused me, my mind was in a complete whirl. On one level it was in sync with my body; totally aroused. Yet on another, it was still evaluating and analysing just what was going on, what had been going on during this amazing afternoon and now evening and what was likely to go on later. The mood changes amazed me. From you naiveness and shyness at first, through your inquisitiveness to you acceptance stage, thyen on to your dominance and now to a feeling of partnership.

That we had gone beyond all reasonable boundaries of sex, there was no doubt. It was the why that was the question?

Sure, I liked sex, but I had never gone this far.

Sure, I was prepared to extend the boundaries of my sexual thinking and experiences, but I hadn’t realised I would be breaking down so many boundaries yet alone so many taboos.

Yes, I’d had slight submissive tendencies before, but never to the point where I wanted to be as abused, demeaned, degraded and downright emotionally trodden on as I had with you.

And all this was with a kid, my nephew, my sister’s son who I had cradled as a baby and had seen grow up. Was that why? Was it because I was the experienced one, the person supposedly directing events, the leader and the teacher? Was that why I had gone this far? Was there some perverse logic that changed me from being in control to being totally under your control? Was there something that happened when I had got what I wanted, seducing you, that made me then want to compensate by submitting myself to your wants? Fuck knows.

I couldn’t help asking myself, though, was that why I had done all these things with you and were still doing them? Was that why I was lying on my lounge floor, my sleeping vest and shorts still on my body, but pulled down and to one side so that all my womanly places were exposed and available to you, as I sucked your cock and rode on the three or four fingers you had wedged up my cunt?

Were these all the reasons or part of the main reason? Were they? Or are they just excuses, not reasons? Was the main reason that simply I was a slut? A slag with no real, other than social conditioning, standards and morals? Or maybe I was a truly sexually liberated female, at least in the privacy of my home in the company of an eighteen year old? Maybe I truly did embrace the ‘lady in the drawing room the slut in the bedroom’ concept. Fuck me it was complicated.

As I sucked your cock I momentarily forgot who you were, I forgot who I was, I forgot about our relationship, your tit of a father and my sister. All that mattered was us, our bodies and most critically the cock that was in my mouth; everything else seemed to fade into irrelevance compared to that.

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