Dinner Time!

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Wellesley called up her father to say she was staying the night at her best friend’s house. She gave him their number in case of an emergency. After she hung up, she went into the living room to find her friend, Sidney, watching ‘When Harry Met Sally.’

Wellesley was cute. She was around 5’7, only at age nineteen, with brown wavy hair and dark brown eyes. Her complexion was great but what everyone found most attractive was her 36C set of breasts and her long tan legs. Sadly, she hardly dated. She might have had two boyfriends at the most when she had been seventeen.

She looked over at Sid, smiling brightly at her, for no reason. She was glad she could spend time with her. “Come sit by me!” Sid said with a content expression on her face.

Wellesley walked over and sat a little closer than she expected to Sid. Since they were close friends, Well’s hoped Sid didn’t mind. Sid put her head down on Wellesley’s shoulder and they continued to watch until the end of the movie never moving.

“I’m going to go hit the bed.” Sid started, ” I’m so tired and if you want, you can stay and watch TV or we can talk. Either one is cool with me.”

Sid left and Well’s walked to the kitchen to find a glass of water. She then headed to Sid’s room. Well’s almost walked in, but saw Sid’s door was ajar and she could see her naked body. Well’s was amazed at how quickly she was turned on by a woman’s body. Sid has a toned body and perfect curves. Well’s thought dirty thoughts unconsciously and she smiled at the vision of sucking 38C tits in her head. Well’s excused herself to the bathroom and ran the water.

She pretended she was about to take a shower. She took off her clothes and looked fully at herself in the mirror. She was okay with what she saw, but she wished she were as pretty as Sid. Putting a leg on the counter, she looked at her own pussy in the mirror. She became turned on when she saw some wetness and it convinced her she wanted to watch herself masturbate. She touched herself a little bit and decided it would be sexier to do it in the shower. She bent over and made sure the water was hot. She was startled when Sidney accidentally walked in.

“Oh my gosh, I didn’t know you were in here!” Sid exclaimed.

“I’m so sorry, Welles…..Wellesley.” Sid had caught herself staring at her friend’s body.

Wellesley was extremely turned on now that Sid had seen her fully naked and had an urge to görükle escort bayan masturbate in front of Sid if she didn’t leave soon. “Um…Sidney.”

Well’s was surprised that Sid’s eyes never left her tits and her pussy. She was thanking god that she shaved before she came here. Since Well’s figured Sidney was admiring her, she made a move to step forward.

Sid stopped her and said, “Don’t move, please.” Well’s became confused and suddenly stopped walking forward. She asked Sid, “Why?” and Sid couldn’t speak. She couldn’t stop staring at Well’s and wondered why she hadn’t become aware of her before like this. “I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable,” she lastly said very softly.

“Oh, well then in that case I’ll leave. You can have the shower. Guess you don’t want this.”

She smiled wickedly while pointing to her pussy. Sid had to say something. Finally, Sidney made up her mind and smiled back, “I’m thinking I wanna hit that.”

They laughed and settled down a few minutes later realizing they were still standing next to each other naked. Well’s had never been so forward in her life, yet found some guts to put her leg back on the counter. Sidney’s mouth dropped and saw a wide-open wet pussy. Well’s ignored Sid’s facial expression. Soon, she just closed her eyes. She bravely put a hand between her legs and felt her wet spot growing. She wanted to masturbate with Sid watching. She rubbed herself to get her going and flicked her finger over her clit. It sent a little jolt through her spine and she loved it. She kept playing with it and making small thrusts toward the air while she put pressure over her sensitive areas.

When she felt she was wet enough, which didn’t take long, she stuck a finger in and gasped. She was so horny and so wet for Sid. She thought of lesbian images going through her head. She thought of girls sucking tits, groping, eating out pussies and grinding into each other. She wanted all of that NOW! Well’s kept fingering herself, moving her own body, to meet her fingers thrusting into her own pussy. She flicked and fucked herself harder when she felt the first signs of an orgasm coming. Surprised she felt warm lips on her mouth, kissing her with the softest touch. Puffy lips tasted so good to her and she opened her mouth to invite Sid in. Soon they were tongue fucking each other and Sid kept touching Well’s body as much as she could. bursa otele gelen escort Sid fondled and stroked Well’s tits and a low moan came from both of them at the same time.

They liked it and Well’s broke the kiss when she had to gasp and moan very loudly, with “Oh, yes! God… c’mon baby… oh… oh… ahh… mm”

She stuck two fingers into her and moved them fast within her walls. She was so wet and she could easily slide them in and out of her pussy like a cock. She took them out and let her orgasm reach her. She shook and had to slide down to the floor in order to still feel herself, yet feel immense pleasure. She was smiling away. She spread her legs out far for Sid to see how wet a pussy could get. Sid placed her fingers on Well’s cunt and got some cum on her fingers. She put her fingers in her mouth and tasted Well’s cum. She tasted yummy- almost like sprite. After Sid tasted it, she placed a deep kiss on Well’s only because she wanted Well’s to taste herself Sid helped Well’s up and took her to her room.

She lied Well’s down on the bed and admired her delicious body.

“I didn’t think we’d be spending tonight like this, but hey- I’m not complaining!”

Well’s smiled and took Sid’s hand to soon feel it holding her tit. Sid squeezed and played with it and then stopped. She wanted to be closer. Sid adjusted herself on top of Well’s, bodies pressing together and Well’s wet pussy touching Sid’s stomach. Sid placed her mouth on Well’s nipple and sucked it. Soon her mouth was all over, kissing, licking, sucking, biting Well’s tits. She moaned while sucking them letting Well’s know they tasted good. Well’s was back to touching herself and Sid would not have that. Sid turned around, sticking her pussy in Well’s face while her mouth was already touching and kissing pussy. Well’s moved her head forward and then stuck her tongue out so she could reach Sid’s pussy. She licked Sid’s pussy and found it really wet.

She was happy. She took her hands and put them on Sid’s ass to make her pussy come closer. She wanted it to be like a make out session with Sid’s pussy. She lapped her up and placed her tongue deep within Sid causing Sid to moan and thrust into her face. Well’s felt Sid’s mouth all over, licking and sucking her pussy. Her pussy was already doing unconscious thrusts towards Sid’s mouth and Sid slipped her tongue over sensitive bursa escort bayan spots that made

Well’s jolt and make noises like, “Ahh… this feel so-o-o-o-o-o g-o-o-o-d!!! Oh Sid, fuck me… please! Taste my pussy!! You like that?”

Sid responded by sticking a finger in Well’s cunt while still sucking her clit. On the other side, Well’s was very much into eating Sid out. Well’s thrusted her tongue in and out of Sid’s pussy and flicked her tongue for a few seconds just right over her most sensitive spot. Well’s took her time and made sure Sid would have a great big orgasm. A few minutes later, Well’s felt Sid’s orgasm coming, after all that tongue and fingering, she hoped it would come! Sid’s body started shaking every time Well’s slid her tongue in Sid’s pussy. Well’s removed her mouth and put in two fingers into Sid’s pussy.

“Ohhh!! Well’s! Fuck me hard baby, do it…I need this!”

Well’s rammed her fingers in Sid’s pussy and even stretched Sid by putting in a third. She finger fucked Sid and right before Sid’s orgasm, Well’s removed her fingers and placed her mouth there and only licked her clit.

Sid’s orgasm came, “Fuck…Well’s!! I’m cumming! Ahh… oh… oh yah… oh god… yes!”

Instead of stopping, Well’s kept sucking and licking Sid’s clit. Sid’s body shook so violently, Well’s had a bit of a hard time but kept up the licking. She wanted to torture Sid to bits and have her pussy as swollen as it could be. Another wave of pleasure washed over Sid and her pussy was moving everywhere in Well’s mouth. Well’s thrusted her pussy into Sid’s mouth and wanted to have that same feeling. Sid placed her mouth over Well’s pussy and sucked it hard. She flicked her tongue hard and rubbed the clit with her fingers.

“Fuck me too…Sid…please!”

Sid understood and placed two fingers in Well’s clit. She did the same thing Well’s had done a few seconds ago, but changed the pace at random times. Sid took her fingers out and rubbed Well’s clit one more time before sticking her tongue as far as it could go in Well’s pussy. She kept her tongue in there and wiggled it around, feeling Well’s soaking wet pussy. Before seconds, Well’s had screamed out she was cumming and her body went nuts against Sid’s mouth and fingers. Sid had licked her up clean and turned herself around to meet Well’s face to face. She leaned down and kissed Well’s with cum-covered lips. She kissed her with force and yet so much passion. They held each other for a long time after the kiss and decided they wanted to see each other more.

“You were fantastic Sid!”

Well’s smiled at her new lover and sarcastically Sid replied, “You started it, although you were a mighty good dinner! I’m thinking that’s my new

favorite meal on the chart.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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