Disciplining Dad

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“Don’t be afraid to touch him, he is just man.”

My mom said it very dismissively, but he wasn’t just a man. He was my father.

My dad had been doing the dishes earlier that night, but my mom came in later and found a set that were sitting uncleaned. The counter had not been wiped, and there were crumbs and bits of food on the floor.

Consequences for my dad. Punishment.

Ever since I could remember, my dad had been pussy whipped by my mom. She was the dominant one in the family, and as I grew older it became more and more obvious that she ruled and he obeyed. And when she didn’t like something, he paid a price.

So here it was, the day after my 18th birthday. My dad had screwed up and my mom was about to punish him. She had told him to go in the back room, the room that had always been strictly off limits for me. But then she turned to me and said, “Elisa. You are 18 now. I think it is time you learned a bit how to deal with men. Come on. Let me show you a few things.”

My mom is 37, my dad is 38. They are both healthy and pretty good looking. My mom has always had guys on the side, mostly young ones. Boy toys, I think they are called. Guys I wouldn’t mind having as a boyfriend.

My dad is faithful to my mom, always has been, I was about to find out why.

Mom led me down the hall. We entered the forbidden room and I looked around curiously. It had a variety of weird stuff in it, most of which I didn’t recognize but I knew most of it was torture and bondage stuff. It was the most bizarre room.

There was no flooring– just the concrete foundation of the house. No tile, carpeting or anything. The walls were covered with some sort of rubber or padding, though there were places where heavy wood was exposed. Hooks, eye-rings, and pulleys were installed at different places on the walls and ceiling. The ceiling was covered with a material I didn’t recognize.

One thing was certain. The room was not made for comfort, but it was made to dampen and suppress noise.

The weirdest thing in the room was in the center of the concrete floor. A drain. And some inexplicable stains on the concrete.

My dad stood in the middle of the room, his clothes stripped off. It was the first time I had ever seen my dad completely naked and I gasped.

Where his cock should be was some sort of weird metal cage and a tiny padlock. His balls were bulging out underneath the contraption as if something was squeezing them.

Mom handed me a small key and said, “unlock him and take off his chastity cage.”

My dad was standing with his head down, staring at the floor, clearly humiliated.

I hesitantly took the key and went over to my dad. I reached out, taking the tiny lock on my dad’s genitals in one hand. I was trying very hard not to actually touch my dad’s genitals.

“Don’t be afraid to touch him, he is just man,” my mom admonished. “He’s nothing special. Just something to be used.”

I went ahead and grabbed the cage, unlocked it and wriggled it off of his cock. I didn’t know how it was put together so I think in the process of pulling and wriggling it off I messed up and hurt my dad, because he made a few noises. Like, grunts.

Blushing furiously, I finished removing the cage. In the process I had to touch my dad. Quite a bit, in fact. His cock. His balls.

Dad looked at my mom and almost whispered, “Please, Laura. Not with Elisa here.”

“OK then. Howard, you know that this punishment is for doing a very poor job of cleaning up tonight. But it is also sort of an initiation for our daughter here.” My mom was talking to my dad in a stern voice as she worked taking each of his arms and placing some leather buckled cuffs on them.

“She is a woman now, and will be joining me as a female adult in the house. You will obey and service her just as you have done with me. Do you understand?”

My dad was looking at me, his eyes fearful, his face red with embarrassment and humiliation. His mouth hung open slightly. “Yes, ma’am,” he said.

The wrist cuffs on, my mom took my dads wrists and fastened them to a chain that dangled from the ceiling. Pulling on the other end of the chain from where it hung on the side of the room, she raised my father’s arms up over his head.

“Elisa, go fetch those ankle restraints and put them on him, will you?” My mom said, pointing to two more cuffs on a table.

They were like the wrist restraints– leather, buckled, with some metal rings on them. I knelt next to my dad and wrapped one around his left ankle. It was perhaps the weirdest thing I had done in my life. Yet.

I slipped behind my dad (because I was still feel awkward about being near his cock and balls) and wrapped/buckled the second restraint on his right ankle. I didn’t quite understand what was going to happen, but I knew this was just the beginning.

My dad simply stood there, taking it, as my mom instructed me.

“Here, take this and clip it onto his left ankle cuff.” She handed me a chain that was laying on görükle escort bayan the floor. One end was locked to a heavy metal eyelet that was screwed into the concrete floor.

I took the free end and clipped it to dad’s left ankle restraint. Mom did the same with the left.

The chains were positioned far enough apart they pulled dad’s feet apart, maybe two feet. The floppy protruding flesh of his cock and balls dangled down helplessly. I couldn’t help but look now. I stared.

Dad’s cock was pretty big, actually. It was uncut, but he must have been getting erect because the head was protruding pretty clearly. His ballsack was distended (it was hot in the room, I found out later my mom kept the A/C vents closed in that room). Dad was sweating, maybe because it was hot, but I think it was partly fear and embarrassment and stress.

Mom pulled the chain that ran up to a ceiling pulley and down to dad’s wrists. His wrists went up higher, lifting him up higher until he legs were pulled apart further and his toes just barely touched the concrete under him.

As I watched my dad being pulled up I began to appreciate him as a man– his stretched body showed his lean body, his muscles and further exposed his genitals. He’s a sexy guy, and I was noticing it really for the first time. That made me feel very, very strange.

Mom joined me where I leaned against the wall and was observing. We both leaned back and looked at my dad, stretched out in bondage before us. His head had fallen backward between his raised arms and he was staring at the ceiling– perhaps because he couldn’t face me.

“Quite a sight, isn’t it?” Mom said after a moment. “A helpless man, tied and stretched before us. Ready to receive whatever punishment we determine is deserved. Completely at our mercy.”

My dad actually sobbed right at that moment, gasping a bit. He had heard my mom.

“Let’s begin, shall we?” Mom suddenly said. She guided me to a table and took a six foot length of heavy twine and handed it to me.

“Wrap this around his balls.”

“What? I… how?”

“Come on, I will show you.”

We went over to the guy that was also my father. Mom knelt on one knee and grabbed my dad’s scrotum firmly in her hand. He grunted.

“Take his balls firmly. Pull them down. Then take one end of the rope and begin wrapping the flesh just above the balls. Like this.”

She wrapped the twine around his scrotum a few times, then undid it and handed it back to me. “You try.”

I got on one knee and reached out. The second my hand touched my dad’s scrotal flesh he jerked and moaned. It wasn’t that it hurt, I think it was just the humiliation and stress of having his daughter touch him down there for the first time.

“Don’t hesitate. Get in there and grab him.”

“Well, I don’t want to.. I mean, these are sensitive, right?”

Mom laughed. “We aren’t here to make him feel comfy. We are here to hurt him. That’s the point. It doesn’t matter if it hurts. Grab him.”

At this she grabbed his balls and squeezed as an example. Dad grunted and cried out. “Ahhha!”

I took a breath and did the same. Grabbed his balls (not as hard as my mom) and pulled down, stretching them slightly. The twine went around the stretched scrotal flesh just above his balls in my hand. Round and round.

“Tighter,” mom said.

“I don’t want to cut off the blood,” I said.

“First of all, you won’t. Second, even if you did, tough. He would heal. And last, the point here is you want to stretch his balls out and down, making them bulge– tight in his ballsack. We are going to be attaching some electrodes to him and we want a nice smooth surface for contacts that is right next to his testicles.”

Oh. I understood better now. Torturing my dad literally meant we would be torturing my dad.

The twine must have gone around his ballsack flesh 50 times before I ran out, and his balls were bulging out of the bottom, shiny and tight.

“Oh good job,” mom said. “Now.”

She pulled out a small device. It fit in the palm of her hand and had wires coming from it.

“This is a TENS,” she said. “No idea what that stands for, but it gives electric shocks. Continuous, cycled, whatever. It’s designed for medical use, ironically, for pain relief in muscles. But when attached to a sensitive area of the body, like the balls…”

Mom grinned with a rather evil look. My eyes were big and I was beginning to get just how serious this all was. I was also really fascinated by it.

My dad had always been such a wimp. A sissy. Seeing him tied up and ready to have pain administered to him was weird, but it also seemed vaguely right. I thought about his wriggling in those chains and was thinking, “Seems like the right thing for him. He’s such an amazing wimp, he should be wriggling around.”

“Can I put them on?” I asked.

“That’s my girl,” mom responded, smiling. Put one of these sticky pads on each of his bulgy balls. Make sure they are completely on, and… altıparmak eskort wait. Here.”

She got a tiny tube of something. “Conductive jell. It helps make sure we have good contact.”

My dad was actually breathing sort of heavily. I think it was just from the situation, he can’t have been in much pain yet.

Taking his distended and bound scrotum in hand, I smeared on a bit of the slimy conductive jell. All over his balls. It felt good. I was losing my feeling of awkwardness and embracing the idea that I was actually going to torture my dad. I was getting excited.

The electrode pads went on, and I made sure they were firmly in place. Pressing on them also meant pressing on dad’s balls, and he moaned and said, “Please, Elisa… have mercy. Please don’t do this.”

It felt really, really good to hear my dad beg. I didn’t understand why, but it just did.

My mom produced something unexpected. “OK, those are positive electrical contacts, but whenever you have a positive node, you need a negative or ground line. These two black wires match the white ones you attached to his balls.”

She took the two black wires and plugged them into the base of a metal butt plug. Yes, I knew what a butt plug was. I am 18, but I’ve been around enough I have actually worn a couple of butt plugs in my life.

This one was metal though, and she smeared it with the conductive jell, which also seemed like a great lube (and yes, I know about lube, too).

“Shove this up his ass.”

OK, that got me. I went around to his backside, and his ass cheeks were there and I just couldn’t bring myself to try and spread them. After staring for a moment, mom came around and said, “I get it. You will get better with practice but for now let me help.”

She grabbed his buttocks with two hands and pulled them apart. She dug her fingers in hard to get a hold of them, because dad was squeezing them shut.

“Get it in there!” She said, “before I lose my grip!”

I panicked and rammed that ass plug up inside that tiny hole. It was hard at first but suddenly it just slid in with a slight sucking glop noise. My dad let out another grunt.

“Laura, please, don’t involve Elisa in this. Please spare me. I will keep the kitchen spotless–“

“Shutup Howard,” mom said. “I don’t care about the kitchen. That’s just an excuse to allow Elisa to put you through your paces. She’ll be doing this more and more from now on.”

I thought my dad would actually start crying at that. He’s such a fucking crybaby. My feelings toward him were plummeting even as this was going on.

All wired up now, my dad hung from the ceiling, awaiting his fate. He had pulled his head forward and was looking at me now with a mix of fear and disappointment, as if I was betraying him.

“You stupid fucking wuss,” I said finally. “You’ve let mom degrade and step on you your entire life and now I am going to do it too.”

Mom held the small TENS unit and showed me a bit how to operate it.

“There are different presets. The go through different kinds of cycles of on and off shocks. I choose setting 15 a lot of the time, it’s a cycle that lasts about 5 seconds, the voltage peaks then subsides, then comes back 5 seconds later. Continuously. This here it the peak voltage level, it goes to 100, but I usually keep it around 30 or 40. That seems to be enough to turn him into jelly.”

She pushed some buttons, and cranked the display up to 50. “We’ll try this. Now, this here is the time. We will set it for two hours. You and me can go out and watch a movie while Howard suffers in here.”

“No, please! Laura, not two hours! Oh god. Please, no!” Dad was really scared.

“Look at that,” I said, pointing at his cock. It was erect. Dad was actually pretty damn big when he got hard.

“Yeah, strange isn’t it? He’s about to get two hours of continuous torture, enough to make most spies give up their country’s deepest secrets, and he’s got a hard on. Fucking pervert.”

She pushed a button and dad’s entire body tensed. He emitted a short gurgling cry, “aaghghhhhhhh”. He began struggling in his bondage for the first time, straining against it.

“So, what does it feel like,” I asked my mom.

“Well, it has several feelings.” Dad was continuing to writhe around, but I could begin to see the cycle the machine was putting out. He’d relax a bit and breathe and then cry out again, pulling and struggling, then relax…

“First of all, most electrical shocks feel sort of like a vibration. But when they get cranked up high enough, the vibration becomes very intense, sort of like someone ramming burning hot needles into the contact point. That’s a sharp pain that can get quite bad.”

She stepped close to dad where he was writhing in his continuous cycle of pain.

“Because the contacts are on his testicles, here, there is an added pain though. These little globs of flesh really are sensitive. From what he and others have told me, the electrical nilüfer escort shock creates a deep pain that runs from his balls all the way through his hips, bad enough he can actually get nauseous.”

Mom grinned and skipped around to the back of my dad’s dangling body. “Oh, and come look at this! The pain from shocks occurs mostly at the entry and exit point, so his ass is also getting a nice electrical reaming right now.”

She pulled his buttocks apart and I could see dad’s anal sphincter contracting convulsively against the metal plug. He was trying to expel it, but then when the shock got to it’s worst the muscles would contract and pull it back in.

“Let’s go watch a movie, huh? How about Below Her Mouth? Been wanting to see that.”

Dad was dangling, jerking and writhing and crying as we left him. Tears were literally beginning to flow down his cheeks as he struggled to cope with the continuous cycle of pain in his balls and ass.

And his incredibly hard cock bounced as he struggled.

Mom closed the door behind us so we wouldn’t have to listen to dad screaming for us. “Sometimes I like to listen to him, but I don’t want it interfering with our movie,” she commented.

We sat and drank mimosas and watched the movie, which was incredibly hot. It was about an engaged girl who falls for a really hot lesbian girl and they have an affair, and she eventually leaves the guy and ends up with the hot lesbian.

It was weird. While we were watching, mom actually reached under her pants and was rubbing herself. I’d never seen her do that before.

Anyway, the movie was shorter than two hours, and when it was over we got up and went in to check on how dad was doing.

He was still right where we left him. And he was still writhing, though less than before. I think he was simply exhausted. Tears had streaked his face but were dried. He was moaning and gasping and shaking his head.

His cock was still hard.

“Look,” I said, pointing to something on the floor. Underneath him were spots a strip of small blobs of white stuff. At first I thought it was some of the conductive jell that had spilled but mom squashed that thought.

“Yeah. He came. Ejaculated. Twice, from the looks of it. He hates the torture, and yet he has learned over the years to associate sexual satisfaction with the pain. It can actually make him cum.”

She laughed. “Now you know why we have a drain in here. Body fluids. All sorts.”

Dad was looking at both of us with a pained, agonized expression. “Please Laura. Plleeeaassee Elisa. Please stop this! God, it hurts so bad, the entire lower half of my body as in agony! God, please put an end to this.”

My mom then did something very unexpected.

“I want to show you something,” she said to my dad.

She then stood directly behind me and reached around and unbuttoned my top, removing it. She then undid my bra and slid it off as well. I was standing topless before my naked father, who was hanging from the ceiling writhing in pain that I had set up for him.

Mom reached around and held my breasts in her hands. My dad stared at them.

“Do you see these? You’d like them, wouldn’t you?”

Her fingers tickled my nipples. I swear, I never expected this, but we had just watched that incredibly hot lesbian movie that had gotten me soaking wet. It felt good having her pinch my nipples and caress my breasts.

My father jerked again, feeling the rising peak of another shock, moaned and cried out, almost screaming, but then relaxed and stared at my breasts again.

“And this. You’d like to do this, wouldn’t you?”

Mom slid her hands over my flat stomach to my jeans, undoing the top and zipping down. Her fingers reached down inside, wriggling all the way down until she felt how wet I was.

“Oh, Howard. She’s wet. Look!”

She pulled her hand out and showed it to my dad, who had tensed and thrown his head back in pain, but never took his eyes off my mother’s glistening finger tips.

It had felt really, really good when she had touched me.

“Well, she’s going to be here for a few years yet. She’ll be in college next year, and have her own boyfriend. Or girlfriend. And you will never, ever be able to touch this.”

My dad choked and gurgled as my mom slipped her hand inside my pants again, massaging my clit. Oh god, it felt good. I wanted her to do me like the girls in that movie. I had forgotten this was my father, that my mother was behind me rubbing my clit. I just wanted to feel her fingers make me cum, and watch that guy writhe in pain as it happened.

And it did. I came. I shuddered, my legs spread a bit, I gasped, and she rubbed me hard, pulling the orgasm from me, one hand between my legs, the other on my breast, and her lips on my neck.

As I collapsed against my mom after the glow of climax faded, my dad made an especially weird gurgling scream and his cock bounced. White stuff dripped from the end and puddled on the floor beneath him.

“Fuck, the pervert came again.” Mom sounded disgusted. I was just trying to grasp the fact that my mom had just masturbated me to an orgasm. Another first in my life.

She left me to get covered up and went over to the TENS unit. She turned it off. Dad sort of collapsed in his bonds and started crying.

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