Dixon Abernathy

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Big Tits

The Autumn breeze was cool and crisp as Dixon Abernathy jogged along the road that led back to his house. His sweatshirt was keeping the chill off, but wouldn’t be very effective for much longer. At 28, he was more fit than he thought he’d be, mainly because he was an exercise junkie. He didn’t eat particularly healthy, but the love of running took care of most of that. His days were filled with the jargon of a low paid attorney, as a slave at the Jacobson Law Firm, and his nights were filled mostly with movies, outdoor soccer events for his niece, or a rare trip to the club with his friends.

This morning though, was about a beautiful woman he’d met a few weeks earlier at his niece’s soccer game, and the shower was already calling his name. He did his usual routine: shower, shave, aftershave, deodorant, brush his teeth, dress. He chose something casual, jeans and a dress shirt under a light sweater. He picked a shade of blue that matched his storm colored eyes and combed his jet black hair until he was satisfied it was as good as he was going to get.

Packing his briefcase-because he never left home without it-he grabbed his Iphone, coffee and keys, and headed for his car. Sitting behind the wheel of his 2002 Jeep Wrangler, he dreamed he was in the plush seats of a 2015 Chevy corvette, and then he started the engine and headed for the cafe he’d agreed to meet Dana Hendrix at.

The cafe was packed when Dana parked her car across the street. The morning rush, she assumed, and looked around for her date. If he was anything, he was certainly punctual, she thought when she spotted him coming towards her car. Her second thought was that he cleaned up extremely well, and man did she need to get laid.

Her hormones were already on overdrive before he’d even said… “Hello.” Inwardly she smacked herself on the forehead for being an idiot. Outwardly she smiled, blushed, and offered her hand in greeting.

Dixon had a moment to think that she was as nervous as a wet cat on a downed wire, before he took her hand and tucked it into his elbow. Leaning down he made her laugh when he said, “I promise I don’t bite, much.” Her chuckle sent a ripple of liquid lust straight to his toes, and only his mother’s constant badgering about chivalry had him walking her towards the cafe instead of his car. He took another look at her, and thought that she was beautiful. She didn’t have the classic roundness for gorgeous, but all in all the woman had points that seeped out of her pores, and added up to the whole package. She was close to his height of six feet, with legs that seems to never end. She’d covered them in a nice pair of lightweight capris, probably trying to snag the last feel of summer before the dead of winter set in. Her waist was slim, but not overly so, and her body left no doubt that she was definitely a woman. Her hair was long, curly and the shade of brown that would perfectly match the mahogany chest in his mothers bedroom.

“Do you take your coffee with a kick, or are you more of the flat, decaffeinated kind?” Dixon asked as he showed her in to the cafe. She smelled like Jasmine and his hormones jumped another notch.

“I definitely want kick. I figure I’ve got a good fifty years or so before I’ll need to tone it down to the flat, decaf.” Her smile showed nearly perfect, white teeth that could have modeled for one of those toothpaste commercials, and sent the blood humming in his veins when that smile reached her pretty green eyes.

Dixon ordered two caramel mochiatto coffees, with extra whip and three shots of espresso. If that wasn’t enough kick for her, he’d met his match.

“Thank-you.” Dana said as she took a cautious sip of hers. The smooth slide of warm coffee combined with the liquid pull of the caramel flavored sugar, was exactly what Dana needed to relax and enjoy getting to know Dixon Abernathy.

“You’re welcome,” Dixon said, placing a warm hand over hers. He was moderately surprised when she turned her hand palm up and interlaced their fingers. Her eyes met his over their joined hands, and smiled.

The couple talked into the afternoon, window shopping downtown while they learned snippets of information about each other. Dana learned that Dixon was the baby in his family of four-he had an older sister, that he loved his parents very much, and that his dog, Jude, was of a young breed of dog called a Eurasier. Apparently he was a combination of a white wolf, Samoyed husky and a red chow-chow. Dana couldn’t wait to meet him.

“So?” she asked, waiting for Dixon to answer. She would have hopped up and down if it wouldn’t have made her seem like a kindergartener waiting for recess.

“Of course you can meet him,” Dixon said, watching her intently. She was still wide-eyed with excitement, “Now? You want to meet him right now?”

“Sure!” cosmic love france izle Dana said, her voice squeaking in anticipation, “I love dogs, and yours sounds amazing!”

Deciding that it couldn’t hurt to watch her move around his home with Jude, Dixon showed her back to his car, helped her into her seat and then went around to the drivers side. He drove the 15 minute drive in ten, trying to remind himself that this wasn’t the after date special. Still, he couldn’t help the serious feeling of anticipation that hung on him like a blanket.

As soon as the key turned in the lock, Dana could hear Jude barking. He greeted her at the door with plenty of loud barks, but when Dixon showed her in, Jude was more than happy to settle down for a little attention.

“Oh, you are gorgeous! Yes you are, you big strong boy!” Dana lavished the dog with attention, begging Dixon for a treat to feed him. Dixon obliged, and then showed her some tricks he’d taught Jude to do. Sitting a small treat on the tip of Jude’s nose, he pointed at the dog to sit still, and then he waited. Dana watched Jude just sit there, staring first at the treat and then at Dixon, as if begging him to release the treat. Finally Dixon snapped his fingers and Jude tossed the treat into the air and caught it neatly in his mouth, enjoying both the treat and the extra affection.

“Do you want the tour?” Dixon asked, making Dana’s insides jitter with that purely male aura he had going. He offered his hand, and when her fingers slid easily into his, he helped her stand. He showed her the downstairs first, explaining all about the upgrades he’d put in since buying the place. Following behind her up the stairs, Dixon couldn’t complain about the view. The woman had one fine ass. Dixon showed her the guest bedroom and bath, enjoying the way she practically purred with pleasure at the huge jetted tub.

“I could spend an entire day sitting in there.” Dana said, following Dixon into his bedroom. The atmosphere was different in this room, homier she supposed, because this was where the Dixon, that no one saw spent some of his time. When she peeked around the corner she groaned out a little pang of jealousy at his dual head shower, “I’ve wanted one of those for forever I think.” She turned to find him, and bumped into the solid wall of his chest.

“They are rather nice, especially if I’m in the mood to share,” Dixon said, his voice suddenly dark and beyond sexy. Before Dana could even formulate a proper response, her lips were being thoroughly assaulted. The edgy feeling in her stomach turned to waves of traitorous lust that sank it’s claws deep into her core. His mouth was like silk as he pressed against her mouth, his tongue begging her to open to him.

On a moan of pure female pleasure she met his tongue greedily with her own, and sank into the abyss of sexual arousal. She barely noticed that his hands had cupped her bottom and that her chest was now very close to his face because he was carrying her. Turning toward the bed, he laid her down gently, enjoying the giggles that floated out of her as she backed away from him. Snagging her ankle he simply pulled her back to him. He nearly groaned when she lifted her shirt to expose her gorgeous belly and supple breasts. Covered in a pink lace bra, Dixon thought he had to know what it was like to push her to peak. To feel the uncontrollable trembling of her body in climax. He’d work her up to it first, starting with those irresistible breasts.

Dana arched against him, feeling his big, warm hands slide up her body. When they cupped her soft breasts, she simply sank onto the mattress, a mass of relentless hormones that left no room for rational thought. His mouth found hers again, and feasted. She met him with equal abandon, loving the liquid fire that coursed through her veins. When his hand traveled down to her panties, the alarms in her head were mostly ignored, except for the ones that made her completely aware of the fact that she wanted to touch him, everywhere. She pulled his sweater off, and sent the buttons on his shirt flying. Even as she kissed his chest and ran a wet tongue over his hard nipples her hands tugged at the snap of his jeans.

Working his clothes down, Dixon couldn’t believe how intent she was on touching him. He’d never brought a woman like her home. Most of the women he brought home wanted their pleasure first, and barely considered his enjoyment worth their attention. Dana was all but begging him to take his clothes off. He watched her closely, enjoying the small sounds she made in her throat as her arousal only grew. Sitting on the bed by her in just his boxers, he ran a string of kisses along her cheek and neck, as his hand ran along her thigh.

Dana was so turned on she could have came before dahmer monster the jeffrey dahmer story izle he ever truly touched her, but her own arousal would only be satisfied in his pleasure. He hands reached for him, easily exposing his hardened erection. She ran her hand along the warm, smooth length of him, enjoying the low purrs of pleasure he made. Dana was so intent on him that she cried out in shock when his fingers found her center.

Dixon hadn’t thought it could get much better than having her give him a hand-job, until his fingers sank into the wet warmth of her. She was so incredibly hot and ready for him. She’d open for him, if he pressed his advantage, he was sure. At the moment though it felt so incredibly good just to touch her like this. The deeper he stroked her, the firmer her grasp on him. She slid her hand along his shaft, loving the feel of his head when her hand slid over it. She copied his rhythm and together they found a pattern that grew more and more intense with each simple touch.

Dana was so steeped in the way Dixon was making her feel, that the need to touch him was automatic. The fact that her own climax seemed intertwined with his was something she’d never before experienced. It’d be interesting to see who peaked first. Her body clenched down on the full feeling of his fingers inside of her, thoroughly enjoying the expert way the pad of his thumb rubbed her clit. Without even noticing she’d matched her strokes to the feel of Dixon sliding into her. In and out, up and down; the two worked each other over and over again. Learning what pleasured them, and just how each liked to be touched. Dana closed her eyes on a moan of female satisfaction. She could feel her body building and was utterly powerless to do anything about it, except to give him some in return.

Dixon felt her body responding to the thrusting motion of his fingers. Her hand on his cock was driving him insane in a way that made him want to come. He clamped down his own need for release, and continued his slow assault on her body. Kneading her wonderful breasts as his fingers slid into her, over and over again. The intensity of her body’s reactions told him that she was so close to peak. So he pushed her, plunging hard into her, teasing her lips and her clit until she practically writhed from his touch. Just as he felt the first waves of her orgasm, her masterful hand sent him over that same heady cliff into the oblivion of climax.

Eventually, when Dixon could move again, he climbed up next to Dana and pulled her close. They talked about intimate things; places they dreamed of seeing some day, failures of the past, hopes for the future. Dana smiled into the soft shallow of his arm, as his broad hand spanned over her belly.

“I’ve never done anything like that before,” Dixon said, contemplating just how he might talk her into a shower in a few minutes, “No woman I’ve ever brought here has ever sacrificed her own needs to pleasure me before.” Dana turned to him then, both ecstatic that she’d done something unexpected for him, and irritated that he didn’t seem to think he deserved it.

“Why wouldn’t a woman want to pleasure a man who’s obviously going out of the way to do the same for her?” Dixon shrugged his shoulders, suddenly uncomfortable with the conversation.

“I don’t know, it’s just different is all.” Dana got up behind him, apparently comfortable in her nakedness. He couldn’t remember that ever happening either, “I’m not saying it was bad, because it was phenomenal.”

Dixon saw it then, in those olive complected eyes of hers, the self doubt. Tipping her chin up, he took her mouth warmly with his own, drawing the kiss out until she was almost breathless. Making the decision for her, he simply scooped her off the bed and carried her into the bathroom. She squealed when the cold spray of the shower hit her, and then they were once again, lost in each other.

Dixon drove Dana back to her car, with Jude in tow. They made plans for the following week, and said their good byes. At dinner later that week, Dixon brought up an idea that he’d been mulling over practically since the moment he’d gotten his hands on her.

“I want you to move in with me,” he said, framing the idea around her eating. She took a cautious sip of her wine and waited a moment before speaking.

“I can’t do that Dixon,” Dana said, feeling the atmosphere change around them.

“Why not?” Dixon asked, “There’s obviously chemistry between us, and you’re practically living at my house anyways.”

“I know I spend a lot of time there, but I don’t live there. To me that’s significant.” Dana said slowly, as much to keep herself calm as to drive her point home, “I am your girlfriend, and your lover, damned saint izle but that’s very different from being your live-in girlfriend. Certainly it’s different than being your wife.”

“So it’s okay to roll around in the sheets with me whenever the mood strikes you, but I’m not good enough to love, or build a life with?” Dana took a deep breath and tried to stay calm.

“I didn’t say that, and you know damn well it’s more than just climbing between the sheets for me,” she said, her own temper starting to boil.

“You’ve never said anything to the contrary,” Dixon said, and felt the hard sting of Dana’s palm across his cheek. One look at her told him he’d gone too far, but before he could reach out for her she was already out of her seat. Her green eyes held the tears of a hurt that went much deeper than the physical sting of her hand.

“You’re an unbelievable bastard,” Dana said, and then walked away, the soft sound of her heels clicking on the tile floor. Dixon tossed his napkin on the table, leaned back in his chair and sighed. For the first time that he could remember; he’d regret going home alone.

Dixon called three times that night, and at least five times a day for the next week. Dana ignored every one of them. She poured herself into her work as a freelance writer. She wrote articles and blogs, posted content to her own website, put together an internet marketing campaign, and generally speaking; worked herself ragged. On Saturday, she took the afternoon off to just breathe. Walking to Sandals-a new shoe shop downtown-she enjoyed the life that went on all around her. She liked knowing that it would keep going on, no matter what she was doing for herself that day. She listened to the chime of the bell as she entered the store.

“Welcome to Sandals, Let me know if there’s anything I can do to assist you,” the young girl behind the counter said.

“Thanks, I will.” Dana replied. She perused the shelves, finally finding a sexy pair of stilettos that gave her a good four inches in height. She tried them on and walked up and down the isle to see if they’d work for her. She tossed them in her basket, next to a cute pair of sandals, a beach hat and sunscreen. She made her purchase and headed back out the door, nearly plowing Dixon over in the process. Before she could apologize or even utter a sound, she felt the vice-like grip of his hand on her arm.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” he asked, his voice lethally low. One look at his steel colored eyes, and Dana felt the hot knife of desire speak through her. What was it about him that made him so unbelievably sexy when he was angry.

“I’m shopping. My bags should make that plain to see.” Dana said, not giving anything away. The man was crazy and gorgeous and smart, and generous. He loved his family and was a wonderful Uncle to his niece Kaylee, but he was certifiable if he thought she’d just move in and be his bed buddy while the fun lasted.

“Did you think I’d just let you walk away, as if this past week meant nothing?” Dixon said, finally releasing her arm. Not waiting for an answer, he decided to make her see exactly what it hadn’t meant to her, “Screw it.” Dixon met her already hungry mouth with his own as he pressed her against the wall of the store. Her arms wrapped around him like a clamp, and she molded herself to him as if he might disappear, if she didn’t. A few hot seconds later he released her, and watched the war in her eyes rage. She wanted him, wanted to be with him, but the moving in thing bothered her.

“Dixon I care about you. It’s obvious that I like sleeping with you. I enjoy your company, and everything about your life really. But I still can’t move in with you.”

“Then marry me,” Dixon found himself saying, even before his brain could truly process it.” Her face registered the shock that must have matched the look on his own face, because she started laughing.

“I,” Dana stammered, could she?

“We don’t have to do it tomorrow. Hell, we don’t have to do it this year, if you want to wait. But I’ve waited my entire life to find a woman like you, and I’m not stupid enough to let her go over something like this. I want you in my life and in my bed. If you need a serious commitment for that to work, I’m offering it.”

Still reeling from his instant proposal, Dana analyzed it all with the precision of someone who’d always known what she wanted. She felt more than just a passing attraction to Dixon. On a basic level of human behavior, their sexual chemistry obviously weighed heavily on their relationship, because it was very new. But she didn’t need to search very deep to know in her heart that love could come in an instant, and it had for her. The instant he’d said “I don’t bite, much,” and made her laugh.

“I’ll marry you on one condition, Dixon,” Dana said, pausing so that he’d look at her, “I want you to spend some time planning it all out, and propose to me the right way, with a ring and all the memories, of all the moments between now and then. Not because I need it, but because by then, you’ll love me just as much as I love you now.” When the smile lit his face, Dana launched herself into his arms and let him lead her home.

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