DJ Pt. 12

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In Part 12…

Joe completes his move in with Doug and DJ

We learn what is happening at Southside Drug and Pharmacy

DJ learns the art of decorating for Christmas

Doug makes a sad confession to DJ

DJ Part 12

It’s Friday evening, November 24th, Jamie has to work until 11:00 PM and DJ and I both get off at 9:00. Typically DJ would go to the pizzeria on a Friday night to wait for Jamie to get off, but, for the first time, DJ drove his Tracker to work so has no need for a ride home with anyone. He has a new independence!

When the store closed at 9:00 PM, DJ and I both clocked out, and then Justin locked the door and followed us out.

“Justin!” DJ asked, “Did you see my new ride? I drove it today.”

“No, I didn’t see it yet,” Justin replied, “Let’s check it out.”

DJ led Justin over to where he had parked the Tracker, and was beaming as he showed both the outside and the inside to Justin.

“DJ,” Justin spoke, “you just became a more valuable asset to the store. Having your own transportation, you’ll not be dependent on others to get to and from work. If you’re needed to come in on an off day, or come in early, you can. If your Dad is sick or otherwise not able to work, you can make deliveries, and it’s a 4-wheel drive, in case of snow, you could make deliveries where other’s might not be able to go.”

“Yeah,” DJ answered, dejectedly, “if the store is even here. I overheard a couple of the girls, they said the store might close.”

“DJ,” Justin said, his hands on DJ’s shoulders, “those are just rumors, we’re not closing, and your position is secure. We are going to go through some changes, I’ll explain Monday night. It’s actually good news.”

DJ’s phone rang, and it was Jamie.

“Hi baby, what’s up?”

“I can see from here that you haven’t left yet, I can spot that orange Tracker from inside the pizzeria. Would you like me to bring a pizza home when I get off?”

“Sure, I’m a little hungry now, but in 2 hours I’ll be starved!”

“Do you think Dad will still be up?”

“Yep, Joe will be getting off at 11:00 and I know Dad will wait for him to get home before he goes to bed. Better make it an Extra Large, and Dad can let Joe know we have it coming, no green peppers or anchovies.”

Jamie, chuckling, “I know that, baby, see you about 11:30.”

I was home about 10 minutes ahead of DJ, and saw DJ’s lights when he pulled into the drive, and parked behind Joe’s car. I was scanning the fridge, trying to find something I could fix in a hurry for us, and for Joe, when he gets home.

DJ, coming in the back door, “Dad, Jamie’s bringing an Extra Large pizza when he comes, to feed all of us. Please call Joe and let him know.”

“DJ! You can call Joe yourself and let him know, you should have his number in your phone.” DJ saved Joe’s number in his phone many months ago, right after Joe rescued him, but had never needed to call him. He placed the call.

“Hello?” Joe answered, not recognizing the number.

“Joe? This is DJ.”

“DJ! Is anything wrong?” Joe is on high alert, having never received a call from DJ before.

“Oh, no, Dad, nothing is wrong and everything’s right, I just wanted to let you know that Jamie is bringing an Extra Large pizza home, to feed us all tonight.”

“Why, thank you, Son, I should be home around 11:00.”

“See you then, Dad, I love you!” DJ hung up.

Mike, noting tears escaping Joe’s eyes, “Joe, is something wrong?”

Joe, shaking his head, “DJ just called me ‘Dad’ and it just felt so wonderful, and natural.”

“You really have a lot of love for that young man, don’t you.”

“Mike, I’m a lot like Doug, I’ve never been married, so I never had children, and DJ has become my son too. Come January 14th, DJ will be my step-son, and I couldn’t love him any more than I do!”

“Joe, I have limited exposure to gay oriented relationships, but even I can feel the magnitude of love that is present in your home.”

“Thanks, Mike,” pointing to his own eyes, “sorry, sometimes my emotions get a little liquid.”

“I’ve always believed that people that never shows any emotions are somehow born without a heart, and you have a beautiful heart.”

It’s about 10:00 PM, DJ and I are sitting at the kitchen table waiting for Joe and Jamie to arrive. We had been discussing the ‘Mandatory Meeting’ but of course could not determine a reason.

“Dad,” DJ spoke, “I’m going to need your help. Next Monday, December 4th is the Rainbow Alliance’s Christmas Party. I volunteered to bring a big bowl of potato salad, but I have no idea how to make it.”

I answered, smiling, “Not a big problem, Son, I can make it for you.”

“Jamie’s mom offered to make it, and I told her, like I’m telling you, I want to make it myself. I am asking you to guide me, like you did for the pot roast, but I want to do all the work myself.”

“How many kids are expected for the party?” I asked.

“If everyone shows, there are about 50 of us. Gerry works at Subway, gaziantep escort and she said that she could likely get us a good deal on some of those yard long party subs. We collected $160 and gave it to her to buy subs, and most of the rest is potluck, whatever people want to bring and share.”

“The club has really grown. I guess that membership drive paid off. We’ll need to make the salad on Sunday, so you can take it with you Monday when you go to classes. If it’s cool, you can likely leave it in your car during the day, but if it’s warm, it may be better to leave it here in the fridge and make a trip back to pick it up before party time. I’ll make you a grocery list of what you’ll need to buy.”

“Thanks, Dad, you know I appreciate everything you do for me.”

“You’re very welcome Son, I think Joe is here, I just heard a car door slam.”

Joe walked in the back door and immediately stepped over to DJ, hugged him and kissed him softly on the forehead. Then he came to me, and kissed me lovingly on the lips and I responded likewise. He then sat on his chair, between DJ and me. We seem to have unintentionally claimed certain seats at the table. I normally sit at the end closest to the stove, DJ on the opposite end toward the bedrooms, Joe on the long side toward the den and Jamie on the long side toward the back door.

“DJ,” Joe asked, “do you have anything planned for tomorrow?”

“I’m working 2 to 9, why?”

“I thought maybe we could take the Tracker to my apartment, and pick up that table for you, and my computer desk. It shouldn’t take us more than an hour.”

“Sure, Dad, we probably could do that right after breakfast.”

“Doug,” Joe asked, “can we set up my computer in our bedroom?”

“I don’t know why not,” I answered, “but we’ll have to run a cable line in there.”

“I can do that,” Joe replied, “We’ll need it anyway, to connect to the TV.”

Jamie arrived about 11:20 with the pizza, which we all enjoyed together. I was elated, the feeling of our family finally coming together, and doing things like any normal family was astounding. Even those nights when DJ was at Jamie’s would be more tolerable, because my Joe was now living here with me.

DJ told Jamie about going to Joe’s apartment in the morning. Jamie informed us that Anthony wanted him in at noon to help with a Birthday Party in the party room, but he would get off about 9:00, and one of the other servers would close at 11:00.

It seemed everyone except me was going to have a busier than normal Saturday. Joe and I picked up the Pepsi glasses and cleaned off the table, the boys had already gone to their room.

Joe and I also retired to our bedroom. I’d been up early, and having been in the habit of going to bed around 10:00, but it was well past midnight, I cuddled up in Joe’s warm arms, and I think we were both asleep within about 10 minutes.

“Jamie, tomorrow night is Saturday, and we both get off at 9:00 PM. I still have those tickets for the Cinema, let’s take in a late night movie after work.”

“Gee, I don’t know baby,” Jamie giggled, “that’s two dates in a month, we might get spoiled! I like the idea, though, let’s do it!”

The two boys shared a passionate kiss, cuddled together and soon were in slumber land.

On Saturday morning, November 25th, Jamie had his alarm set for 9:30 AM, but woke up at about 8:30 with a need for the bathroom, and could feel DJ’s morning wood pressing against his hip. Just thinking about DJ’s beautiful cock caused Jamie to suddenly have a hunger for it. (When doesn’t Jamie have a hunger for it?) Jamie spun his body around and quietly pushed his head under the sheet, taking that lovely penis into his mouth.

DJ, waking a little, “Jamie, are you taking advantage of a sleeping man?”

Pulling his mouth off, “Maybe baby, do you want me to stop?”

“Not now! It feels too good!”

Jamie covered DJ’s cock back up with his mouth. DJ wasn’t in a position to return the favor, but wrapped his fingers around Jamie’s throbbing cock, playing with the precum streaming out of it, and lightly stroking it.

“DJ,” Jamie spoke softly,” If you don’t stop there is going to be a mess on the sheets!” DJ didn’t stop, he wanted to get Jamie off, and a little mess on the sheets was of little concern.

“Jamie, I’m getting awfully close,” DJ gasped, “I’m gonna shoot!”

Jamie tightened his lips around DJ’s cock, anticipating the thrill of feeling DJ’s load of tasty semen spurting into his own mouth and throat. When DJ came, it triggered Jamie to also come to orgasm. DJ tried to catch most of it in his hand, and threw off the top sheet and blanket with his other hand. Jamie sucked DJ dry.

After licking his hand clean, DJ spun around and took Jamie’s tool into his mouth, sucked it dry and licked it clean. The two boys then sat up on the bed. Jamie pointed to a rope of his cum on the sheet that had over shot DJ’s hand, and both boys laughed. DJ slid off the bed, got a couple of tissues from the box on the dresser, and wiped up most of it, leaving just a little wetness.

“Problem solved!” DJ exclaimed, “that little bit of wetness will be completely dry by the time we go to bed tonight.” Jamie grinned.

Both boys went to the bathroom and peed together, then made their way to the kitchen. They were the only ones up, so far, and DJ started a full pot of coffee brewing, then got the creamer out of the fridge and set it on the table. About 10:30 Jamie saw us oldsters head into the bathroom together.

A few minutes later both Joe and I came to the table. Joe grabbed two mugs from the cupboard while I placed a towel on my chair and sat down on it. Joe poured our mugs of coffee and sat in his chair. The boys looked at us suspiciously.

“Dad,” DJ questioned, “what’s with the towel?”

“Just a little precaution, Son,” I answered.

“Daddy Joe,” DJ questioned, grinning, “Have you been fucking my Dad?”

Joe, smirking, “I don’t kiss and tell!”

Jamie, grinning, “DJ, look at Joe’s face, he doesn’t have to admit a thing, He’s guilty as hell!” We all laughed, but I could feel that my face was flushed.

DJ, snickering, “It’s OK, Dad’s, if it feels good, do it!” (Note the plural on ‘Dad’s’)

DJ, rising and donning the apron, “I’m going to start some breakfast cooking. Jamie has to be to work by noon, and Joe and I have to pick up some things from his apartment. I think all three of us are working at 3:00 PM today.”

DJ has developed so much confidence. He cooked us all bacon and eggs, with toast and orange juice. He didn’t break a single yolk. It feels so remarkably wonderful, to have our little family complete. Depending on where the boys spend the night, we either have all four of us, or sometimes just Joe and myself. Either way it sure beats being alone, as I was for so many years.

After breakfast, Jamie excused himself and left the table to get dressed for work, and left about 11:30 for the pizzeria. I told DJ I would be happy to take care of the dishes, as he and Joe needed to take care of retrieving those things from Joe’s, soon to be vacated, apartment. Joe and DJ left the house about noon, and I took care of cleaning up the kitchen and did up the dishes.

Joe and DJ returned about 1:00, unloaded the table and computer desk from the Tracker and brought them in, along with Joe’s computer and laser printer. About 1:30 DJ left for work, I left about 2:30, leaving Joe alone. Mike would be picking him up about 3:00 PM.

Jamie, DJ and I all got off work that Saturday night at 9:00 PM. The boys told me they were going to grab some chow at Chipotle, then going to the Cinema for a late movie, and wouldn’t be home until late. I went home and fixed some spaghetti sauce with meat, planning to cook up some pasta for Joe and I when he got home, about 11:00 PM.

While I was cooking the spaghetti sauce, it came over me that we have become a very typical American family, two loving parents, with two teenagers, a family of four. Each family member with their own duties, and functions, but all loved by each other. The only thing lacking is that the parents aren’t married yet, but that will happen soon, on January 14th.

Sunday, November 26th was pretty normal. The boys slept in a little later that usual, as they came in rather late the night before. I have come to dislike Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday nights because I know the boys will not be sleeping here, but at least Joe will be here so I will not be completely alone.

When the boys left for work, both scheduled for 3-9, DJ also took his clothes for school. They left Jamie’s car here, and DJ drove them, and they would be spending Sunday night at Jamie’s house.

DJ had suggested, while they were leaving the shopping center, that they go by WAWA and pick up subs. Jamie told DJ that his Mom was fixing them some food, so DJ drove them straight to the Seldon’s home. Carl was watching TV, and Karen was in the kitchen, making cold turkey sandwiches, when the boys arrived.

As soon as the boys came in the kitchen door, they both walked over to Karen, giving her a warm hug and loving kiss, on the lips. She has gotten used to DJ now kissing her on the lips, in fact, she looks forward to it. Carl left the TV, and came into the kitchen and gave both boys a warm hug.

“Dad, Mom,” Jamie announced, “Come and check out DJ’s new ride!”

Karen and Carl both put on jackets and followed the boys outside. DJ proudly showed them the outside and inside of the Tracker. He started it up, so Carl could hear it purr.

“Where is your car, Jamie?” Carl asked.

“At DJ’s house, DJ drove today, and he want’s to show it off at school tomorrow,” Jamie answered, smiling.

Carl, hand on the steering wheel, “May I?” indicating he wanted to take it for a spin.

“Go ahead, Dad,” DJ answered, grinning.

Carl turned it around, and headed out of the driveway, while Karen and the boys watched. Carl drove back in about 6 or 7 minutes later, parked it, and turned off the engine. He got out, smiling, and handed the keys back to DJ. I think the feeling of driving it caused a bit of ‘youngness’ to overtake Carl’s mind.

“It handles beautifully,” Carl stated, “and it’s a pleasure to drive, Jamie, I think you picked out a solid ride for your boyfriend. It looks good, runs good, and feels good.”

“Thanks, Dad!” Jamie replied, smiling at the complement.

DJ grabbed his school clothes out of the Tracker, and they all headed back into the house. DJ and Jamie settled at the table, and started to devour the sandwiches.

“You guys lucked out,” Karen stated, smiling, “there just happens to be two slices of pecan pie left, with DJ’s and Jamie’s names on them. I kinda saved them for you.”

“Thanks, Mom,” DJ remarked, “homemade pecan pie is hard to find just anywhere!”

Karen pulled out the two dessert plates, sprayed on some Ready-whip, and set them in front of the boys. It was a perfect ending. The two boys consider themselves very fortunate, to be part of not just one, but two very loving families. So many young people don’t even have one family that is as loving as the families that these two boys have.

Joe just walked in as I was pouring the spaghetti noodles into a strainer. I divided the noodles between two pasta plates and smothered them with sauce. Our dinner is ready. Before sitting down, Joe hugged me from behind, and told me how much he loves me. We were just finished eating and his phone rang.

“Hi Mom, are you OK?”

Phone: “Joe, I received that photo you sent me. DJ is certainly a handsome young man, I just want to hug him and kiss him. I noticed your return address is different. Did you move?”

“I’m in the process, Mom. You may not approve, as we’re not getting married until January 14th. My lease expires in four more days, so I am moving in with Doug and DJ now. That address on the photo will be my address from now on.”

Phone: “It’s ok honey, I understand, I’m so anxious to meet my son-in-law and my grandson, I can hardly wait. Are you and Doug planning a honeymoon?”

“We are, Mom, we’re getting married on Sunday, the 14th, then flying to Miami on Monday, and boarding a cruise to the Bahamas on Tuesday morning, for 5 days. We’ll be returning to Miami on Saturday night, then coming home. We’re both so happy, Mom.”

Phone: “Who’s going to watch over DJ while you’re gone?”

“I think the boys will be fine on their own for a few days, they’re both going to be twenty by then. DJ birthday was on Thanksgiving Day, and we surprised the heck out of him! And Jamie will be 20 on Christmas Day.”

Phone: “Boys? I thought Doug had adopted just one?”

Joe, chuckling, “Well, Mom, it’s like having two sons. Jamie is DJ’s boyfriend. They’ve been seeing each other for about 7 months, and they are like Siamese twins. They are taking the same classes at Community College, they eat together, shower together, sleep together, but they don’t work together. They are both exceptional young men, and we love them both very much.”

Phone: “Sounds like a right cozy household, so evidently DJ is buttered the same way as you and Doug?”

“Yeah, Mom, we may have a rather unique family, but you won’t find a family anywhere that shares more love than we do. DJ has never had a grandparent that he knew, and he wants very much to get to know you.”

Phone: “Joe, I don’t want to impose too much, but, I don’t really want to just come for the wedding, and head right back home. I’d like to hang around for a few days, and get to know my grandson, and his boyfriend, and my son in law too.”

“I have an idea, Mom, let me check on some options, and maybe you can visit us for a couple of weeks. Let me get back with you, OK?”

Phone: “OK son, and please give my love to Doug and DJ for me. I’ll let you go for now, and I’ll be looking for your answer. I love you, Sweetie.” She hung up.

“That was my Mother, Doug,” Joe explained.

Doug, chuckling, “Really, who else do you call ‘Mom’, You sure piled a lot of information on her plate, do you think she can handle it?”

“Yeah, my Mom is pretty strong, and her heart is full of love, like yours, baby. I need to talk to Carl and Karen. Karen is a stay at home mother and wife, and I’m just wondering if they might like to have a houseguest for a week or two. I’m pretty certain they have at least one spare bedroom. I wouldn’t feel comfortable putting her up in a hotel room, all by herself.”

“Neither would I,” I agreed, “She could stay in our room, while we are on our honeymoon, and the boys would be around to watch over her. The boys could stay here every night for that week.”

“Our wedding is still over six weeks away,” Joe mentioned, “So we have some time to make plans.”

I picked up the dishes and rinsed them off, Joe and I retired soon after, cuddled up and fell asleep. It was Sunday night, so the boys were at Jamie’s for the night, and would be going to school from there on Monday morning.

* * * * * *

Monday morning, November 27th was a typical school morning, Jamie and DJ were enjoying Karen’s freshly prepared French Toast, with real Maple Syrup, and bacon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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