DJ Pt. 28

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In Part 28

Rusty’s grandparents return home- unexpectedly-uh, oh!

It appears that Matt and Marie are a couple

Gwen shares some of her plans with DJ

Jamie receives an urgent call from Chuck__

__Fernando is in trouble!

DJ Part 28

Sunday morning, February 11th was pretty normal in the Kendall household. DJ and Jamie were rudely awakened by the sound of DJ’s phone at 10:00 AM and the two boys reluctantly drug their carcasses out of bed. After DJ started a pot of coffee brewing, they shared a shower. They’re both scheduled to work at noon.

Joe and I arose about 11:00 AM and headed to the kitchen for coffee, DJ had already cooked some bacon and eggs for Jamie and himself, and they were eating. About 11:20 the boys excused themselves and headed to the bedroom to dress for work, then left about 11:40.

Right after DJ clocked in, Randy handed him the key to his house and asked him to go and gather up the borrowed chairs and return them to the pizzeria.

“Randy, I need a favor,” DJ said, “Jamie and I are planning to take two of our closest friends to the Waterhole on Saturday night, the 24th, can you please schedule me out by 5:00 PM that day, and not too early on Sunday?”

“Sure, DJ,” Randy said, “I’ll make a note right now, DJ out by 5:00 PM on the 24th of February. Gotcha!”

Daryl woke up, hearing DJ gathering up the chairs, and thought it was Randy, and walked out of the bedroom butt naked, surprising both DJ and himself.

DJ spoke, grinning, “Good morning, Daryl, I see you survived the Party.”

“Hi, DJ,” Daryl replied, “I thought it was Randy making this racket, if I’d known it was you I’d have at least pulled on some underwear!”

“It’s perfectly OK,” DJ remarked, “none of us get dressed at home until we have to leave the house, so I’m quite accustomed to seeing naked men around. I won’t tell Randy I’ve seen his boyfriend naked.”

“Thanks, DJ,” Daryl replied, smiling.

DJ loaded the chairs into his Tracker and took them back to the pizzeria, and Jamie helped him carry them back inside. He then returned to work, and it was busy, with the after-church crowd shopping.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

It was about 11:00 AM when Rusty’s eyes opened and he immediately gazed upon his sleeping boyfriend and wondered if he should wake him. He is uncertain what the situation will be, once his grandparents return home, and that could happen at any time. He has so much enjoyed the time he has spent with Jamal, but the weekend is coming to an end. Sunday already!

Rusty had the urge to trace the outline of Jamal’s face with his finger, and Jamal suddenly had a smile on his face. He cannot help but admire the beauty of this young black mans’ face, fuck, it’s not just the face, it’s everything about Jamal that he admires.

Just their bodies touching causes an unexplainable pleasure, and Rusty is wondering if this is what love feels like. He glanced down and smiled, noticing that Jamal’s cock was pushing up against the covers, probably morning wood, as he was also hard, and needing to pee.

Jamal. smiling, “Good morning, beautiful!”

“Hey, you’re stealing my line,” Rusty stated, grinning, “wanna pee with me off the deck?”

Both boys got up and headed toward the deck, their erect cock’s leading the way. They stood side by side, making golden arches and grinning at each other.

“This is so fucking cool!” Jamal exclaimed.

“I know,” Rusty replied, “but we won’t be able to do this after my grandparents return, we won’t even be able to come out of my room naked.”

“Do you think they’ll even let us sleep together?” Jamal asked.

“I don’t know,” Rusty responded, “they don’t even know I’m gay yet, but I’m going to have to come out to them, sooner or later.”

“You know baby,” Jamal lamented, “after sleeping with you, I just don’t want to have to sleep alone anymore. It just feels so incredibly wonderful to go to sleep with our bodies touching, and to wake up in the morning with you by my side. These last few days, since we met, have been the happiest days of my life.”

“So, what happens to us, when you find that nice black boy you’ve wanted to meet?” Rusty asked.

“I don’t see that happening,” Jamal replied, “I think I’ve found the boy I’ve wanted, he’s just not black, and I’m not looking anymore. I love you, Rusty, if you can handle having a black boyfriend.”

“Oh,” Rusty remarked, “I keep forgetting that you’re black, I just think of you as the boy I love, and I think love is colorblind!”

“I think you are probably right,” Jamal stated, “look at DJ and Jamie, they’re as tight as the bark on a tree and they’ve been together for almost a year.”

“What do you say, we get some breakfast, and, maybe, take another naked hike, like we did yesterday?” Rusty asked.

“Yeah,” Jamal answered, grinning, “That was fun, and maybe we won’t get caught today.”

The two boys cooked up some breakfast, ate, put on shorts and t-shirts, and headed out across the field, toward the woods.

Jamal, while walking with Rusty, “I never bursa escort told you how much I enjoyed that massage, if you want to sharpen your skill, you’ve got a willing body here you can practice on anytime!” Rusty smiled.

* * * * * * * * * * * *,

A little after 2:30 PM on Sunday afternoon Gwen’s Mom dropped her off at the store. She was too early to clock in, but her Mom needed to be to be at work at 3:00. She was bubbling with excitement, dying to talk to DJ.

The first thing she did was to check her schedule for next week to see if she was off on Saturday night, and she was scheduled off at 6:00 PM, great. She made a quick call to Jon, to tell him that she was off at 6:00 next Saturday.

“DJ! Guess what?” Gwen exclaimed.

“I’m all ears,” DJ replied.

“I’ve got a date with Jon for this Saturday night,” Gwen remarked, “I’m so glad you dragged me to that party last night, and some day this week, when we can get the schedules to merge, Mom wants to have Jon come by for lunch, so they can meet each other!”

“You’re really into this guy, aren’t you?”

“Well, we only met last night, but we seem to like each other a lot, and he’s a great kisser!” Gwen exclaimed.

“So, I guess he did steal a kiss from you last night, huh?”

Gwen, snickering, “He didn’t have to steal it, I gave it to him willingly, and he asked me if I would date him, of course I told him I would, DJ, he’s really nice.”

“I only just met him too,” DJ replied, “but he came off to me in a positive manor, and I think he’s a decent dude, I wish the best for you.”

“Thanks, DJ, that means a lot to me.”

“You’re welcome, Gwen, what are you guys going to do?”

“We don’t know yet, we’ll probably decide that by Saturday!”

* * * * * * * * * * * *,

Rusty, as the two boys entered the woods, “Jamal, I hate to say it, but I think those shorts are a bit too short for you, part of you is hanging below the cuff.”

Jamal, adjusting himself, “Is that better?”

“Probably, if we were in public,” Rusty said, grinning, “but I really don’t mind seeing it hang out a little, it makes me a little aroused.”

The two boys were now safely in the woods, and both stripped off their t-shirts and shorts, placing them on a log, then shared a hug and kiss, causing both to grow semi-erections. They then walked, hand in hand, further into the woods.

“Jamal, would you like to do what we did yesterday up here?”

“Not really,” Jamal replied, “I don’t want to see your seed wasted on the ground, I’ve got a better idea, come with me.”

Jamal led his boyfriend a couple of hundred feet further into the woods, spotted a log that was about two feet wide, and led Rusty toward it. Jamal sat on the log.

“Come over here, boyfriend,” Jamal commanded, and Rusty approached Jamal. Then, “You have something I need!”

Jamal spread his knees apart and drew Rusty between them, taking what he could of Rusty’s semi-hard cock into his mouth, and started nursing it. Within seconds, Rusty’s cock was at full mast, and the feeling of Jamal’s mouth working it’s magic was simply overwhelming.

“Oh my god!” Rusty blurted, “you really like a cock in your mouth don’t you, and it feels so—awesome!”

Jamal, pulling off for a few seconds, “Not just any cock, baby, just yours!” Jamal continued his assault on Rusty’s manhood.

Rusty, after about five more minutes, “I’m getting close, do you want me to warn you before I cum?”

Jamal shook his head, and worked even harder on Rusty’s cock, then placed his hands on Rusty’s butt-cheeks, holding him close so he couldn’t back off. Jamal was also rock hard and leaking a steady stream of precum from his own cock that was forming a small puddle on the ground between Rusty’s sneakers.

“Oh, Fuck!” Rusty exclaimed, “I can’t last much longer—just maybe a few more seconds—I’m cumming!”

Jamal felt Rusty’s cock pulsing, and the first of several ropes of Rusty’s seed hit his throat, and several more filled his mouth. Jamal then allowed Rusty to pull out, and savored the flavor of his boyfriends’ milk, then swallowed it. He then took that cock back into his mouth and used his hand to squeeze those last few drops out of Rusty’s shaft and into his mouth.

“I hope you know that I absolutely love how you taste!” Jamal exclaimed, “I think that’s an understatement, I just plain love you, and everything about you, even if you are white.” Rusty grinned.

“Jamal,” Rusty said, “We’re not finished yet.”

“We’re not?” Jamal queried.

“You ate, you’re not going to leave me starving, are you, I want to do you too.” Rusty stated.

The boys traded places, Rusty sitting on the log and he pulled Jamal close, licking the precum from the head of Jamal’s BBC.

“Are you sure you want to do this, Rusty, I don’t want you to feel obligated,” Jamal said.

Rusty responded, chuckling, “Shut up and fuck my mouth, I hope you know that I want it!”

Rusty closed his mouth around Jamal’s hard penis, taking all that he could of it into his mouth, and wishing he could görükle escort take more. Using his hand, he also started to massage Jamal’s scrotum and nuts, and fingering Jamal’s perineum, making Jamal giggle. It wasn’t long before Rusty had Jamal on the edge.

“Rusty, you’re gonna make me cum!” Jamal exclaimed.

Rusty, pulling off for a few, “It’s not accidental, it’s my intention!”

Rusty was working his mouth on Jamal’s cock the best way he knew, bobbing back and forth, and Jamal was feeling his orgasm building. Rusty had a sudden desire to finger Jamal’s hole, and wished he had some of that lube handy.

He pulled off Jamal’s cock for just a couple of seconds and spit on his finger, then went back onto Jamal’s cock. While Jamal enjoyed the feeling of Rusty’s mouth on his cock, Rusty sneaked his saliva covered finger around and pushed it tenderly into Jamal’s hole, just going in to the second knuckle. That move did the trick!

“Oh! FUCK!” Jamal yelled, “I’M CUMMING—OH SHIT!”

Jamal shot a huge load of his juice into Rusty’s mouth and throat, and Rusty was doing his best to not let any of it dribble out of his mouth. Rusty pulled off of Jamal’s cock, rolled the load around his mouth, and gulped it down.

“Rusty,” Jamal asked, “where did you learn that trick?”

“I didn’t, really, I just had a sudden urge to want to do it, I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“Not at all,” Jamal replied, “I was quite close anyway, but when you fingered me, it just sent me over the edge! Rusty, would you like to fuck me?”

“Here? Now?” Rusty asked.

“No,” Jamal said, “but sometime in the near future, I’ve never been fucked, but I think I want to try it—with you, it’s supposed to be the ultimate way for guys to make love. I’d like to try fucking you, too.”

“I don’t think I’m ready for that yet,” Rusty said, “but maybe, later on.”

“Baby, I’ll never push you into something you’re not comfortable with,” Jamal said, “I love you too much for that.”

“I’ll think about it,” Rusty replied, “and let you know when I think I’m ready, are you getting hungry for some real food, like burritos?”

“Sure,” Jamal responded, grinning, “I don’t think we could survive very long just on love juice.” Rusty grinned.

The two boys, now sexually satisfied, headed toward the edge of the wooded area, found their clothes and redressed, then headed across the field to Rusty’s house. Once inside they headed to Rusty’s bedroom and got comfortably naked again. These two young men feel very much at ease when they are naked around each other, and they both seem to like nudity.

Rusty got the ground meat from the fridge, and the taco seasoning and, putting on his grandma’s apron, started to prepare the filling for burritos, following the directions on the seasoning packet.

“What can I do?” Jamal asked.

“Here,” Rusty said, handing Jamal a sharp knife and cutting board, “rinse the lettuce and tomatoes, dice the tomatoes, and shred the lettuce.”

“Rusty, I so much enjoy doing things together with you.”

“Even work?” Rusty remarked.

“Even work!” Jamal answered, “Speaking of work, I promised Papa that I would cut the grass and weed eat the yard on Tuesday, since I don’t have classes that day.”

“I’ll help you, baby,” Rusty responded, “what time do we need to be there?”

“Rusty!” Jamal exclaimed, “I don’t expect you to do my family chores.”

“I want to,” Rusty replied, “I know how to push a lawn mower, and operate a weed eater, and we’ll have fun doing it together.”

“Well, ok,” Jamal said, “I doubt I would have to twist Mama’s arm very much to get us a free dinner, and since we have classes on Wednesday morning, we could probably spend the night in my bed for a change.”

“I’m cool with that, but I think you should clear it with your parents first.”

“Will do,” Jamal said, “I’ll call them later tonight.”

The boys were about to share their dinner and Rusty heard something. He ran to the window and looked outside.

“Jamal, quick, we have to get dressed—my grandparents just pulled into the driveway!” Rusty stated, emphatically.

Both boys rushed into Rusty’s bedroom and got dressed within about 2 minutes, and headed back to the kitchen, just as the grandparents walked in the back door.

“Welcome home!” Rusty exclaimed, “I wasn’t expecting you back for a couple more weeks.”

Rusty gave both grandparents a loving and welcome hug.

“I guess you weren’t, Sonny,” Grandpa said, “we see you have company, are you going to introduce us?”

“Sure, sorry,” Rusty said, “Grandma, Grandpa, this is a close friend of mine from school, Jamal Robinson, and Jamal, these are my grandparents on my father’s side, Mr. and Mrs. McKeever.”

Grandpa, shaking hands with Jamal, “We’re happy to meet you, Jamal.” Then Jamal shook hands with Grandma.

“We just made some taco meat,” Rusty stated, “I’m sure there is plenty to feed a couple more people, if you two are a little hungry.”

“We’re fine, Sonny,” Grandpa said, “we didn’t expect to eat here tonight, and bursa escort bayan we just left Denny’s, why don’t you guys go ahead and eat, before your food gets cold. Sonny, if you would, after you eat, you could help me unload the car,” Grandpa stated.

“Sure Grandpa,” Rusty responded, “we’ll be glad to.”

“Rusty, I’m a little confused,” Jamal asked, “why do they call you ‘Sonny’?”

“Because I was named after my father, and with two ‘Irwin’s and me being my father’s son, they’ve always called me ‘Sonny’ and called my father ‘Irwin.'” Jamal nodded.

“Sonny,” Grandma asked, “how are things going at school, and can we see your grades for last semester?”

“Things are going well at school,” Rusty replied, “I’m not sure where I stashed the grades, but they’re all A’s and B’s.”

“Sonny,” Grandma said, “your grandfather and I are proud of you, even if you are a little special, you’re very special to us.”

“I’m not sure I understand,” Rusty said, “how do you mean I’m special?”

“Sonny, my gut instinct tells me that you two are much closer than just friends,” Grandpa stated, “are you and Jamal romantically involved?”

“GRANDPA!” Rusty blurted.

Jamal, rising up, with his face turning red, “Rusty, I think I need to head home, I’ll see you at school tomorrow.”

“JUST HOLD ON A MINUTE!” Grandpa said, raising his voice, “Jamal, sit! We’re in the middle of a major discussion, and you’re involved.” Jamal sat back down.

“Sonny, did you think that your Grandma and I were blind, as to your sexuality?” Grandpa stated.

“You knew,” Rusty asked, “That I was—gay?”

“Sweetheart,” Grandma spoke, “we’ve known for a few years, we were just waiting for you to tell us, when you were ready to come out to us. Sonny, it doesn’t matter, gay or straight, we love you, and we just want you to be happy.”

Rusty burst into tears, sobbing. Jamal grabbed a napkin, blotting Rusty’s tears, and hugging him tightly.

“Sonny, what’s the matter?” Grandpa asked.

“Nothing, I guess,” Rusty said, “I just feel—like the weight—of the world—has been lifted—off my shoulders!” Rusty is still sobbing a little.

“Mr. McKeever,” Jamal commented, “he’s been wanting to come out to you for a while, he just didn’t know how to do it, and we were both concerned as to how you would react when he did.”

Grandma rose, came around to Jamal and hugged him.

“Jamal, I’m glad you were here today, for Sonny,” Grandma said, “one would have to be blind not to see that you two do care a lot for each other.” Rusty smiled.

“You know,” Grandpa said, grinning, “You guys never answered my question, but I think actions speak louder that words. I can see that you guys are romantically involved. Sonny, shall we get the car unloaded?”

“Can I ask a favor?” Jamal asked.

“Sure, Jamal,” Grandpa replied.

“I feel like I know you, and it’s kind of awkward calling you Mr. and Mrs. McKeever, can I just call you Grandma and Grandpa?”

Grandpa, smiling, “Jamal, I think we’d consider that an honor.”

Grandma, smiling, “I don’t think most grandparents ever have enough grandchildren, we’d be happy to adopt another grandson.”

“Thanks, Grandma,” Jamal said, “that deserves a kiss.” Jamal hugged Grandma and placed a tender, loving kiss on her cheek.

Grandpa, Rusty and Jamal headed out to start unloading the car.

“Jamal, you’re a guest here, Sonny and I can handle this.”

“It’s OK, Grandpa, Rusty and I like doing things together.”

Grandpa, chuckling sarcastically, “I’ll just bet you do!”

Fifteen minutes later the car was unloaded, and the contents taken into the various rooms, as per Grandpa’s orders.

About 7:00 PM the boys settled at the kitchen table and tackled their homework that was due the next day, which they both knocked off in an hour.

About 8:00 PM Grandpa came into the kitchen, about the time the boys were finished.

“Should I assume that Jamal is staying over with you, Sonny?”

“Unless you’d rather I go home,” Jamal answered.

“I suspect,” Grandpa responded, “that you guys have been sleeping together while we’ve been gone, and I see no reason to upset your habits. Just keep in mind that there is a lady in the house, so if you come out of your room, at least cover your bottoms. Molly and I have been on the road since early this morning, and we’re going to bed! Good night, boys, see you tomorrow.”

“Good night, Grandpa.” The boys said, in unison.

* * *

The grandparents were discussing the situation before falling asleep.

“What do you think, Molly?”

“I was a little surprised, that Sonny would date a black boy, but Jamal seems to be a really sweet young man, I cannot help but like him, a lot.”

“Maybe cupid is colorblind, or maybe color just doesn’t really matter anyway. You can almost feel the love radiating between those two young men. I guess time will tell. Goodnight sweetheart.”

The grandparents shared a loving kiss, and soon fell asleep.

* * *

It was still only about 8:00 PM, and the boys decided to watch a movie on Netflix before going to bed. It wasn’t quite like the other nights, as they needed to keep their ‘bottoms’ covered. They both went into Rusty’s room and stripped, except for their boxers, then cuddled on the sofa to watch a movie together.

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