Do me Daddy

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The phone vibrated next to Lauren. It was in silent mode as she was studying for her chemistry midterm in the student library. She glanced down at it and was surprised to see that it was Vicky calling.

Lauren had known Vicky for almost four years or since the two had started as freshmen at Florida State.

Vicky wasn’t really what Lauren would call a close friend and she only heard from her occasionally. She seldom saw her around campus and wondered if she was even still going to class.

What she did know about Vicky was that she was quite a bit on the wild side.

Vicky was what most would call a knockout. At five foot eight and one hundred forty pounds she had curves in all the right places.

She had auburn shoulder length hair, full and shapely D cup breasts, a breathtaking heart shaped ass, and legs to die for.

When they had been taking classes together, in the second semester of freshman year, Vicky had successfully dared Lauren into getting up for an amateur night at a nearby strip club called college cuties.

Vicky had won the amateur night and afterward started working at the club, dancing two nights a week.

Lauren had gotten a thrill from her experience at the amateur night but did not want to take time away from her studies in order to work that kind of a part time job. She was also afraid that her own high libido would get her too involved in what Vicky was very much too involved in.

Laurens father was taking care of her tuition and expenses and she was determined to graduate on time and with a degree. He had offered her more of a stipend for school but she wanted to be mostly independent and provide for her own spending money.

Lauren worked some hours at the campus bookstore and also made a little money tutoring underclassmen.

Vicky had started school on some grants and student loans. The job at the strip club provided her spending money. That was enough at first.

After a few months Vicky decided to up the ante.

Lauren was no prude and was quite experienced sexually but Vicky was taking experienced to a whole new level.

Vicky was now regularly engaging in activities that Lauren could not envision herself doing.

Only twice had Lauren succumbed to her friends pleading to help her out and earn some quick money. Those occasions had been very exciting and the money was nice but in the year since the last session she had resisted a couple of requests to earn some more.

Vicky had moved quickly from dancing on stage for tips, to the more lucrative private dances in the VIP room, where she learned to dry hump horny men until they came in their pants and gave her a bigger tips.

Before very long Vicky had set up shop in an off campus apartment and had set herself up in the pay for play business. It had become clear to her that she had a talent that was going to waste in giving dry humps and the occasional handjob at the strip club.

Vicky had started her escort trade with ads in back page and Craigs list but now had several regulars who paid very well. She relied primarily now on good word of mouth from these very satisfied clients.

One in particular was coming over tonight and he was expecting the something extra she had promised him. That something extra was to have been in the form of Tina, a stripper from the club, with whom she had gone over the role play scenario on tap for tonight. That was now not going to happen, at least not with Tina.

Tina had called this morning and had to cancel as she was down with the flu.

Vicky had been trying to figure out a way to work around this dilemma before Mr. Smith was to arrive tonight when she thought she might try Lauren one more time.

Lauren was quite attractive and had the advantage of looking even more right for the part than she herself did.

Vicky would promise Lauren that she wouldn’t have to get physical with the client if she didn’t want to but figured the other girl would more than likely decide to involve herself when she saw how well Mr. Smith fucked. For a man in his forties he certainly was quite the cocksman.

He had become her favorite client. He was good looking, generous, and quite kinky.

Vicky had become excellent at reading men and had started role play games with Mr Smith eight or so months back when she thought he might tip better if she spiced things up some by titillating his imagination as well as his well formed cock.

Naughty babysitter, nurse, secretary, and prison guard were among the games they had played.

On one of their dates about three months ago, she had struck gold when she had blurted out, “Fuck me Daddy!”

He swelled inside her and picked up his pace responding, “Oh yes princess, is that what you want?”

“Yes Daddy. Fuck me hard. Make me come Daddy.”

And come she did, twice in fact before Mr Smith emptied his considerable load into her clutching box. His banging her from behind doggy style while taking hold of her hair, tied in pigtails for the occasion, had made her extra turned escort bayan on and she orgasmed twice.

The kink of playing a bad girl daughter was quite the sexual lubricant.

They had played that game exclusively the past several times and Brian had provided her a realistic dildo on which to practice her deep throat skills as well as a butt plug to get herself ready for him to take her cherry back there. Vicky had never engaged in anal sex but with Mr. Smith she was thinking she might make an exception.


Lauren had not responded and Vicky was going to try again, this time with a text.


Vicky thought back to the last time about it a year before that Lauren had joined her for a tryst with a client and so very much hoped that she would be willing to give it another go.

That time had involved a gentleman who wanted to see two women make love to each other before fucking one of them while the other watched.

Vicky of course was the one who had gotten fucked but there was no mistaking the fact that Lauren enjoyed herself immensely and had also enjoyed the $200 she had gained from the encounter.

Having worked at the strip club for some time Vicky was no stranger to lesbian sex but her experience of Laurens tongue on her pussy was one she was eager to revisit.

The two young women were so very dissimilar in appearance. Vicky, a buxom auburn haired beauty with smouldering sensuality, and Lauren, a slender raven haired pixie with close cropped hair and A cup breasts, looked about as far apart from sisters as any two women could be.

Lauren at least had the same kind of dark hair as Brian Smith so she would be able to play a daughter of his more effectively. He would undoubtedly be happy with whoever Vicky provided to play the little sister who wanted to watch and learn what good fucking was all about by seeing her Daddy fuck her older sister.

When Vicky had teased him with that prospect, Brian, or Mr. Smith, had promised $1000 minimum with extra if things went well.


Lauren had ignored the first call from Vicky and had just let her phone vibrate to voice mail. She really did have to study after all.

She was very close to the honor roll and wanted to make her Daddy proud. He was due to visit in a few weeks and she wanted to surprise him by being able to say she was likely to graduate with honors.

Since their mother had died suddenly ten years before Daddy was the whole world to both Lauren and her younger sister Kate.

He had been devastated at first in losing his beautiful wife to a tragic car accident but had pulled it together to be able to raise the girls as a single dad. The fact that he made excellent money in a highly lucrative consulting business enabled him to provide nannies and private schools for his little princesses as he liked to call them.

Kate was finishing up her senior year of high school in a prestigious New England boarding school. Lauren would have been provided the money to be able to go to the school of her choosing but she had enjoyed her experience Florida State.

She often wondered and worried about her father’s loneliness as he never seemed to date even years after her mom had died. She had asked him about that a time or two but he had told her that there would be plenty of time for that when she and Kate were established.

They were all the women he could handle for now.

Lauren knew he had sexual needs. One time when she was staying at the brownstone in New York on a semester break she had gotten up to go to the bathroom and had been drawn by a light to the living room.

Turning the corner into the room she saw some soft core porn playing on a cable channel and the unmistakable sight of her Dad stroking himself to it.

He was very focused on the movie and did not notice her.

Lauren had stood there for more than a minute equally transfixed by the sight of her dad’s erection being slowly stroked.

She had backed out of the room and had gone to her bedroom to masturbate to that vision. Nothing had ever been said about that experience by her to anyone but she held that memory as a trigger to orgasm while masturbating when all else failed.


Now she saw the text from Vicky. Maybe she had studied enough she thought to herself.

She could use some extra cash for an upcoming concert she wanted to attend and there was a part of her that was hungry for sex.

She had broken up with her steady boyfriend because he had been putting too many demands on her time. As a result of that she hadn’t been laid in over a month.

Lauren wondered if Vicky would be going down on her as she had the last time or if this time she might relent and let whoever the client was have a go at her pussy as well as Vickies.

She texted back. CALL ME IN FIVE.

Lauren picked up her things and headed out of the library and into the quad to take Vickies call. She remembered the first altıparmak escort bayan time she had joined Vicky with a client.

The client had just wanted a pretty girl to watch him getting blown. Vicky of course had done the cocksucking and Lauren was only there to observe as the man stared at her while his cock was being serviced by her friend.

It was all she could do that time to not reach between her legs and bring herself off while watching this erotic sight. Looking in the eyes of an aroused older man as he was getting ready to come made her quiver with delight.

She had also gotten $100 for the pleasure of adding another visual trigger to her masturbatory montage.

The phone rang. Lauren answered and listened attentively as Vicky laid out the scenario on tap for tonight and pleaded with her friend to bail her out.

Vicky promised her at least $300 and more if she had any sex.

“Please, please.” She had finished with.

Lauren only hesitated briefly before agreeing and spent the rest of the afternoon getting excited at the prospect. Playing a daddy’s girl eager to get fucked was an enticing proposition. Vicky offered the option that Lauren could just pretend to observe her big sister having sex or she could join in for a bigger share of the tip.


She arrived at Vickies apartment at seven so that the two could go over the basics before Mr. Smith was due to arrive at eight.

Vicky showed Lauren her newly expanded wardrobe and selected a sexy schoolgirl outfit for her to wear. Thigh high stockings, a plaid skirt, pink panties, and a white blouse would comprise her ensemble while she waited in the bedroom. Vicky would be prepare Mr Smith in the living room for a while before bringing him into the bedroom to share him with her pretend sister.

Vicky went over the basics of the role play.

“Remember that we are really feeding his fantasy. Listen to the things I say and play along.

You were in drama in high school. It’s acting but believe me it can be quite a turn on.”

Lauren said she would be able play along and was secretly looking forward to getting fucked.

She told Vicky that from the way she was describing Mr. Smith she was more than likely to want to join in the sex.

Shortly before eight Brian called and said he was on the way up to see his baby girl.

Vicky had Lauren wait in the bedroom with the door closed but told her to listen to the foreplay going on in the living room so that she would be able to jump into the play in character. Vicky was going to refer to her as little sis or Lolly, a name she had picked at random. Vicky was going to be princess or baby girl and they would refer to Brian as Daddy.

Lauren went into the bedroom and left the door open a crack to be able to hear the goings on between Vicky and Mr. Smith. There was a knock on the door and Vicky went to answer it.

“Ooh Daddy you’re home! I missed you.” Lauren heard Vicky exclaim.

“I dressed special for you Daddy. See.”

Vicky was clad in a sheer baby doll teddie which showed off her voluptuous body to its full advantage. From just inside the bedroom door Lauren could not see the embrace and grind Vicky was laying on Brian but heard his voice respond, “Beautiful, princess. I’m so glad you missed me. Show Daddy how much you missed me.”

Lauren did not register the sound of his zipper being undone as she was still registering the shocked realization of the sound of that voice.

Lauren Conrad could not help but recognize the sound of the voice of Brian Conrad, not Smith.

It was undoubtedly her father’s voice but to make sure she opened the bedroom door a bit more and was able to see his face in profile, eyes closed in rapture as Vicky bobbed up and down on his saliva soaked cock.

Vicky had wasted no time in going down on the client. She wanted this to be a night to remember for him and hoped to bring him to several orgasms before they were done. The wilder the experience the bigger the tip.

Lauren stood just behind the partially open bedroom door in shock. What was she to do?

There seemed to be two options at that moment, the first of which was to sneak out of the apartment unseen by her father and make her explanations and excuses to Vicky later.

This was probably the best choice.

If her Dad came into the bedroom in a short while expecting another escort who would be playing another daughter of his, eager for sex, his shock and shame in seeing his real daughter could be devastating to their relationship.

How would either of them be able to hide the fact from Vicky that they were actually father and daughter? Word would leak out and reputations would be ruined. He might get angry at her, angry at himself, or just go into a state of shock.

She couldn’t imagine that he would want to have sex with his real daughter when he realized that what was waiting for him behind this door was in fact his little princess.

“Oh princess, you’ve nilüfer eskort been practicing on your toy haven’t you?”, Brian gushed while gazing down at the upturned face of Vicky who had three quarters of his sizable erection deep in her mouth.

“Yes Daddy. I’ll be able to take it all soon. Aren’t you proud of me? Aren’t I a good girl?”

“Yes you are indeed princess. Do you want Daddy to come in your mouth baby girl. I’m getting close.”

“No Daddy. I want to feel you inside me.”

Vicky came off his cock and got on her hands and knees facing the partially open bedroom door where she could make out Laurens face in the crack. She winked at her and then hiking up her teddie and seductively swaying her naked ass she looked back over her shoulder at Brian and uttered a phrase that would be forever more emblazoned in Laurens memory.

“Do me Daddy.”

Brian positioned himself behind the gorgeous young ladies derriere and worked himself slowly and deliberately inside her scalding wet pussy.

Lauren retreated a bit into the room so that he would not accidently see her but all thoughts of retreating from the apartment were now forgotten.

Option two.

She was going to stay.

She was going to let her Daddy see her and then whatever was going to happen would happen.

She felt she had no choice.

She wanted to fuck her Daddy.

She wanted him to fuck his real princess.

Lauren looked through the gap in the door and watched her dear Daddy take Vicky by the braided pigtails she was sporting for the occasion and pull her back so that he was bottomed out deep inside her velvety channel.

Lauren started to play with her moistening pussy while watching the expression of lust overcome Vickies face. She could not see her father’s cock stroking in and out of her friends vagina but could witness the effect it was having on her.

Vicky ground back against Brian and said to him.

“Don’t tease me Daddy. Fuck me harder and faster. Come inside me.

I want you so bad.”

And then again, “Do me Daddy.”

Brian picked up his pace and started to fuck the mynx faster and faster. His abdomen slapping against her ass cheeks. Vicky reached down between her legs to alternately tickle his balls and play with her clit.

She squirted a little on the carpet as she came for the first time tonight from Brians furious fucking.

Lauren came as well. She stifled a gasp from the bedroom when she came from the combined stimulation of rubbing her clit, tweaking an exposed erect nipple, and watching her Daddy fuck her friend to orgasm.

Brian moaned, “Here it comes baby girl. Here comes all my juice for you.”

He held her by the braids and jerked his hips several times emptying himself into her well used opening.

After his orgasm Brian fell back onto the couch. Vicky removed his shoes, socks, and pants.

He had not paused to remove any of these before their initial fuck.

“Daddy.” Vicky said as she was washing their combined juices from his softening dick with a warm washcloth she had gone into the kitchen to fetch.

“Can I tell you something? Promise you won’t be mad.”

“I won’t be mad princess.”

“I told Lolly about us because she suspected and kept bugging me. Now she is jealous and she said she was going to tell everyone about us unless I share you with her.”

“Why did you tell her princess? This was supposed to be our secret.”

“I couldn’t help it Daddy. She tasted you from my pussy one night after you had come inside me. She knows I don’t have a boyfriend right now and she knows we have been spending a lot of time together.”

“She licks your pussy?”

“She’s very good at it Daddy. I lick her too. Her boyfriend is useless. He doesn’t know how to get her off. He comes way too quick and he never gives her head. At least that’s what she tells me.”

Vicky was continuing to fondle his penis with the warm washcloth and it was beginning to stir back to life.

“Ooh Daddy. You like the idea of seeing your daughters go down on each other don’t you?”

Vicky squeezed his hardening cock to emphasize the point.

“Would you like to see us do it now? Lolly is waiting in the bedroom.”

Brian stood up in response and removed his shirt and tie to prepare himself to walk naked into the bedroom and watch his little girls go down on each other.


Lauren scrambled back to the bed and lay on her back. Just before the door opened she took a pillow and covered her face with it. Using a high falsetto baby girl voice she said, “Is that Daddy with you? I’m so embarrassed. I’m ashamed that I want him so bad.”

Vicky, playing along with what she thought was a wonderful ad-lib on the part of Lauren, said in response. “You don’t have to look little sis. Just let us warm you up for the best loving you have ever had.”

Vicky got down between Laurens quivering thighs and after peeling off her pink panties started to work her already dripping pussy into a further lather. Brian knelt on the bed and opened his daughters blouse. He ran his hands over her adorable little boobies and he tweaked and pinched a nipple. Lauren moaned with delight at the contact.

When Brian tried to pull the pillow away from her face she resisted and he let it go at that for now.

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