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“OOOHHHH FUCK I’m CUUUUMMMMMING!” He groaned as she continued to bob up and down on his cock. Her hand was wrapped tightly around him and she was stroking it vigorously as she sucked.

I had the video camera filming the event; she squinted slightly as his load of cum shot into her mouth and throat.

She slowed down as his load continued to empty into her mouth. His body relaxed back into the car seat when he was done and she pulled off his cock.

A string of his cum stretched from her lip to the head of his cock until it finally snapped and she turned in her car seat to the next guy waiting at her open car door.

He was stroking his cock in anticipation of her mouth.

She wrapped her hand around his cock and opened her mouth. She leaned in and sucked it between her lips.

I walked to the other side of the car to get a better angle and view of the action.

The guy who had been sitting in the driver’s seat left and someone else sat down. He leaned across the seat, wrapped his hands around her body, and began massaging her tits through her thin blouse. He was pinching and rolling her hard nipples as she continued to suck and stroke the guy standing next to her.

I scanned the camera around the car and into the darkness. There were now six guys standing around either with their cocks out stroking them or rubbing themselves through their jeans waiting for their turn to have the hot babe suck their cock.

I panned back to her as the guy who was rubbing her tits pulled her blouse open busting the buttons off. Her big tits fell into view and were illuminated by the light from the video camera. He then moved his hands back to her naked tits and rolled them in his hands.

“OOOOOOOOOOO” He moaned as he shot his load into her mouth.

I could see her throat working hard to swallow his big load. Some of his cum dribbled from the corner of her mouth.

She let go of his cock and turned in her seat again to the guy who had been massaging her tits.

She got on her knees in the passenger seat so she could get to his cock.

Another guy stepped to the passenger door with his cock in his hand.

She grabbed the new guys cock and sucked it into her open mouth.

I stayed where I was because I knew the guy in the door was not going to wait for his turn.

She was wearing a very tight pair of short shorts. The shorts had slid into her pussy leaving a prolific outline of her lips. There was a small wet spot on them where her excitement was dripping from her pussy.

He saw this and took his hand and began rubbing her pussy through her shorts. Her firm round ass looked absolutely fucking hot.

The pressure on her pussy forced the shorts further into her pussy and the wet spot grew.

As I expected he did not wait.

He grabbed the waistband of her shorts and jerked them down until they pooled at her knees in the car seat.

She started to turn around but he was not going to let that happen. He grabbed her hips to keep her firmly in her place. The guy whose cock was being sucked helped his friend by holding her head in place on his cock.

“MMMMMMMMM” was the only protest she could mutter.

He guided his cock to her pussy and leaned forward.

I zoomed the camera in on her pussy as his cock split open her glistening wet lips. He then thrust forward sinking fully into her pussy.

“MMMMMMMMMM” again she moaned as she sucked on the cock in her mouth.

I moved to the front of the car to get a shot through the windshield as she sucked one cock and the other fucked her pussy. The dome light in the car was burning brightly so I was able to get a good shot. I zoomed in and out to get close-ups of her.

I then panned to the line of guys who seemed to have moved to the passenger side of the car. All of them apparently would rather fuck her than be sucked by her.

“FUCK YESSSSSS!” He moaned as he stroked in and out of her pussy.

He threw his head back and moaned as he shot his load into her pussy. I moved over to the passenger side again and zoomed in as he withdrew from her pussy. His cum was oozing from her pussy.

He backed away and the next guy, cock in hand guided his dick to her juicy pussy.

He leaned in and easily slid all the way inside her.

I heard a moan from inside the car as the guy getting his cock sucked held her head on his cock and shot his load in her mouth.

He let go of her head and she pulled off his cock.

He got out of the car as the guy behind her continued to pound her pussy. I moved back to the front of the car.

I got a great shot of her big tits swinging below her body as another guy got in the driver’s seat.

She was now so lost eskişehir seks hikayeleri in the act of sucking and fucking that she willingly grabbed his cock and sucked it into her mouth.

“Here it comes baby!” The guy fucking her said.

I moved over there again and got his cock pulling out of her.

Her pussy was now gaping open and cum was spilling from it.

The next guy walked up and slapped her ass saying, “Get ready slut. Here it comes.”

He unfastened his pants and they dropped to his ankles.

He pulled out the biggest cock I had ever seen. He had to be at least eleven inches long and very thick.

He guided this monster to her pussy and immediately sunk fully into her.

“OHHHH FUCK!” I heard her muffled scream as he impaled her on his dick.

I zoomed in as he slowly pulled his cock from her pussy. He was also pulling the already deposited cum from her and it was dripping onto her shorts still pooled at her knees. His cock was glistening in the camera light from her wet pussy. He withdrew until only the large head of his cock was still in her and then quickly plunged back in until his groin slapped against her ass. The slap of skin meeting resounded through the darkness.

“MMMMMMMMMM” she moaned again against the cock in her mouth.

I kept the camera glued to her pussy lips stretched tight around the fat cock inside her.

He pulled out again dragging cum from her pussy. This time he slid back in and began pounding her pussy.

“FUCK!” the guy inside moaned as he held her head on his cock. His cum dribbled from her mouth and onto his groin and cock as he unloaded in her mouth.

He let go of her head and she pulled off quickly.

“My GAWD!” She nearly screamed as her assailant continued to fuck her hard and fast. His skin was slapping against her ass with each thrust.

Another guy crawled into the driver’s seat and grabbed her head pulling her toward his hard cock.

She wrapped a hand around it and opened her mouth.

Each stroke of the big cock caused her to grunt on the new cock in her mouth.

“MMM….MMM…MMM…MMM” she moaned between thrusts.


His big cock buried in her womb as he emptied into her.

She pulled off the cock in her mouth and screamed, “OH FUCK!”

He finished shooting his cum in her pussy and began to withdraw.

I zoomed in as inch by inch he pulled out. Cum was gushing from her pussy, running down her thighs, and dripping onto her shorts.

He pulled out and I zoomed in on her cum filled pussy. Her pussy was gaping wide open.

The next guy stepped up and looked at me, “How in the fuck do you follow that? Look at her pussy. It is stretched out. I need a two by four strapped to my skinny ass to fuck this whore.”

He grabbed his cock and guided it to her pussy.

The incredible elasticity of a pussy was working. As he slipped inside her open pussy, her lips began to suck around his cock.

“Damn this bitch has a slippery cunt.” He said as he began slipping in and out of her.

Another guy sat in the driver’s seat and she immediately sucked his cock into her mouth.

The guy fucking her said, “Put that camera here,” pointing at her brown little rosebud between her smooth white cheeks.

He pulled out of her with his cock dripping with cum.

He grabbed the base of his cock and pushed it against her rectum and his slick cock popped inside her ass.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” She screamed on the other guys cock as he held her head down and on him.

She was squirming to get away from the invasion of her ass but he was going to have none of that. He smacked her ass hard and grabbed hold of her hips and leaned further into her tight ass.

“Damn I think this slut has a virgin ass.” He said.

He leaned into her more and more with her continuing to scream on the other guys cock.

I kept the camera on his cock as he now was completely inside her ass. He held it there letting her stop squirming and groaning.

He then withdrew and left just the head in her ass. “I had to find a tight hole to fuck her in. Her pussy is too loose and sloppy for my tiny dick.” He laughed and pushed back inside her.

This time she did not complain as bad as the first. She was apparently getting used to it now and maybe she was even enjoying it some.

I looked back and there were still three guys in line to fuck her. Two of them were ones who had just had their dick sucked by her. They seemed to be rotating back and forth. First a suck and then a fuck.

“OHHHH FUCK!” The guy fucking her ass moaned. He buried his cock in her ass and let his load spill inside her sweet ass.

He pulled out and her anus was gaping open. You could see right down inside her ass. As I was filming, the sphincter muscles contracted and closed her gaping hole.

“Well she’s not an anal virgin now.” He said smiling into the camera.

Watching her ass, I did not even see the guy in the car shoot his load.

The next guy grabbed her ass and said, “Come here you little slut.”

He pulled on her hips as she backed out of the car. Her shorts fell to her ankles as she stood up.

I trained the camera on her. Her nipples were rock hard and red from being twisted and mauled. She had cum in her hair. She had cum running down the inside of her thighs as it escaped from her pussy and I assume now her ass.

“Come over her bitch.” The guy guided her.

She stepped out of her shorts and another guy pulled her ripped shirt off her shoulders. She was naked with the exception of her sandals.

He guided her to the hood of the car and laid her back on it. Her legs were spread open and he grabbed his cock and guided it toward her cum laden pussy.

She laid her head back on the hood as two guys stepped up on each side. Her big tits were lying against her chest and to the side as they each grabbed one and began pinching and rolling her nipples. She winced slightly as they did. I was certain her nipples had to be getting a little tender at this point.

The guy fucking her was pumping in and out at a heated pace as I walked around behind him to get a shot over his shoulder at her being fucked and her tits bounding up and down with a guy on each.

The guy fucking her did not last long.

“Fuck bitch I’m cumming!” he said to her and pushed into her releasing his load.

He pulled out and the angle her pussy was on the cum rolled right back out and onto the ground.

I scanned around and everyone either had dissipated into the darkness or was watching with soft cocks in their pants.

I then noticed that my cock was rock hard and my underwear was nearly soaked from the pre-cum that had apparently been on a steady stream coming from it.

She laid like a limp rag against the hood of the car.

I ran the camera up and down her naked, used body and then shut it off and turned to go back to my car.

As I was walking back I heard, “Get off my car slut, I have got to go.”

I got to my car and got inside. I pulled my cock out of my pants and turned the camera on again.

I began watching the video from the start on the small LCD screen. I instinctively began stroking my cock. I had to have some relief from the pain I was now in from being hard for so long.

I had watched about five minutes of the video when I noticed in the darkness someone fucking her again. She was bent over a park bench and he was slamming in and out of her pussy.

Just then, a car pulled up and the lights lit up the area. A guy got out of the car and walked to the other side of the bench. He pulled out his cock and shoved it into her face. I saw his cock disappear into her mouth as she sucked him.

I watching thinking “damn how long and how many guys can she do this with before being completely fucked out?”

The guy fucking her apparently lost his load inside her and backed away. The guy getting his cock sucked pulled away from her mouth and got behind her. I then noticed that he also had a very large cock.

He lined up and then shoved his cock into her. I heard her moan as he entered her. He pumped in and out of her pussy and her big tits were swaying beneath her tired body.

I paused the video and stroked my cock watching the real thing.

She was moaning now with each stroke of his cock.

“OHHHHHHH MY GAWD!” She screamed as she bent further over the bench, nearly bent double as he continued to pound her. I could see she was shuddering with an orgasm.

“FUCK ME!” He yelled as he threw his head back and pulled his cock from her pussy. He stroked it a few times and his load was so massive that I could see it as he sprayed it onto her back and ass.

When he was done, he pulled out, tucked his cock back in his pants and walked back to his car.

When he left, she turned and sat on the bench, naked. The headlights illuminated her spent but sexy body.

His car pulled away and left her sitting there in the dark.

I un-paused the video and began watching again stroking my hard cock.

I was to the point in the video where the first big cock was fucking her when suddenly the dome light came on and the door opened.

Robin my wife got in the car. She was naked with the exception of her shorts that she had put back on. She reeked of cum and sex.

She looked at me stroking my cock and watching the video.

She leaned over the console and took my cock. She stroked it a few times and then sucked me into her mouth.

She sucked me hard and I quickly shot my load into her mouth.

She wiped my cum from her chin and sat back up.

“Honey, thank you for the best birthday present I have ever received.” She said to me.

“You are very welcome.” I replied as I turned off the camera and started the car.

She leaned back in her seat and dozed off as I drove home.

It was about an hour drive home. I pulled into the garage and walked around to open her door. She woke up when the door opened. She got out of the car and kissed me on the cheek. She walked into the house as I grabbed the camera.

She walked straight down the hall and to our bedroom. I then heard the shower water turn on.

I could not wait to see the video on the big screen.

I put it in the DVD player and hit the play button.

As I watched I got another hard on and was getting very horny. I knew that Robin was wore out and would not be up for another romp.

I had watched about ten minutes of it when I felt her sit down on the couch next to me. Her hair was wet and she was wrapped in a silk robe. She smelled fresh and clean again.

She sat there watching the video not saying a word.

Then suddenly she asked, “How could you stand to watch that going on? I don’t think I could stand to watch you fucking other women.”

“I thought you were absolutely gorgeous and I knew it would be a birthday you would never forget.”

“You have the never forget part right.”

I then felt her hand on my cock. We were to the part again where the guy with the huge cock was fucking her.

“He had to feel good in your pussy.”

“Don’t get all self conscious on me but, yes, I have never had a cock that size in me. It was a wonderful experience.”

She then stood up and let her robe fall off her shoulders to the floor. She stood in front of me naked. Her tits were still red and her pussy lips looked swollen.

“You don’t have to do this right now.” I told her.

“Oh, but I want to.”

She turned around and bent over the coffee table with her hands on it.

Her pussy and ass was right in front of me.

I stood up and took my pants off. My cock was raging hard.

She watched the video, as I got ready to fuck her.

I grabbed the base of my cock and slipped it between her swollen pussy lips.

I leaned forward and sunk into her pussy. She had apparently douched as her pussy was now as I normally knew it to be. Slick and wet but not soaked.

I watched the video also as I pumped in and out of her.

I was ready to cum in her when we reached the end of the video. I moaned and released my load in her pussy where so many other men had just deposited their loads.

I was surprised to see my cock still hard inside her so I pulled it out with cum on it and placed the head of my cock against her asshole.

She jumped slightly and said, “Yes, do it.”

I had never fucked her ass before so I pushed gently forward until my cock head popped inside her rectum.

“OHHHH FUCK.” She moaned.

“You OK?”

“Yesssss just fuck my ass.”

I pushed further in until I was now buried in her.

I grabbed her smooth silky white cheeks and pumped in and out of her. She moaned with each thrust.

The pure excitement of fucking her ass made me come quicker than I wanted to. I was afraid this was a once in a lifetime event and I would never get the chance again.

“OHHHH MY GAWD!” I groaned as her ass locked on my cock like a vice.

I came harder than I have ever remembered in my life.

I pulled out of her ass. Her rectum was gaping open and again as I watched it snapped shut again.

She stood up with cum running down her leg and said, “I guess I need to shower again now.”

She kissed me, grabbed her robe, and went back down the hall.

I looked at the TV and there was just snow on it as the video had finished playing.

I ejected the disc and turned off the player and the TV. I turned off the lights and went down the hall.

She apparently just rinsed off and was getting into bed.

I took the rest of my clothes off and crawled in beside her. She snuggled up against me.

“Do you like getting fucked in your ass?”


“Doesn’t it hurt?”

“At first.”

“Then it is good?”

“Very good.”

“So we can do that again?”

“I hope we do.”

She looked up and we kissed again.

“Thank-You for a great birthday.”

“Your welcome.”

“How am I ever going to top this for your birthday?”

“I’m sure you will think of something. You always do.”

I then heard her soft little snore as she fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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