Doing the Girl Next Door

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Linda Kelso was my first girl – almost two years after I started having sex with boys.

Linda and I had known each other almost literally forever. Her family moved into our neighborhood when I was three. She was two months older than me and a serious tomboy. We played together almost every day and it didn’t bother me that she was better at most things than I was. We slept together in the same bed frequently. We wore pajamas and it was non-sexual, although we did occasionally play “Show me yours and I’ll show you mine.”

We last slept together when we were eleven. Our parents thought we were getting too old for that.

At Linda’s seventeenth birthday party, she pulled me into an empty room, whispered “I like you so much,” and kissed me enthusiastically and thoroughly. We kissed every time we were alone after that, gradually getting more and more physical.

Linda and I had a private birthday party a few days after I turned eighteen. Her parents had gone on an overnight trip, so we were alone in the house. She was dressed in shorts and a sleeveless shirt with her shirttail tied in a knot, exposing her bare midriff. She looked sexy as hell, the way she always had for the past three years.

As soon as I’d stepped into the house and closed the door, she greeted me with a full-bodied open-mouth kiss. Then she took my hand and led me to her bedroom. We removed our shoes and socks and got onto the bed. She settled on her back and I climbed on top of her.

We resumed kissing, open mouthed with our tongues caressing each other. I eventually pulled away from her mouth and started planting soft kisses on her nose, cheeks, forehead, eyelids, ears, throat . . . It was incredible. None of the boys who’d let me kiss them had Linda’s patience or enthusiasm. I would have happily spent the rest of the day just kissing her.

Eventually, Linda gripped my head and guided my face to her chest. “Kiss me here,” she said in a husky whisper.

I untied the knot in her shirttail and unbuttoned her shirt, exposing her bare breasts. I kissed, licked and sucked her nipples, feeling them swell and harden under my lips.

Much later, Linda gently pushed my face away from her breasts and whispered, “I have a present for you.” She reached into the drawer of her nightstand, pulled out a package of condoms and put them into my hand. I was staring at the little package as if it were the key to Paradise when she said “Help me take my shorts off.”

I unbuttoned her shorts and Linda arched her back, lifting her butt and making it easy for me to pull her shorts down and off. She wasn’t wearing any panties. I paused for a moment, staring in wonder at my first naked mature female. The little fold of flesh between her legs was clearly visible through her sparse blonde pubic thatch.

“You can see mine, now let’s see yours,” Linda purred. It only took me a few seconds to shed my tee-shirt and blue jeans. She looked at me standing proud and hard beside the bed and said, “You’ve really grown. It’s so big and so pretty.” I grew another inch in that instant.

Linda spread her legs, placed fingers on either side of her labia, and pulled herself open. “Come eat me,” she commanded. I saw her clitoris as soon as I put my face between Linda’s thighs. It was already starting to swell, but it grew larger as I licked around it. Finally, I wrapped my lips around it. It was like sucking a cock.

I couldn’t get enough of sucking and licking Linda’s clit and fingering her snatch. I probably spent half an hour going down on her, seeing and feeling her genitals swell and leak fluid. Her juice didn’t smell or taste like a boy’s pre-cum, but licking it was just as exciting. Finally, she screamed and convulsed, coming with almost frightening intensity.

“That was so good,” Linda whispered after she’d finally caught her breath. “Now I want you to put it inside me.”

Although I hadn’t touched my penis, I’d actually ejaculated a few minutes after I’d started eating Linda out, leaving an embarrassing spot on the bed sheets. I hadn’t really softened then, and I was certainly hard at this point. I reached for a condom, removed it from its little foil pack, placed it over the tip of my dick and attempted to unroll it. It didn’t work. After a Cebeci Escort few seconds, I realized I was trying to put it on backwards. I reversed the condom and it unrolled easily.

Linda looked down over her breasts and belly at my erect member. “You’re so big,” she said as I positioned myself between her thighs. “You’re going to feel so good inside . . .” She gasped as I slid my condom-wrapped length smoothly into her body.

Her slick pussy was as tight as any boy’s greased asshole. I was so excited I almost came right then, despite my orgasm a few minutes before. Still, I managed to hold back and my urgent need to ejaculate diminished after my first few strokes.

I plowed Linda for a long time. She’d occasionally tell me to change my tempo or position. Sometimes I lay on her with my chest pillowed on her breasts, kissing her mouth and face. At other times, I would kneel between her legs and fondle her breasts and thighs, occasionally bending down to kiss her.

Linda suddenly stiffened, arching her back and clamping my penis with her vaginal muscles. Her eyes were closed and her face was twisted into an expression that I initially took to be pain. She screamed “Fuck me. Fuck me hard! Oh! I’m coming . . . coming!” Her voice trailed off into incoherent gasps and exclamations as she thrashed beneath me. I slammed my cock into her with all my strength. After a few thrusts, I screamed and emptied my load into her pussy.

We kissed for a long time. My penis gradually softened. I was afraid my semen might leak out of the condom into Linda’s vagina, so I gripped the latex tightly and withdrew.

Linda looked up at me dreamily. “That was so good,” she purred. She noticed the condom in my hand. “Give me that,” she ordered, reaching out. “You really filled it up,” she said, holding the condom up and turning it slowly in front of our faces. “That’s so cool. Your cock was pulsing inside me when you came. It was great. I wish I could feel you spray this stuff inside my pussy.”

Linda squealed as the condom slipped out of her fingers and fell onto her chest, splashing my cum onto her breasts. “Oh!” she cried.

“Want me to clean it off?” I asked.

“Sure,” she answered. “It’ll be fun”

I spent a couple minutes licking up my juice. Linda’s nipples, already hard, got even harder. I finally finished and moved to kiss her.

“You’ve got cum on your face,” Linda said. “Hold still. I’ll clean it off.”

“That was tasty,” she said a minute later.

We moved so we were laying on our sides, belly to belly, with Linda nestled in my arms. “You’re so much better than Tony,” she murmured.


She drew a deep breath before saying, “That sort of slipped out. I hope you don’t mind not being my first boy.”

“You know me better than that.”

“You’re wonderful,” she said, kissing me. “I wanted you to be first, but you were taking your time. Tony was so aggressive and I was just too horny to wait.”

We spoke dreamily about inconsequential things for a few minutes, then realized we were hungry. We went to the kitchen naked and wolfed down peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and guzzled milk.

It was so cool sitting naked side by side at the kitchen table, eating and talking. Linda finished her last bite of sandwich and drained her milk glass.

“You’re really good in bed,” Linda said. “Were you a virgin?”

“This was the first time I’ve had sex with a girl.”

Linda was silent for a few seconds, contemplating the way I’d phrased my answer. “How about boys?” she finally asked.

“Well . . . yes,” I admitted, after a brief pause. I’ve had sex with other boys.”

“That’s good,” Linda said. “I knew you weren’t a total virgin.” She leaned over and kissed me aggressively. I tasted peanut butter and milk.

“We’re so much the same,” Linda continued. “I’ve had sex with girls, too. Why don’t you tell me about some of your times with boys? It’ll really get me hot.”

“You’re hot anyway,” I answered, brushing my fingers over her pebble-hard nipples. “I’ll tell you about mine if you tell me about yours.”

“Deal. Anyone I know?”

“Richard Akes. You?”

Linda giggled. “Sandra Akes.”

I Çıtır Escort pushed my chair back from the table. Linda straddled my legs, pressing her breasts against my chest. Her face was inches from mine. “So tell me about Richard,” she said. “Did you suck each other’s cocks?”

“Yeah,” I answered, marveling at the way Linda’s mound was rubbing against my stiff dick.

“Come on and tell me about it.”

It was hard to concentrate. Linda’s hard nipples were pressing against my chest. My penis was inside her vulva and she was moving her pelvis, rubbing her clitoris against the head of my stiff cock. The area was slick with her fluids and my pre-cum. I still managed to describe Richard and my sucking each other off with exquisite pornographic detail.

“That is SO hot!” Linda exclaimed when I’d finished. “I can’t stand it. I have to do this right now.” She stood up suddenly. “Open your legs,” she commanded. An instant later, she was kneeling between my thighs, eagerly sucking my cock and balls.

Within a short time, I could feel the cum boiling in my nuts. “Linda,” I gasped, “I’m going to . . . Arghhh!” She swallowed frantically, trying to gulp every drop of my hot boy juice. When I was finally spent, I pulled her to me. There was a thin line of cum running down her chin. I kissed it off.

“This time I felt you spraying inside my mouth,” she said, smugly.

“You sure did. You suck cock as good as any boy.”

“I love taking your cock in my mouth,” she said. “It feels so good to wrap my lips around the little ring between your glans and your shaft, feeling and tasting that slick stuff leaking out of your tip while I lick your head and stick my tongue into your little slit. I think that’s my favorite part of a dick. It feels so soft and velvety in my mouth, but it’s hard and pulsing at the same time.”

“It’s wonderful sliding my lips up and down your pole, taking your entire length,” Linda continued. It’s so exciting feeling it swell and throb as you start thrashing and moaning, fucking my mouth. And you finally spurt, shooting all your hot juice into my mouth and down my throat. Your cum tastes so wonderful, like a vanilla milkshake with a little Kahlua.”

Wow! What a lyrical description. I briefly pondered a cum-flavored milkshake. Kahlua and vanilla? Kahlua?

“You were going to tell me about making it with Sandra Akes,” I reminded Linda, trying to banish the milkshake image from my mind.

“Well, I didn’t really make it with Sandra,” Linda said. “It was more like doing it with Sandra and Vickie Willis.”

“Vickie, the stuck-up bitch?” I asked incredulously, thinking of the icy blonde beauty with the cutting put-downs for everything and everyone on Earth. “The ice queen?”

“She really heats up when you put your tongue against her clit,” Linda answered. “But, it wasn’t really with Sandra and Vickie . . . Oh look! Someone’s hard again!”

I ignored that. “You and Sandra and Vickie . . . ?” I prompted.

“Actually,” Linda continued, “it was me, Sandra, Vickie, and Andrea and Sandy Dunn.”

“All at the same time?” I said. “You’re teasing me.” Somehow, I knew she wasn’t.

“Let’s go back to my bedroom,” Linda said, jumping up. “I’ll tell you about it there.”

In a minute, Linda was lying on the bed with her back propped against the headboard and her legs spread. She made me sit cross-legged at the foot of the bed and ordered me not to touch my dick. She twisted and pinched her nipples, finger-fucked her pussy, and rubbed and squeezed her clit as she spoke.

My steamiest sex fantasy paled in comparison to Linda’s story of rampant teenage lesbian sex. I would have come several times, even without touching myself, if I hadn’t already had three orgasms in the past two hours.

“Oh God,” I groaned when she finally finished. “I never knew your girlfriends were like that. I’m going to cum in my pants the next time I see one of them.”

“That seems like such a waste,” Linda said. “Especially when you could be cumming in my pussy.” She took a condom from the night stand and tore the foil packet open. “Here, let me put this on you.”

As she was fitting the tight latex onto my stiff cock, Linda Demetevler Escort asked, “Have you fucked boys in the ass?”


“From behind?”

“Doggy style? Yeah.”

Linda turned to face away from me. “Do me that way,” she ordered.

“In the ass?”

“No. In my pussy from behind.”

“OK, but not in bed” I answered. “Get on your hands and knees in front of the wall mirror. That way we can watch ourselves fucking.”

“Oh cool!” Linda squealed, scrambling off the bed and positioning herself on the floor. “Come on,” she demanded, “my cunt’s waiting.”

I got down on all fours and moved behind Linda. Then I had a couple of thoughts. (1) She was being a little too bossy. (2) In my present state, I was going to pop the instant I stuck it in her. So, I decided to tease her a bit.

“I dunno,” I said. “It doesn’t look like you’re really ready. I think I’ll take a look, first.”

“Dammit, Ken, I’m ready,” she snapped. “Just stick it in. Hurry!”

“Is your pussy supposed to be this red?” I asked innocently. “And you look pretty dry.” Linda squealed as I stuck a finger into her dripping snatch.

“Oh, that feels sooo good,” Linda moaned, clamping her pussy muscles around my probing finger. She squealed even louder when I put my tongue on her clit.

Linda pushed back against my face. She started to scream and thrash as I continued licking her. Somehow my tongue ended up between her buttocks. I thrust it into her little rosebud. A tiny part of my mind was saying, “This is really gross. Stop it!” The rest of me was going wild. Nothing short of death could stop me from eating her ass.

I had two fingers in her pussy. They were slick with her juice. I pulled them out and stuck them into her open asshole while shoving my cock up her cunt. I finger fucked her butt while I jammed my cock into her pussy.

In the mirror, I could see Linda pinching and rubbing her clit as I drove into her muscular snatch. She started bucking and I gripped her waist to keep myself in position. Suddenly, I slipped out of her hole. My dick slithered across her backside until it found an opening. I pushed forward and slid back into her body. She was screaming with a mixture of pain and excitement as I thrust into her, shredding the thin latex around my dick.

That tiny responsible part of my mind that would not shut the fuck up was shouting, “The condom’s torn! You’re gonna knock her up! You don’t want a baby!” My body was continuing to thrust my bare blazing cock into the tight little hole between her buttocks. I screamed as I flooded her with wave after wave of hot cum.

I collapsed onto Linda’s back, gasping for breath and feeling my heart pound like a jackhammer trying to break out of my chest. She supported my dead weight long enough to take her fingers out of her pussy, then lowered herself to the floor.

After several minutes, I realized my limp body was probably uncomfortably heavy and rolled off Linda’s back. We lay there for a long time, her on her stomach with cum leaking out of her ass, me on my back, not moving, not even thinking.

I gradually realized what I’d done. Hating myself and my treacherous body, I cried, “Oh God Linda, I’m sorry.”

She lifted her head to look at me. Her eyes were misty, but she was smiling. “Why?” was all she asked.

“I’m sorry I fucked your ass,” I said. “I didn’t mean to, I just got carried away. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

Linda crawled on top of me, pressing her swollen breasts against my chest and kissing me tenderly. “I’m not sorry,” she whispered. “You didn’t hurt me. It felt good.” She giggled. “I felt you spraying your hot cum inside my guts. It was wonderful.”

I kissed her back. Then she kissed me. Eventually, we went to her bed and cuddled for a long time. We took a shower together, went back to her bedroom and made love in front of the mirror. This time I used a condom and fucked her in the pussy. Afterwards, Linda couldn’t stop giggling as she remembered the faces she’d made while climaxing.

* * * * * * * * * *

Copyright (c) 2003 by Ken James

All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual people is coincidental.

This story depicts a world in which AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases are non-existent. In the real world, please practice safe sex.

Please contact me. I love getting feedback and reply to every message.

This story is adapted from my long work “Sex Education.” The original version of “Sex Education” is posted on my personal, totally non-commercial, web site. Please check it out.

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