Dominate Me

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Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have a nuclear family along with traditional experiences. I was always competitive and pushing limits. I knew there was more to life so I joined the military right after high school. I choose a job in the military where I’d be in the 3rd class to ever allow women. I’ve always been told I have a physical presence; however average people often overlook my psychological presence. I’ve been able to leave a psychological footprint on the average person without them even knowing it. That being said, I was lucky enough to grow up using this ability for team building and positive aspects with a few devious adventures.

When I was 18 I had a near death experience. We were kayaking a river that was high and the water was moving fast. I ended up in the river and an undertow threw me into a tree and debris covered by the river. As my torso hit the tree and my legs became tangled I wondered if I had pushed it too far. I learned that I was even stronger than I realized. As I came out of the water I saw the look on my friends face, they thought it would be a recovery and not a rescue. I had learned what a true adrenaline rush was and I was hooked. I took calculated risks others would avoid, but had fun with other like-minded individuals.

Too early in my 20’s I married, had children and spent years as a soccer mom. The PTA meetings wore on my soul, but I felt a duty. After the kids were grown I divorced and set on a path to find out who I am as a woman in her 40’s. All the while I maintained a professional status of tough but fair. I am in management and work with men that were scared to get their hands dirty. When necessary, I even had to fire personnel who didn’t fulfill their end of contracts. One was a 6’4″ iron worker and my heart beat a little fast that day. But I am always in control and never show my hand. I’ve always had to be.

I became sexually active again wanting to try new things, but the average man is dull and programmed. The typical man is so scared of failure he refuses to take chances and thoroughly enjoy the pleasure of an orgasm. Men don’t understand what a “lady in the street, freak in the sheet” is about. I believed I was careful and even was fortunate enough to try to entice an air combat controller and professional hockey player Eskort into more adventurous games in the bedroom without satisfying luck. Even with mediocure sex I began squirting. I realized I could again feel the satisfying rush if I could find a man uninhibited and open minded. Younger men seem to hit on me and I blew it off, even criticizing cougars. They did not seem like a safe choice. I had given up and realized my vibrator was less drama.

My brother has a work friend. He’s always seemed alluring, but he is nearly 20 years younger. Tall, handsome and he seemed to have a calculating attitude where he knows much more than he lets on. I could recognize he’s always processing information. I found him physically and mentally stimulating. An opportunity presented itself where he needed a ride to the airport. We exchanged numbers and texting ensued. When he arrived and we were alone, I thought I’d play and asked him if he knew what “tossing a salad” was. I was bored and I thought it would be fun to see how he responded. Not only did he answer, but it lit a conversation where I found him confident and sexy. I found him more and more interesting. His honesty and comfortableness with who he was a huge turn on. I found myself wet just by the conversation. As we rode to the airport and I asked him to check something on my phone. He looked at my phone and rested it on his left knee. I reached across to get my phone. I could feel my cheeks unexpectedly and uncontrollably flush as I became wetter and wetter. I realized I wanted to pull over to the side of the highway and just fuck him. What was wrong with me?

But he was so young. So I took him to the airport and dropped him off. I offered to pick him up and he said he’d appreciate it. While he was out of town our texting turned from logistics to him telling me what he wanted to do to me. I’ve had men text details before, but something told me he could back it up. I had been wrong twice before, but what did I have to lose? I found myself using my vibrator at the thought of sex with him and pictures/videos ensued with the texts. He was able to mentally stimulate me into things I would not normally consider. I had only tried anal sex twice in my life and didn’t enjoy it. His texts were more and more convincing, he suggested I buy a butt plug. So I did. Feeding off the mental frenzy I added anal beads to my bag of goodies, just in case. I’d ask him what he would want in a picture and I would gladly do it.

He told me to pick him up in a dress with no underwear, so I did. I was so nervous about the age difference. It was so taboo, but I found myself wanting to suck his dick I was so turned on. I met him at baggage claim where he lightly appeared to graze my ass to see if I had underwear on. We went to the elevator and he stood behind me. I hoped we would be alone. Someone attempted to get on the elevator and his quiet presence was enough for them to say “sorry, we’ll wait for the next one”. He gently kissed my neck and I felt his fantastic cock rub my lower back. He rubbed my thigh and my neck and the elevator door opened. He said to give him the keys and I did. I grabbed a towel from my gym bag and set it in the passenger seat doubled up.

As soon as he turned on the car, he finished turning on me. He passionately kissed me and made me squirt the 3rd time his finger slid into my tight pussy. (Kegels pay off ladies, do them!) I opened the sun roof, declined my seat, put my feet on the dash and partially pulled out my breasts. He fingered and made me cum and squirt for the 30 minutes home. I didn’t care who saw and had no control over my body. Heaving and flexing the only time he stopped was to taste his fingers. We pulled in front of my house and my dress was soaked. The doubled up, thick gym towel and my leather seat were soaked in cum. I didn’t care – I just wanted more. We went inside and kissing, undressing and teasing started. I turned to go to the bedroom when he flipped me over the back of the couch in one foul swoop and began fingering me again. Over and over he made me cum and squirt into a frenzy. Then he suddenly shoved his rock hard cock in me and fucked me like I had never been fucked before.

Finally primitive and unchoreographed sex. He had a quiet confidence and a massive physical presence where I could not deny him anything he wanted. I was close to a massive orgasm, feeling my insides quiver and jump while I moaned – he pulled out and the next thing I knew I was standing again on my feet. He led me to the bedroom and sat in a chair. I ran my tongue across the top of his dick and quietly spit. I took in as much of his dick as I could and moved down to his balls. I sucked and twirled my tongue in circular motions around his balls. I used my hand stroking his cock over and over again. I looked up and met his determined gaze. He was as turned on as I was. I crawled on top of him and began a slow, waving motion with my hips. Faster and faster. His cock felt so good, but something made him flinch. He had fucked me so hard my IUD had moved and he felt it. I turned around with my back to him and straddled him and rode him until my legs quaked. I couldn’t stand much longer, but I wasn’t done. I got off his hard cock and slowly rubbed massage oil on my size c breasts. I knelt before him and used my hands to press my breasts together, placing his cock in between them. I slowly bent at my waist and rolled my shoulders slightly forward to completely surround him. Rubbing back and forth I again looked up to see him intensely looking at me. He was in control and he knew it.

He told me to get on the bed. He used his tongue to tease me and I was gushing cum all over the bed. He was so in the moment, just even the thought of what was going on drove me insane. I was squirting so hard I couldn’t believe it. He fingered me so that I squirted in his face and I didn’t care. All I could do is lay there and enjoy it. He knew I had barely any experience with being fucked up the ass. He told me he wanted to cum up my ass. I told him he could have whatever he wanted. He rolled me onto my left side and grabbed my vibrator. He gently slid his cock in my ass and began slowly rocking, deeper and deeper. He turned on the vibrator and gently ran it across my clit and I was cumming again. Since my ass is untouched territory, it was tight. He came after a few minutes. I believe it was that he wanted my first anal fuck to be a good experience and I’d want to do it again. As he left I laid in my bed exhausted from 3+ hours of sex and finally fucked stupid. It literally took me 72 hours to mentally recover.

He’s set the bar high. I’ve finally found a man who can physically and mentally dominate me. The question is, is he capable of letting go and have primitive, fucking sex again? Can he continue to please me to the point I’ll do anything? Is it possible to find another man capable of such presence and continue helping me explore? Only time will tell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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