Dominated by the Soft Butch

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Her labia stuck out ever so slightly from her outer lips. Like a tiny, playful tongue, just begging to be kissed. Her hymen was still intact. And the way her lips were a elongated around her tiny, walnut shaped opening, I still cream when I think about it.

Her skin was golden brown, from hours working in the sunshine every day.

Her chest was tiny, her nipples large. She was so little and delicate. I’d never been with someone like her before.

Usually I preferred the curvy, voluptuous type. To loosely quote a song, “I like to see them jiggle jiggle”. I guess we call them “thick” these days. But this little sprite, she was something else.

She was barely five feet tall, and willowy, but she could probably kick my butt six ways, if she felt like it. She worked vending, driving the truck around and delivering machines.

She looked so tiny, so vulnerable, but in the sheets, there was no mistaking, she would not give up the role of top.

I am a more romantic lover. I like kissing and fondling. I like exploring, light play, cuddling, giving abundant oral, and finding new ways to gasp. And if the moment is right, I also like being dominated and spanked.

But Talia, oh my, she was aggressive, sort of mean, and was after one thing, making me cum over and over again, without relenting.

Her family was from the Philippines, and she had to grow up tough as an immigrant in East Los Angeles. Her parents had died, and she grew up with her uncle, a laborer, who raised her like a boy.

The way we met was kind of funny. It was late one night, about two a.m. I was bored and horny. I called Live Links, which I don’t even know if they exist anymore, but it was a chatline, that advertised itself as “free for women”.

I called in and made my little intro. I was then connected to a line where you can listen to men’s ads, and push one if you like what you hear.

There were the usual overly corny moaning men, those who sounded awfully chipper for two in the morning, and the married guys looking for a fling, but no one I wanted to connect to.

Then I heard a female voice. I was shocked.

I listened in and she said that her name was Talia, that she was bi and soft-butch, and that she was pretty sure no one would pick her, and that her ad would be flagged, but she was going to hope for a miracle.

I was so excited. Quickly, I pushed one on the dial pad, and when we connected, she sounded so happy. We seemed to get along really well. She gave me her phone number and asked if she could come over. I said yes. She said she’d be over in twenty minutes.

I immediately chickened out. I called and texted her, saying “Never mind, I’m sorry. I’m really tired right now, and I need to get up early”, which was code for “I’m totally freaking out. Please don’t come to my house! bahis siteleri You sound really hot, but I’m so not ready for this!”

She didn’t respond.

I put on my pajamas and got in bed, figuring she got the message that I wasn’t interested.

Five minutes later (not twenty!), I hear a knock at the door.

I stood in the living room paralyzed. Finally I opened it for her.

She was such a pretty young woman, with short black hair, a tank top, and cargo pants. She blushed and said “Hi, I’m Talia.” I let her in.

She shut the door behind her, and grabbed me, and immediately slammed me up against the wall next to the door hinge. She reached up my shirt, and began squeezing my nipples, fondling my breasts, caressing my stomach, and kissing me deeply and passionately, so beautiful, so strong, it almost hurt.

I laughed with surprise, and responded to her kiss, exploring her mouth, nibbling on her throat, hearing her moan in light, feminine whispers. Feeling her back arch to me as I reached down her pants.

I could feel the steamy warmth as I my fingers grazed her light bush, I touched the cleft between her legs. She pulled away, and took me by the hand. The next thing I know, we were on the couch. She reached under my long, strawberry blond hair and cupped the back of my neck, as she kissed me passionately. She reached down, and pulled off my pajama shirt, bent down and went wild into my breasts. It was like she knew exactly how I liked it. She was squeezing and massaging, alternating between firm and feminine, feather touches.

I tried to keep up with her, but she was so dominant, so aggressive. Every time I tried to reciprocate, and give her pleasure, she would up the stakes and make me lose control. The only thing I was allowed to do, it seemed, was to kiss her, pet her, and be a fuck toy.

The couch seemed a little constrictive for the wild play, so I suggested we go to my room.

I got into bed, and pulled down my pajama bottoms, revealing to her my pale, white mermaid hips and auburn bush. I was a little shy so I pulled up a sheet, so just my shoulders and cleavage were showing.

She pulled off her top. I swallowed hard, as I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples and belly button were pierced. Her tiny, plump tits had puffy areolas, and her large nipples pointed upward, as if crying out to be suckled on. Although I could count all her ribs, her tiny waist curved outward to soft hips and a lightly rounded tummy.

She slid her belt off with authority, and laid it, folded on the messy pile of comforters. She unbuttoned her pants and allowed them to fall. I was surprised to see a lavender thong, trimmed with black lace. It was really nothing more than a tiny triangle of fabric that barely covered anything.

I reached out to her, touching her canlı bahis siteleri abdomen. She walked over to me. I was getting wetter by the second. I threaded my fingers into the lace waistband of her thong, just below each hipbone. As I slowly lowered her panties, I kissed her longingly below her belly button. She smelled like apricots. She moaned as I glided my hand up her inner thigh and touched and tickled her dewy hidden place. She looked so sweet as she wiggled there, trying to stay standing. Her clitoris and labia were a little longer than her the outer lips of her pinkish, puffy mound. It was as if they were saying “Peekaboo!”. Her black, soft pubes were trimmed to the shape of her thong. She looked very feminine in that moment, and all I wanted, more than anything, was to taste her.

She stepped out of the panties, which were now around her knees, and into the bed. She lay on the pillow across from me, and as we kissed, our bodies intertwined. We made out and touched each other for what felt like an eternity. Bodies moving against one another- our clits massaged against each other’s thighs.

I reached out my hand for her, softly, and moved up her soft abdomen, and glided up her ribs, cupping her breasts. I leaned in and fondled, kissed, licked, and sucked deeply. I made sure and gave attention to both of them. She gasped and moaned loudly.

She took my much larger breasts into her hands. Her small, yet capable hands looked so pretty against my rosy areolas. I screamed a little as she put both nipples in her mouth and bit down ever so slightly, and shook her head back and forth. I grabbed her ass, and just for a moment, glided down to her asshole, just to graze a finger across the opening of her pink little pucker.

I suppose that was her cue.

I lost my breath, as she grabbed my ass and rolled me onto my back and straddled my right leg. Her right knee was firmly against my wet cunt. She bent over me, like a man would, and began thrusting her hips. I reached up and massaged her tits, and we both thrusted in unison, the spaces between our legs mingling with each other’s juices. She lay down flat on top of me and grabbed me around the shoulders, fucking hard. We both moaned over and over. We both came several times, but we didn’t stop. We fucked for what had to be at least an hour.

I rolled her onto her back, and laid on my tummy between her legs. Her vagina was so small, so perfect. Tan on the outside, but glistening pink inside, I gently gripped her two inner thighs, and knelt closer, sucking just the head of her clitoris into my lips. I sucked and licked her shining temple, and watched as she arched her back and cried out in pleasure. She reached out to grab something, anything- and gripped the headboard, in order to keep control of herself.

I brought a finger canlı bahis up to her pussy and lightly felt the wetness within. I noticed her hymen was still intact- never penetrated by a man. I gently asked her, “Do you want this?” She exclaimed “YES!” and so I slid it further in, to the knuckle. Once I felt she was wetter, I gently and carefully brought in my middle finger as well. She cried out and smiled in pleasure. I massaged her inner folds, back and forth, tickling her g-spot until she came- squirting on the bed.

She sat up, out of breath, exclaiming with a squealing moan. She got up out of bed. I was sort of confused. What was going on?

I got up on hands and knees, curious about what she was doing. Talia had walked behind me. Suddenly I lurched forward, screaming, as she attempted to shove her entire fist inside my tight pussy. She fucked me hard like that, alternating bending over me, to thoroughly lick my ass, and stick a finger in there too. I had to grip the sheets and press my face into the mattress to muffle my moans. She was rougher than even a man would be.

Finally, she relented. and I collapsed onto the bed, with a loud “Wow!” and rolled over, sitting up. She crawled on top of me and licked the tip of my upper lip. I opened my mouth to accept it. We laid together, her thigh over mine and my thigh between her legs. We pleasured ourselves and each other, rolling in the sheets, until we noticed the sun began to rise.

As we grew sleepy, she asked me about what experience I had with a strap-on. I said I had never used one, but I had always wanted to. We began talking about our fantasies. She asked if she could bring over her strap-on, the next time she visited. I gasped in lust and replied, “I want to fuck you so badly.”

She laughed, “Ha! You fuck me? No way, girl. I’m a top.” And she slapped my ass just to prove it.

Even though I was so very tired, and almost asleep, she brought her hand down and roughly massaged my clit. I began crying out, my hips thrusting as I grasped the sheets. She didn’t let me have just one orgasm. No. She made sure I had about four in a row.

“Understand?” Talia asked. I nodded, so freaking turned on.

The sun was up by now, and she laid back down next to me, sharing my pillow. She and I lightly kissed and touched, before falling asleep.

Her wristwatch began beeping at just before nine. She rolled over, groggy, and looked at it. “Damn, time for work.”

I had to be to the college by 10:30, and I was so wiped out, as if I had stacked boxes all night.

She came back every now and again, and each time, she showed through her actions that she insisted on my compliance to her domination. If I started to get into it and take control, she would slap my ass hard, or grab my throat, or start fucking me really hard until I fell back in line.

It was crazy! And fun! I don’t typically appreciate being bossed around by some random little psycho chick with probable ADHD. But for that page in my life, it was incredibly sexy, and I enjoyed every moment.

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