Dominated By Wrestling Rival Pt. 02

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“You must love my meat man,” Diego said. “Thanks for getting it hard!”

Too shocked to answer, I merely stared at the cock hovering just inches from my face. This was the first time I had seen Diego fully erect, despite seeing my wrestling rival’s cock multiple times throughout the day.

If Diego’s softie was obsence, then this was simply insane. Length-wise, it was bigger than my entire head—a solid nine or ten inches. It was also thick enough to cover my entire nose. Uncut, his cockhead was absolutely massive as it swayed towards my lips. His heavy balls also felt thick and heavy on my chest, and I couldn’t believe that my desperate stroking had unleashed such a monster.

Jasmine’s moans made me glance towards the bed. As Diego’s massive manmeat hovered over me, Jasmine exploded into orgasm. With three fingers inside her pussy and her thumb on her clit, she shot more than I had ever seen. “FUCCCKKKKK!” she cried. “You’re so fucking big!!”

“You like my cock, baby?” Diego asked her. “Do you like that it’s so much bigger, thicker, and stronger than your boyfriend’s little boy cock?”

Lost in the throes of orgasm, Jasmine couldn’t answer. She just moaned as her pussy continued to convulse.

Meanwhile, there wasn’t much I could do to escape. I was pinned and powerless by Diego’s forceful legs. Even if I could get up, that would require smacking my face into Diego’s enormous dick—something I was hoping to avoid. Stroking his cock was one thing, but there was no way that I wanted to relive the moment in the match when Diego made me suck on his ball sweat.

Unfortunately, Diego seemed to have other ideas. With me pinned and helpless, he kept stroking his colossal cock. He then started slapping it against my face. As his manhood covered my entire face, I was forced to inhale his ball sweat once again. Diego even T-bagged me with his balls, rubbing them all over my tightly closed lips.

“Fuck yeah!” Jasmine answered. “Give him that dick! It looks like he wants it bad!”

I had no idea what Jasmine was talking about until Diego reached back and grabbed my penis. To my surprise, it was fully erect and throbbing.

“You sure seem excited, bitch,” Diego said as he stroked his manmeat with one hand and my boyhood with the other.

Diego then leaned back and started slapping my penis with his own massive dick. As he did this, the comparison between our cocks was striking. Jasmine, Diego, and I all looked down as Diego’s massive dick was twice as thick as my own and at least four inches longer.

“I guess wrestling isn’t the only thing I beat you at,” Diego said, as he continued rubbing his anaconda against my average-sized dick.

I just moaned as Diego rubbed our cocks against each other and Jasmine kept fingering herself. Seemingly bored with my penis, Diego moved forward and started slapping my face again with his massive shaft.

As I opened my mouth to try to say something, Diego immediately moved his cockhead to the entrance to my mouth. And before I could say anything, he slipped in the thick and massive tip of his dick.

“Fuck yeah!” Diego moaned as he slid a couple inches of his manmeat into my mouth. “I knew you wanted to worship my big, massive cock.”

“Ever since you laid eyes on it and couldn’t stop staring at it, I knew you’d be my little bitch,” Diego continued.

I couldn’t reply or say anything since my mouth was now stuffed by Diego’s colossal cock. But Jasmine screamed “that’s so fucking hot!” as my rival continued sliding his big dick down my throat.

For the next few minutes, Diego expanded the recesses of my throat. Although I could barely breathe, I suppressed my gag reflex and swallowed inch after inch of Diego’s dick. As Diego grabbed my blonde hair, he looked down into my blue eyes and guided more and more of his massive manmeat down my throat, until he finally bottomed out.

“Fuck yeah!” he yelled. “I can’t believe you fucking took all of it!”

With his giant balls now slapping my chin, Diego started dominating my throat just like he’d dominated me at wrestling. And I have to say that “Diego Jr.” was just as huge and powerful as I’d feared. It took every ounce of energy I could muster to simply breathe and keep swallowing Diego’s manmeat, and I could tell that I was doing a good job by the satisfied, shit-eating grin on Diego’s face.


My cocky wrestling rival smiled and gloated as he fucked my throat. “Guess you really love my big cock, huh?”

“I had no idea that you were such a cock slut, begging to suck me off right in front of your girlfriend,” Diego said.

It was impossible for me to say anything with Diego’s dick filling every recess of my throat, but I tried to get his attention with my boyish blue eyes. Staring up at him, I pleaded with my eyes for him to stop fucking my throat, but Diego just looked down at me and grinned.

“You want more?” he asked, misinterpreting the look in my eyes. maltepe escort “I’ll give you more!”

As I looked helplessly at my cocky rival, he pounded my throat even harder his massive dick.

“You must really like this!” he yelled, reaching back and touching my aching penis. And sure enough, my penis throbbed in his hand as his dick kept fucking my throat.


After what felt like an hour but was likely closer to ten minutes, Diego withdrew his massive spear from my mouth, which had completely and totally fucked my throat.

Hard and shiny with my saliva, Diego’s manmeat looked even bigger than before.

Untouched this entire time, my own six-incher was also throbbing and leaking an insane amount of precum. As Diego barely touched it, it was on the verge of cumming and Diego smiled and chuckled. He then scooped up some of the precum on my abs with his hand and pushed it towards my face.

“Lick this up, bitch,” he said. “It looks like your little boy penis loved sucking me off.”

Humiliated beyond belief but still incredibly turned on, I couldn’t think of anything to say so just licked Diego’s hand and obeyed his every word.

Diego then put his fingers in my mouth as his thick, massive manmeat made its way to my torso. Once again, his dick towered over my own, looking far more dominant and manly.

Using the wet fingers that he made me suck, Diego moved them towards my ass and started fingering my waiting hole.

Jasmine and I had previously not done much anal play, but she had fingered me a couple times. Even though her fingering had felt great, nothing prepared me for the waves of shock and pleasure as Diego started playing with my aching hole.

Diego’s fingers played me like a fiddle and made me entire body writhe on the floor. My penis had already been leaking precum before, but now it was flinging it all over my body as it throbbed uncontrollably.

Two of Diego’s fingers started prying me open until he added a third to really open me up. Unable to control my body or my urges, I simply moaned and begged for more.



Diego smiled and gloated from my screams and kept forcefully fingering my hole.


“You like this, bitch?” he asked, cockily. “You like me playing with your little boy hole?”


The more Diego fingered my hole, the better it felt and the more turned on I was. I couldn’t control it, but my bodily was submitting completely to Diego’s fingers as his rock-hard dick still bobbed above my own.


Suddenly, Diego withdrew his fingers and an aching void filled my hole. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” I yelled. “PLEASE KEEP GOING!!”

“If you want me to fill you up, then you have to beg for it,” Diego said.


“That’s not what you really want,” Diego replied. “Tell me.”

I looked down at Diego’s huge, massive dick—throbbing above my own—and then up into his dominant green eyes. Diego’s eyes pierced through my soul and made me even more turned on.

As I looked over to the bed, I saw my sexy girlfriend, Jasmine, still fingering her pussy. Before today, her sexy snatch was all I wanted, and I loved pounding her with my six-inch dick. But now my penis was untouched and unused beneath Diego’s massive manmeat, and I wanted nothing more than for him to keep playing with my aching hole.

“PLEAAAAAAAAAAASEEEEEEEE!” I yelled, swallowing any last remnant of my pride.

“Please what?” Diego asked cockily. At this point, he moved his throbbing manmeat towards my hole, so that the big, thick tip of his dick hit the sensitive area between my balls and hole.


Diego then started teasing the entrance to my hole with his cockhead.


“What was that?” Diego asked coyly.


I finally caved and was incapable of resisting. “PLEAAAAAAAAASEEEEEEEEE FUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEE!” I begged again.

With his big, manly cock right on my hole, Diego looked to my girlfriend and asked what she thought. “Do you want me to fuck your boyfriend?” he asked, cockily.

“Yes, fuck him!” Jasmine yelled, as she kept fingering her pussy looking on.

My own cock throbbed when Jasmine said this, and Diego pushed his own forward just an inch. The threshold to my ass had been broken, and my wrestling rival was now taking my anal virginity right in front of my sexy girlfriend.


Diego escort maltepe pushed his dick in nice and slow to my virgin ass. After several inches, it went deeper than his fingers and filled my hole more than I ever thought possible.

I was now getting completely filled by Diego’s massive manmeat. The same dick that he had showed off in the locker room and that more than 800 people had gawked at was now pounding my virgin hole.

Diego slowly and confidently stretched out my ass until I was able to take all ten inches of his girthy dick. He started slowly easing his dick in and out until he picked up speed, and then started long-dicking me right in front of my girlfriend.



I couldn’t help but moan, scream, and writhe uncontrollably as Diego started fucking me with abandon.


Hearing me start to moan his name, Diego started fucking me faster. My own untouched penis was now on the brink of orgasm, and Diego seemed to notice this. Fucking me faster and faster on the floor, he looked me right in the eyes as he watched me writhe with pleasure and become his complete and total bitch.


As I screamed his name, I couldn’t hold back anymore and shot load after load of semen all over my abs, chest, and face. Some even flew over my head to land on the hotel room floor.

As I writhed uncontrollably on the floor, my ass muscles clenched around Diego’s dick and his own massive anaconda drew closer and closer to orgasm. But Diego kept holding off and fucking me with the same kind of stamina and composure that he had exhibited during the wrestling match.

Even after I came uncontrollably from his cock, Diego kept fucking me and feeding me his dick. In an incredibly impressive athletic move, he lifted me off the floor and cock-walked me over to the bed where my girlfriend was still fingering her pussy and watching in disbelief.

Without letting his massive manmeat slip out of my hole, Diego plopped me down on the bed and started fucking me right next to my girlfriend. He’d withdraw almost all of his big, thick dick and then plunge it back inside of me as Jasmine looked on.

Diego then reached over and started fingering Jasmine’s pussy. “You want this dick?” he asked her. “Do you want my big dick inside you?”


After witnessing me being fucked and watching me swallow Diego’s dick before that, Jasmine couldn’t wait to have it inside of her. But I also didn’t want his big, thick cock to leave my aching hole.


Diego smiled and kept fucking me for a bit longer, but then withdrew his spear from my hole. Moving over to my girlfriend right next to me, he started gently guiding it into her.

Just like it had for me, it took time for Jasmine to adjust, since she’d never before been fucked by a guy as endowed as Diego. But within minutes, his massive dick had stretched her vagina and bottomed out inside of her.

My ass now felt empty but I was still incredibly turned on by this situation. For the last 30 minutes, Diego had made me give him a handjob, blowjob, and fucked me in the ass right in front of my girlfriend. And now he was fucking her right in front of me and filling her up with his massive cock.


“Do you like it, baby?” Diego asked her. “Do you like this big dick inside of you?”


“Is it bigger and better than your boyfriend’s cock?” he asked her.


As Diego’s massive cock pounded away inside of her, Jasmine moaned and screamed even louder. “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKK!” she yelled. “I LOVE YOUR COOOOOOOOOOOCKKKKKKKKK!”


Right then, Diego brought my girlfriend to a mind-shattering orgasm—the biggest she’d ever experienced. In all of our years of fucking, I’d never seen her cum so hard or achieve such pleasure.



With my girlfriend still writhing on his dick, Diego fucked her for a few more minutes to another explosive orgasm before withdrawing his massive spear. He then told me to move over and he lied down on the bed right next to Jasmine, with his big, thick cock still pointing to the ceiling.

“You know what to do, bitch,” he said, looking at me.

I didn’t really know what to do, but I knew what I WANTED to do. And that was to ride this stud’s big, thick cock that had just fucked the shit out of my girlfriend.

So maltepe escort bayan as Diego sat cockily on the bed, I pulled myself on top of him so that I could lower my ass onto his massive manmeat. From this new position, I now had to do all of the work and fuck myself on Diego’s dick, while he could just sit back and enjoy my humiliation.

“You must really love my cock, huh?” he said cockily.

My own throbbing penis gave him his answer, as I bobbed up and down on Diego’s dick. Riding him like a cowgirl as Jasmine looked on, I gave everything I had to this horse-hung stud. Somehow after nearly an hour of fucking, Diego still looked calm and in-control, whereas I was sweating profusely, moaning uncontrollably, and quickly approaching my second orgasm.

If anyone had touched my penis, I would’ve cum immediately, but I tried to hold off to keep feeling the waves of pleasure that Diego’s manmeat was sending through my ass and entire body.

Although it felt amazing to me, Diego eventually grew bored with me riding his massive manmeat and spun me around on his dick. Without his cock ever leaving my hole, he lifted me up off the bed and cock-walked me once again towards the full-length mirror on the hotel room wall.

Looking into the mirror as Diego fucked me from behind, I didn’t even recognize myself. Just hours before, I’d been the best wrestler at my college and a completely ripped and sculpted muscle stud. My six-inch dick that was now throbbing in front of the mirror used to give my girlfriend and other sorority girls tons of pleasure. But now it stood untouched and unused as Diego pounded my pussy and turned me into his complete and total bitch.

I caught Diego’s eyes staring back at me in the mirror, and he was clearly enjoying watching my humiliation. At 6’3″, I was wrestling stud with 210 pounds of solid muscle. But now my muscles were all strained and my body was covered in sweat from the force and power of Diego’s fucking.

Diego and I both watched in the mirror as my body submitted completely to him and his cock. As he increased the pace and power of his fucking even more, waves of pleasure exploded from my prostate and ass throughout my entire body. My body started writhing and shaking as Diego fucked me more and more.

“FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!” I screamed, looking deeply into Diego’s eyes in the mirror.


The power of Diego’s thrusts made my body go nearly limp, but I was held up by his hands on my hips and his ten-inch dick pounding my hole harder and harder.


As my wrestling rival increased his thrusts even more, I couldn’t hold back any longer. For the second time in 30 minutes, Diego’s fucking had brought me to orgasm, and my untouched penis shot load after load of cum.


As cum from my cock shot over the glass and floor in front of me, Diego and I both watched my hands-free orgasm in the mirror. Never before had my penis exploded without being touched, and now it’d happened twice in 30 minutes!

After shooting six, seven, eight volleys all over the floor and mirror, I was so exhausted that Diego had to hold me up to keep me from falling. With his dick still impaled inside of me, he brought me over to the bed and lied me down right next to Jasmine.

Only then did Diego withdraw his massive spear, which was still thick and throbbing and hadn’t cum. I was so humiliated that I’d degraded and debased myself in front of my rival and shot my load twice, and he hadn’t even cum once yet!

My penis now softened as I was completely worn out, but Diego was still hard and ready to go. So as I lied on the bed like a well-fucked cum rag, Diego gently inserted his massive dick back into Jasmine and lifted her off the bed.

This time Diego showed off his power and athleticism by fucking Jasmine while standing up. As my sexy girlfriend was impaled on his massive dick, her body was folded up, her massive breasts were touching Diego’s chest, and her face was just inches away from his as he fucked her face-to-face.

In an impressive display of athleticism and stamina, Diego fucked my girlfriend while also supporting her weight and carrying her around the room. Because she was folded up like a pretzel, Diego’s dick reached further into Jasmine than it had the first time and plundered the deepest recesses of her vagina. My penis had never made it even half this far, and Diego’s dick was causing waves of pleasure to explode throughout Jasmine’s entire body.

“FUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKK!” she yelled repeatedly as Diego pounded her pussy.

“I LOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU!” she screamed, as she achieved yet another mind-bending orgasm.

Diego smiled as he completely dominated Jasmine’s pussy and eventually cock-walked her back over to the bed. Completely spent, my little penis had shriveled back to its soft three inches. As Diego laid Jasmine down on the bed, he withdrew his mighty spear and brought it over close to mine. This time the comparison was insane, since Diego’s massive manmeat was well over three times the size of my little softie.

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