Domme Mom Ch. 01

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I jumped up from the breakfast table. The kids a boy, Adam, 19 and a girl, 18, Amy had been bickering since they woke up and I had had enough.

“Both of you shut the hell up.” I screamed. “I am tired of the constant bickering. If you two don’t stop you can get out of this house today.”

I stormed out of the kitchen and went to my bedroom. It didn’t help my mood that my hubby had wanted sex this morning and came in my pussy and left me hanging without cumming when he got off and left for work. I was still wet and dripping and frustrated as hell and couldn’t take any more of their bickering.

The house was deathly quiet I guess because I had never threatened to kick them out before but I had had enough. I had to relieve some of this tension. I slipped off my robe being completely naked underneath it and lay down on the bed and got my vibrating dildo out of the bedside table drawer. I sighed softly as I turned it on and pushed its’ tip against my clit. It was already pulsing from the fucking I had gotten earlier and in only a few seconds I brought myself off to a hard yet unfulfilling orgasm.

I opened my eyes to see a movement outside my door and realized all too late that I had left my door slightly ajar. Damn it, I thought, which one had seen me? As I thought about it my pussy began to throb again and I pushed it into my wet hole and turned it on high. The buzz could be heard clearly in the quiet house. I closed my eyes leaving them slightly cracked open and watched the door. I couldn’t believe I was turned on by the thought of my kids watching me masturbate, but, oh god, I was.

I began to fuck it in and out with my left hand the right hand’s fingers grinding against my clit hard. My hips began to fuck back against the thrusts against the dildo each time I pushed it in. I was so fucking horny thinking about which one saw me before that I almost missed the two heads peeking around the corner of my door. Adam’s head was over his sister’s and it was obvious their bodies were pressed firmly against each other as they watched their mommy masturbate.

My bed faced the door so they gorukle escort could wee me in all my naked glory, my pussy wide open to their view. I am not a beauty queen by any stretch of the imagination but for a 47 year old I am not bad. I have kept in very good shape since my hubby travels and I use a lot of the time to exercise to keep myself toned and fit. Knowing they were watching made me all that much hotter and I squirted cum and piss all over the place when I finally let go. The heads kept their place as I shoved in the dildo one last time and moaned with the force of my orgasm.

I heard two distinct gasps as I lay there shivering with the spasms. I also noted through my clenched eyes that Amy’s head was rocking back and forth slightly. What were they doing? Fucking? My kids were fucking while they watched their mother cum?

I opened my eyes looking at the door and their heads disappeared quickly with the sounds of their feet scuffling down the hall. I got up still shivering from the force of my orgasm. Putting on my robe I didn’t even bother to go clean up. I had to know what they were doing. I went back into the kitchen were they were both still sitting and noted both of the flushed and breathing a little ragged. Their eyes would not meet mine.

I grinned and puttered around the kitchen cleaning up the breakfast dishes. The scent of my wet pussy filling the air in the smallish room as I moved around it, and I knew they could both smell it. My pussy throbbed with the thought and I couldn’t believe I was having these thoughts. But God I was getting even hotter as I moved about the kitchen knowing they had watched me cum and the possibility they had been fucking just outside my door.

“Okay.” I smiled as I sat down at the table spreading my legs even more to let the scent of my wet pussy flow even more freely through the air. “I hope you two have decided to stay and stop this bickering between you.”

“Yes Mom.” They both replied almost in unison.

“All right.” I said thinking I would push a little farther. “If I let you stay here, there are going to be altıparmak eskort bayan some changes around here. Is this clear?”

“Yes Mom.” The both whispered.

“Good, cause I am not putting up with this from you two any longer. I am going to become the Mistress of this house and you two are going to obey me perfectly if you except to be allowed to stay.”

They both looked up together, eyes wide with amazement.

“What about Dad?” Amy asked quietly.

“What about him?” I shot back.

“He’s the man of the house.” She said, her voice almost a whisper.

I laughed out loud and then looked at them both. Their eyes wide with shock were on me in apprehension. “Your father hasn’t been the man of this house since we got married. I’ve controlled this house and him from the day we met.”

“No way.” Adam sounded skeptical. “He’s a man’s man.”

I chuckled softly and looked at him. “Adam, your Dad has been my boy toy since we started dating. Do I love him? Oh yes more than you two or he will ever know. But in the bedroom he’s submissive to me. Has been and always will be, and speaking of my bedroom it’s not nice that you two spied on me earlier. I should have shut my door but you two had no right to spy.”

I laughed again as their mouths fell open as I told them about their Dad’s sexual proclivity and that I knew they had been watching me. “Yes my babies I know you were watching me masturbate and I also saw Amy’s head moving back and forth. Like you were having sex as you watched me play.” I looked at them both evenly their blushing told me all I needed to know.

“So how long have you two been having sex?” I didn’t bother asking them if it was true. We all knew it was so there was no need to quibble over it. “Well? Amy? Adam? How long?

Neither of them wanted to answer, so I got up went to the bedroom quickly and brought back one of my hubby’s belts. I laid it on the table. “Now, unless one of you answers me I am going to blister both of your backsides. Now, how long have you two been fucking?”

The nasty word nilüfer eskort bayan seemed to shock them out of their amazement and they both stuttered. ‘Well one of you tell me. Amy, tell mommy.” I hardened my voice like I did when I was commanded my hubby to obey me. “NOW!”

“Uh, yes, Ma’am.” She stuttered. “About 6 months. We’ve played around hands and mouths and things but never had real sex. Earlier Adam was pushing his thing through my thighs. He’s never been in my, well you know.”

“Oh, so he’s never had his hard cock in your pussy yet?” They were shocked again that their mother would know so many nasty words.

“No Mommy. Never.”

“Say it Amy, Say Adam had never had his hard cock in my pussy.”

She blushed and looked down at the table, Adam deathly quiet beside her. I picked up the belt and slapped it into my hand. Her head jerked up as the loud noise.

“No Mommy, Adam has never had his hard cock inside my pussy.”

“Has anyone?” I asked.

She swallowed nervously. “I am not a virgin if that’s what you mean mommy.”

I nodded and smiled. I was glad she was not a virgin because I had decided it was time to include my children in their parents world of sexual gratification. Why this particular decision came to me I have no idea but it was there and I had made it. I was going to make them just as much my sex slaves, as was their father. I smiled as I thought how surprised he was going to be when he returned to find that I had brought them into the fold.

I looked over at Adam. “Are you a virgin Adam? And I do not count masturbation and oral sex as losing you virginity. Have you ever fucked a pussy, boy?”

His head shot up just like his sister’s with the word boy.

“I am not a boy.” He groused.

“Oh yes you are.” I lowered my voice like I did when I spoke to his slave of a daddy. “Just like your father. A cute little boy toy that needs to be trained to please a woman.”

His face flushed as he caught the import of my words.

“Yes mommy. I’ve had sex before.”

“Say it like you sister did.”

He blushed again. “Yes mommy I have fucked a pussy before.”

I smiled as I got up from the table and picked up the belt. “Good, it pleases me that neither of you is a virgin. Now follow me. We have lot’s to do before your father gets home.”

I led them to the master bedroom or should I call it the mistress bedroom.

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