Don’t Look Back Ch. 33

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Once Lee had finished applying sufficient lubrication, Marshall positioned himself between his legs. He carefully and slowly inserted one finger inside of Lee, trying to gauge his reaction.

“It’s fine,” Lee assured him, “keep going.”

Cautiously, Marshall slipped in a second finger. Lee’s muscles were deliciously tight. He could only imagine what it would feel like to be embedded in all that luscious heat. Lee shifted slightly, and Marshall froze in place. He could hear Lee’s breathing hitch just a little, and he started to move his hand.

“No, you’re good, just hold on a sec.” Lee took a long breath and then released it. “Okay, go ahead.”

“You sure? I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You’re not hurting me, I’m adjusting, that’s all. Feels good.” Lee’s smile was visible evidence of his pleasure.

Thanks to Lee, Marshall was familiar with the mechanics of stretching, even if he’d never applied the knowledge before now. He scissored his fingers and was gratified to feel the guardian muscles gradually relax at his touch.

“Like that?”

“Mmmhmmm,” Lee moaned in reply, his flushed face a testament to how much he liked what Marshall was doing.

Marshall wiggled his fingers, and Lee squirmed against them, his moans growing louder. Emboldened, Marshall pushed in, reaching for a particular little bundle of nerves. There it was. He touched the gland and was gratified at Lee’s reaction—he arched his back and released a yelp.

“Oh bursa escort bayan yeah, right there,” he managed to moan, and Marshall pushed on the spot again.

Lee’s cock was weeping copious amounts of pre-cum onto his belly. Marshall couldn’t resist. He leaned over and ran his tongue over the salty head, lapping at it. He felt Lee’s cock twitch, and he couldn’t resist mouthing off a little.

“Better not come until I tell you,” he warned.

Lee chuckled. “I have more control over myself than you any damn day. Bring it on, boy.”

Now, wasn’t that a challenge? Besides being exactly what Marshall wanted to do.

He pressed against Lee’s prostate again, for good measure, before withdrawing his fingers. He could tell Lee was as ready as he was. His nervousness fell away as he positioned himself at Lee’s entrance. Even if he’d never done this before, it felt right and familiar and natural, his instincts asserting themselves over his inexperience. Slowly but surely he slid inside, sheathing himself within the velvet heat that was Lee, until he could go no farther, and he stopped.

He looked into Lee’s eyes and read the answer there to every question he’d ever had, and more. Love shone there, reflected in Lee’s dark blue gaze. It filled this moment, expanding until it overwhelmed and consumed Marshall. Never had anything felt more right or perfect.

Without hesitation, he began to thrust, quickly finding his rhythm, setting a pace between görükle escort them which Lee matched. Together they were a perfect fit. Like two parts of a well-oiled machine, they flowed together—in and out, back and forth, in glorious harmony.

Lee clenched the sheets beneath him in a tight grip, his eyes darkened to large purple pools. Looking into those beautiful eyes, Marshall read his need and responded, clasping Lee’s cock and pumping it. Lee’s parted lips and breathy moan acknowledge he’d done the right thing.

Marshall felt his control begin to falter, even as he fought not to come. But damn, Lee was so tight, and so hot, and so… so goddamn good to be inside he just wasn’t sure how long he could stave off the inevitable. This was better than his birthday, better than Christmas… better than anything he could think of, except being made love to by Lee. Two of them against the world. They could face anything, as long as they did it together.

One thing for damn sure—he wasn’t about to find his own release before Lee did. He tightened his grip on Lee’s precum-slicked dick, and pumped it with short, strong strokes.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah…” Lee moaned. “Just like that, keep it comin’…”

Marshall squeezed harder, another need growing inside him, a longing, and even as he felt Lee’s orgasm begin to build—the telltale signs in his body too familiar to miss—he swooped down and meshed their mouths together, their bodies completely bursa escort bayan united in love. Their tongues met and mingled in passionate licking and sucking.

Marshall pulled back long enough to murmur, “Come for me,” then claimed Lee’s lips once more.

Lee’s cock pulsed within Marshall’s grasp, his cries of pleasure vibrating in Marshall’s mouth. Warm semen splashed them both as Lee came. Marshall continued to thrust, but knew he wouldn’t be far behind. Sure enough, just a few pushes and his own orgasm struck. He released inside of Lee, riding out the tremendous tidal wave as he came, a feeling so intense he thought he might pass out from sheer pleasure.

And when he had emptied himself, he collapsed in a sweaty heap atop Lee, panting.

Marshall didn’t want to move for a long long time, wanted to stay connected with Lee in this very primal way. It felt too good to lose quite yet, so he stayed still, letting his breathing return to normal. He felt Lee’s fingers in his hair, stroking and smoothing back the damp strands.

He rested one hand on Lee’s chest, tenderly caressing the damp flesh. On impulse, he leaned down and laid a kiss on one nipple, then the other. He glanced up to meet Lee’s eyes with his own.

“First time for both of us,” Lee said softly.

“Yep, it was.”

“Think maybe I’ll let you do that again sometime. If you mind your manners.” Lee’s eyes twinkled, and Marshall understood exactly what he was saying.

“Like it, did you?” he couldn’t resist asking with a smirk.

“Not saying yes, not saying no,” Lee teased. “Just saying mebbe.”

“Love you too, Lee,” Marshall whispered as they rearranged themselves into spoons and cuddled for a long while.

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