Dorm Room Drillings

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From time to time we all get sucked into doing those ‘family obligations’ that we are expected to do without bitching about them. Trips to the store or weekends ruined by invading relatives; this story is not about one of those situations.

Quite the contrary, it is about an errand that I readily volunteered for. If you read “Early Christmas Present” then you know all about Kimberly, for those of you who missed it, either go read it first or let me fill you in.

I’m a married man (sometimes happily, most times not) who’s wife happens to have a smoking hot younger sister who has a thing about my cock – that thing being she likes it. A lot. True the stories all start with that Christmas break encounter but there have been dozens since; some of them worth telling you about and some not. Regardless, Kimberly is one hot piece of ass.

I described her as follows in the aforementioned story:

**You see, Kimberly is my wife’s little sister and she is a freaking bombshell. I had never really realized until the previous summer when we went to the coast and she ran around all week in a bikini that should have been illegal. She couldn’t walk down to the shore from out condo without a nipple (and most times both) popping out. And top that off with perhaps the tightest little ass I’ve ever seen and I spent the week basically making sure I didn’t get caught starting at her and pissing off my wife.**

Of course there are a few ‘updates’ that need to be made to that description. She doesn’t have the tightest ass I’ve ever seen… she has the tightest ass I’ve ever held in my hands while having my cock ridden. And I’m not trying to keep my wife from catching me staring at her, I’m trying to keep her from catching me fucking her. See, minor details!

All this is of course leading up to something and that is this; it was the end of spring semester at Kimberly’s college and someone had to go pick her up. I feigned anger when I was assigned the task, when in truth I was excited at the possibility of spending an afternoon in Kimberly’s dorm room, my cock in a very personal place of hers. The good news was that Kimberly was returning to her school in a few weeks for summer classes so besides a few suitcases I would have to haul furniture and shit in my car. I simply had to go get her – I went, and I got her. Boy did I ever.

It was early that Saturday morning when I set out for the two hour trip ahead of me. I stopped and got a cup of coffee, found a great rock station on the radio and hit the freeway. There wasn’t a lot of traffic this early on a weekend and I was able to set the cruise, relax and enjoy the drive. I found my mind wandering, thinking about all the things that I was going to do to Kimberly; how it was going to feel to cup her ass in my hands, how I was going to spread her open, what position I was going to fuck her in. My cock got hard just thinking about it gorukle escort bayan and as I drove I absent mindedly rubbed it though my pants.

In no time at all I was coming up on the exit to get to Kimberly’s college. I got on the cell and called her room, she answered on the second ring.

“Hello,” she said, and sounded out of breath. “It’s me, I’m just turning off the freeway. I’ll be there in 10 minutes.” “That’s good news, I’m really looking forward to seeing you,” she said, and I could discern the meaning in her voice. “Just come in, I’ll leave the door unlocked.”

Ten minutes later I was pulling into a spot in front of her dorm. I went inside and to her door, entering as she had said to. I wasn’t prepared for what I saw when I entered the room.

There, lying in the middle of the floor on a bean bag was Kimberly butt naked. Her legs were spread and her head was thrown back, her right hand was between her legs and she was fingering herself with some intensity. I now understood why she had sounded out of breath on the phone. She looked up as I entered.

“About time you got here,” she said grinning. “Would you mind closing the door?” In my shock, I had forgotten to push the door closed behind me. The door closed and locked with a click and my attention was back on Kimberly. “Sorry for interrupting,” I said, noticing that she hadn’t stopped or even slowed down. “You’re not interrupting, its just that I was getting so horny thinking about you on your way here I couldn’t wait. I hope you don’t mind, I started without you.” “As long as you don’t finish without me,” I countered, as I walked towards her. On the way to her I slipped off my shoes and pants, getting down to my boxers. I knelt before her, between her legs and took out my cock; my sails were at full mast, so to speak.

I positioned myself between her legs and prepared to enter her. I was just inches from her when she asked me to wait and I did as she requested. Kimberly was typically one of the wettest girls I had ever known, when she really got into it she would often become so wet that her juices would run down her legs like someone had turned on a faucet. She wasn’t quite that wet yet today and was clearly worried about my rather thick cock in her tight pussy.

So she fixed the problem in the nicest, most erotic way that I could have ever imagined.

She removed her hand from her pussy and placed it on my dick, spreading the juices that were on her fingers over my cock. Again she put her fingers in her pussy and came out with more juice which she continued to slather over my cock. I was so turned on; it has to be one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

When she felt she had enough of her juices on me, she took hold of my cock and pulled me into her, directing me into her wetness. Her pussy felt like what I imagined a tropical rain forest must feel like nilüfer escort bayan – namely warm and wet all over. Kimberly is a little girl, barely a size 1, but because of her natural lubricant I was able to penetrate her deeply on the first push.

She wrapped her legs around me and put her hands on my back, drawing me down to her. We kissed deeply and passionately as I began to fuck her with slow, luxurious strokes. Our tongues darted in and out of each others mouth and our breathing increased as I continued to work my way deeper inside her.

When I was totally engulfed inside of her I raised my self off of her and up onto my hands. I began to drive into her with long, powerful strokes; pulling my cock almost completely out of her each time before shoving inside her to my full depth. Kimberly began to cum and her fingernails scratched along my back as she clawed at me with each crescendo of orgasm.

I took her nipple into my mouth and sucked hard, the way that she liked it. Her breasts were small in cup size, but because she was so petite they looked positively enormous. She enjoyed having them sucked on and played with and more than once she had asked me to deposit my load on them and then proceeded to lick my cum off her tits.

Her pussy felt awesome, even better than I had fantasized about on the way here. I reached behind her knees and pulled her legs up, locking them over my shoulders. I began to fuck her harder; changing to short, hard thrusts that left her gasping for air. After a few minutes her legs tensed and she again drove her nails into my back, her second orgasm of the day.

“My turn,” she said pushing me off of her. “Lay down.’

I did as she said and laid down on the floor next to the bean bag. She rolled over on top of me and kissed her way down my chest. Since we started fucking, she had gotten better at giving head, but still wasn’t great. She licked at me and sucked on me for a few minutes and then stood up.

She turned her back to me giving me a full view of her unbelievable ass and then she squatted down on my cock. Using her hand to direct things, I was again inside her tight, wet pussy. She knew how much I loved to be ridden, especially like this where I could look at her ass and watch my cock go in and out of her. She didn’t disappoint, years of dance conditioning her legs so she could fuck me like this for virtually as long as I could keep from losing control.

Up and down she went, rising to the point where I would almost slip out of her before descending again. She would stop and rotate her hips, pulling at my cock and sending waves of pleasure through my body. Up and down she would go again. Sometimes she would lean far forward, pulling my cock to an angle that bordered on pleasure and pain and would fuck me so fast that her ass was essentially a blur. Yes boys and girls, this bursa otele gelen escort bayan girl is a world champion cock rider.

I knew that at this pace I wasn’t going to be able to last much longer and I still hadn’t taken her from behind, my favorite position. With a little lift under her ass I pushed her up off of me and slid from underneath her.

“On the couch, ass in the air”

She knelt on the couch and stuck her ass in the air. I knelt behind her and ran my hands over her perfect ass. I brushed my finger against her ‘other’ hole and she pulled away – I still hadn’t convinced her to leg me take her in the ass. When I mentioned it she would always tell me that she was scared because of my size.

“You barely fit you in my pussy,” she would argue. “What makes you think I could fit you up there?”

I could see her point – I didn’t want anyone trying to stick their dick in my ass either. Now where was I? Oh yeah…

I placed myself at the entrance to her pussy and slowly pushed inside. She always feels so tight in this position and it took me a minute to get all inside her without hurting her. I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me meeting her half-way with thrusts of my own, making sure that every inch of my cock was pressed into her warmth. She moved her hand to her clit and began to rub herself, not long after an orgasm went through her body and she pushed back into me impaling herself on my cock.

Her orgasm subsided and I could tell that mine was fast approaching, but I didn’t want to finish just yet. I reached up and grabbed her shoulders, doing this would let me pull her towards me and really give her a good fucking. For the next fifteen minutes I hammered away at her pussy, slamming into her with all the force that I could. If anyone walked down the hallway outside her room there was little doubt they would know what was going on behind the door.

I looked at the clock on the wall; if we didn’t start back soon we were going to be suspiciously late. But there was still one last position I wanted to do. I pulled out of her and helped her to her feet. She was so little, I had wanted to do this with her for a long time. I picked her up and she wrapped her arms around my neck. My cock slid inside her and she locked her legs around my back. I pressed her up against the wall beside the door and continued to fuck her, her amazing ass in my hands. I lifted her again and again feeling her slide over my cock. I couldn’t take it anymore.

Setting her down I told her that I was going to cum. She dropped to her knees and started to stroke me; my orgasm hit me a few moments later. Before she could get me to her mouth the first jet of cum landed on her check, then her lips were on me and she was swallowing my load as it shot out of my cock.

When I was done she licked me clean and gave the head of my cock a loud, lip-smacking kiss. Still on her knees she looked up at me.

“Sorry to make you come all the way down here to pick up little ole me.”

“Oh, it was my pleasure,” I said. “You can call me for a ride anytime.”

A wry smile spread across her face. “What if I want to ride you?”

“That too… call me anytime for that too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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