Double Teamed

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This is my first crack at story writing. Some of the details have been slightly exaggerated and the names have been changed to protect the identities of the not so innocent parties involved. Everybody mentioned in the story is above eighteen years of age. And being a hockey player my vocabulary is pretty vulgar. Be honest and leave some feedback to help me improve my writing skills and give you all a better experience. Thanks!


Only three more weeks until my best friend Tyler goes back up to school for the year and I have to wait another three months until we get to get drunk, watch sports, talk about chicks, and play video games for seven hours straight. It became something of a regular occurrence for us that summer going into our sophomore years of college. We’ve been inseparable since the eighth grade when both made the same hockey team. As we grew up we went from immature kids who talked about all the girls we wanted to kiss, to young men who figured out how to sleep with the hottest girls that our friends could only dream about. We were quite the one two punch when it came to slaying pussy until I started dating my current girlfriend of a year Robin. I knew everything about Tyler; his taste in women (he’s an ass man), the moves he uses to pick up those behindly gifted women (he liked to use the sympathy act), and, after showering with him six days a week for almost ten years after hockey, his dick size (roughly six inches or so with medium girth much like my own).

After a week of helping me move into my new apartment Tyler and I decided to finally relax and have one of those infamous drunken video game marathons. “SUCK MY DICK JESSE YOU COCKSUCKER!” Ty screamed in my face as I threw my controller across the room after he scored an overtime goal on me in NHL 15.

After he calmed down he began to tell me about this girl from high school that he finally ended up fucking after years of trying. “Very selfish, it would’ve pissed me off if her pussy didn’t taste so good.” He began as I almost spit my water all over the room in laughter. Although this was exactly the type of comment I expected from him it was still just as hilarious. “I licked her pussy and ass for almost twenty minutes before she let my dick near it. I did all of the fucking work J. I was top for a minute then flipped her and fucked her from behind for another five minutes until I finally jizzed in her mouth.”

“At least you got to shoot it in her mouth,” I replied. “Pfft, she spit the shit out Jess. Huge let down for eighteen year old me. I used to jerk off to the sight of her ass in her gym shorts as soon as I got home from school. So how are things with Robin?” as he tried to change the subject away from his disappointed fantasy.

“Good dude, really good we just planned a vacat-” I was interrupted by a once again disappointed Tyler.

“DUDE, I meant how’s the sex? I don’t give a shit about your corny ass couples vacation” I should’ve known, especially since we tell each other all of the details of our sexcapades.”

“You’re such a douche,” I joked. “But she’s been on another level lately Ty. I don’t know what it is but Robin has wanted to try all this new shit. She told me to finger her ass while I was fucking her from behind the other day. She bought some restraints and I tied her up and ate her pussy until she couldn’t handle it anymore,” I explained to a very intently listening Tyler. “I don’t know what it is and I don’t really give a shit either.”

We both let out a howl of laughter as the door cracked open and a short blonde girl who I immediately recognized as my girlfriend and roommate Robin walked in and let out a mardin escort small chuckle at us and walked into our room to change out of her work clothes. She came out in tiny pair hot pink of shorts that showed the bottom of her tight little ass cheeks and a tight blue tank top which didn’t have a bra under and her perky C cups were protruding out. I saw that her clothing or lack thereof, caught Tyler’s attention as she walked right in front of him to sit on my lap. Seeing her tight body and my best friend’s reaction to that body got me halfway hard and I wasn’t exactly hiding it from Robin. “Well hello to you too,” she said with a smirk as she sat down giving me a quick kiss and rubbed her ass on my semi hard cock. We were very open about our sex life especially to Tyler and Robin’s best friend Sarah.

Tyler decided he was going to spend the night and after a few more beers by all three of us and two hours of conversation most of which consisted mostly of sexual preferences, Robin goes into the other room to call her mom before she goes to bed. I leaned over to Tyler after watching him stare at my girlfriend’s ass and readjusting the bulge in his pants and asked him if he’d mind if we fucked after we went to bed. In his charming Tyler way he answered with, “Nah man, take that pussy to pound town for me. Besides I’ll be able to hear and rub one out myself so make it loud enough so I can hear,” which made me almost fall off the couch in laughter. After I came down from my hyena-like cackling, I had an idea that I never thought I’d get away with: I want my girlfriend, the love of my life, to suck and fuck both of us at the same time. I mentioned it to Ty and with that same bulge in his pants he was all for it. The hard part was getting Robin on board. My only shot was that she has been extremely horny and open to new stuff lately and maybe she’d go for it.

After twenty more minutes of anticipation Robin came out of the room relieved to be done with that conversation and she came to sit on my lap on the other end of the couch opposite of Tyler. It was getting late so I grabbed a few more beers for everyone and put on the Wolf of Wallstreet on Netflix. Two minutes into the movie I shoot a look over to Tyler and we both nodded. I pulled my arm out from behind her and slowly moved it toward her pussy. As I started rubbing her clit she let out a soft moan and leaned in and whispered a word of resistance because Tyler was three feet away but didn’t pull my hand from her moistening pussy. I whispered back, “Let’s just do it. He won’t care.”

“That would be torture to have to watch that,” she rebutted.

I finally decided to just go for it, “Then let’s have him join in.” She wasn’t sure it was a good idea but after some more massaging of her pussy and to my surprise she finally just gave in. Besides she wasn’t hiding much with all of her moaning and squirming, all Tyler could do was laugh because he knew what I was up to.

After ten more minutes of getting her ready to go she slithered off the couch onto her knees on the floor. She unzipped my pants pulled them all the way past my feet which showed me she was all in, and whipped my five and a half inch with a slight right hook fully erect cock out. She slowly flicked her tongue across my head then lowered her mouth onto my shaft. Bobbing her head up and down on my cock I can feel it slipping down her throat. At this point I’m not even trying to hide my pleasure letting out sighs every few seconds to the point that I almost forgot Tyler has been watching this whole thing unfold. I nod my head and motion for him to scoot closer so Robin van escort could reach him and get my whole fantasy started.

She reached over and pulled his dick out with one hand without even breaking stride on my cock. No surprise to either of us he was already hard. He was a half an inch bigger in length but slightly smaller in girth. Tyler helped her in the spirit of what was to come and pulled his pants past his ankles. She stroked his cock faster and faster without losing even a step on me. She finally moved over to Tyler. It was so erotic to watch my girlfriend suck my best friends cock. I almost came just watching that so I had to recoup so I didn’t blow my load before we even got going. For the next ten minutes she alternated between sucking my cock and jerking off Tyler and vice versa. This was by far the most erotic and pleasurable experience I’ve ever been a part of.

By this time all three of us were completely naked. I wanted to switch things up a bit, so I stood up while Robin had her mouth around his big hard cock and pulled her ass up bent over so she was now standing but her mouth never left Tyler’s pole. I stuck my finger inside her pussy to loosen it up a bit. From previous experience with her I know that her tight pussy in combination with my above average girth isn’t always best combination when it comes to initial penetration. I could feel her loosening up just enough for my cock to fit as I continued to finger her. I couldn’t wait any longer. Watching my girlfriend’s mouth go up and down on my best friend’s cock was so erotic. It turned me on to a level I’ve never been before; my cock was just throbbing while I was jamming my fingers in Robin’s tight dripping wet pussy. I pulled my two fingers out and the air became filled with the smell of pussy. I wedged my rock hard dick inside of her dripping hole and she let out a moan meanwhile not stopping sucking Tyler’s shaft. I could tell that we were all having the time of our lives. Tyler had his head tilted back breathing heavily on the couch, Robin was standing bent over so she could blow a strange cock while having a familiar cock pounding her from behind, while I was horny as hell watching my girlfriend get face fucked.

In and out I thrusted as my prick barely fit in Robin’s pussy. She loved when I was forceful and made sure she knew that that was my pussy. My right arm was wrapped around rubbing her clit just inches above where was she was being pounded ruthlessly and my left hand was palm down on her back as I thrusted softer giving her a chance to catch her breath before I caught her by surprise and sped back up and pounded her from behind until she let out a screaming orgasm onto to cock that was shoved deeper in her mouth. She continued to breathe heavy and her yells got softer and softer until she reset and prepared herself for the next orgasm.

After two more intense orgasms in a span of five minutes I decided that what was happening wasn’t enough. Against my original plans I pulled my now sore but still fully erect cock out of Robin’s steaming pussy and walked over to the loveseat where Tyler was sitting and tapped him on the shoulder because his eyes were closed and mouthed, “Go fuck her” and pointed to the back end of her body that was now kneeling. Of course he didn’t need to be told twice as he jumped up and ran up behind her and stuck his saliva-lubricated subtly longer cock in her slit. She opened her eyes and looked up to put a dick back in her mouth and was slightly shocked to see me there while realizing that it was Tyler’s penis inside her. After a look of approval and a nod of acceptance from me ankara escort she sucked my cock and sucked all of her own juices off of her man’s dick. Her lips were tight around my shaft bobbing up and down faster and faster while she got slammed back on a strange dick. I’m not sure if it was the new experience or if he was just that good, but he made her cum within a minute and a half. She let out constant peaks and valleys of ecstasy and relaxation trying to recover for what seemed like every ninety seconds for the next ten minutes.

Robin’s moans turned me on so much that I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I ponytailed her short blonde hair with my hand and pushed her mouth onto my cock to the point where she was almost choking, which she loved going back to how she wanted me to make sure she knows she’s mine. “You want me to cum down your throat?” I exclaimed while still holding her hair almost as if I wanted to make it known to the world. Between breaths she let out a soft yes before another harsh orgasm came bubbling to the surface. With a fistful of hair in hand I controlled her head as I neared closer to my breaking point. She knew what was coming and opened her throat to allow my cock to slide down. My cock jerked and my warm cum shot out like a canon firing. I moved my dick shallower in her mouth so that she could get the taste of my cream in her mouth and she sucked the last few drops of cum from my dick like a straw but she didn’t swallow and she spit my cum back on my own cock which was a favorite move of hers. She waited a few seconds and let my jazz slide down my shaft then flicked her tongue and slurped it all back up and swallowed it, which of course I loved, the sloppier the better in my opinion. After she finally let me get up and I walked away while she was still getting fucked by Tyler he kept thrusting his hips into her for another two or three minutes until he voiced that he was also getting close to finishing.

Tyler looked over to me and asked where I wanted him to cum because he didn’t want to cross any boundaries. Instead of addressing the question directly I decided to give her one last command; “Grab those titties and let him cum on them.” She nodded in understanding and right on cue he pulled his dick out that was layered with pussy juice and stroked his dick until his cum shot out onto her perfect C-cup boobs and pooled up in between them because she was squeezing them together. She let out a few more moans as he squeezed the last few drops of cream from his shaft.

I tossed them some toilet paper because I was the only one dry enough to go get some without tracking a trail of cum through our brand new apartment. They wiped off and we all just collapsed all over the couches and floors in exhaustion. We just sat there with Wolf of Wallstreet still playing in the background and just let out sighs of satisfaction until we finally fell asleep sprawled across the living room butt ass naked.

I rolled over the next morning to see a pair of tits, a bare and abused pussy, and a dick hanging out attached to two naked bodies. Just as I shook off the fog of sleeping the two previously sleeping nude people began to stir and awake from their respective slumbers. I was expecting a bit of awkwardness but everything was as normal as it could be. We got up threw some clothes on and conversed a little, mostly about how crazy we were about last night. There was no mention of if this would happen again but I’m sure it was on everyone’s mind. After a few minutes of conversation followed by two hours of video games Tyler had to leave to go back up to school. We said our goodbyes and he went on his way. Just as he was about to walk out the door he gave Robin a quick slap on the ass and just before he turned the corner in the hallway he turned back and shot me a wink and a quick salute that only Ty could. And just like that the most erotic experience of all of our lives was officially over. But this would not be the only time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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