Dream Come True

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My name is Darren, and I have an interesting story to tell you. It all happened one night when I decided to drop by the local club for the old relaxation combo of wine women and song (mostly the second one, hopefully). I got a few appreciative looks from the ladies in my usual black button-down shirt and lucky blue jeans, and likewise several short skirts and tight tops drew my eye on the dance floor.

Then I saw her. The slits up the sides of her light blue dress showed a generous view of her crossed legs, and was open to leave most of her back bare from the hem at her waist to the string at the back of her neck holding the front up. The way the front of the dress flowed down her body showed a bit of cleavage, as well as a nice glimpse at the side of her breast. Her brunette hair was done up in a way that gave it a cascading look with a few strands falling in front of her face (something I’ve always found quite sexy). The dress also had detached sleeves that ran from the middle of her upper arms down to her hands, kind of like gloves but leaving her fingers uncovered.

When I see a beautiful lady like that sitting alone, especially one idly circling the rim of her glass with a fingertip while staring into it with a sad smile, I feel compelled to see if I can help brighten up her evening. I couldn’t help but smirk at the sound of a good slow song starting as I approached her. Maybe on some subconscious level I knew something special was in the works tonight.

“Hey there beautiful,” I said as I casually leaned an elbow on the bar beside her. “Care for a dance?”

There was a flash of something in her eyes (anger, frustration, who knows) that quickly faded as they met mine and we recognized each other. “Darren?”

“Colleen?” I chuckled nervously, realizing I’d been ogling and propositioning a girl whom I knew to have a boyfriend. She looked good all the time anyway, but tonight she was absolutely beautiful. I’d never seen her dress up like this before, which made me idly wonder what the special occasion was. “Sorry, I didn’t-“

“Yes,” she said with a slight waver in her voice. “I’d love to dance.”

Taken or not, when a lady makes a request like that I can’t refuse. Unsure of her intentions and trying to keep mine chivalrous I initially just rested my hands on her hips with a bit of air between us, but when her arms went around my shoulders and she pulled herself close to me I gave in and held her.

She closed her eyes and rested her head on my shoulder, nuzzling gently at my neck. I gently stroked the small of her back, momentarily distracted by the soft warmth of her skin under my hands. She seemed to be in need of comforting, and I was happy to oblige.

I confess to having fantasized about Colleen on more than a few occasions, but thus far I had managed to be a gentleman and not interfere in her relationship. They had always seemed to get along well. And yet here she was in my arms, holding on to me like I was shelter from some terrible storm, causing my curiosity to rise. The feel of her lithe form in my arms and her soft breasts pressed against my chest was making something else rise too.

I took a deep breath to try to clear my head, knowing she’d soon feel what I was thinking through that thin dress, and tried to focus on more important things. Between her scent and her bared neck it was all I could do not to press my lips to her skin while whispering by her ear. “Is everything alright?”

Her arms tightened a bit around me as she murmured her reply softly against my shoulder. “Yes… no… I don’t know…” The tone of her voice plus the feel of a tear sliding down her cheek onto my shoulder got my undivided attention, causing me to ponder doing some unpleasant things to whoever was responsible for making this lovely lady cry. “Adam left.”

Well that explained why he wasn’t here with her.

“With someone else,” she added.


“I’m sorry…” It was the only thing I could think of to say. Holding her close seemed the right thing to do, so I did.

She tried real hard not to cry as her head lifted off my shoulder and she looked into my eyes. One stubborn tear escaped and I reached up to wipe it away, my other hand at the small of her back. She smiled that sad smile again and closed her eyes briefly, nuzzling against my palm as we drew closer. It does things to a man when she smiles like that. You just want to hold her and take her away from all her troubles.

The song (and indeed the rest of the room besides us, for that matter) seemed to fade away. I stroked my thumb comfortingly against her cheek as it colored with a slight blush, and I almost thought I heard her purr softly. She leaned in closer, lips just slightly parted. All I could hear was my heartbeat in my ears, and her body pressed so tightly to mine let me feel hers.

Her body was so warm, practically burning against my hands as they stroked from the small of her back to the back of her neck. Her fingers slipped around the back of my neck as her leg rose and curled around me. Yalova Escort My hand somehow found its way to her thigh. I could clearly feel her stiff nipples against my chest through our clothes, and I knew my erection had to be quite prominent pressing between her legs by now. The brief touch of her lips against mine was like clouds brushing against each other.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I became aware of two things. One, that the song had apparently ended some time ago and there were more than a few people watching us on the verge of making out on the dance floor. Second, there was the nagging worry that I was taking advantage of Colleen in her vulnerability after such a recent (not to mention abrupt) break-up.

Pulling my lips away from hers was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but it seemed like the right thing to do. Just the same I couldn’t resist nuzzling her cheek to cheek just to stay close to her a little while longer. “Sorry,” she whispered. “I don’t know what came over me.” I let her leg down but her arms stayed snugly around me, her fingers moving through my hair. “I guess I just needed… I mean…”

I felt her cheek get hotter against mine. Her breath was a bit ragged as she moved back a bit to arm’s length, her hands on my shoulders and my hands on her hips. Our eyes met and it was all I could do not to pull her to me again and kiss her. I gave her my best comforting smile. “Don’t worry about it. It happens.”

She smiled back, and I was glad to see it wasn’t quite so sad of a smile anymore. “I should probably get going.” I could tell she was mulling something over in her mind, and it occurred to me that Adam was probably supposed to be her transportation.

“Come on, I’ll take you home.” Had I been thinking more clearly at the time I would have noticed how forward that sounded, but to be honest I was more focused on trying to help a lady in need. Honest.

She took my arm as we headed for the exit. Seeing the snow coming down pretty hard outside I took my jacket from its hook by the door and set it around her shoulders. She smiled and huddled closer to me as we walked towards my car, where I opened the door for her. I got quite a view from above, but managed not to let my eyes linger too long.

We were quiet for a long while as I drove. Every so often my gaze would stray as she crossed or uncrossed her legs or the material of her dress shifted just right around her breasts, but for the most part I managed to keep my eyes on the road.

Once the heater got going she shrugged the jacket off and sat with her arms crossed under her breasts. Occasionally she reached up to brush an errant strand of hair away from her eyes. “Sorry about… back there.” One of her fingertips began to stroke up and down her neck as she spoke, gazing out the windshield with a distant look in her eyes.

“My skin is really sensitive, and getting up close to someone, especially with a lot of skin contact involved…” Her eyes closed as her wandering finger slipped down along her cleavage. It was a good thing traffic was light at this time of night. “It tends to make me really…”

She paused, blushing as she regained her senses and began to fumble her hands in her lap. “Amorous?” I finished, figuring it to be a diplomatic way to describe it.

She nodded and smiled demurely at me. “Amorous.” She took a deep breath and settled back in her seat. “Sometimes I’d let… him… spend the night,” she began. From the weighty pause it was obvious who ‘he’ was. “Like a gentleman he’d sleep out on the couch instead of joining me in my bed. But every now and then I’d get in an… amorous mood.” She smirked a bit at that. “I’d go out and curl up next to him, and he’d put his arms around me and just hold me.” She absently rubbed at her arms, crossing and uncrossing her legs again as she chuckled softly. “Sorry, you probably don’t want to hear about all that.”

I smiled and tried to keep my eyes on the road instead of on the way the position of her arms made her cleavage a bit more prominent. “Nah it’s alright. Talking is good. Helps you sort things out. Ah, looks like we’re here.”

I went around to open her door, mustering all of my willpower to not look down the front of her dress. Almost as if fate was conspiring against me in my battle against temptation, I caught the barest glimpse of soft white lace between her legs as she stepped out of the car.

I quickly regained my focus as she slipped on a patch of ice. In an instant our arms were around each other and once again I was stunned by her beauty. She didn’t even seem to notice the snowflakes landing softly on her skin. I half expected her growing warmth to melt the snow around us.

The cold air seemed to make her nipples even harder as she pressed against me. Her hands, landing on my chest at first, seemed to be moving as if on their own up to my shoulders as she looked up into my eyes. Her lips parted slightly, almost begging to be kissed, and the feel of her body brushing up mine as she began Yalova Escort Bayan to get her balance made me even harder.

Fighting to regain my composure I helped her find her feet and reluctantly walked her to her door. She held tightly on to my arm, perhaps not entirely just for physical support. We stood on that doorstep for what seemed like quite awhile, my hands on her hips and hers on my shoulders. It could have been seconds, it could have been hours. “Thank you,” she said. “For everything.” Her kiss on my cheek seemed even warmer in contrast to the cool night air.

This was the junction. Whether I stayed or left, something would be different between Colleen and I after tonight. I was stuck between not wanting her to think I was taking advantage of her and just wanting to hold her tight, damn the consequences.

“The snow is getting pretty deep,” she said softly. “It’d be dangerous for you to drive home in this weather.” She paused as she considered her words. We both knew there may be consequences, but we couldn’t help ourselves. “Would you like to… spend the night?”

“Sounds like a good idea,” I said with a smile. At the time it may have seemed like a somewhat foolish idea, but when a lady makes a request like that I can’t refuse.

It wasn’t the first time I’d been inside her apartment, though it was the first time I’d be staying there overnight. “I’m gonna go freshen up,” she said with a smile over her shoulder. “Go ahead and make yourself comfortable.

I settled onto the couch and took off my shoes while she headed into the bathroom, washing her face from the sound of it. As I idly took in my surroundings and tried to collect my thoughts fate conspired against me yet again, this time in the form of the door being slightly ajar.

Her back was to me as she slipped the detached sleeves off and then undid her hair, running her fingers through it as she let it tumble down freely. Next she opened the small clasp at the back of her neck, shivering a bit as she smoothed the dress down off her body. There was barely anything to her panties, a skimpy white lace thong affair. As she bent to slip them off my mind wandered to a brief mental image of me coming up behind her to cup her breasts in my hands and kiss her passionately. Her breasts bounced just a bit as she took a step towards the robe hanging nearby, and I caught a more generous glimpse of them as she slipped it on.

As she turned to exit the bathroom it occurred to me what I was doing and I glanced around to try to find something else to stare at, shifting a bit to try to make my erection less obvious. I was probably slightly unsuccessful, as I caught her eyes flicking briefly to my lap as she came out. Likewise she probably noticed my eyes traveling up her body, as the hem of the robe came up rather high the front opened quite low.

Our eyes met as she stood at the side of the couch. Right about then I made a deal with myself. To keep my conscience clear I wouldn’t press on, but by the same token if she came to me I wouldn’t hold back. She seemed to be thinking something similar. After another long pause, she walked behind the couch towards her room. “Good night,” I said.

“Good night,” she replied. “Sweet dreams.” Once she closed the door to her room I sighed, feeling like quite a yutz. I shrugged out of my shirt (for some reason I can’t sleep with a shirt on, don’t ask me why) and laid down on my side, eventually dozing off.

Some time later I felt something warm and soft nestled next to me in what I at first thought was a surprisingly realistic dream. As I opened my eyes and verified that I was quite awake I looked down to find Colleen lying next to me, fast asleep.

She had cradled her head on my shoulder and snuggled her body closely against mine, causing my pulse to quicken. Her warmth and softness felt quite nice, especially her supple breasts pressed to my chest and her hand resting casually on my shoulder.

In all likelihood she was just so used to curling up with Adam here that half-asleep instinct sent her here. Old habits die hard I suppose, especially when one is semi-conscious. Logically speaking I probably should have woken her up, but she looked too peaceful. Mostly peaceful, anyway. She let out a soft whimper and a bit of moisture formed at the corner of her eye.

Moving carefully so as not to wake her I touched my fingertip to her cheek and wiped away the tear, which made her smile just a little in her sleep. Alas, it faded as soon as my hand moved away. I resolved that the best way to keep her smiling was to take her in my arms and hold her close, and proceeded to do so.

She responded quickly to the touch of my hand on her hip, entwining her leg with mine and curling her arm around my shoulders to nuzzle closer into my neck with a soft purr. Her scent and her touch were intoxicating, and the brush of her thigh against my lap was making me rather horny as well. Feeling her nipples begin to stiffen as she rubbed against me was making it hard to think straight.

Eventually Escort Yalova she seemed to be content with how tightly she was coiled around me and smiled contentedly. I couldn’t resist gently stroking the small of her back as I savored the moment. Every contour of her body against mine, every soft breath she took, every beat of her heart. I’m not sure how long we laid there like that, but I know I relished every second.

A soft whimper from her caused me to stiffen, worried that she might awaken and leave for her own bed. Instead she nuzzled sleepily at my neck and began to slowly glide her hand in little patterns on my chest. Her leg was moving again too, continuing to harden me. A slight shift of her body against mine pulled her robe open just enough for me to get a rather nice view within.

I don’t know how long I was peeking, but my attention was soon drawn to her hand as it moved to my shoulder and down my arm. Her lips moved slightly against my neck, almost seeming to be trying to say something in her sleep. With a soft murmur she suddenly shifted to lie on her back, her hand finding mine and holding it on her midriff while her other hand fell to rest on her chest just below her neck. Another purr escaped her lips as her fingertips made little movements against her skin, all still in a deep sleep. Whatever she was dreaming about must have been a lot of fun.

Her cheeks colored and her lips parted as her idle hand slowly made its way down her neck and settled in her cleavage while her other hand enclosed mine a bit more tightly. Her thigh shifted a bit against my erection, continuing to tease it to further stiffness while I watched her hand slip inside her robe. I found myself enthralled as a soft moan floated from her parted lips while she gently squeezed her breast.

Unsure of what to do I simply continued to watch as her breathing quickened, her head falling to the side as her fingertips stroked her nipple under her robe. She even arched a bit as she pinched it. Meanwhile, her other hand moved back up my arm to affectionately stroke my chest again. She wasn’t kidding about getting amorous with physical contact; her arousal seemed to burn even hotter as she touched me, judging by the way she brushed her robe open.

Her breasts were nice and firm, just the right size and shape, and her nipples looked quite stiff. My erection was uncomfortably large by now from the grand view, not to mention the added stimulation of her hand moving down my body and cupping against my lap. Her other hand pulled weakly at mine (still asleep through all this, amazingly enough) and I let her move it upwards. I watched in astonishment as she smoothed my hand up her body and pressed it gently to her breast. I had never dreamed I’d be allowed to cup her lovely breast, and here she was practically offering it to me.

I was so aroused at this point that I could barely think straight. Objections to fondling a girl in her sleep were crumbling quickly under the encouragement of her hand over mine on her breast and her other hand squeezing my hard shaft through my jeans. She turned her head to nuzzle gently against my shoulder and purred softly from the slight friction of my palm against her hard nipple.

In-between the moans and murmurs it almost sounded like she was trying to say something in her sleep. “D… da….” Despite how much I enjoyed watching her blush and sigh blissfully with each little movement of my hand on her breast, I couldn’t help but worry a bit. Was she saying “don’t”? The last thing I wanted was to take advantage of her. But my fears were assuaged when she squeezed my hand tightly against her breast, her nipple trapped between my fingers, and quite clearly moaned what she wanted to say: “Darren…”

She was dreaming about me? That was all the encouragement I needed. At first I pondered waking her up to continue in a more conscious manner, but then I got a better idea. Making sure not to press too hard I began to slowly stroke circles around the edge of her nipple with my fingertip. She cooed softly and arched just a little against my touch.

Experimentally I did the same for her other nipple, then gave it a gentle pinch. She tossed her head slowly from side to side and let out a ragged breath in response. My fingertips brushed up between her breasts and along her neck, causing her to purr softly and nuzzle my palm. I then explored down, running my fingers slowly from her chin all the way down to her navel, drawing a soft giggle and some murmured words of encouragement.

Her supple body was a pleasure to touch, and seemed to get hotter with arousal the more I touched her. Driven by strong arousal (and more than a bit of curiosity at how far I could take this without waking her) I leaned in and tapped a gentle kiss on her nipple. Hearing her mewl with pleasure I gave the other the same treatment.

I shifted around a bit so as to better position myself to reach both her breasts, smiling as she squirmed and tossed her head from side to side while I teased the tips of her nipples all about with my fingertips. Adding my tongue at her neck rewarded me with her blissful whimper followed by her moaning my name again. By this point her eager hand had begun to slip inside my jeans, and her fingertips were brushing the base of my shaft.

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