Dream Lovers Ch. 03

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Neglecting Jeri is not in Christine’s nature. Jeri appreciates the delicate situation the current living arrangement brings to all concerned. Matt, Christine and Jeri enjoy occasional lively threesomes. Other times, either Matt or Christine makes love to Jeri.

Both are accomplished pussy lappers and she loves sucking cocks. All three arrive at the inevitable conclusion: Jeri needs a lover. A household with three constantly horny people too often leaves one frustrated, most often Jeri.

Something had to change. Jeri needed to find the lesbian of her dreams. First, she parted from her on and off again bi boy friend Greg. They parted amicably. Greg eventually settled down with a gay friend.

As Mat suggested, Christine and Jeri spend Friday nights at Women’s Cave. Jeri meets several nice and beautiful young bisexuals and lesbians. None is ready to settle down. They play the field and are interested only in occasional sex with Jeri. She understood completely. Until she met Christine, she played the same way.

Her luck would turn on a summer Saturday at the beach.

The beaches of California are the in spot for young residents or students on summer vacation. Beautiful girls in skimpily bikinis working on their tans, frolicking in the surf or strolling barefoot in the ocean-cooled sand, parade to the watchful eyes of horny guys and girls alike.

Hot tanned muscular guys draw the eyes of most women and a few men. The aroma of salt air and sun tan lotion fills the air, spread everywhere by gentle winds. Hot girls on skates wearing tight shorts and bikini tops add to the intoxicating attraction impossible to ignore.

Philosophers theorize humanity is unavoidable attracted to the same waters their ancestors evolved from millions of years ago. If the beautiful people populating the beach are any indication, humanity evolved pretty well.

Matt, Christine and Jeri love the beach and visit often. This day, they arrived to a mostly deserted area of the beach near a formation of rocks that are dry during low tide and pounded by surf at high tide. They place their beach towels as far from the constant mist from waves crashing on the rocks. Matt’s loose fitting knee length trunks reveal most of his muscular body. Christine’s specially designed bikini bottom hid her balls and cock. Her low cut top display a delicious portion of her splendid 38″ breasts. Jeri’s string bikini with small patches. cover only her areolas and pussy slit and leaves little to one’s imagination, particularly the beautiful lifeguard on duty.

Leslie recognized the three from previous visits. The confirmed lesbian unabashedly stared lustfully at Jeri. When not at nursing school, she works part time as a lifeguard. She shares an apartment with three straight female students.

She is flat out gorgeous, 5’7″ tall with a 37-23-36″ swimmers body. Her very light sun bleached blond hair flows to her shoulder blades. Her blue eyes complete the prototypical California girl look.

Leslie hopes she would get a chance to meet the beautiful blonde-haired woman with the revealing bikini. She considers various approaches but is far to shy to try anything overtly direct.

She watched the woman of her lust moving unsafely far into the surf and was about to shout a warning when Jeri was pulled down by a strong undertow.

She grabbed her float and outraced Matt and Christine to where Jeri disappeared. She saw her flailing arms. She quickly reached Jeri. Holding her head above water she shouted, “Swim with me!” Jeri coughed up a lot of seawater. Leslie moved fast, pulled her to dry land, cleared her mouth and began mouth-to-mouth bursa escort resuscitation.

“Stay with me.” she commanded.

“What is her name?” she demanded.

“Jeri,” Matt and Christine answered.

“Jeri, if you can hear me, grip my hand.” Leslie ordered.

Her very weak hand moved slightly.

Leslie began chest compressions alternating with mouth to mouth.

Jeri coughed out a large volume of seawater, choked and vomited.

The nasty sight was lovely to Leslie. Jeri breathed on her own and Leslie said the same silent prayer of thanks she offers after every successfully rescue.

The adrenaline rush left her weak and she asked Matt to bring a gallon bottle of water, a towel and a pail from her lifeguard shack.

She looked at the beautiful Jeri who returned her gaze with the unmistakable look of love in her eyes. “Thank you. Thank you. She repeated. “Who are you?”

“Leslie,” she replied, “Leslie Johnson.”

Matt returned and Leslie told Jeri not to be shy as she cleaned her body. She removed her bikini and Christine rinsed it clean in the ocean. Leslie soaked the towel and removed the vomit and salt from her body, unavoidably sexually attracted to Jeri’s hot body.

Christine returned and helped Leslie replace her bikini. Jeri, overcome with gratitude hugged Leslie, tears running from her eyes. Leslie patted Jeri kindly on her back until her emotional stability returned. She held her at arms length and made her promise to be more careful in the future.

The three friends noticed something in Leslie’s voice that indicated more than professional interest in Jeri. Jeri looked carefully at Leslie and knew in her soul she finally found the woman of her dreams. She needed to know if Leslie felt the same and asked if she could treat her do dinner. “It is the least I can do for the woman who saved my life,” she coaxed.

Leslie accepted and they arranged to meet at 6 PM when her shift ended.

Matt and Christine hoped for the best for Jeri, delighted at the possibilities. They helped Jeri dress provocatively for the occasion. Since Leslie had seen her nude body, she needed to wear something less revealing but sexually inviting. She chose a sheer white sleeveless top to highlight her braless 36″ breasts and flat 23″ waist. She added spandex shorts that fit her 37″ ass perfectly and would reveal an inviting camel toe when aroused.

They met near Leslie’s lifeguard station. The afternoon winds had died. The air was still, the only sound, gentle waves washing ashore and retreating in a never-ending melody. It was a night full of endless possibilities.

Leslie dressed in the same yellow jumpsuit she wore to work. She skipped the bra and panties. It fit her like a glove and accented every curve pf her 37-23-36″ body. She saw Jeri and felt her pussy moisten. Jeri’s pussy juice dampened her crotch and she felt the spandex gradually outline her shaved pussy.

Leslie stared at Jeri. Words escaped her but her eyes betrayed her lust. Jeri held out her arms and Leslie moved forward seeing the same lust in her eyes. Her shyness turned into confidence as she reached Jeri’s body. They hugged tightly and shivered as their breasts touched. It ignited their passion and they kissed fervently.

Their sealed lips opened wide and moans escaped as their tongues touched in a delightful duel.

They needed to catch their breath and stopped kissing still holding on tightly. “I have wanted this moment from the first time I saw you with your friends months ago.” Leslie whispered. “I wanted to approach you but I am too shy for such forwardness.”

“With bursa escort bayan your body you have nothing to be shy about,” Jeri offered.

I lived with Christine until she met Matt. They share a deep love and although I miss her, I rejoice in her happiness. I hope to find such happiness in my life.”

“Maybe you have found what you are looking for.” Leslie ventured, “I counted the minutes all afternoon in anticipation, praying your invitation to dinner is more than just kindness.

If you are looking for love I am so willing to share my life with you.”

“Oh Leslie, you are more woman then I dared dream. You are incredible beautiful and kind. I want you and need you.”

Leslie led Jeri to the lifeguard shack. They stopped at the steps and helped remove each other’s clothing, Jeri unzipped Leslie’s jumpsuit and watched as she lowered it past her magnificent 37″ breasts, turning to show her beautiful plump ass and bending over showing a hint of her furry pussy as she stepped forward leaving it pied in the sand.

Leslie sat Jeri on the third step and removed her sheer top exposing her perfect 36″ chest, flat belly and 23″ waist. She whiffed at the soaked spandex camel toe and quickly removed her tight shorts.

Each marveled at the other’s beauty and sat on the steps madly kissing and fondling each other. Single minded in their lust, their passion grew to a feverish pitch.

Leslie spread a large beach towel on the soft sand and straddled Jeri. She kissed her sweet lips, tongued both ears, licked down her cleavage to her navel and left a pool of saliva. She reached Jeri’s dripping pussy and sucked in a delicious mouth full of her juices savoring it before swallowing.

She opened wide and circled Jeri’s pussy. She tongued the outer folds igniting the nerve endings feeding Jeri’s ecstasy. Jeri mauled her tits and pulled at her nipples until Leslie took over. Leslie munched softly on Jeri’s pussy and tenderly fondled her breasts.

As Leslie continued to feast on Jeri succulent pussy, she maneuvered under Leslie and starred at her pussy covered with thin soft blond hair, shining brilliantly from the light covering of Leslie’s pussy cream.

Jeri tongue washed the tasty cream and enjoyed the soft feel of her hair against her mouth and face. She thrust her tongue thru the muff and into her vaginal opening.

Leslie pursed her lips around Jeri’s clit and flicked it rapidly. She slowly inserted her middle two fingers into Jeri’s pussy. Jeri thrust her pussy to meet Leslie’s probing fingers, gushing hot sweet juices covering her arms and face.

A stunned Jeri stared in disbelief at Leslie’s incredible clit. It is at least an inch long, half inch round and fat like the head of a small dick. She sucked it eagerly and jabbed it with her tongue. She inserted two fingers into her pussy and expertly located her G-spot. The unworldly titillation halted Leslie’s eating and fingering her lover.

She could not remember such ecstasy. She swooned as the wonderful feelings rising from her most intimate erogenous zone raced thru her mind with delightful new sensations. Shooting stars sped across her tightly closed eyes. Her clit throbbed in Jeri’s mouth. Her ejaculate built to mammoth proportions straining for release.

Jeri felt Leslie arch her back and opened wide, preparing for her ejaculate. Leslie shocked Jeri by continually spurting long streams of clear tangy liquid. Jeri tried valiantly to catch her juice but managed only to collect a small portion. The exquisite taste moved Jeri to swish it in her mouth as streams covered both bodies.

As her bursa escort kız spurts dwindled to a trickle, Jeri placed her lips around Leslie’s pussy and drank to her heart’s content. When she finished, the two satiated beauties looked into loving eyes and knew something magical moved them far beyond hot sex to intense love for each other.

Silently they fell into each other’s arms oblivious to the sticky aromatic liquid covering their bodies. They kissed with abandon, held each other’s head in their hands and swayed to the rhythm of the surf. A full moon appeared above the silhouette of mountains to the east. Jeri took Leslie to the ocean where they met under entirely different circumstances earlier in the day.

Their cares washed away as they frolicked in the surd and giddily pushed each other’s naked bodies into the waves soaking them completely. An elderly coupled waked by and glanced knowingly at the beautiful nude women. They overheard the woman ask her husband if he had any Viagra left. He indicated yes and looked at Jeri and Leslie mouthing, “Thank you.”

The frolicking in the surf cleaned and rejuvenated the couple. Leslie stood waist deep. With amazing strength, she lifted Jeri high in the air, lowered her legs to her shoulders and her pussy to her face. Jeri balanced by gently holding on to Leslie’s head and placing her feet in Leslie’s armpits.

Leslie firmly held Jeri’s ass and lapped her outer lips. The feeling of Jeri’s soft wet thighs on the sides of her head stoked her passion, and she ate with abandon. She munched the soft entrance to her vagina. She drank from the river of juices frothing from Jeri’s cunt and forced her tongue deep in her pussy. She found her clit with her upper lip and held it against her tongue

Leslie slowly moved her tongue back and forth over Jeri’s clit. Jeri howled repeatedly. Her pussy and clit throbbed in pre-orgasmic ecstasy. She held Leslie’s head hard against her pussy as continual orgasm rapidly rocked her body, Leslie gasped for air. Exhausted, Jeri lost her balance and fell backward. Leslie caught her and lifted her high enough to clear her legs.

They stood on the ocean botttom. They hugged tightly and stared into each other’s eyes, and sealed their love for each other with a smile. They kissed softly, returned to the beach, and dressed.

As the sun peaked over the distant mountains, they walked hand in hand to a small beachside grill. After several cups of coffee and a hearty breakfast, they returned to Leslie’s lifeguard post. Jeri watched Leslie change into her bright red swimsuit. Beach goers would not arrive for a few hours, giving the couple time for serious conversation.

Jeri told Leslie she hoped her long lonely search for the woman of her dreams ended this night. “I am madly in love with you,” she admitted.

Tears came to Leslie’s eyes. Her words were halting but sincere. “I lusted after to you for a long time. I am so happy that my lust has turned to love. I can picture us being together forever.”

“That is wonderful!” Jeri choked as she began to cry. They hugged tenderly and sobbed tears of joy.

After a week of nightly dating and long love sessions. Jeri brought Leslie home. Matt and Christine told her how nice it was to see her again. Leslie slept with Jeri every night. Leslie’s straight roommates imagined her depravity and hardly missed the woman they hatefully called s dirty dyke.

Matt and Christine, so happy for Jeri, asked Leslie to move in permanently. Leslie was stunned. She happily hugged them both.

The financial arrangements fell easily within her range. She packed her belongings and said goodbye to her roommates. It was a somber occasion. Their differences that seemed at times so important did not matter now. Leslie hugged each of the three and wished them well.

Leslie could not imagine what a thrilling and unique future held.

To be continued…

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