Dreaming of Doing It

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I woke up with a start, lying on my side and hugging my pillow. It was just a dream. I looked at the bedside clock. It said 2:55. I had been asleep for several hours, and it was several more before the alarm went off.

It was just a dream, but what a dream. I guess I needed some sexual attention more than I realized.

In my dream, I was asleep in my bed. I was on my back and completely nude. I usually slept nude, so that part seemed realistic. I try to sleep on my side, but sometimes I wake on my back so that was realistic too.

The unusual part was that a nude woman was lying on the bed to my left, stroking my cock with her fingertips. My wife and I had played in the middle of the night before, but this was different. There were differences that I could not quite explain, but my intuition told me this was someone other than my wife. Who was this?

In the dark, I could only make out general shapes. The shape seemed similar to my wife, but the behavior did not. When the woman could feel that I had a strong erection, she moved to straddle me. Her arms were on either side of my head and her legs were on either side of my feet. She was not touching me anywhere. Was she trying to minimize any touching that might wake me?

Even in the dark, I could see her generous ta tas that hung towards me. Her interlabial space was open and ready to receive me. She lowered herself onto me so that the tip of my cock touched her entrance about the same time other parts of her body started to touch me. She slid on. She was wet and ready to receive me.

She started to slide up and down on me. At about the fourth stroke, I woke up. Wow! I would have liked that dream to go on a while longer.

I wondered who she could be.

My wife and I had such busy schedules that we were usually exhausted and preferred to play in the morning just before getting up. Lately we had not even been doing that. When she had a little free time, I did not. When I was free, she was not. It was rough for both of us.

Lately she had been quoting Ambrose Bierce, “Love: A temporary insanity curable by marriage.” Perhaps she was concerned that marriage would make us complacent about our relationship. I hoped that was not true, but I also knew my emotional and sexual needs were not being met.

I did not know what she did to find sexual satisfaction in my absence, but I tried to find some by looking for erotica on the Internet. Provocative and explicit photos were usually exciting and easy to find. Sometimes I read and commented on blogs with erotic themes. Sometimes I found exciting stories and exchanged e-mails with the author. It could be extremely stimulating, but there was seldom a good release. No wonder I had an erotic dream.

I looked at the clock. It said 3:03. I was having trouble going back to sleep, just as I had the previous night. I wanted to sleep now so that I could feel rested at work. The question that kept me awake was, “What would it take for me to get what I needed?” While thinking about this, my mind also wondered to other things before coming back to the main questions. It was hard to focus so early in the morning. Sleep seemed elusive and there were only so many things to see in a dark room.

Then I noticed my wife was sleeping on her side facing away from me. She usually slept on her back. Opportunity was knocking. I decided to answer.

I moved closer and started to spoon with her. She was wearing a nightshirt, which was unusual but sometimes happened when she was exhausted at bedtime. My left hand and arm went under her pillow. My right arm went under the bottom extraordinary izle of her shirt, around her abdomen and finally to the hand warmer I was seeking. I had an erection, and I felt it resting against her panties. Panties were unusual nightwear also, and I realized she must have been very tired when she got into bed. Perhaps nothing sexual would happen. We could easily sleep together in that position. I was open to some middle of the night sex play, but just cuddling would also be a good way to spend the night.

We lay in that position for a while, and then she rolled onto her back. I stayed next to her, but moved my hand to her side. My arm was now just under my point of interest.

She rolled back on to her left side; her back was towards me once more. I moved closer, touched my chest to her back through her nightshirt, and put my arm around her again with my hand back on her left point of interest.

Her breathing changed just enough for me to realize she was starting to get aroused.

I decided to make a commitment. Once made, going back to sleep was not an option. I leaned forward and started to lick the edge of her ear. Her breathing changed again. Bingo. I just put kerosene on the flame of her desire.

She rolled to her right a little, and it was just enough for me to move my left arm. I wrapped both arms around her from behind, placed my left hand under her nightshirt and on her right boob while my right hand remained on her left boob.

It brought us very close, and let me use my fingers to play with her nipples. She reacted to this attention by rocking back and forth. Initially the rocking seemed to be a half-hearted attempt to get away or maybe to stay close while pushing aside my sexual attention. My grip on her was too tight for her to move very far. Soon her rocking slowed and she relaxed and allowed my fingers to stimulate her arousal. Her breathing was becoming deeper and faster, as if she were exercising.

Without letting go, I used my arms to raise the bottom of her nightshirt. When it got near her neck, she grabbed the bottom and pulled it over her head. All that remained between us now was her panties.

With her excitement level up to the point of no return, I moved my right hand down to the top edge of her panties and slid my fingers under the material. Her hips started to move, as if she were trying to position herself so that my fingers would be where she wanted them to be.

I wanted to be there also, so it was easy to guess where to go. I found her love cleft and the button at the top. This was generally familiar territory, but she surprised me. She had shaved. There was nothing but smooth skin in the area inside her panties. Generally, she trimmed, and my personal preference was for a fuller bush, but shaved was an interesting treat and I was looking forward to exploring with more than my fingers.

Despite being slightly restricted by her panties, I was able to move my fingertip gently back and forth on and around her clit, her inner and outer lips, and her entrance. At her entrance, I pushed in and felt her moisture. She was almost ready for something else I wanted to put there.

She broke contact and I disengaged so that she could move. By this point, she would not go far. I started to talk, but she put a finger on my lips and quietly said, “Shhhhhh!”

She pulled off her panties and moved her head down to my crotch. Her lips began to kiss, lick, and suck my cock. She started gently, and spread the moisture from her mouth over my crown and shaft.

Sometimes I had trouble focusing forecasting love and weather izle on her when she did this, but this time I was able to run my fingers through her hair and let my fingertips touch her scalp. My fingers wandered down her body, caressed her back, her hips, her butt cheeks, and the sensitive place between her legs.

My index finger slid into her and I pushed in and out in time and to the same tempo she used with her mouth on me. Then she started to move, leaving her mouth attached to me, but putting her torso on top of mine. Her knees straddled my head giving me an extremely pleasant close-up view of that night’s playground.

We were in a classic sixty-nine position. She was doing her part, and doing it quite well. I wanted to do my part, and she had made it possible. My arms went around her to hold her in place and I brought her honey pot closer to my lips.

Then my lips and tongue touched her special place. The tip of my tongue moved slowly along the edge of her outer lips, and my lips kissed and sucked her inner lips. The angle made it easier for me to play with her entrance, which I did. I also moved down so that her lips and clit would receive equal attention. I enjoyed the taste, smell, and feel of her flower and used my arms and hands to hold her in place just a little past the time she was ready to move to another position.

All good things must end, and it was easier to stop eating her while being eaten, knowing something even better was next on the menu.

I released my arms and she turned around. Her breasts were at mouth level, and I took the opportunity to kiss and suck them. I could feel her start to move as if she wanted to slide on and ride me, but I held her in place while playing with one nipple and then the other. With suction from my lips and mouth, I held her nipple in my mouth while my tongue drew circles around those delicious raspberries. Very gently, I let her feel my teeth. I was tempted to leave a mark, but decided to refrain and made sure there was not enough pressure to leave marks.

After this enjoyable course, I released my lip lock and allowed her to move. Unlike my previous dream, I could not see her labia. It did not matter. I could feel her. She slid down and when her head reached mine, her breasts pressed against my chest, and her entrance found the tip of my cock. She paused with my crown just outside for a few seconds. Then she slid onto me with one slow smooth motion. Her natural lubrication provided just the right amount of wetness.

She began to rock up and down, while I spread my legs and raised my knees so that I could penetrate deeper. Sometimes I pulled her close, so that her breasts rubbed against my chest, and sometimes she raised herself on her arms. Each change in elevation created a slightly different angle of penetration, and we both enjoyed the subtle variation.

I noticed that the rocking had become more like bouncing, and saw that she had raised herself to a squatting position. This allowed for quick long full strokes. It felt great, but I also knew that it used a lot of energy and she would tire quickly. I wanted to suggest a different position.

I patted an empty spot on bed next to me, inviting her to go there. She did. Then I moved one leg between hers and tried to place my erection at her entrance. This was one of our favorite positions, but it seemed as if she did not know what I was trying to do. With a little fumbling, we finally got in the right position. With one or two gentle thrusts, I was inside.

Technically freeridge izle this was a rear-entry position, but it allowed her to lie on her back and gave us both fantastic freedom of movement. I began to get lost in the pleasure, and her breathing told me that it was extremely stimulating for her too. After a while, we both began to slow and finally came to a stop. We lay in each other’s arms, with me fully inserted in her.

There was a high probability that I was not going to come. For some guys, that would be devastating. Not for me! I enjoyed the things we had done sexually, and I enjoyed the closeness of cuddling. My orgasm was a pleasant, but optional, part of this session.

I pulled out and we moved to a spooning position to cuddle. I was still erect, and she placed me between her legs. I thrust back and forth gently while her hand pushed me against her love box. Then I was inside her again, deep inside. I thrust inside her for a little while, holding her close to me by cradling a breast in my hand.

After a few minutes, I stopped thrusting and relaxed. In less than a minute, her breathing told me that she had fallen asleep. I relaxed with her in my arms and let myself soak deep inside her. A part of me thought Deep Soaker might be a good user name for an adult website. Then I fell asleep.

In what seemed like seconds, the alarm clock rang and woke me up. I was cuddling my pillow, and the rest of the bed was empty. My wife must have needed to be at work early and she had left without waking me. I appreciated the thoughtfulness, but also missed the chance to kiss her just before she left.

I smiled as I remembered my erotic dream and the middle of the night romp it inspired. The glow lasted while I shaved and showered. I was about to get dressed when I heard a key in the lock, and the “Beep, beep” of our alarm system as someone came through the door.

I hear my wife call, “Honey, are you still here?”

She walked into the bathroom, saw me naked and said, “Wow! You look great. We didn’t finish the proposal until thirty minutes ago, but it’s now on its way to New York. I’m off the rest of today and all day tomorrow to make up for working all night. Did you get my message?”

While she took off her shoes and started to get undressed, I stood there stunned and wondered if this was a joke. “No, I didn’t get your message. I just went to bed at eleven and figured you would join me when you got home.”

While taking off her earrings she said, “Did you miss me? Did you notice I wasn’t in bed this morning?”

I replied, “Of course I missed you. I thought maybe you had gone into work early.”

Removing the last of her clothes, she got into bed and said, “Never mind. Come join me. Can you call in sick today or take vacation?”

Watching her get into bed, I noticed her neatly trimmed bush. She had not shaved.

Feeling very confused, I said, “No. I have a meeting with some out of town guests this afternoon and it is going to take several hours to get ready.”

With a sigh she said, “We seem to have trouble getting on the same schedule. Since you aren’t dressed yet, do you have time to get into bed and cuddle? It will help me wind down and relax.”

“Of course,” I responded as I got into bed and spooned behind her. My left arm went under her pillow, and my right arm went around her. My right hand found my favorite handhold.

As I started to feel her relax in my arms, she sleepily suggested, “Maybe you can come home early tonight and bring some dessert with you. I miss you and I’d like to share dessert in bed tonight.”

That was our code word for a special type of sex. Things were looking up.

While she fell asleep, I thought about my middle of the night romp. It was so real. It could not have been a dream, but the evidence was undeniable that it was not actual sex with my wife. If it was not a dream, and not my wife, then who had been in bed with me?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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