Drew’s Wild Weekend

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Note: I hope most of you read “Drew’s First Time,” as this is a continuation of that story. Drew, as I stated there is a fictitious name for one of my fans that has told me a couple of stories about her love life, and they were such good stories, I worked with her to write them. Names and some small things have been fictionalized, but for the most part, this is her true story with as many of the details being totally factual, at least all the details and feelings that I could get her to tell me. I hope you enjoy it.



The week after I had made love to Marcie, and had done some serious necking with her Mother, Katey, was a strange week that I remember all too well. I was constantly up and down to extremes, so much so that it must be what it is like to be bi-polar. Sometimes I would feel extreme guilt at my behavior and shame that I was at least bisexual if not lesbian. At such moments I would fear my coming weekend with Katey so much that I would consider making up an excuse and canceling. Then at the other extreme, I would get so excited at the prospects of my coming weekend with Mrs. Stengal, that I looked forward to it like I had looked forward to Christmas when I was a child.

I even spent some time that week studying my pussy. I used a magnifying hand mirror and would feel around my clit area trying to find a good place to masturbate. I would do this right before a shower then try out my findings in the shower. What I discovered was that my clit’s little head which just barely peeked out of its hood, and only during full sexual arousal, was too sensitive to manipulate directly, at least with something as rough as my fingertip. I finally found that wobbling the hood, or circling it worked best and for the first time in my life I was starting to bring myself to orgasm using my fingers instead of fucking a pillow – which was my tried and true old way of taking care of business.

Also that week, I had begun to look at other girls a little differently, and although I hate to put it this way, I was looking at them as sexual beings instead of competitors for boys. Lots of girls skip showers at school, but many take them regularly and I became one of those that week, so that I could get glimpses of naked girls, comparing, and I don’t like admitting it, admiring their bodies. I don’t think I saw any that I didn’t like, developing an appreciation for plump and skinny and all ranges in between. A small percentage of girls even shaved their nether regions entirely, and I found that pretty fascinating, too. I had to work hard not to stare.

Friday afternoon came around at last, and I decided I was going to wear my nicest, sexiest dress over to see Mrs. Stengal because she always dressed up when I came over. Of course, I didn’t actually have a sexy dress, as I wasn’t allowed to attend the sorts of functions where one would wear them, so I had to wear one of my church dresses. Still, it wasn’t too bad – a white long sleeve, high collared blouse with lace and ruffles and a red and black plaid skirt that was nearly getting tight and was right at knee length. My mother gave me the fish eye about it, even after I explained that it was sort of joke because of the way Mrs. Stengal always dressed formally.

On an interesting note on synchronicity, that week in English class we had covered Robert Burn’s poem about the mouse – the one that ends in “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley, An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain, For promis’d joy!” So there I was on Mrs. Stengal’s porch with my finger on the doorbell and my overnight bag in hand, when things went seriously agley. I, apparently, am the mouse.

Mrs. Stengal answered the door, elegantly attired in a snug and luscious form-fitting black evening dress, and somewhere beyond her, I hear Marcie’s voice in the background yelling, “Mom, is it okay if I call Drew and invite her over?”

Mrs. Stengal winced slightly and said, “Her father cancelled at the last minute – claimed he had the flu. I’m sure she has a perfect figure. Sorry, dear, I didn’t even have time to call.” Then over her shoulder she called, “That’s not necessary, dear, Drew is already here.” So as Mrs. Stengal ushered me in the hallway, up bounces Marcie and gives my dress and overnight bag a puzzled look. Mrs. Stengal added, “My doesn’t Drew look lovely in her dress!”

As I shut the door behind me and we all three advanced into the living room, Marcie, as direct as usual inquired, “Drew I am glad to see you, but what are you doing here? Did you just escape from church or something?” Marcie was dressed in a tee-shirt with horizontal red and white stripes, white shorts so brief that it was a wonder she wasn’t leaking pubic hair, and white deck sneakers with no socks. She looked like she had been yachting or something nautical.

I didn’t want to lie to Marcie, and frankly the elegant and graceful Mrs. Stengal had already prepared a fairly truthful evasion, “As a matter of fact, Marcie, she was to be my guest this weekend. Last weekend we had a long nice talk and we were planning to have some more discussions altıparmak escort and maybe even go out to dinner.” Then she added with a cocked eyebrow, “Are you the only one around here who is allowed any friends?” She winked at me as Marcie faked looking rebuked.

This was a mess, and I didn’t know what to do. I had always enjoyed coming over here, and had always felt more at home than in my own home, but at the moment, I felt like running screaming out of the door. Instead, I sat down my bag and said, “I’m glad to be here. Maybe you and I should talk first, Mrs. Stengal.” I turned to Marcie, “I hope you don’t mind, Marcie. I’ll get with you in just a little while.”

“Certainly, Drew, just follow me into my bedroom and we’ll have a little chat.” She turned to Marcie, “Why don’t you go set the table, dear. I’ll be out in a few minutes to put something together for dinner.”

Marcie nodded and Mrs. Stengal led me into her bedroom and shut the door behind me. She gathered me in her arms and gave me a hug then a quick kiss on the lips. “I’m so sorry, Drew. You can’t imagine how much I looked forward to our time together this weekend.” She drew away a little and gave me an up and down examination. “Wow, you look so hot in that dress, and what that blouse does for your breasts!”

“Yeah well,” I sighed, “I’ve just got to get these pantyhose off. It wasn’t so bad outside in fall weather, but inside, it will make me sweat. My mother insisted I wear them with a dress.”

“Oh, let me!” Katey cried, promptly kneeling at my feet and sliding her hands up the outside of my legs. I noticed she was wearing a ponytail tonight and a diamond necklace, a really expensive diamond necklace, and I was a bit stunned at her kneeling in front of me. She glanced up at me, “Please just hold up the hem of your dress, dear, so I can watch what I’m doing?”

I felt brazen, embarrassed, horrified and titillated. Not so much in that order but in a continuous roller coaster of a loop as I blushed but obeyed, raising my hem up to my breasts and exposing myself from the navel down. Slowly she peeled my pantyhose down, taking care not to pull my panties down with them, and slowly pulled them down to my ankles, removed my shoes one at a time and slipped the hose off my feet. Then while I looked down her cleavage she leaned forward and gave me a warm kiss on my panties where they covered the right side of my hip.

She stood, a little pink in the face herself, and kissed me deeply. That was the first time I had noticed what a long tongue she had. After quite a long kiss, she stepped back and said quietly, “I’m going to go scrape something together for dinner, but first, have you decided what your major will be in college?”

I was still trying to catch my breath but I ventured, “Um, no.”

“Well,” she said with a raised eyebrow, “I am thinking about returning to college to get my masters or maybe pursue another degree. There, we have talked about colleges, our futures, and possible majors. That will give you something to explain to Marcie, who I am sure will have questions.” She handed me my pantyhose and led me out the door and over to the dining area, where Marcie was pouring glasses of water.

“That will do, Marcie. Thanks for the help. I’m going to try and throw us something together, so take Drew upstairs and play while I fix dinner. I’ll call when it’s ready.”

Marcie gave me a big grin and led me up the stairs to her room after I grabbed my bag and slipped the pantyhose inside. Once inside Marcie’s room, the smile fell off her face. “Drew are you upset with me about something?” It was hard not to stare at her tanned shapely legs in those curiously brief shorts.

“Of course not! Why do you ask?” I really didn’t have a clue.

Marcie shrugged and made a gesture with her hands, “I didn’t see you all week at lunch, and after last weekend… Well, I thought you might be having second thoughts or mad at me or avoiding me or something.”

I held back a chuckle and took her hands into mind and said seriously, “Marcie, last weekend was so wonderful that it wouldn’t be an understatement to say it changed my life. But on Monday morning, my counselor changed me to an advanced math class, and that caused my lunch to be moved to third lunch. The only thing that upsets me is that you worried about yourself and me all week when a phone call could have straightened everything out. You have heard of the telephone, right?”

I sighed, “Besides, I have been a little preoccupied all week. Do you worry about being a lesbian? I have to say I have worried a bit about that. But on the other hand, it didn’t keep me from looking the other girls over in gym class.”

Marcie giggled, “Me too! Did you find it hard not to really stare at the ones with shaved privates? And I have heard of a telephone – at least I think I have, but would you want to call your house and go through your mom, the call screener?”

I shrugged, “Ok, but if you don’t call you don’t get the news. But yeah, I had to tear my eyes off some shaved girls. Personally, bursa anal yapan escort I think pubic hair is sexier, but I have to admit that those smooth little camel-toes do draw the eye pretty relentlessly.” I grinned back, “Even in class, I found myself trying to get a look up girls dresses a couple of times. I masturbated about twice a day all week. And I was thinking about girls when I did it, too.”

“Me too!” Marcie giggled again, then stepped close and gave me my second deep and very serious kiss of the evening. Marcie had a long tongue, too – must be an inherited thing. Both Marcie and her mom had tongues that were pointed on the end, where mine was rounded. It was strange to think about that while a pretty blond had her tongue in my mouth, and both hands cupping my bottom. Marcie even had a tad of perfume on – White Shoulders – and it began to fill me with desire as her tongue stroked under mine. She broke the kiss to whisper, “Can I take your panties off?”

“What? Why? We’re going down to dinner in a few minutes!” I gasped, still breathing hard from the kiss.

“I just want to eat dinner knowing that you are naked under your dress. It would turn me on so much!”

I shrugged, “Okay, I guess.” It’s not like I could deny her a thing like that, but it was so d‚j… vu when she lifted my hem, had me hold it, then drew my panties slowly down, giving me a good looking over while she did it. I glanced down and noticed my dark brown fur was flat and neat from being pressed down by panties and pantyhose. Again, I was embarrassed and turned on at the same time. She pulled my flats off, drew my panties over my feet and handed them to me, gave me a quick kiss and thanked me. I tucked them into my overnight bag, where they joined my abandoned pantyhose. “Um, Marcie, can I ask you something rather delicate?”

Standing now and with both hands again cupping my bottom, Marcie nodded, looking me cheerfully in the eyes. “Yes, I masturbate thinking about you sometimes.”

I wrinkled my nose at her, then said more seriously, “Er, what would you say if I told you that I would really love to have sex with your mom?”

“Ha!” Marcie cried with a giggle, “I’d say you’d have to wait in line. Who wouldn’t want to have sex with Mother – she’s a bomb! But it’s been five years since her divorce and she hasn’t even gone out once, so I wouldn’t hold my breath! Don’t you think she looks like Jessica Alba?”

“I dunno, Marcie, Jessica has brown hair, your mom is blond. Your mom has fairer skin, although she does have a nice tan – how does she do that in November?”

“Tanning salon, just like me,” answered Marcie with a long-suffering air. “Don’t you think you are being a bit nit-picky? They have similar facial structures.”

“Well your mom has blue eyes and Jessica’s are brown, and Jessica’s mouth is wider, but they do look similar in age and I guess they have similar dimples when they smile. Your mother looks very young for a woman in her thirties.”

“She had me when she was fourteen, smarty pants, and she’s only thirty-two, and looks maybe twenty-five.” Marcie grinned and squeezed my butt.

“I’m not a smarty pants, I’m not even wearing any, and I think your mother looks like Marilyn Monroe. And you sure seem fond of squeezing my ass.”

“She doesn’t look like Marilyn Monroe! And I LOVE squeezing your ass!”

“Well neither one of them is Chinese!” I let Marcie giggle and squeeze my bottom some more, and I said, “Seriously, Marcie, I want to have sex with your mom. How would you feel about it if I did?”

She looked at me still smiling but realizing I was serious she stopped smiling to thoughtfully frown, “I wouldn’t mind and I would love to watch. To tell you the truth, I know it’s incestuous and all that, but if Mom would let me, I’d have sex with her too. She is the prettiest, sexiest woman I’ve ever seen. But the real question is, would you still want to have sex with shabby little me after you had sex with a bomb like Mom?”

“Oh yes, Marcie. I love having sex with you!” I said and kissed her as seriously as she had kissed me, and this time I let my hands drift down to her bottom and pulled our hips together. After kissing her a minute, I whispered, “Do you think we’re lesbians or just bisexual?”

“I think I would still enjoy getting a good fucking from a boy, if I could find one who could give me a good fucking.” She kissed my neck, then whispered, “but even a good fucking doesn’t turn me on as much as the idea of having sex with you. In fact the only thing that turns me on close to that much would be maybe having sex with my Mom.” She resumed our kissing without asking me how I felt and we were still kissing and getting to the panting stage when we heard her mom calling us to dinner.

“Would you let me give your pussy a quick kiss?” asked Marcie with a mischievous grin.

“I guess so, but really quick.” I can’t believe I agreed to that, but Marcie quickly knelt, raised my dress, and nuzzled my bush for a second then gave me a warm kiss low in my pubic hair, bursa bayan escort just at the top of my slit. It felt so nice that I would have spread my legs for her, but she got up, gave me another naughty grin and we headed for the door.

“Tasty!” she whispered as we walked down the stairs, hand in hand. I just blushed.

I don’t recall what we had for dinner, but it was simple but good. Soup and a sandwich, I think, and her mother was pouring a liqueur for all three of us when the phone rang. Marcie rose to get it and came back a minute later with a portable phone. Handing it to me, she mouthed, “Your mom.”

“Yes Mother, I’m fine and got here all right. I love you too, bye.” I handed the phone back to Marcie. Mrs. Stengal and Marcie both looked at my sympathetically.

Marcie sat down the phone on the table and picked up her glass and took a sip, “She hasn’t done that in quite a while.”

“Yeah,” I sighed and took a sip of the liqueur too. It was chocolate covered cherries flavored, and it was delicious. I felt bad about my mother’s call and began to tear up a little.

“Drew!” said Mrs. Stengal with concern, “Tell us what is the matter?”

I sighed and wiped my eyes, feeling a bit silly. “I know my folks aren’t evil people, but I get so tired, so, so tired of the suspicion and tenseness over there. My older brother, my older sister, so many secrets, keeping secrets so that my parents won’t find out and condemn us.” I shrugged, “I guess what is upsetting me is how much I love it here, being with you two, and now the secrets are starting here. I’m just not sure I can take it here, you know?” My eyes were tearing up again, and I fought valiantly to hold them back.

Marcie immediately turned to her mom; “I had sex with Drew last weekend. It was wonderful, and I plan to have sex with her again this weekend. Does that help, Drew?”

“I know, dear,” Mrs. Stengal flipped her hands in a helpless gesture, “I want to have sex with Drew, too. In fact, we were going to get pretty wild this weekend, ourselves.” She put her hand on mine, and added, “There you go, Drew. No secrets in this house, and never again!”

Well that stopped the tear factory, and I felt overwhelmed with love for both of them. I knew how much courage that had taken them both. “Thank you both. I love you both so much!” Mrs. Stengal handed me a Kleenex to blow my nose.

“What do you mean, you knew?” asked Marcie of her mom, curious but not upset at all.

“Oh, Drew confessed to me about how she’d been taking advantage of you,” Mrs. Stengal shrugged casually, “And I told her that was silly, that you couldn’t sleep through all that, and to go upstairs and fuck you and then invite you to participate. I just wanted you both to have a good time, dear. Sex is just about the most fun thing to do, at least that was always my opinion.”

I guess the levy broke, because this was becoming a very sexual and intriguing Alice-in-Wonderland kind of conversation. I was blushing at my role in the talk even though I wasn’t saying anything yet. So I decided to contribute. “Katey, Marcie thinks you are so sexy that she has had sexual thoughts about you, herself.”

“Ha!” retorted Marcie with a vengeful grin, “Drew’s not wearing panties right now.”

Mrs. Stengal gave me a look that was hard to interpret until she said, “Really, Drew?”

“Well, I’m only not wearing panties ’cause Marcie took ’em off me.”

Mrs. Stengal looked at Marcie, “And you’ve had sexual thoughts about me? My, my – I feel several things about that and at least one of them is flattered.” Mrs. Stengal paused, “Maybe from now on, everyone around here ought to call me Katey. Mrs. Stengal doesn’t sound all that sexy.”

“As long as we are telling all,” I said, not wanting to overdo it but still wanting to get it all out, “Katey did mention how much she would enjoy watching you and me having sex, Marcie. How would you actually feel about that? I have to admit I would do nearly anything to make Katey happy.”

Marcie looked thoughtful and paused long enough to try it out in her mind’s eye, “Um, that might even be nice, kind of kinky, but nice, if Mom, I mean, Katey, was naked too. Sorry, Katey, but I may be a little kinkier than you knew about me. And seeing you naked would be really hot!” Marcie paused again, and then asked, “Have you ever had any sexual thoughts about me, Mom. Sorry, Katey, I mean? Mom, I’m not too sure I can do this Katey thing; I just keep forgetting.” She took a breath, “But you are so sexy! You remind me of Jessica Alba.”

I offered, “With not quite so wide a mouth, fairer skin, lighter hair and eye color, of course.”

Marcie gave me a mock glare, “Drew’s pubic hair smells really nice.”

“Really, Drew? Perfume?” asked Katey with a raised eyebrow.

“No,” I sighed, “but I do use shampoo. I just figured it’s hair, so I shampoo it along with my head.”

“What a delightful idea! I think I’ll steal that one from you Drew, if you don’t mind.” She sighed and looked back at Marcie, “It’s a painful thing for a mother to admit, you know, but I’m human. Sure I’ve had sexual thoughts about you, Marcie. When I look in on you at night, and you are sleeping with just your panties and your tee-shirt, and you’ve kicked your covers off, I want to kiss your bottom, just like I did when you were a baby. Only when you were a baby, I didn’t want to kiss you between the cheeks. Does that count?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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