Drunken Follies Ch. 01

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First story! would really appreciate votes so I’ll know what to do next!

Innocently I sat on the train, afraid that any movement on my part would cause me to tip over. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself from time to time, wondering how I always got into these situations. I would go out with a group of friends, telling myself I’ll only have a couple of shots, stay on top of the game, maybe come back with a nice blonde hanging off my shoulder…

But no, every time I would just get trashed and do something stupid. Tonight I was sitting in the train, alone, horny as all fuck, regretting another screw up at the last minute. I am not tall, maybe 5’7″, got an athletic body from my days in the army, and a pretty good looking face. But where my body brought me, my sarcastic tongue would always rip me away from. It’s amazing how little control I have over what I say, especially when drunk!

Tonight, as I have already mentioned, found me in the same spot as many nights before, it became a pattern that I just had to escape. But what could I do?

Across from me, I noticed despite my unsteady drunken stare, a man that seemed to be about 40, comfortably overweight, dressed casually for people who do not know how to dress casually well, and smiling.

Through my distorted gaze I saw him stare at me, I then smiled at him for some reason rather than blurt out my usual sarcastic remark. I was alone, and didn’t think I could hold my end in a fight. He sensed this, I guess, because his stare turned more intense, and to be honest I think I felt turned on by the close scrutiny that I was under.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t really stay awake for this examination and just sort of slumped down in my seat: opening my legs, and tilting my head to the left. I must have been out cold for only a couple of minutes or so when I was reawakened by my ass stumbling off the seat.

Again, I felt the man’s eyes on me, I guess now probably darting between my ass and mouth, wondering which would be better to violate in his bursa escort own fantasy world. But this time he was closer. He must have shuffled a couple of seats closer when I was passed out. Now that he was closer I was able to give him a more thorough appraisal, he didn’t look any better; just a plain, unglamorous forty year old.

He saw me wake up and smiled. He said only two words to me:

“Boy…. Look.”

Giving me a few seconds to digest what he had said, he began to undue his zipper. Ever so slowly, he pulled it down, enjoying my lingering stare. I couldn’t take my eyes off the act, somehow that level of daring just had me transfixed. I have once gotten a blow job on the subway, a completely unimpressive affair, but somehow seeing it before my eyes, like a movie, just had me captivated.

Ever so slowly he unzipped his pants, until finally he reached the end. I had not moved, I could not move. While remaining in my frozen state, I saw him reach into his pants and pull out his beautiful little penis. I say beautiful now in retrospect, because there were no thoughts in my head, only my mind wondering when the freezing process of my body will end.

It could not have been over 4 or 5 inches long, with some pubic hair clearly sticking out as far as the head! He began to stroke his dick with two fingers, all the while staring at my slumped figure.

“This dick isn’t going to suck itself you know.”

I was shocked, but his blatant approach certainly had a waking effect on me. I straightened up in my chair, but moved no further.

“I need a face to cum on too.”

I stood up, mesmerized, and walked closer to him, ever so slowly and then sat in the seat opposite of him. He continued to stroke his dick with two fingers, but with the other hand he now undid the top button of his pants and spread the sides so that I could see more of his dick and boxers. He then reached into his boxers again and took out his balls and did something comparable to spreading them on the fabric. They were big; bursa escort bayan I’ll tell you that; his hairy testicles were probably as big as his dick.

“Think we can coat your whole face with these?” He asked, snickering.

I was so incredibly turned out, such a switch of the tables: being pursued, but still, I couldn’t budge.

“Look me in the eyes.” I did.

“Now move a bit closer to me.”

I did, but so very little that he also had to move a bit forward, crunching his balls against his penis, which gave him an annoyed look.

“Now put your hand on my thigh.” I slowly moved my hand towards his body, resting it on his knee.

“Now look at me again.” He put his hand on mine.

“Keep looking.”

He slid my hand up along his thigh. I felt so very nervous.

“DO NOT look away from my eyes.”

I kept my eyes fixed on him as his right hand held my left. Lifted it a bit in the air and rested it on his penis.


A small moan of approval escaped his lips, he had finally won. We both knew it, I think, at this point.

Subconsciously I stroked his shaft even after he released his hand from mine; using my thumb and two fingers I felt it grow to straining point. A little bead of pre-cum was dripping down the underside of his modest manhood and my eyes locked on it and its steady downwards journey towards my fingers.

“Stop. Look at me.”

I did, and as I looked in his eyes, the little glob had finally reached my index finger, now resting at the base of his penis. It was hard for me to not look at his phallus, but something about him made his every syllable a pure command I must follow. Maybe it was the fact that he was just some unremarkable middle aged man that just enforced my need to be subservient to him.

He slowly stood up, putting his hands on his thighs and rising. How much in a trance was I if my hand was still on his cock this entire time? I ask myself this question again and again.

“From now on, look me in the eye no escort bursa matter what you are doing. I want you to see whose chocking you.”

I gave out a sigh, I couldn’t help it, the situation evolving was just too surreal not to.

“Now, you see the drop of pre-cum that you just milked out? Well this time we aren’t gonna just look at it. As flattered as I am by the fact that you still look completely stunned.”

He was such an asshole, I think I was even more turned on.

“Stretch out your tongue. Good. Let me see that mouth of yours. Very nice.”

He put his hand on the back of my head and tilted my head to the side and then brought me closer

“Now let me see that tongue lick that nice big drop of pre-cum.”

I did as instructed.

“Now do what you have wanted to do since you saw my dick.”

Lost, because I had never done this before, I gingerly kissed the head of his penis and then let it fall in my mouth.

“Good boy.”

I began to slowly go up and down on his penis, loving the new textures and smells of the new experience. I grabbed his penis, wanted to do everything to him I had wanted countless girls to do to me and licked along the underside of it, reaching his balls which I then put into my mouth, messaging them thoroughly with my tongue.


He bellowed, and as I came up again to his penis, moaning around it like some two dime whore, he grabbed my head and began to forcefully pull my head up and down the marvelous thing. I could feel his pressing need to cum, and I catered to him. Because his penis was not so big I was able to deep throat him without a problem.

“Fuck.. shit”

He cursed anything and everything in those two minutes of intense throat fucking and then jammed his cock in my throat and started cuming. I caught a bit in my mouth before he intentionally started spraying my face. And spray he did as he coated my cheeks and forehead with semi transparent sheets of seed.

All that had happened was just too much for me, I sat there, motionless as he milked the final globs of precum from his own dick and cleaned them on my neck. He then zipped his pants up and left, leaving me alone, horny and scooping up loads of cum from my face and eating them slowly…

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