Eating Erin’s Ass

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Erin had answered an ad seeking actors in fetish films focussing on female enjoyment of male sadism in November of 2021. She was in her young twenties, sophisticated, quite innocent, but exploring herself and her sexuality with a boldness I had never possessed. I, the man she was feeding from, my ideas, my kinks, my creativity.

She was always scrappy, making fun of me for being twenty-five years her senior. Old Man, she almost always called me, except when she could she something was upsetting me. Then it was Victor, itself a stage name for our fetish films. Our films. I gave her fifty percent of the income from the films. She was helping so much she deserved it.

She loved rough submission: lots of discomfort, pain, and humiliation. And I had migrated from being a very willing submissive to being a dominant male into my thirties. I serve vanilla with panache, but little inspiration.

Erin seemed to be devouring kink from me as fast as I could subject her to it. After a lovely meeting with her at Starbucks we chatted for an hour about her second-year psyche program and spent hours more talking sexuality and turn-ons. We spoke very politely and with a safety, dignity, appreciation, and wonder I’d never experienced before in conversation about sex with anyone, let alone someone so much younger than I. I watched her pretty Japanese eyes contract to near slits as she patted my arm or squeezed it halfway to breaking it after I’d told her why I thought something she liked to do in the bedroom worked for her the way it did.

I’ve heard of Tantric sex: a cultural practice about which I know nothing, but by which you and a mate can enjoy arousal or climax or both or more forever. Cool. Not for me. I prefer concentrated sessions and lots of eyeballing eye other afterwards on the couch in mild astonishment as we pretend to watch tv, a little dazed, heart rate not slowing soon. That’s more my experience. Erin was the same. And safe. She was far too young and I too old. Love was no complication. She was beautiful, and I was seducing her to my artistic cause with a rapidity I couldn’t understand myself. With every refusal of the cap of authority, she seemed to admire me more. I felt bound to disappoint her. I just told her to explore, but she only ever asked for submissive treatment. She loved risk; earlier we had been at a crowded restaurant and before getting the bill she had knelt down in front of me, taken my foot in her small, delicate hands, and cleaned the sole of shoe with her tongue. She was very, very bold. Too bold for me. Fetish play was for videos while wearing masks to conceal identities. Maybe I liked the edge. She made gestures like that to show me how ready to was for some new territory to grow into. How could I keep up with her? I always seemed to.

We got to my basement apartment and after I pushed her roughly flat onto the bed without a sound from Erin. She flashed out of her jeans and tanktop, skinny, but with generous hips and a nice triangular back. Black wavy hair flowed and billowed behind her. She was grinning, which I’d given up trying to punish out of her. I put the toe of my dress shoe against her clitoris, or close, for she started with pain at the first touch, and her lips trembled in suspense, then smiled and she nodded. I let the toe of my leather sole rub up and down as gently as I could. Her beautiful fingers enveloped my foot and pressed it against her harder, more vigorous strokes. Shamelessly, unapologetically, showing not telling. Taking what she wanted as a submissive. It was fascinating. I felt rather like the producer and screenwriter of our sessions with Erin being the director and actor. I said what, she always said how, if she didn’t like what was offered, she let me know. Uncanny compatibility. We were helping each other creatively. What I imagined, she supported. I wanted to give back to her. Make her fantasies happen.

“What do you want to do tonight. You. For you. Do you want to switch? I used to be a total sub until I was thirty or so and started experimenting by wading barefoot on young men’s cocks.”

My dress shoe began to circle on a nice oily nub, guided by Erin’s adroit fingers. “You’re going to make me come to early, you asshole, if you keep talking about stepping on cocks. Are you bi?” Her nails were pointy but not all long–a compromise full of sexiness. She was panting.

“So says my girlfriend when I tell her about all the barefooting I do on cocks naked and clothed. I do get off on it.”

“Oh, fuck… You are turning me into such a degradation slut. Let me lick my pussy goo off the sole of your shoe for you, Old Man. It’s the least I can do for you.” She smiled and cupped my heel in her hand, kissed my shoe all over the surface as if in apology for maltreating it by wetting it. She lifted my foot in front of her face so that the heel of my shoe rested on her naked collar bone as I felt her tongue pressing hard enough on the sole to feel her strokes. She was scrubbing. As I noticed a second later, one of her hands had gone adana seks hikayeleri down to her pussy and was working it furiously. She got that look on her face, as I imagine a pilot might whose fighting her instruments desperately to maintain control of a plane despite the energy of a storm. She came really hard. Her foot cramped very badly and she yelped as she snapped up to her bare feet to flatten them and unball the cramp. “Oh fuck me,” she sighed, relieved.

“Poor girl,” I cooed. “All right?”

“I think it’s going to be all right. This time. What the fuck am I going to do about these big cramps that come with every orgasm lately?” She shoved my shoulder roughly, all her energy in two little fists jammed into my shoulder. She kept jamming. Our relationship was new. I think she was playing like a cat at boundaries, trying to bring some play into our “working” collaborative life of sex filming. I took her small tan hands in mine, took control of her, and she fought me fiercely. We sat on the couch, me clothed, shod, and Erin naked.

“Try something else,” I told her. She relented, listening intently. Why don’t you try domming, like you do with your female playmates?”

“It sucks, that’s why.”

“Why does it suck?” I asked.

“They just do what they’re told like zombies, so desperate to please me just to stay friends with me. They really try to get into it, but its always all wrong. And that’s just the submissive part. They’re most of them too timid to try to dom role, and those that are usually scary to look at and hang out with, never mind be at the sexual mercy of.”

“Yet I, a man, make you, a decidedly gay woman, mop my come or yours from my feet with your face as a highlight of every third clip. Do you know on our blog they’re calling it–“

“The Facewash. I know. If you read the Reddit thread and the twitter feed, people have been calling your wiping your shoes across my tongue the Tonguewash. We know we’re winning when a little community of fans starts naming our moves.”

“What, we’re pro wrestlers now. We have moves?”

“Totally. Like you have so many. Old Man, how many clips have you made me lick your semen or my juice from your toes?”

“That’s a move?”

“That’s totally a move. You invented it, or at least gave it a prominent treatment. And you have a babe doing it, which makes it mysterious–what’s this old dude got on this young babe. I say this with all due respect to your great age and probably wisdom.” She rolled her eyes as the last phrase passed her triangle of a mouth, plastering the remark with routine, comforting sarcasm.

To be teased by anyone is a deep and warming honour. Male, female, old, young, from another land and social fabric. No matter. This young woman saw fit to tease me, and I loved her for it. I wasn’t in love with her, but I saw her as a junior partner to whom I was grateful for the perverse footage we were capturing. I wanted to indulge her, but didn’t have the foggiest idea if she would want to dom me. I loved wadding barefoot all over men and making them suck my toes, but I would be sick to my stomach to kiss even a very pretty man. I’ve come on a few men’s faces and after turning them from my feet to my cock. They were bisexual, gay and even totally straight men. Totally being dubious, I realize.

“And hey,” she grabbed me by hooking her index finger into my mouth and pulling me into her. I got very aroused very suddenly without getting why. “When you masturbate while looking down on me while standing on me. Cherry on top: a tongue between all your toes and a moneyshot on me. Good formula. That’s a move.”

“What I’m trying to say,” I said, taking her strong finger out of my mouth, “is branch out. Let’s do a totally you indulgence fantasy series.”

“That would involve other men for certain,” Erin said.

“Wow, you’re quite the surprising woman. And not a bit bisexual.”

“Nope, all dyke,” she smiled. “But I love come. Guy’s come. Not the taste or texture, much, but just having to deal with it is hot. I love watching it build in a guy’s shaft and just spray degradation on you.”

“You sound like you could be into lots of other forms of degradation.”

“Maybe. Getting back on topic, I’d want to get circle jerked on. Bukakke, but we’d have to find a twist, even if it’s just how we edit it. Maybe not sixty minutes for each of guy to individually get ready to come. We have fun with the young meat, I spank their hot little behinds after I give their dick a long suck for any leftover sperm!” Erin loved to shock. She kept trying to provoke me. It felt like a dynamic that could go on and on, but could it? I felt she would be bound to move on after she’d had all her thrills checked off.

I felt her finger crawl back into the corner of my mouth. Erin was talking so matter of factly. She wanted to spread out into lots more men, lots more cock, young, and full of sperm to shoot on her. “Hey, don’t worry. I’m always going to be around to be your doormat. Kleenex to come in and throw away!” She dug her finger hard into the corner of my mouth. “That’s my toe in your mouth. Your tongue’s tickling me right now. Hee!” Her big toe in the corner of my mouth slipped all the way to the back of my jaw and punched the soft tissue at the back of my throat.

“Old Man! Are you okay?” she implored. Her leg hung like dead weight hooked into my mouth by Erin’s short, pretty big toe, a grapnel onto my mouth. Her leaning forward to hold my face made her move her big toe back into the sore spot she had just made. The pain did something. I was aroused right then. I felt a little ashamed. I never got truly aroused making videos with models until well after the fact.

“My toe is staying where it is,” she said. “I know it hurts. Took you a while to realize it was my toe, eh? How does it feel to have me barefooting on your tongue? And after all the degradation you’ve served me? Ha, ha.” Her toe dug a little harder into the sore place. “Hurt too much?” she asked.

“Nawp,” I managed, appreciating the softness of the skin of her other toes resting against my cheek.

“How does it feel, being the sub? Speak.”

She slipped her toe out of my mouth. But she rested her foot, heel against the underside of my chin, as if at the ready to choke me if she were displeased.

“Don’t worry, Victor. I’ll always want you part of anything I do with other men or other women,” She smiled at me. Very sunny, warm, genuine.

“What do I offer besides misogyny tamed and turned into a game for grownups?”

“You’re not a misogynist. You just aren’t, and you loved–loved–my taking your face with my toes. I had my fingers against your pants and you were really hard. You sort of worship me. You’ve never know anyone like me. And you’ve given up looking for a woman to dom you; why?”

“They’re all just like me in that they love to bully, but they take it all totally to heart and play this silly game that’s never real or pretend with you that’s meant to create a little sex cult of two with a high priestess and a slave. It’s not sex. It’s actual perversion. That’s female doms. All of them. Not the slightest bit interested, no matter how hot, no matter how many thrills.”

“Well, there’s me!” Erin said. “I know, I’m gay, though.”

“What is it about being a sex toy for me?”

“You have a nice body, and you’re older and that’s a kink of mine. And I’ve never seen a man treat a woman with such utter abuse while at the same time with such affection and concern for her. I could almost always tell you had worked everything out together, so anything really disgusting was cool. The video segments filmed with other women and men with each of you having a beer together and talking about the video and what they enjoyed most and least just showed that it was all this fucking hot performance art.” Her eyes sparkled.

“Yes, I’m aroused just talking about this. The talks afterward were the hottest part, because you were dealing together with the emotional consequences of your making a woman clean the soles of your shoes in a public park with her tongue. Angel didn’t like the dirt and the texture of the sole of my shoe much. But she squirmed when we talked later about sucking my toes at the park bench as tons of Toronto university students walked by, pointed, laughed, and made videos. I could tell she was totally into the videos and I could see she knew she was part of something different, off the beaten track. She was in ten videos sucking away on my feet and letting me stand on her beautiful, muscular body.”

“What was her name again?”

“Her stage name was Angel. She’s really nice. After our last video I took her out for beers on the patio by the studio. I was so delighted with the footage of us in the wrestling ring. I was so rough with her by the end of the session. She and I were sweating and still breathing hard as we walked out of the studio.” Erin looked down as I spoke.

“What’s the matter?” I asked?

“Nothing!” She chirped. “Did you fuck?” Here eyes were alight, hungry.

“No, she doesn’t do nudity or sex. Just foot domination and foot worship. I think she does it at least as much because she likes me as because she has a thing for submitting to men starting with their feet. She barely accepts pay. And she lets me rummage around the back of her throat with my toes with a smile. I love the woman. She’s a hulk and could easily crush me. Standing on her back and digging my toes into her is so nice.”

“Did you show me that video?” Erin asked?

“No, I missed showing you that one. You were tired.”

“I love the pro wrestling. I want to do something pro wrestling.”

“With twenty guys?”

“Fourteen. And you. You’re the cuckold.”

“I’m not going near any other naked men. If they’re pretty and Asian, I’ll consider letting them blow me, but otherwise, I’ll shoot video for you from a safe distance.”

She looked as though I’d slapped her in the face.

“For God’s sake, Victor, I grab your dick away from you to pump your sperm down my throat. I don’t like men. What are you willing to do to break boundaries, make new sex?”

“That’s a good question. I never thought I’d be wrestling men and barefooting all over them and stepping on and stroking engorged penises with the ball of my foot.

“Everyone has boundaries. Are you going to let any of the fourteen musketeers have sex with you?”


“Blow them all?”

“Definitely. I want my lips to touch each cock before it comes on me.”

“It.” You’re just lesbian with a fetish for semen and for male lust of which you are the object, and for humiliation. Is my cock an it? Am I?”

“No, but your safe. Your straight, I’m gay. We could never be in a relationship, so we can play. You are very good for my sex life. Fantasy life. I’m exploring so much, just with you.”

Ouch. She was exploring with others now.

“Any new playmates?” I asked.

“I met a guy who was so into using me and so ready to. Starbucks, where we met.”

“And what happened?”

“I just didn’t feel comfortable with him the way I do with you. It’s all play with you. Anything goes. With this guy it would have only ever gone one way.”

“I feel so much more valued. You know I’m going to run out of tricks eventually.”

“I’ll keep you around for nostalgia, and for when I need a little more protein in my diet,” she said matter of factly. Then she smiled. Jammed her foot softly into my lips. She looked disturbed.


“Just now, pressing your lips with my foot. It turned me on so much. So much.” She reached for her pussy and began to furiously work her clitoris with her fingers, stopping to lick them. Erin had a delightful little box, tucked-in little clitoris that I had to play a little to find even when it was swelling. I’d gone down on her in one fetish clip. I tried a sort of power play: I stood on Erin, one bare foot on her back, one on the side of her face. I shifted the foot on her face constantly to dig my toes into fresh points in her cheek and lips. Then, abruptly, I stepped off her and then opened her legs, turned her over, kissed her. She loved seeing my toe prints white on her tan face still showing. Then I plunged into her pelvis, hugged her buttocks with my hands, and really, really made out with her little box. I kept her spread wide, and she more than once tried to play at stopping me with a foot in my face, which slid from me as I drove toward her pussy after taking a few minutes to rest my jaw.

I began by kissing her clitoris, surrounding it with my lips. “Hello, young woman. I’m hear to give you a workout.” I meant the kiss to announce. She gasped.

“Stop?” I said.

“No.” Her hands cupped around my neck, drawing me into her pelvis. She had a lovely heart-shaped pelvis for a fairly slim mesomorphic frame.

“Make me come all over your face. Keep me coming, and I’ll shame you by rubbing your face in it. Bad dog!”

She shrieked as she said the last words. It was as though she were shocked by her own boldness.

“That’s a very bullying thing to do,” I told her, kissing her pussy wetly.

“Then I’m learning from you,” she said.

“Come here, Old Fuck. Eat me. Make me come. Then lick up all up.”

I took the blade of my tongue in a broad lick across her lips and clitoris, not stopping anywhere but applying a good pressure and picking up come. She was breathing heavily.

“Do you like having old men going down on you?” I stopped.

“He just stops!” She laughed.

“How was I doing?”

“Good, until you hit the brakes!” She laughed again.

“I like talking during sex. You know that.”

“This is like the first sex for me. I know, I know. I swallow pints of your come a week, pose wearing pints more, and need to do cagles at my tender age of twenty-five because you keep destroying my pussy with your foot. But this feels kind of virginal to me, letting a man go down on me. I haven’t done that since high school.”

She was trembling. I elbowed my way up to be eye level with her on the bed. I wiped her come off my lips. I held her hand. She smiled at me and seemed to calm.

“I’m having crazy weird feelings for you and am having the sex of my life right now. But it’s with a fucking guy. Why the fuck should a guy eat pussy better than any woman?”

“Then why do you want to have sex with fourteen men?”

“I don’t want to have sex with them. I just want them to come on me. Like you do.”


She shrugged her shoulders. I waited several minutes.

“Maybe I want it not to be about you, just a fun play period with come and cock and guys because they’re fun and know how to treat woman like shit the way I like.”

“I don’t think you’d like to be treated by some jock full of muscle and stamina to spare the way you let me treat you. How do you feel after I’ve humped your throat hard and violently in front of the camera and all the sperm you just can’t swallow spilled down your chin and onto my toes. Do you think he’ll be interested in making up afterward? Do you expect to be turned on as soon as he pulls his dick out of your mouth and starts to smack you in the face with it?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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