Educating My Little Sister Ch. 01

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I was a senior in college and my princess baby sister was a freshman at the same college. We always got along but I also thought Mom and Dad spoiled and pampered her. They also overprotected her, so she was a little naïve to the ways of the world. Not to mention, she wasn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. Nonetheless, she was a good person and I was her big brother. She had always looked up to me and always came to me for advice.

One day I was sitting in the living room of the condo I had rented, along with a couple of my buddies, playing Fortnite when there was a knock on the door. Quite unexpectedly, when I answered it, there stood my baby sister. After inviting her in we had some refreshments and enjoyed some small talk and catching up in general. It’s not like we saw a lot of each other even though we were at the same college. It was fairly apparent that something was on her mind though.

“So, what brings you over here, Candy? I know it wasn’t just to chit chat. Something’s on your mind. Spit it out,” I said in a comforting tone.

She fidgeted in her seat for a moment. “Well…all these boys are asking me out. I’ve gone out with a couple of them.”

This didn’t surprise me. She might be my baby sister but the fact that she was stunning hadn’t gone unnoticed. She stood 5′ 6″ with curves any man would die to wrap his body around. 38DD-26-36, with long blonde hair that fell across her shoulders and around a thin, angular face with high cheekbones and piercing blue eyes. She’d been a cheerleader and on the homecoming court in high school. But she’d always been a little awkward and shy.

The big brother in me perked up a little. “Oh yeah? Do I need to go have a chat with somebody?”

She shook her head. “No no, nothing like that.” She fidgeted in her seat some more. “It’s just…well…you know? They all want…you know…one thing.”

I chuckled. “Ohhhhh, that. Ha ha Yeah, I keep hearing that. So what’s the problem?”

“Well…I…uh…I’ve never been with a, you know, a boy, you know, like that.”

I was shocked. “Seriously?! You’ve never had sex?!”

“No, seriously. I’ve never…”

“How about a blow job? A hand job? Anything?”

She blushed and shook her head. “No, none of that.”

All of my buddies talked about what they’d like to do to her and with her. They also knew if I found out they’d done any of it I’d have to kick their ass. But nothing with any of the guys I know she’d dated? Poor bastards must’ve had some blue balls by the time she got done with them.

“Wow. Okay.”

“You don’t have to act so surprised! Do you think I’m some kind of slut or something?”

“No no, nothing like that. I’m sorry. I’m just surprised. I mean, look at you. You’re beautiful, and sweet, and popular. I just assumed…”

She blushed some more and shook her head again. “Gee, thank you. That’s very nice. But, no I never. Boys tried, but I wouldn’t let them.”

“Are you telling me you’ve never, uh, umm, had an, uh, orgasm?”

She giggled. “Nooo, silly. I’ve got, you know, umm, things…in my…you know, nightstand.”

“So why are you telling me this now?”

“Well, I’m an adult now…and these aren’t boys anymore…so maybe it’s time…you know…I…”

I stopped her. “I gotcha. So, are you asking me to approve some dude? Check him out? What?”

“No. I…well…uh…I…you know…you’re my big brother. I trust you. You wouldn’t do anything to hurt me. I was hoping…you’d…you know…”

Was she going where I thought she was going? “No, I don’t know.”

“Well…you know…show me…teach me…how to be good at…you know…sex.”

“You want me…to show you…how to have sex?!”

“Well, yeah. But if you don’t want to…”

God forgive me, but the devil of raging hormones on my right shoulder kicked the big brother’s angel on my left shoulder’s ass. This stunning young woman before me was asking me to have sex with her. I already had wood in my shorts.

“Ummm, yeah, sure, okay. Yeah, I’ll do that for my baby sister,” I grinned. My attitude did a 180 degree turn from when she first walked in the door. I was looking at her as a sexy woman, not my baby sister. I thought to myself, Maybe it’s time to show the princess what life is like when Mommy and Daddy aren’t around to spoil and protect her. “So, when would you like to start?”

Her mood brightened. “Well, uh, how about right now? Unless you’re busy…”

“Right now?! Oh, okay. Yeah, sure.” I paused and looked around the room. “Let’s see, where do we start? How about a hand job? Let’s start there.”

“Okay!” she said excitedly as she scooted over so I could sit next to her. I pulled down my shorts and my snake jumped out. Her eyes grew wide. “Oh, wow! Are they all that big?!”

Yes, I was bigger than average. 8″ long and thick. Not porn star big or thick, but I never had any complaints from the ladies either. “Have you never seen a dick before?”

“Well…in the movies.”

Wow I thought. bursa escort bayanlar “No, they’re not all this big. So don’t be surprised if the next one you see is considerably smaller.” She nodded her head. “Okay, go ahead and grab it. Start stroking it up and down.”

She hesitantly reached over and grabbed it’s shaft. Her hand was warm and soft. It felt good. She started to run her hand up and down it’s shaft.

“It’s so hard! And hot!” she said with amazement.

I just nodded. “Now lean over and spit on it,” I told her. “That friction can be painful for the man. Just keep it nice and wet.”

“Okay,” she nodded. She leaned over and dropped a long stream of saliva. It spread across its head and down it’s shaft. “Like that?”

“Oh yeah, that’s nice. Don’t stop. That’s good,” I moaned.

She happily continued to beat me off while I moved on.

“So, while you’re doing that, he might try to finger you.”

“Finger me?”

“Yeah, you know? Slide a finger in and finger fuck your pussy.”

“Oh! Umm, okay.”

She jumped when my hand touched her silky smooth thigh. I slid it up and under the short little skirt she was wearing. The higher I went, the warmer it got. I finally reached the “V” to find her panties were soaked.

I grinned. “Look at you. You’re dripping wet,” I mocked.

“A-a-am I?”

I slid a finger under the soiled panties and flicked at her raised clit. Her eyes closed and she gasped. I slid south. Her pussy lips were puffy and pulsing already. My finger easily slipped past them and in where no man had gone before.

Her head fell back into the couch. She gasped again, closed her eyes, and bit her bottom lip. She had a firm grip on my handle.

“Hey now, don’t forget to keep stroking me,” I said softly.

“Oh! Oh…mmmm…yeah. Sorry.”

Her hand slid up and down my pole while my finger slid in and out of her slit. Her head stayed buried into the back of the couch and her eyes stayed closed. She was lost in the moment. And we had only just started! She was in for a long day.

I slipped a second finger into her slit and started to attack it more aggressively. Her grip grew tighter and her moans grew louder. Jesus Christ, she’s gonna cum already!

Her breathing picked up speed along with my pokes into her pussy. It was time for the coup de grace. I twisted my hand slightly and pressed her love button with my thumb. It was like lighting the fuse of a rocket.

“Ohmagawd! Ohmagawd! Ohhhhhhmagawd!”

Her back arched and her ass lifted off the couch. Her hips grinded into the palm of my hand while she moaned and groaned as she experienced her first orgasm from the touch of a male.

When her moaning quited, I pulled my hand out from under her skirt and she settled back into the couch. She was panting and trying to catch her breath. Her arms fell lip alongside her body, completely forgetting there was still a raging hard rod stranded next to her. I took my glistening hand and began to gently service myself.

“Ohmagawd,” she finally panted. “That was better than any vibrator.”

I chuckled. “If you liked that, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet,” I said as I lifted myself off the couch.

“Oh geez, I can’t believe it gets better than that!”

I was standing directly in front of her. I was stroking my pole as it pointed straight at her face. She looked at me in horror.

“Oh my gosh! I stopped…you know…stroking you! I’m so sorry! Here, let me start again.”

I brushed her hand away and smiled down at her. “Don’t worry about it. I’m gonna show you something else. Let’s get that shirt off of you. Guys like boobs.”

“Yeah, they keep trying to get my top off,” she said as she unbuttoned her blouse. She peeled it off and laid it on the couch next to her, revealing a lacy white bra. Her half dollar sized pink areolas were quite apparent through the sheer material, as were her stiff gumdrop-sized nipples. “Bra, too?”

I nodded with a crooked grin. “Oh, yeah.”

I have to admit, I’d watched her walked around the house with a towel on or sun bathe in the backyard hoping for a wardrobe malfunction for several years. I couldn’t wait to finally see her sweater puppies!

She reached behind her and unclasp the bra. She paused and looked up at me. Then she slid the straps down her arms, over her hands, and laid it on top of the shirt as if it was not a big deal. She cupped them and pinched her nipples.

“So, what do you think? Are they pretty?”

“They’re…they’re…perfect,” I stammered. They really were. Perfectly round and firm, they stood straight up, firm and high. Impressive for a pair that size.

“Gee, thanks,” she beamed as she continued to play with them.

“Okay, now you’re going to give me a blow job,” I said with a sneer.

She sat straight up. “Guys keep asking for that. But…but…you want me to put that thing in my mouth?” she said, pointing at my bouncing pole.

“Well, bayan sarisin escort bursa yeah.” I shrugged my shoulders. “But if you don’t want to please your man…”

“No no! I want to please him! Okay, what do I do?”

I moved closer. “Put it in your mouth and suck.”

She moved her face closer in stuttered movements. Her lips were nearly touching it’s tip. I could feel her hot breath rush across it. She looked up at me with questioning eyes one last time before she opened wide and took me in. Too her credit, she took me in as far as she could before the tip banged against the entrance to her throat. Then she stayed there, sucking on it.

“Slide it in and out of your mouth like a popsicle. Lick it like a tootsie roll. Be creative with your tongue.”

She nodded her head. “Mmmmm! Mmmmm-kay!”

She did as asked. My pole started to slide in and out of her face. One hand was on my hip. The other gripped the shaft. I had one hand on the back of her head while the other was underneath molesting a tit.

She was already taking me in further than most other girls had. She had excellent control of her gag reflex. “Relax your throat muscles. Take me into your throat,” I moaned.

Her head pressed hard into me. The tip of my cock slammed against the back of her mouth. She’d hold her head there, pressing forward, trying to take it down her throat. Then she’d back off and try again.

Then, suddenly, with a pop and a gurgle…

My head flew back and my hand pulled her close. Her nose was buried in my stomach. “Ohhhhh fuuuuuck!” Son of a bitch if she hadn’t done it! Only two other woman had been able to deep throat me, and now my sister! Holy fuck!

She gurgled more as she pressed against my hips. She pulled back and I dove in hard again. Soon we had a nice rhythm going, my throbbing cock diving into her throat with each thrust. My balls slapped against her chin at a steady beat. She was a natural.

It wasn’t long before my pole was throbbing uncontrollably in her throat.

“Fuck! Candy…Candy…I’m gonna…you’re gonna make me…fuck! Cum!”

I pulled out much to her surprise and stroked my tool hard and fast. A thick stream of white spunk shot out and splashed across her chest. The shock of the blast made her jump. A second rope shot out and splattered across the top of her tits. She watched while I moved in closer and continued to stroke, coaxing several more spurts to land on her incredible tan tits.

I gave my tool a couple of shakes. She jumped and turned her head in surprise when a couple of droplets landed on her cheek.

My body spasmed twice. “Holy fuck,” I panted.

She held her arms out and looked down at the mess I had made. Her chest and tits had a thick white coating on them. It was beginning to streak through her cleavage onto her toned stomach. Droplets fell from her pointed nipples onto her skirt and thighs.

“What the hell was that?” She was annoyed with the mess I had made on her body.

I chuckled. “Yeah, sorry about that. I should’ve warned you. It was a sperm of them moment thing.” I chuckled again. “Look, a lot of guys would make you swallow that load.”

Her mouth flew open. “Swallow it?!”

I nodded. “Oh yeah. All the girls do it at some point. Some guys will come on your face. Well, any part of your body is fair game. Me, personally, I like cumming on tits.” I had a thought. “Tell you what. Why don’t you scoop some off of your tits and taste it?” I asked with a crooked smile.

She looked at me, then at her tits, then back at me. She finally, hesitantly, ran her finger through the milky mess on her chest and scooped it into her mouth. I almost came again.

She considered it. “Hmmmmmm. Yeah, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. Kind of salty.”

I shrugged my shoulders. “I’m told each guy tastes a little different.” I paused. “Hey, how about you try licking some off your tits? You know, with your tongue.”

This time without any hesitation, she lifted her breast and nodded her head. She began to lap at her tits like a cat at a milk dish. Ohhhhhh fuck I thought. “Hey, can you lick your own nipple? Have you ever tried that?”

“Hmph. Nope, never tried that.”

She lifted her tit higher and stretched out her neck as far as possible. Sure as fuck, she started flicking her nipple with her tongue! Then, without it even being suggested, she started to suck on her nipple! I could feel a hard on coming already!

“That…that…fuck, that’s amazing,” I stammered.

She lifted her head up. She looked up at me, grinning ear to ear, and swiped her forearm across her lips, wiping the cum from her lips and chin. “Did I do good?”

“You did fucking awesome!”

She clapped her hands together like a little child. “Yay me!”

“Now listen, you need to go into these things with a strategy, okay?” She nodded and stared at me as if she were in a lecture hall. “So, if a guy asks for a blow job, offer bursa evi olan eskort a hand job. That is, if you’re so inclined. You don’t want to seem too…eager.” I wanted to say “too easy” but I thought eager sounded better. She nodded her head. “If he still asks for a blow job, offer to give him a hand job with your top off.” She nodded her head again. “If he won’t go for that…well…the decision is yours.”

She nodded her head again. “Got it!” She looked at my half-flaccid cock. “I guess I should go home now, huh?”

“Oh hell no! There’s more!”

“There’s more? But…but…” She pointed at my wilted tool.

I looked at her with a grin and an evil twinkle in my eye. “You’re gonna fix that.” I grabbed her hand and lifted her off the couch. “Come ‘mere.” I started to lay on the floor. “Okay, so we’re gonna do some 69. Now take off those panties and skirt and step over me…no no, turn around. Now I want you to literally sit on my face. Gently!”

“You want me to sit on your face?!”

I grinned and nodded my head. “Mmmmm hmmmm,” I hummed with a wicked tone. “And then you’re gonna suck my cock again.”

She got on her knees and lowered herself down until her puffy slit was resting just above me. It’s smelled like it was ready to be fucked. She was on all fours when I lifted my head slightly and swatted my tongue across her swollen lips.

She jumped. “Oh!” I chuckled.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her down to me. In an instant my tongue was lapping at her still trembled clit and darting in and out of her gash.

“Oh! OH! Oh! That…that…mmmmmm…that feels good!”

I tilted my head back. “Get busy! Suck my cock!” I commanded.

I went back to work on her slit while she eagerly dropped down and took my quickly growing tool into her mouth, which brought a loud moan from me.

My mast was soon full and diving into her throat again. Wanting to give my tongue a well-deserved break, I reached around her leg and buried two fingers into her trembling twat. She gave a loud, muffled squeal. The dives of my fingers into her gash matched the pace of my cock into her throat.

It wasn’t long before I withdrew my fingers and dove back in with my tongue. I raised my now slicked fingers and started to rim her puckered asshole, even pressing against the entrance. Her head jumped off my fully engorged rod.

“Hey! What’re you doing?! Wrong hole! That’s my ass!”

I tilted my head back again. “Just relax. Seriously, just relax. I think you’ll like it. But you’ve got to relax your muscles.”

“You’re…you’re…you’re going to do something to my butt?” she said in a worried tone.

“If you don’t like it, I’ll stop. Okay? Just relax and concentrate on sucking my cock, okay?”

“Well, okay,” she said as she lowered her head and impaled her face with my sword again.

I went back to work on her slit while I ran tight circles around her brown eye. I could feel it. Her breathing slowed. Her muscles relaxed. With a little pressure, I suddenly slipped passed her sphincter and into her forbidden zone knuckle deep. Her head jumped off my cock again.

“Oh! Oh shit!”

I tilted my head back again and kept my finger still and buried knuckle deep. “Want me to stop?”

She thought about it. “No. No. Not yet. I’ll…I’ll…just try to concentrate on, you know, putting your, you know, uh, thing in my mouth.”

“Cock. Say it. You’re going to suck my cock. Say it!”

“I…I…I’m going to…suck…your cock.”

“You’re going to suck my big, fat cock.”

“Yes. I’m going to suck your…your…your big, fat…cock.”

“C’mon, say it like you mean it! Say it like you can’t wait!”

She paused and took a deep breath, then another. She lowered her head down. “I’m…I’m going to suck this BIG…FAT…cock,” she said in a breathy, sexy voice. I nearly blew my load right there. Before I knew it, she was taking me into her throat again, this time like she meant it.

I alternated between slapping her clit with my tongue and sliding in and out of her slit, while at the same time poking her ass knuckle deep.

It wasn’t long before her cunt muscles began to convulse around my tongue. She was about to cum again. I started to pay more attention to her quivering clit, licking it harder and faster.

She lifter her face off my weapon. “Ohmagawd! Ohmagawd!”

I turned my head. “Don’t you fucking stop sucking dick, goddammit!” She quickly swallowed me down her throat. Her slurping and moaning grew louder and louder. I flicked her clit harder and faster.

Her thighs tightened around my head. She was grinding her groin into my face harder. “Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!” she squealed.

Her juices dripped into my mouth and flowed down my cheeks. I could feel her body tremble with her second orgasm of the day. Her oans were loud and excited.

Her body finally started to relax. Her dives onto my pole slowed as she tried to catch her breath. I withdrew my tongue and finger and pushed her off of my face.

“Okay, you can take my dick out of your throat now.” She continued to suck, just not deep throat. “No, out of your mouth, too.”

She released me with a pop.

“Ohmagawd. That was amazing,” she panted.

I pushed her up and off of me. “Okay, next.”

“Next?!” she said from her knees.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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