Elaine’s Indiscretion Pt. 04

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The next morning Elaine awoke quite late, David had left her a note saying he had gone to arrange an excursion to a nearby town. Elaine lay back in the bed and closed her eyes where lovely thoughts cane into her head.

Under the bed clothes Elaine’s hands travelled over her stomach, over her hairy mound and between her legs. Elaine needed to have her pussy played with and cum on a daily basis or even more, one climax was never enough.

Her hands were sliding up and down her pussy making her feel all wet and juicy.

She heard a gentle knock at the door and envisaged David returning, she continued to play. She looked through barely opened eyes and expected to see David but it wasn’t.

One of the hotel waiting staff stood looking from the doorway directly at the bed where he could see an inert figure lying down, her breasts exposed.

The waiter just looked — he could see Elaine’s hard nipples.

Elaine could see the bulge in his trousers’, she could feel the desire between her legs, and she could feel her nipples harden more.

She heard a zip being unzipped and she saw a long hard prick.

Elaine’s mouth went dry, she imagined sucking it. She knew she had made a promise and that no matter how much she wanted to she couldn’t.

Elaine’s sexuality and sensuality kicked in.

Her eyes opened so that she could see everything in true glory. She couldn’t help herself as she lay on her back pushed off the bedclothes and opened her legs wide giving him a full view of her delightful body.

Elaine’s hands flew to her pussy and tried to hide her swollen lips but instead she opened her legs to expose her modesty, her voluptuous breasts were still in view. The waiter could see the rise and fall of her tummy, she had nearly reached a climax before he had arrived. He could see her round bottom, he could see her breasts that he longed to touch. He could feel the pressure in his trousers.

The waiter looked at Elaine with lust in his eyes. “What an incredibly beautiful lady — what an incredible gorgeous body.” He thought.

Elaine’s hand was massaging her clit, one eye closed in order to enhance the feeling in her cunt, the other open in order to take in the sight of the big dick that was feet away from her.

Elaine was rubbing her clit harder now, her breathing became laboured, her legs opened and closed.

She watched as the waiter took his dick in his hand and began to stroke it back and forwards, he was getting harder and harder — bigger and bigger.

“What if he fucks me?” Elaine thought. He would certainly shoot his spunk deep inside her into her unprotected womb and she couldn’t see that he had a condom.

Elaine wanted fucking but not by a stranger.

Elaine watched his hand moving in a blur and then heard a groan before seeing sticky white fluid shoot from his dick.

Elaine’s bottom lifted from the bed as she reached a climax.

He wouldn’t be fucking her then. Elaine felt glad and disappointed at the same time.

The waiter shoved his wilting dick into his jeans, turned and left, no words had been spoken.

Elaine took a leisurely shower and dressed for the day.

It seemed to Elaine that all of the waiting staff were more than attentive for the rest of the honeymoon but it was an experience that would not happen again.

After a day of sightseeing, a light lunch tasting the local wine with more sightseeing in the afternoon and dinner at a local restaurant and tasting more of the local wine, David and Elaine returned to the hotel.

It had been a long day and Elaine still looked beautiful.

David felt so lucky.

Elaine began to get ready for bed.

David watched every movement as she slipped off her dress. He watched as she stood in her lingerie folding her dress. He gazed longingly at her beautiful profile, her breasts encased in a deep red bra, her bottom in matching panties, legs encased in nylon.

He was lucky.

Elaine stood for a moment as David drunk in her beauty.

Wavy chestnut — was it really chestnut? David couldn’t determine the colour of Elaine’s hair, it shone with fiery red/brown colours.

Elaine’s beautiful eyes enhanced by her eye shadow and mascara.

Her luscious soft lips dressed in a vibrant red lipstick.

Delicate earrings adorned her ears.

Her slender neck.

Her dazzling smile.

Her slight shoulders, so kissable.

David could not describe Elaine’s breasts in mere words — their size, their shape, their softness, their feel and her nipples — mmmm so soft until they were touched and then they grew hard, so hard, so suckable, so biteable, as they grew hard the length increased twofold.

Elaine knew how much her breasts turned David on.

They had done since day 1.

Since he had first “seen” her after he had taken her photograph.

Her white blouse enhancing her figure.

David had desired her.

Her white bra encapsulating two beautifully formed breasts.

David had desired her.

David still desired Elaine.

Elaine casino siteleri climbed onto bed.

David’s heart missed a beat as he saw Elaine’s bottom and her pussy lips peeking out from between her legs.

David desired Elaine all over again.

Elaine climbed between the sheets, David followed. Elaine lay on her left side. David put his arm under Elaine’s neck and his left hand casually lay on Elaine’s left breast. Elaine snuggled into the pit of David’s stomach and drifted off to sleep her head full of dreams.

The next day, after an early start, another day of sightseeing was planned. Breakfast was taken in the hotel. Elaine had dressed simply but elegantly choosing a white blouse and white trousers.

David sat opposite her in the lounge as they waited for the taxi to arrive.

Elaine felt happy even though her body hadn’t been ravished that morning. David had been attentive and loving and why not — he did.

His other hand slid down over her beautiful pubic hair that covered her pussy, his fingers cupping it and squeezing as he pulled her back against him. He pressed his hips forward, grinding against her. His rapidly hardening dick pressing into the crease of her bottom. Her chest was heaving and she was gasping and she shut her eyes but David whispered, “No Elaine, keep them open, look.”

His fingertips began stroking her lips, and she moaned and gasped, her hips now rolling, pressing forward against his hand, then back against his hard dick, which slid up and down the crease between her cheeks as she moved. His other hand pulled harder on her swollen nipple, and she shuddered and whimpered with every touch. “Look Elaine, that beautiful sexual woman in my arms is you. The woman that is driving me crazy with desire every time I touch her or even see her is you.”

And he ravaged her neck and shoulders with his mouth, kissing and licking, allowing himself to mark her as she gave no resistance, even pressing against his lips and moaning, her entire body gyrating in his arms. Somehow David wanted her to be able to see his desire, give her proof of what she made me feel.

She was trembling, shaking so hard David realized she was having trouble standing, but he tightened his arms around her, holding her as he slipped two fingers inside her. With a loud cry her hips bucked forward, taking them to the hilt in one thrust. Her eyes closed and squeezed tight but they opened again when David began thrusting his fingers into her dripping cunt. She was unable to resist the erotic sight in front of her. Each stroke brought a little cry from her, and her hips were bucking, even in his vice-like grip. The sounds of our gasps and moans and deep ragged breathing filled the corner of the room.

When David moved even faster, his fingers pistoning in and out of her, she gasped and then let out a long, loud wail, “yesyesyesyesDavid!!” Suddenly her hips rammed against his hand and if David hadn’t held her she would have fallen, as her creamy cum poured out over his fingers and hand. Her entire body was out of control, writhing in his grip, little cries following one another, over and over. David spun her around and mashed his body against hers, his lips claiming hers as they ground hard against each other. Her chest was still heaving, and she finally pulled back, a look of total disbelief in her eyes.

His legs were shaking too, but David picked her up and lunged for the bed, and she squealed when he almost threw her into the middle of it. He climbed onto the bed after her. David grabbed both her ankles and pushed her legs back over her head as he knelt and leaned forward, and they both watched as his straining dick found her entrance and he pushed, hard! She let out a cry as he pushed himself all the way into her with one long stroke and David groaned as he felt her incredible tightness. David was so aroused that he almost came at once when he felt her contract and clamp down even harder on him.

David managed to control himself enough to slide slowly in and out of her a few times, until he felt her relax, then immediately began ramming his dick into her hard and deep, her body bouncing helplessly with every thrust. David hardly heard her screaming “Oh my god oh my God.” over and over as he pounded into her. But he felt her hips churning wildly underneath him as she started ramming herself against him, meeting his savage thrusts. That pushed him beyond all reason, and he pounded even harder, the loud slap of their bodies echoing from the next room and the bed whacking hard against the wall.

When she screamed and clamped around him, David exploded into Elaine without warning, his hips continuing to pump until he was drained.

David was running his fingers through her still-damp hair, stroking her face and kissing her everywhere, whispering, “Oh Elaine, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!” still distraught that he had been so rough with her.

When her chest stopped heaving and she caught her breath she took his head in both hands and kissed him güvenilir casino – hard – grinding her lips against his. Then she pulled back and looked him right in the eyes. “I’m not hurt. I was just scared. But not of you. Of me. Of us! I never knew, never believed that I could arouse anyone that much! I could be aroused like that! I felt it just like you!” She said, in a soft, almost whimpering voice, “In the last moments before we came, I felt totally possessed. You had me! I was a willing prisoner in your grasp. You could have done anything with me, but what really scared me was, I loved it! I wanted it!”

They lay still for a moment, his fingers softly trailing over her skin, “If you made me stand in front of that mirror one more minute I just don’t know what would have happened!” And in a while she said, “I might be sore!”

With a big sigh of relief David tightened his arms around her and kissed her again, this time a long, lingering kiss, their lips, tongues and bodies all in motion. David understood what she had said. He had never felt that level of raw passion before either. It was intensely erotic, arousing, exciting. But he felt he had been totally out of control.

They snuggled together for a while, both relieved that everything was all right, Elaine stretched and gave him a little kiss.

It was 8:30, and after a long tender kiss they both got up. David found his clothes and Elaine found a nice dress.

When she was dressed, David suddenly felt a twinge of jealousy. She looked wonderful, and I wasn’t sure he wanted anyone else to see her. David wanted her.

They stood, and David took her in his arms for a long kiss, both of them breathing hard, hands running over each other.

As David slowly awoke, he became aware of her soft body, still surrounded by his arms, and her warm breath burning a hole in his chest. She hadn’t moved. And oh God, she felt good. He lifted one hand from her and ran it gently over her hair, while the other slid slowly down her back, admiring its smoothness. She awoke with a start, and gasped a sudden. “OH!” totally unused to the feeling of being held or touched, but she relaxed, and without moving, kissed his chest.

David gave her a squeeze and kissed her forehead. She looked up at him and whispered, “I don’t believe this! I can’t believe any of it! But oh damn, I feel so good!”

David tightened his arms around her and she snuggled against him, enjoying his touch as much as he enjoyed hers.

And she pushed herself up till they were face to face in the dim light. She ran her hand over his cheek, then put her hand behind his head and pulled him to her. And gave him the most wonderful, delicious kiss! He didn’t think she needed a lesson to do that.

David slipped his arms around her and held her softly as she cuddled against him. David could not deny he felt something for her.

Spontaneously, David reached down and smacked her on her bottom, and she squealed. Then she stuck her tongue out at him. So he did it again. “You meanie!” she yelled, and put her hand on his shoulder and pushed him hard, onto his back. Then she jumped up and straddled his waist, grabbing his hands and pinning them up over his head. Of course David could have pulled loose in an instant, but this was playtime!

She leaned down and kissed him, hard, jamming her tongue into his mouth and grinding her lips on his, but what made it even better was her breasts grinding into his chest at the same time. Obviously she realized it too, because she shuddered and lifted her head, only to see the expression on his face as he gazed at her breasts swinging beneath her. She hiked herself up a bit and leaned over again, mashing one of her breasts into his face as he opened his mouth to suck in her nipple.

She gasped and pulled up again, then began teasing him, running her nipple over his lips and then pulling away as he tried to capture it. It was too much for him and David pulled his hands free and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her down hard and forcing her breast deep into his mouth. She wiggled and moaned and pretended to struggle to get away as his lips and tongue had their way with her, lips kneading and sucking, tongue swirling and grinding on the tip. David captured the hard bud gently in his teeth and loosened his grip, challenging her to pull away from him. When she tried she stretched the nipple and suddenly found the feeling was intense, but it felt good and didn’t hurt, and she tried even harder.

David tightened his arms and pulled her down again, this time opening wide and sucking as much of her breast as he could into his mouth. She gasped and moaned as his lips kneaded and squeezed and his tongue swirled over her smooth skin and tender nipple. Finally she surrendered and between moans gasped out, “Oh God, oh yeahhhhhh. Oh David, that’s so good!”

Her pussy was pressed against his chest, her legs spread wide, and he could feel her warm slippery wetness spreading over him as she wiggled and squirmed. Meanwhile his hard dick canlı casino was standing at attention behind her, the feeling of her soft beautiful body playfully rubbing and squirming against him, driving him beyond arousal.

David loosened his grip on her again and started running his hands up and down her back and over her smooth round bottom. She moaned and sat up a little, her smile matching his. David put his hands on her firm cheeks and tugged, whispering, “Come up here Elaine.”

She didn’t know what David wanted, but slid up until she had her knees almost under his armpits, and her pussy was just a few inches from his face. When he slowly pulled, sliding her up even closer, she began to get the idea. When she was just an inch or so from his chin he suddenly raised his head and flicked his tongue out, touching her glistening pussy lips. “OH!” she exclaimed and jumped visibly. “Oh my God!”

David pulled her the last inch to himself and slowly ran his tongue the length of her slit, and he could feel her body shuddering and shaking. David tasted her sweet wetness as she moaned and grabbed his head with both hands. She was suddenly gasping, chest heaving, and she lifted up and lowered her pussy directly onto his mouth. She gasped, “If you really want to devour me, I’ll help you!”

David was in heaven as he rubbed his face into her beautiful soft hair, while his tongue slid inside her, swirling as he drank the creamy juices flowing from her open cunt. At first she was timid, not knowing what to do or how to react, but the raw passion and lust quickly overcame she and she ground against his face, feeding him as his lips and tongue ravaged her cunt and pussy. Her hands had a tight grip on his head, pulling him even tighter against her so that David had to struggle to breathe.

David slid his tongue up the slit between her wet, swollen lips and found the tiny nub peeking out from the hood of her clit and started gentle circles against it with his tongue’s tip. She jumped again when he touched it, as his hands digging into her sweet bottom’s cheeks held her against him, then she began to gasp and moan continually when she could not escape the intense sensation. As the little bud swelled larger David sucked on it, his tongue massaging it as his lips held it captive. She suddenly moved her hands from his hair and grabbed the headboard, using it for balance and to grind herself down on his face even harder.

She was gasping, almost sobbing with the intensity of the sensation she had never known before, and she was sporadically gasping out disconnected words, simple reflections of what she was feeling. “Oh God! Yesyesyes… Oh God David! Ohhhhhhhhhhh… David I… Ohhhhhhhh FUCK!”

If his mouth was not jammed against her dripping, squirming pussy he might have laughed, because he had never heard that word from her before, didn’t even know if she knew it. It was a major turn-on, showing him the strength of her passion as her body gyrated, shuddered and shook.

Her little cries got louder, and her breath was coming in ragged gasps, punctuated by her moans and incoherent phrases. David felt her hips start to push faster, and her entire body was in motion. He glanced up and saw that she had pulled her hands from the headboard and had the tips of both nipples in her fingers. When David rammed his tongue back into her cunt she bucked against him, fucking his mouth, and her creamy juices were flowing down his chin. David kissed, nipped and licked his way back to her clit and sucked it in again, this time grinding his tongue against the hard swollen bud.

Suddenly she grabbed his head again and rammed herself against his face, grinding hard. She squealed as an orgasm suddenly shot through her, forcing her hips to thrust back and forth like a piston as she came, her cum covering his face before it dripped onto his chest. She was gasping, moaning, and crying all at once, unable to control her reactions. David had no chance of breathing she had him buried so deeply in her pussy.

At the last moment she realized she had a vice grip on his head and suddenly let go, pushing back at the same time. David’s chest was heaving, between her weight on him and his long lack of breath, but he raised his cum-covered face to her and smiled, happy that he was able to give her what might have been the second real orgasm of her life. She slid off of him and fell onto the bed at his side, gasping out, “Oh David, my God, what did you do to me?”

She took his face gently in both hands and kissed him hard, ignoring the remnants of her cum still covering him. David put his arms around her and held her, softly running his hands over her as he enjoyed the kiss. When she calmed down she was sighing and moaning softly, little aftershocks still going through her body. When she snuggled against him, she felt his dick, still swollen and stiff, press against her. “Oh my God David, I forgot about you!” she gasped.

She pushed up away from him and turned, reaching out and grasping his shaft and giving it a squeeze, as she started to slide her hand up and down.

She leaned over and kissed the tip. “Oh yes! He felt wonderful! I just never realized I could.” She was about to cover it with her mouth when she suddenly looked up and said, “Is it all right? Do you mind?”

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