Elayna’s New World Pt. 03

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I’m Elayna and the discovery of my new world was a swirl of revelations and sensations that changed the path of my life. This is the third part of the tale of the night I followed my daughter to my sexual awakening.

My body was alive, my mind spinning in post fuck-mode neutral. I’d just learned that the people my 18 year old daughter was involved with were sexual superiors to anybody I’d ever heard of. Caili was a perfect blonde bombshell who held the leash connected to my daughter’s collar. D was a massive black man with a black Godcock that was around a foot long, thick and defied gravity. Two other women were part of this too but I had no clue who they were or what their places in this arrangement might be. My brain was still wrapping itself around the thought that I was going to become their submissive married fucktoy. No, I already was their toy.

As I admitted this to myself my brain drifted to my daughter Harper, sitting naked a few feet away from me. I looked away from Caili and followed the leash to glance at my youngest: Her blonde hair was impossibly straight and draped down her front and over her shoulders. Her medium sized breasts were topped by light pink nipples that were pierced, with silver barbell nipple rings revealing themselves to me for the first time. It didn’t shock me that Harper was modifying her body. Her brain had apparently already been re-written as far as pleasure was concerned. This new way of thinking would probably lead to more changes. Harper was a submissive, obedient whore for this group of people, and I was not going to be any different.

I’d learned it first hand as my daughter was treated like an animal serving Caili and D’s slightest wish and becoming oblivious to anything other than her own pleasure. She didn’t speak other than to beg to have her ass fucked. She set the example for me, as the few words I’d been able to form were pleas to be fucked and to cum. I didn’t question what Harper was doing, and I didn’t try to stop it. I followed her here out of concern for her welfare, but found that she was amazingly happy and content being owned by Caili, fucked by D and heaven knows what else she was doing for days at a time.

“Elayna, your room is down the hallway, second on the left” Caili’s perfect words rolled through her beautiful lips and off her talented tongue. My attention snapped back to her face as she stared at me, obviously implying that I was dismissed. “Mom just go. You’ll like it here.” from Harper as my mind started to empty itself of thought again. I just needed to obey and go. As I rose from the couch I did a little cat-stretch that made both girls giggle. I shuffled in the direction of the hallway I could see, my feet moving because I’d been required to move. The first door was pink. My door was light blue. I opened it and looked in. It held a bed, two chairs, two lamps, a dresser and a nightstand. A door stood open revealing a bathroom to the left. Half of the right-hand wall was covered by floor to ceiling mirrors that I guessed were doors to a closet. My room. I’d been told this was now my room. As I stepped in I heard sounds behind me.

One of the other girls, the tall blonde one, was right behind me. She didn’t bother to close the door as she stepped around me and stood very close to me. She took my hands and pulled me back toward the bed. She had to be over six feet tall, but her body was slim, toned and amazing, like that of the others I’d encountered in this house so far. She had the longest blonde hair I’d ever seen on anybody. “I’m KJ and we’re going to become very, very good friends Elayna.” Her deep voice invited me to want istanbul escort to be the best friend anybody ever had. KJ dropped my hands and stepped back, laying back on the bed, scooting up into the middle of the comforter, and spreading her impossibly long legs. One hand moved to her pussy and started playing with the lips. She was obviously already wet, and her fingers became coated in her fluids quickly. She sighed softly as she put on this little show for me.

I was jolted out of this dream scene by my phone’s ringtone. It was in my clothes in the other room, and it was my husband’s tone. Mike was working late as usual, and his habit was to call me during a break and talk to me for a few minutes. Here was that call, and I was powerless to move as KJ’s show dominated my hazy mind. The ringtone kept on for about 20 seconds then I heard Harper talking. I couldn’t make out the words, but I knew that she’d answered my phone. What was she telling my husband? Was she spilling the whole scene out to him? Was she telling him that his wife and daughter were massively unloyal and unfaithful to him tonight? Harper had barely said three words to Mike in the past three months: we figured it was just a phase. The dots connected for me now as I realized that Harper would probably have little to do with “regular” men from now on. Her father was the first to be disconnected as she became loyal to orgasms and her new life rather than normal people.

“Elayna come up here by me” KJ’s mellow voice provided the invitation that I realized I’d been hoping for. I moved quickly to the bed to lay at her side, as the free hand patted the bed next to her. She turned her head to look at me and I stared into light blue eyes that locked me in and closed down my brain. KJ brought her hand up from her pussy and brushed fingers over her lips, coating them with a shiny layer of her own fluids. She presented her hand to me and I automatically stuck out my tongue and started licking her fingers clean. I sucked them in fast, my tongue swirling to get every drop I could. I was instantly drawn to her taste. It was so unlike my own. It was sweet and clean. I wanted it all.

“Kiss me” from her coated lips drew me right to her. I moved on top of KJ and began licking her lips frantically, swishing my tongue to all sides as I tried to get all I could. Her arms closed about me in a soft embrace and her long legs clamped around my own legs, holding me locked to a position I wanted to be in anyway. We made out. We kissed, we frenched, we licked. My body humped on her slim body in an instinctive reaction to my first lesbian acts. Hands clamped into my hair and pulled back. KJ pulled me back from her face, my body still moving without my thoughts controlling it. And she pulled down, guiding my mouth to her nipples. Hard nipples I sucked, licked, blew on, and bit. Just like I liked done to my nipples. KJ moaned and told me I was a good girl. I felt a rush of pride at the compliment and my tongue and lips doubled their efforts to make more compliments come my way.

“Lick me now Elayna” coupled with the pressure of her hands on my head moved me immediately to between her legs, where I spent about two seconds admiring her shaved, beautiful glistening pussy lips. Lips that had what I now craved all over them. The source of the taste that I’d remember forever. My tongue and lips attacked KJ’s pussy lips. I was all over her in a frenzied attempt to suck every last drop from the outside and to make more come from the inside. Her hands on my head started directing me. I was getting what I wanted. It went on for minutes, my mind in neutral, Escort Anadolu Yakası my body switching into drive.

Now I was about to give KJ whatever she needed too. Her hips started bucking up into my tongue and lips, making a rhythm my fuck- mode mind accepted instantly. Her bucking was starting to become uncontrolled. Her moans were getting louder. KJ was fucking herself on my tongue now, and her fluids started coming out faster than I could lick. My tongue was a rigid tool for her to fuck, and my lips did their best to suck her pussy lips as she started heaving violently.

KJ screamed as her body began shaking. She started making the same sounds Harper had made as she came. Animal sounds. I heard growls and mews, I heard something like a roar. And I definitely heard many “woof” type sounds. Those long legs clamped around me. I couldn’t move an inch from the spot where I didn’t want to move from anyway. I kept licking, flicking and sucking. She kept shaking, barking, screaming. The honey kept flowing from her pussy and I tried my best to take in all of it. I even got some up my nose as it started coating my face.

She went limp. Her legs relaxed, her hands came away from my head, and her body stopped shaking hard. Soft little moans came from her end of the bed. I didn’t move, being completely in the spell of this amazing sexual being that had just spent an hour teaching me how to please her. My mind drifted again for a minute; what else didn’t I know about sex? What else was I going to learn about serving these three other-worldly people? I wanted more. I needed to keep going.

Applause. Somebody was clapping behind me. The open door. The door was open the entire time I spent with KJ. “Very good my new follower Elayna.” came from D’s voice behind me. My head jerked up from between KJ’s legs. A rush of pride hit me again as I felt like a good dog that had pleased not one, but two of its owners. I was wet. Wet from being with KJ and wet that D had seen and approved of my service to her. My instincts again took over and my body moved. I pushed myself up to my elbows between KJ’s legs and managed to get my wobbly knees under me, just at the edge of the bed. It worked perfectly the first time; I was on all fours presenting my dripping pussy to the man with the black Godcock. I looked back over my shoulder to see him moving toward me, the Godcock sticking straight out again. I tried to make a sound of pleasure, of invitation, but all that came out was a tiny squeak that ended in a high pitch, like a question.

“Yes, I’m going to take you again Elayna” as I felt his huge hands grip my hips. “Harper whore’s drool got me ready for you this time” boomed his voice as the head of the Godcock pushed against my pussy lips. One hand left my hip to guide that rod, but it wasn’t necessary. I pushed back. The head popped into me and I was instantly full, instantly moving back to get more. My body went into fuck-mode and my brain followed soon after. I remember thinking before I gave in totally to the building pressure: “I wonder if this is how Harper became the animal she is now”. The pressure built in me and I moved my hips back to get more Godcock in me. More and more it filled, stretched, opened me.

It is a religious experience to be impaled by a God. The pressure released as I made sounds and came. As a big cum took my body my pushing back became erratic and jagged. But D was there, waiting for me to falter. My Godcock started pushing into me on its own. It went deeper, it kept taking parts of me that were never there before. The high pitched squeal that erupted Anadolu Yakası Rus Escort from me took me by surprise as another cum was starting. It was piercing. The pressure let go of me when I squealed, and my body spasmed on the Godcock as it started moving faster. It was fucking me now, actually taking possession of my body as it started to ram me from behind. The power of a huge hard black cock hit me like a wave and I squealed more. I came more, and I couldn’t stop.

My gasping and squealing were interrupted by KJ’s hands, which pulled me straight down onto her pussy again. It was drenched and I was an animal that needed to feed as I was getting fucked. I licked wildly, trying to gasp, trying to squeal, but most of all trying to get her cum into me. I did it all on auto-pilot because the cock that was taking me from behind made it impossible to think or form words. I was. I licked. I came.

The pressure was building back inside me, impossibly intense. I was a rag doll that was just cumming on the Godcock and licking up KJ’s juices as my only possible actions. KJ started barking again. D started grunting and pushing IT into me even harder. I stopped licking and just started making sound after sound as the Godcock took away the last shred of old Elayna and took total possession of the cum-addicted bitch this body had been made into. There was no mind, no thought. Only orgasm after glorious pressure releasing orgasm for the animal I was.

They say that when the Godcock shot load after load of cum into my pussy, and on my ass after that, I howled. It sounded like a wolf to them. I don’t remember because everything was shut off and I was just a wild fuckdoll that kept cumming. And cumming on a Godcock doesn’t need you to think. You just are.

Some time later I lay on my bed, in my new room, listening to the stillness around me. The door opened and I heard Caili say “Elayna, you’re better than we hoped for. You’re as much of a whore as your daughter. You can go to your old house any time now and live whatever parts of your old life you want. But we know you’ll be back. And by the way, you still have three inches of my husband’s cock to take.”

I lay there in the darkness for a while trying to think. It was difficult to process it all. As much as I wanted to just stay there and fuck more I finally let the rest of the world intrude and motivate me to move. When I returned to the main room of the house the short brunette was sitting on the couch using a tablet. Wild sounds, which I’d become somewhat used to, came from the speakers. She looked up and pointed at my clothes, still on the floor where she’d dropped them earlier in the night.

I was shaky but strong enough to dress and wander out the back door. It took me a minute to get through the gate, and I’m not sure how long it took me to find my car down the street. I don’t remember the drive home, which is probably a good thing. Mike, my husband, was snoozing on the couch as I walked through the door. He woke to my noise and looked me over once. “Wow Elayna, you sure do look like you’ve been through a workout.” I could only nod, my brain stalled for anything to say as I expected I’d been found out. “Harper told me you two were joining the new gym and were doing the ‘late night workout’ class together. Maybe some day I can come and workout too.”

My daughter, the whore, had made the excuses for her Mother, the whore. We were safe from discovery for the moment. But the truth of Caili’s words was profound: My new world was at that other house now. I had no will power to refuse any of them anything. And I wanted it again. I wanted it soon. I wanted to be the sexual creature I was turning into.

It was going to happen and soon I’d have to have the talk with Mike that needed to happen. He was going to be a part of Elayna’s new World or he was going to fade away with the old world. And I still had three inches of the Godcock to take.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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